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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Chad is trapped with Vincent in the bathroom at the Safari Motel. They were going at it like rabbits when they heard Whitney at the door. They were heading into the shower together when they realized that Whitney was actually in the room, banging on the bathroom door. She is calling out for Chad by his name. Chad looks all around but there is no way out of there. Whitney is banging on the door. Vincent thinks that it is time that Chad come clean and tell her the truth about them.

Chris and Sheridan sit with James and they watch TV at the cottage together. All are happy. It is a regular family night for them. It is time for James to go and brush his teeth before bed. The child rushes off and Chris tell Sheridan that he loves the way that she loves James. He would like to believe that she really wants to be with him, but he still isn't sure. She does her best to best to assure Chris that he is the one that she really loves but in her heart, she loves Luis more.

Eve fights to save Luis's life but she seems to be losing him. Luis was shot and she has to fight now to save his life. He lays with an oxygen mask on. He is unconscious. Eve took x-rays of his torso and the bullet is in the strangest place. She was really frustrated that she would have trouble with getting it out. she didn't think that she could. Luis's machines monitor his condition and she can tell that she is running out of time with all this. She shouts at Luis not to give up and leave her now.

Fancy is upset as she thinks about Luis close to death. She was the one to shoot him. She thought that he was the arsonist. Sam ordered her to take a shot if she could and she hit him as if he were a Bullseye and she were a champion shooter. Sam sees that things are really bleak. Even if Luis lives he is going to the death chamber. Eve comes to Fancy and Sam and Fancy begs her to tell that Luis is okay and that he will not die. If he does, it will be all her fault.

Ethan says that he can prove that Luis is innocent now. He didn't know what Theresa was up against but he got a pretty good taste of it when he was tied up in the blackmailer's apartment. He has Theresa at the blackmailer's door and is ready to open it. When this is all over, he can then be a family with Theresa and the kids. Ethan enters the room and it looks perfectly normal. Ethan is stunned. The place was filled with pictures. Someone must have cleaned out this whole damn place!

Eve was able to stabilize Luis and he will make a full recovery. Sam has to see Luis now. He has escaped custody twice and so Sam has to cuff him up and make sure that he doesn't get away again. Fancy hates seeing all this happen. Sam goes into Luis's room and cuffs him to his bed…Fancy thinks about the time they had a bath together and she told him that she loved him. He told her the same thing…"I love you too Luis," Fancy says quietly through her tears now.

Ethan walks through the room, showing Theresa where all the pictures were. He is sure that the blackmailer must have returned there and cleaned out the whole room…Ethan thinks back to the horrible time when he first entered the room…He is sure that this is the right apartment. Even the chair that he was tied to is in there. Now all the evidence is gone. Theresa believes Ethan. The blackmailer has been one step ahead of everyone. Ethan and Theresa now consider if this is Alistair, but Ethan is sure that it isn't. She likes that he tried for them. Ethan can't wait for something to just drop into their laps. He will not let go of this and lose Theresa because of this. They were meant to be together and he is going to see to it that they are together.

Whitney isn't playing. She orders Chad to get his cheating butt out there and to bring that bitch out with him…Vincent thinks that they should just go out ad get this over with…Whitney is practically shrieking over this…Vincent feels that they should just come clean…Whitney will not give up. She knows that she has caught him red-handed this time…Chad tries to climb out the tiny window of the bathroom but it is too high and too small for him to get out of there…Vincent decides that he should tell Whitney the truth…Whitney is looking around the room and she sees the booze and glasses and it makes her sick. The door happens behind her. "what the hell?"

Chris and Sheridan are watching the television when they hear the news about Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and how he has been shot. Chris promptly turns off the television. He sees that Sheridan is getting upset and he wants to continue the evening like it started. He tells her that she can call the hospital but he doesn't want her to go down there. She will not stay home. She grabs her coat. She is going to go and be with him. Chris is crestfallen. He thought that things are going to get better for them.

Luis is better now. He is away and smiles for Fancy and Sam. Sam tells him that he has been shot. Luis had no idea. Sam tells how they found him at the apartment of the bartender from the Blue Note. Luis remembers now. He went to the apartment to talk to the man and get the information that Rae had given him for Simone. When Luis got there the fire had already started but Luis didn't see anyone. He heard sirens and then he was being shot at, then he ended up in the hospital bed. Luis is sad when he hears that the bartender is dead. Sam tells that Luis will be charged for this murder as well.

Ethan makes a call to forensics to get them over to the apartment to check it out. Theresa takes the phone from him, and stops the call. She knows that the blackmailer is too smart to be caught by leaving a clue. Ethan can't accept her way of thinking. He will be giving up on them if he does that. He can't do that. Theresa will try to be more positive. She wants to hear more about Ethan having been held hostage there. He was chloroformed and tied naked to a chair. He had gauze on his eyes, but the could tell that the things was a he-she. It started kissing him. Theresa is disgusted. She was right about the blackmailer wanting Ethan after all. "He/she did say that to me, that it wanted me in the worst possible way." Ethan needs to know what the hell is going on here. Luis thinks that the person who is doing this to Theresa is doing things to him as well. Luis asked Ethan to tell Theresa that he didn't want her to try to help him anymore. She can't stop helping him though. Luis decided that Theresa should have the life that she wants with Ethan and he won't have it any other way. Ethan wants her to get the marriage annulled. Ethan will not let her walk away. They passionately kiss.

Vincent appears before Whitney and tells her that she has found them. He throws his hands up and tells Whitney that it is out. He says they wanted to be alone and she has caught them. There is nothing more to say"The queestion is, what are you going to do about it?" Whitney hardly knows what to say. She is still processing what has happened…Chad listens from inside the bathroom, wondering how this is all going to end up…Whitney is quiet as she stares at Vincent in his bathrobe.

Luis tells that there was a case of ammunition in the apartment and it must have exploded from the fire. Sam will check into that. It will be one less charge if they can prove that the fire happened accidentally. Luis will also be charged with arson. Luis admits that he saw a torch in the apartment and picked I up. He wasn't lighting a fire. As for the gasoline being on his clothes…He remembers that when he was putting his clothes on at the jail, he smelled the gasoline then…Sam is suspicious of how Luis got out of the jail cell. Luis says that he just got out…that's all…Sam remembers Grace telling him that the citizens of Harmony are going to be in terrible danger.

Ethan and Theresa were kissing when the phone started ringing. "I know you're at my apartment with Ethan." It is the 'Mysterious Figure'. He tells Theresa to do her part and go be with Jared…or else! She hangs up and tells Ethan that she has to go. Ethan has to physically hold Theresa to keep her in the room. He tells her that she isn't leaving. He will not allow her to return to Ethan. He holds her now tightly in a bear hug to make her stand still and understand what he is saying to her.

Chris shows up at the hospital and stops Sheridan attacking Fancy for shooting Luis and putting him near death's door as she has. Sheridan suddenly showed up in the hall of the hospital and started shouting at Fancy about all the trouble that she has been to Luis recently. She tells Fancy that she has been a monkey on Luis's back ever since he met her and she needs to just leave him alone. Chris and Fancy stare at Sheridan's face, astonished at her anger. She marvels at the trouble that Fancy has gotten Luis in this time.

Luis tells Sam alone in his examination area that he couldn't ever do this. Sam only knows that Luis has made things worse for himself by running. That just looks guilty to a jury. Sam would have gone to see Dylan for Luis if he had only asked. Luis was afraid to go to Sam. Whoever set Luis up seems to be one step ahead of him. Whoever it was who did all this killed the bartender, after putting gasoline on Luis's clothes and setting him up. Luis knows that it all sounds freaky but it is the truth.

Ethan tells Theresa to forget about Jared and the blackmailer, but Theresa can't do that. she can't betray Jared. She said that she would return to him and she is going to do that. she knows how Ethan feels. She felt that way every time that Ethan rejected her for Gwen. It was hell for her and she would beg and plead, but every time Ethan would return to Gwen to honor his vows. She is going to do that now as well. She is going to go to her husband and in doing so, she will be saving her brothers. She has to do what the blackmailer wants. Ethan begs to know the secret but Theresa won't tell him.

Vincent says that he is there with his lover and demands to know what Whitney will do about this…In the bathroom, Chad is dressed now…Whitney never thought that she would find Vincent at the Safari Motel again…Chad is panicking in the bathroom now…Vincent is telling Whitney that this involves her…Chad looks around the bathroom. He has to make tracks…Vincent says that he is there with Valerie and that the motel is seedy but it adds a little something to the relationship. "Down and dirty places, are perfect to get down and dirty. Isn't that right baby?" Chad is smart enough to know that he should answer. Whitney is buying it. She believes that Valerie is in the bathroom and not her husband.

Chris and Sheridan go in and see Luis and Sheridan tells Luis that they all know that he is innocent, even Fancy who shot him. Luis had no idea. Sheridan fakes that she didn't realize that Luis hadn't been told. Fancy was going to tell Luis about the shooting when he got stronger. Luis is freaked out at first but then he tells Fancy that it is okay. She was just doing her job. Sheridan wants Fancy to imagine how she would feel if she had killed Luis, or even paralyzed him. Eve returns to the room with Sam and he tells that Luis has been ordered by the Mayor to be transported to the hospital at the state penitentiary right away.

Ethan will not let Theresa go back to Jared. He orders Theresa to go back to Jared and end it. Theresa knows that she can't take the chance with her brothers' futures. Ethan only cares for their future. "This is our time, this is our chance to finally be together." Theresa can't live with herself if her selfishness causes her family pain. Ethan begs her to take the chance for them to be together. Ethan doesn't care about her brothers right now. He can't lose her again. He just can't lose her.

Whitney apologizes to Vincent for interrupting his evening of getting down and dirty with Valerie, but she spoke to this nurse who said that Chad was meeting someone at the hotel and felt that he had to have been there…She can't believe that she has found Vincent at the Safari Motel again like this…Chad sees that he has gotten away with fooling his wife yet again…Whitney is about to leave but then she turns to Vincent and tells him that she would like to see Valerie to apologize…Chad's eyes get big as saucers.

Sheridan is upset that Luis is being put in the penitentiary right away. There must be something that Sam can do about this. Sam can't help Luis this time. "This is all your fault," Sheridan spits at her niece when she realizes that there is no answer for Luis this time. "I knew that you were no good for Luis, but you just wouldn't listen to me, and Luis is too trusting to know any better. But after what you did to Pretty, I knew Luis was headed for trouble. But you are nothing of not hell-bent on ruining another life!"

Ethan will not let Theresa walk away. He loves her so much and he knows that she loves him too. He can't let her go. This is their time. "We are going to be together no matter what from now on." Ethan will be a father to Jane and Little Ethan…Theresa thinks about the video messages that she has been receiving and how the blackmailer threatened that Luis and Miguel will be ruined for the rest of their lives…She has to go but Ethan won't let her. The thought of her with Jared makes her sick. He pulls her into a kiss, but she pulls away and rushes out the door. Ethan tosses a chair at the wall in anger at not being able to work things out.

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