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Passions Update Friday 3/30/07--Canada; Monday 4/2/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Hey, last show of the week!

Chad is thinking about Vincent and somewhere else, Vincent is thinking about Chad. Vincent feels that it has been too long since he and Chad have been together. He knows that Chad loves him and will be back to see him at the Safari Motel any day now. He knows what Chad is feeling. Vincent sits on the bed at the Safari Motel and he smiles as he thinks of the man that he loves and how he should be trying to get together again as soon as possible. Chad has to miss him.

At Theresa's wedding, the ceremony is taking place…Theresa can't stop thinking about Ethan and how she promised him a little more time to get information to stop what is taking place right now in the room. He was so sure that he could save them from a life of being apart…Theresa's eyes fill up with tears now as she listens to the minister. "Love is the most powerful emotion known to humankind."…Whitney can read her friend's face…Theresa wonders where Ethan is. He should be back by now.

Ethan is in the car and fully dressed. He tries to get to the hospital as fast as he can to save Theresa from that wedding to Jared. The 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' had him in her…or his clutches and he was tied up, naked on a chair. It is clear that the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' wants him, but Ethan won't let that happen, and he won't let Theresa suffer, or her family for that matter, so that this freak can have his way. Ethan speeds, but soon has to stop. He gets a red light and has to wait.

Sam and Fancy find Luis in the burned building. The man isn't moving. Fancy shot him and she cries over that. Sam can't understand how Luis could be in the building in the first place. He is supposed to be in jail locked up. Fancy ignores his questions now and turns to that beautiful, handsome face. She looks him over for any sign of life. There is none. Fancy is starting to get hysterical now as she cries over her boyfriend's body. He doesn't move and she was the one who shot him.

The firemen are pulling someone out of the burning building. It is Dylan. That is the man who had information that was supposed to be given to Simone. Simone is there and realizes immediately that her hopes of getting this information has been dashed. When she learns that Luis is in the building as well and is unconscious, she feels that she has figured it all out. Luis was there to kill Dylan, just like he killed Rae. Sam and Fancy don't believe that but she is sure that is what was going on here. She is sure now, more than ever that Luis was the one that killed the woman that she loves.

Theresa and Ethan have had a rich history together….they cried together…he gave her hope…they made love many times over the years…He was angry with her on many occasions…She drove him away and made him crazy…She was stubborn…He tried to walk away from her and he couldn’t do it…He always returned to her…Theresa thinks about those moments now when she felt like a family with Ethan. Jared puts the ring on Theresa's finger now, and when it is Theresa's time to put a ring on Jared's finger, Whitney comes forward. Theresa is asked to say 'with this ring, I thee wed.' Jared has to coax her along…Chad gets a text message that tells him to come to the Safari Motel. He promptly sits by his wife's side…The wedding is ending. Ethan arrives, but not before the wedding is over. He watches as the Justice of the Peace declares, "What has now been joined together, let no man tear apart."

Simone is delirious and Sam tells her to calm down so that he can do his investigation. Sam calls the station and orders that the cops there figure out how Luis escaped the jail cell…Fancy is over Luis who has been taken outside now. Sam calls Fancy and asks her if she helped Luis to escape. He knows that she was the last officer in the area when Luis escaped but she denies all knowledge of how Luis got out. This is looking really bad. Sam can't handle having one of his cadets being responsible for Luis getting out the way that he did. Fancy swears to god that she has no idea how Luis got out of his cell.

Whitney is so sorry for her friend…Theresa is just hurt that Ethan never returned…Ethan watches from the door and he is so sorry…so sorry…everything wants to check Jared's blood pressure now and that is when Chad decides to call the office in the hall. Chad calls Vincent and tells him that they are not going to be together again. Vincent orders Chad over there. he knows that Chad can't resist him. Vincent says that if Chad doesn't come over, then a DVD will be sent to Whitney showing how her husband likes to do it in bed. "All right, I'm on my way. I'll meet you at the motel." Vincent can't wait. "I have a feeling tonight's going to be hotter than ever. Don't keep me waiting."…Chad thinks about the last conversation that he had with Vincent. Vincent told Chad that he was going to tell Whitney everything…all about them…Julian finds this wedding to be the most bizarre wedding ever. Ivy doesn't care, as long as Theresa isn't available for Ethan to marry…Theresa signs her life away and the Justice of the Peace is off with the papers. Theresa can hardly stop the tears. She runs to get dressed. "Why'd you do it? Why didn't you wait? I needed a couple more minutes. I just needed a couple more minutes." Theresa turns and finds Ethan standing behind her. Just a couple of minutes after she signed herself over to be Jared's wife.

Whitney goes looking for Chad and learns that he is meeting someone at a secret location. A male nurse was in the area and overheard his conversation on the phone. The nurse heard Chad saying something on the phone about a motel, but that is all that he knows…Whitney remembers Chad calling out in his sleep. He was saying, 'Whitney can't find out. Whitney can't find out.' She didn't hear anything else to give clues as to what he was dreaming about…Whitney will have to find out what this is all about.

Chad arrives at the Safari Motel and smashes the glass of booze that Vincent hands him. He has told Vincent over and over that they are not to have contact again. Vincent doesn't care what Chad wants. He knows that Chad will not stop coming back. "Let me give it to you," Vincent begs. Chad punches Vincent in the face, knocking him to the bed. Vincent knows that the punch means nothing. "That need is gnawing at you. It's always in the back of your mind, until it's all you can think about. It haunts you. It drives you crazy. Until the only thing that you can do about it is give in to that need." Both men fall to the bed.

Luis is brought to the hospital and he is taken to an examination room. Fancy and Sam will have to wait outside for new on how Luis is doing. "I hope he dies," Simone says. "I hope he gets what he deserves." Sam knows that Simone has to be thinking wrong. She can't mean this. She has known Luis all her life. Fancy knows that Luis had no reason to kill Rae. Simone is sure that he did. And why would Luis be in Dylan's house, unless he was trying to shut the man up?

Theresa tells Ethan that she waited as long as she could but he never returned. He takes her to a more secluded part of the hospital and tells her that if he had only a couple more minutes, this wouldn't have happened. Eve calls Theresa and tells her that Luis has been shot. Eve hasn't got all the details. She does know that a bartender from the Blue Note lived in the place where Luis was found and it seems as if Luis tried to kill the bartender. Theresa wants to go and see about this but Ethan stops her. "I know that Luis didn't kill anybody, and I know that Miguel was not responsible for that hit and run." Ethan tells that he has found the blackmailer's apartment and he wants to show it to her now. This is the only way that she can clear her brothers' names.

Chad and Vincent are making it in the room at the Safari Motel…Whitney has arrived at the motel and she hopes to god that she doesn't find her husband in a room with another woman…In the room, Vincent tries to put the brakes on, reminding Chad that he didn't want to do this in the first place. Chad has Vincent in his clutches and he will not let the man of his dreams get away now…Whitney hears the voice and recognizes Chad's voice. "Oh no." She thinks that she has found Chad with another woman.

Simone is sickened by Fancy still holding on to the idea that Luis isn't the killer…To Simone the evidence is clear. It is all out there for everyone to see. She can't understand Sam and Fancy believing that Luis didn't do this when he was caught red-handed in the room for Pete's sake. She crosses her arms and looks sarcastically at the officers, feeling that there isn't any justice in the world. She has known Luis all her life but the evidence is too great for them to ignore.

Eve looks at the x-rays of Luis's injury and she is really confused. She hasn't any idea on how to deal with this one. Is really frustrating. She can see the bullet but she just can't reach it to get it out of Luis's body.

Julian and Ivy find the night is getting stranger and stranger. Now Theresa isn't anywhere to be found…Jared suddenly finds that Theresa is missing and he gets concerned.

Ethan tells Theresa that they have to go and see the blackmailer's apartment, but she can't leave. This is her wedding night. "I am sorry. I waited for you, Ethan, I did. But when you didn't show up, I just thought you weren't coming." Ethan tells Theresa that the pain can all end here. They just have to go and get the truth. He thought that this was what she wanted. She feels that it is too late for them now. Ethan will not accept that. "Tess! What's going on?" Ethan and Theresa turn to find Jared in the doorway of his room, waiting for an answer.

Whitney needs to get in this room. Whitney sees a housekeeper and asks the woman to let her in the room. She says that her boyfriend has the key and she wants to be ready for the man when he returns. She hands the housekeeper some money and the woman opens the door to the room. She then walks away. Whitney goes to the door and can't believe that she is doing this. She pushes the door open and looks in. "What the hell?"

Ethan says that he is trying to help Theresa with a problem. Theresa tells that Ethan has been helping her brothers and he needs Theresa to go with him right now. Jared feels that this is more personal than Ethan is letting on. "Apparently, Luis has escaped from jail and has been shot and he is being accused of killing another man and setting his apartment on fire." Jared starts to understand. "You have to go." He feels that if this will help her brothers then she has to do it, but he is coming with her. Theresa will not allow that. she knows that Jared is still really sick and needs to get back in bed. He will do as she tells him then. He knows that he has no choice but to let Theresa go. They can celebrate when she gets back.

Whitney goes into the room. The bed is empty. She goes to the bathroom. "Chad! Open the door!" …In the bathroom, Chad and Vincent run the shower and stay very quiet but Whitney knows that her husband is in there. she pounds on the door.

Eve works on Luis and tries to save his life.

Sam is given Luis's clothes and they smell like gasoline. Simone feels that this is proof that Luis is guilty as sin. Sam finds it all circumstantial. Fancy can see that this isn't good. After what has happened this night…Arson…Another murder? The jury is sure to find Luis guilty now.

Ivy and Julian get the news about Luis and how he is in big trouble. "What has gotten into Luis?" Ivy wonders. Jared says that Theresa says that both her brothers are innocent. Julian doesn't believe that. Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for Luis. Jared says that Theresa is with Ethan and they are going to look at the proof that Luis is innocent. Ivy is livid but Julian tells her to go easy. Jared loves Theresa and he trusts her. It is Ethan that he doesn't trust. Ivy has to agree.

Theresa has gotten out of her gown and she and Ethan head to the building where the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' lives. Ethan tells of the pictures all over the wall and what a freak show he lived through. Ethan will fill Theresa in more when he gets in the apartment and shows her the room that he was in. "Once you see what's inside here, you're going to realize that this whole thing is over, that you and I can be together, okay?"

Luis is in Dylan's apartment and it is on fire. Simone comes back to the apartment and sees it on fire and calls it in. Sam and Fancy come but they can't get into the apartment. They do not know that it is Luis. Luis tries to get out by shooting the padlock on the window but Sam and fancy think he is shooting at them. Fancy fires back and hit him.

At the hospital the wedding is beginning. Theresa says she cant but than receives a text message to marry Jared. She says she will if she had the right flowers. Ivy opens a mysterious present and there is a flowers bouquet. Jared starts the ceremony. Chad will walk Theresa down the aisle.

Spike gets out of the basement through a window. He is very afraid and Tabitha says he should straighten up.

Jessica has a hallucination of Sam giving her a hug and telling her to come home. She wishes that she could but Spike won't let her.

Have a great weekend guys.

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