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Passions Update Thursday 3/29/07--Canada; Friday 3/30/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Jessica is with some sort of being who won't tells Jessica who she really is. She is a magical being and she knows that Jessica needs some help. Jessica doesn't understand…one minute they were in one place and then the next minute they are somewhere else. The 'beautiful girl' smiles as she carries out her part of the plan. She sees that Jessica needs her and if Jessica will do as she is told, her life with change dramatically. She promises Jessica that she will be happy again.

Tabitha has Spike trapped in the basement of her house. He pounds on the door trying to get out, but she holds all her weight on it and the crazy bastard can't get out. She hates that he repeatedly took advantage of Jessica over and over and over again. She is nothing but a poor girl, trying to find her way in this world. She is innocent and will n ever have a chance as long as Spike has his clutches on her. The beings in the basement come to Spike and carry him to the fiery flames below.

Luis has escaped again and is trying to find the evidence that will free him once and for all. Luis wants to find the information that Rae wanted to give Simone. Luis goes into the apartment and smells something funny. He sees something has been burned and lays on the ground. Luis suddenly feels that something is wrong. Someone is there. He goes to the door behind him and shouts. He holds his gun up and kicks the door open. Flames fly up before him and he ducks to get out of the way.

Theresa is about to get married to Jared and all who have heard the news has dropped by. Ivy is there and seems to be the only one, besides Jared who wants to see this event actually take place… Eve could stop the wedding but she remembers the text message that she got earlier, warning her to let Jared marry Theresa or she will have some personal problems of her own. She doesn't want anything interrupting her getting to her son, but at the same time, she knows that Jared is too ill for this.

Ethan is tied up naked to a chair. He is blindfolded and his feet and hands are tied. He wonders what is going on here and who could have done this to him. He doesn't understand this. Suddenly, Ethan hears a door open. Someone is coming. It is the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman'. She…or he has Ethan right where he should be. The black gloved figure runs his…or her fingers across Ethan's chest. He knows this person has a 'thing' for him but he is only interested in how he can save Theresa.

Judge Riley arrives and everyone takes their places. Eve stops the arrangement momentarily…She has to find a way to stop this but how…She suddenly suggests that Jared be in his room when the wedding takes place in case he become ill. Everyone enters the room…Eve is beside herself with worry…Ivy makes fun of the whole event. She loves that Theresa will be marrying someone else besides her son.

Fancy comes to meet Sam, asking what she is to do to help with the investigation. Sam didn’t call for her. He too was mysteriously called to the hospital, to Jared's room. They see Ivy and she tells that this is Theresa's bridal shower. She is marrying Jared. Fancy leaves the area. Ivy asks Sam about what happened in Alistair's study the other day. Sam tells Ivy that so many things have happened lately and that could have contributed to their suddenly have sex that time. Sam isn't sure that there is anything to save. "Look at Ethan. Ethan was Theresa's first love. And…and he is free now, and yet Theresa is still going to marry Jared." Ivy doesn't care about them. She just knows that she would spend eternity in hell if it meant spending her life with Sam.

Theresa and the others head into Jared's room. They find it completely decorated and Jared thanks Theresa for arranging all this…The truth is that this wasn't Theresa's doing at all. She guesses that maybe the blackmailer did this.

Ethan can't see the blackmailer, but he can hear him…or her. H knows that this is the person who was on Theresa's voicemail. The raspy voice is hard to forget. The 'Mysterious Figure' tries to touch Ethan in his 'special place', but Ethan shouts to the 'Mysterious Figure' to 'get the hell off him. Ethan has seen the walls of the room and he knows that this freak has pictures of everyone that he hates taped up there.

Luis is in the fiery room and as he looks around, the fire gets out of control…Simone is on her way over to the apartment and she sees the flames inside the room. The door is open but she doesn't go in. She just peers in, unable to see anything…Luis is in the room and when he turns to leave the apartment, the flames blow higher and higher and now he is really in trouble. He can't get to the door. Simone is outside the apartment calling the fired department.

Jessica has no idea but the 'beautiful girl' that she is talking to is really Endora…but all grown up. She knows that Jessica only thinks of herself as a pill-popping whore, but that is no reason to stop trying to have a good life. Jessica turns and her father is before her in the yard beside Tabitha's. Endora decides to give the two time to talk alone. ZAP! Endora is gone when Jessica's back is turned.

Tabitha listens at the door while Spike screams the boys in the basement are really letting him have it. ZAP! Endora appears and she explains to her mother what she has been up to. Tabitha doesn't like talking to the older version of her daughter. She wants to spend as much time with her daughter as she can, and in order to do that, Endora will have to go back to being the little witchlett she used to be.

In the basement, Spike has gotten to the basement window and he now crawls out. The boys in the basement hold his legs and try to drag him back into the house. Spike fights and fights. His clothes are tattered and burned from the heat and fire down below. His hair's an afro now, but he makes it and gets away by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin.

Sam can't hide it anymore. He feels for Ivy and she can see it. He can't talk about this with her right now, but he promises to talk to Ivy about this later.

Fancy returns to tell that there's an armed arsonist out there who set fire to a building. She and Sam take off. Ivy smiles knowing that she has a chance again with Sam.

Theresa and Whitney wonder where Ethan is. He said that the would return. They decide to make a call.

Simone is there when Sam and Fancy arrive. She tells how she came home and saw the fire inside…Inside the room, Luis calls for help but no one can hear him because of the fire. He sees another door in the room and he goes to it. When he turns the knob, more flames fly out making the fire even worse. Luis's pant leg is suddenly aflame. He sees it and hits the floor rolling around, and around to get the fire out!

Theresa is not happy, but she goes along with the wedding starting up. She wonders inside though where the hell Ethan could be.

The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Ethan that if Theresa loved him, she would have shared her secret with him. She…or he also reminds Ethan that Theresa is marrying Jared anyway. The 'Mysterious Figure' knows that the secret is a whopper but what really matters is that Ethan is free to be with the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman'. Ethan won't ever let that happen. "You say that now, but you'll change your mind. I guarantee." And with that said, the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' plants a long, soggy wet one…right on Ethan's lips!

Sam orders everyone out of the building. They all can see the arsonist through the window. Fancy and Sam aim their guns in that direction. Luis still has his gun and he sees that there is a lock near the window that he could shoot off and maybe get out of there and save his hide. He aims to the side of the window and fires a few shots. The officers outside think that Luis is aiming and shooting at them. They in turn aim and fire. The windows break and Luis immediately ducks. He is being shot at. Sam and the other officers duck for cover. Sam tells Fancy to remember what Luis taught her in police training. She gets up and aims at the arsonist's figure through the window. "This one's for you Luis!" BANG! BANG!

'Sam' is talking to Jessica and he tells her how much he loves her and wants her to come home. She is smiling in his face ad then she rushes into his arms. She is ready to come home.

Tabitha and Endora are eating at the table when the door flies open. It is Spike and he is a mess. He is hysterical and tells of the boys in the basement and how they attacked him. "That is your fate if you don't mend your ways," Tabitha warns. She tells him that if being in her basement hasn't taught him a lesson, then perhaps what happens to him next will. ZAP! Spike runs to the back door but it is too late. The door is locked and when Spike turns…some mysterious black figures rise out of the floor and stand around him. They are like…shadows. Spike starts screaming all over again.

Ethan is spitting the taste of the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' out of his mouth after that kiss from hell. Theresa 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' has to go now. Ethan would like to know why the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' is doing this. Is it for money? The 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' isn't' doing this for money. He…or she is doing it for Ethan and revenge. Ethan calls the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' crazy, and he…or she absolutely hates that. she comes running at Ethan threateningly but she doesn't hurt him. She …or he, only warns him not to call her that again. "Right now I have a wedding to attend. Theresa's wedding to Jared."

Luis shouts to the police to hold their fire. He tries to explain how he was only trying to hit the lock to get out of there. The cops can't hear him. Sam hasn't got a clear shot but Fancy does and she takes it. They see the arsonist drop and never appear in the window again. "Oh, Luis won't believe it was me," Fancy beams with pride. She feels bad that she had to shoot someone but Sam knows that she had to do it. It was necessary. They have to figure out a way now to get the man out of there before it is too late.

Upstairs, in the burning apartment, Luis lays motionless in the middle of the fire…

'Sam' tells Jessica to come home and then he disappears before her very eyes. She calls to him but she only hears her father's voice telling her to come home. She would like to come home but Spike will not let her.

At Tabitha's, Spike is being tortured like no one has ever been tortured before. She shadowy beings twist his limbs in uncomfortable ways, and pulls him through the room like a rag doll. He shoots and hollers as he is being tortured. Then he is pushed to the floor and levitated off it. He slowly rises…rises…rises… to the ceiling and then he is spinning faster and faster. It is quite exciting to watch and Tabitha and Endora smile as they take it all in.

Theresa is out of options. There is no more stalling that she can do. The music is started and Whitney frowns. Ethan said that he would be back and he hasn't returned. The 'Mysterious Figure' sends Theresa one last text message, warning her to marry Jared right now or her brothers will pay for her disobeying. Theresa raises her chin and starts walking forward to Jared to get the job done. Whitney too looks very sad for her friend and what she is about to do when she knows that Ethan is the man that she really loves.

Spike continues shouting as he twirls in the ceiling on his back. Suddenly he drops to the ground with a thud. He gets up and goes running out of the house. "Good job mom," Endora tells her mummy telepathically.

The fire is out and Sam and Fancy enter the apartment. They find the body in the apartment. They turn the body over and Sam and Fancy see that it is Luis. "Oh my god. It's Luis. I shot Luis. I shot the man I love."

At the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman's' place, Ethan has gotten free of his ropes and he gets ready to go to Theresa's wedding before it takes place.

At the hospital, Whitney is getting more and more afraid for Theresa. Ethan should have been back by now…isn't hates all this waiting and wants Jared to hurry up and marry the little bitch…Theresa can't believe this is happening to her…The minister starts the ceremony.

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