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Passions Update Tuesday 3/27/07--Canada; Wednesday 3/28/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Julian comes to see his son at the hospital, and Fox suggests that Kay leaves and heads home, so he can spend time with him father. She won't do it. Julian tells the girl that she is about to fall down from exhaustion. She really should get home to Maria as well. Kay kisses Fox's head and he tells her that he loves her. She leaves and Julian closes the door behind her. Fox tells his father that no matter what he says, he knows that he is getting the wrong treatments.

Fancy has the door open and is telling Luis to go and run to be free. The prison door stands ajar, but as tempting as it is, Luis won't do it... He can't! Fancy is the only one that is on duty. She will be in big trouble if he takes off. Fancy can't stand the thought of Luis being executed. She would rather him leave. She tells him that if things get too tough, he is to head out of Harmony. She can't bear the thought of him getting executed.

Jared is back at the hospital in his bed. He isn't pleased at all. Theresa is off with Whitney getting ready for the marriage. She has been taking too long as it is and Jared is clearly jittery, thinking that she is about to change her mind and go to be with Ethan instead. Chad is with him, trying to calm him down. Jared wanted to be married by now and he isn't. He knows that Theresa could decide to marry Ethan while he is in the hospital.

Ethan recognizes the dress that Theresa was going to wear for their wedding. She has it on now, but she isn't going to wear it for Ethan. She is going to wear it for Jared. Theresa didn’t want Ethan to find out that she was going to be marrying Jared after all. She knows that he is going to try to stop the wedding. He knows that she is only marrying Jared because of the blackmailer. He says that he has a lead on who the blackmailer is. Theresa thinks that isn't good enough. Luis and Miguel will pay if Theresa doesn't marry Jared RIGHT NOW!

Miguel is at the hospital and in the hall she finds Miguel standing there waiting for her. She can't deal with this right now. She just came from Fox's hospital bed and she doesn't want to argue with Miguel. He doesn't want to argue. He wants to go and have dinner with her and talk about Maria for a little while. Kay isn't sure that she should do this. Maria is with Tabitha and Kay is hungry and so she reluctantly agrees to go to dinner with Miguel.

Julian tells Fox that he has to stop calling Nurse Stevens about the bag and what is in it. He is frightening the little bird, and she is going to end up getting found out and dashing their plans all to hell if she is pushed too far. Fox has also been calling other hospital officials and that just isn't cool. Julian finds Fox's behavior sloppy. Kay could overhear one of Fox's conversations and realize that the isn't sick at all. The boy will be a laughing stock if he is caught pulling this scam.

Fancy tells Luis to go and prove his innocence. She stands by the open door to the cell and waits for Luis to go. Luis worries that he may fail. He could go on the run and there is a chance that they may never see each other again. she isn't worried about that. she would come and be with him. He can't allow that. everyone would be looking for them and it would be too dangerous for them to meet. She begs him now to please go and do it for her.

Jared wonders if he is just being crazy thinking that Theresa isn't going to marry him after all. Chad likes Ethan but he will not pick sides as to who he wants to end up with Theresa. Chad remembers how he felt when he first got with Whitney. He knew that she would be the only woman that he would ever love. Jared can't understand how Chad can continue with this guy. Chad says that is over and that is will be cutting that guy out of his memory. "Who will you be cutting out of your life?" Vincent asks from the doorway.

Ethan's phone rings as he and Theresa are arguing over her marrying Jared in a few minutes. She waits for him to answer the call. He looks at the text message. "This is the message I've been waiting for. I can prove that your brother is innocent with this." Theresa flies into Ethan's arms, glad to be saved from the sentence of having to marry Jared instead of the man that she truly, really loves. She smiles even though just seconds ago she had tears in her eyes.

Luis closes the door to his cell…after he steps back into it. The locks snap into place and echoes. Fancy is near tears now. She can't see how he is going to be able to save himself if he can't be free to do it. Luis can't run. He can't leave and take the risk that he will never see Fancy again. He loves her and wants to protect that love. Luis has a feeling that things can be worked out. His family is being attacked and these things have to have some type of solution.

Vincent says that his nose for news is never wrong. He pretends not to know what Chad is talking to Jared about. He pretends that he wants to talk about this secret to sell tabloid papers. Jared hopes that Vincent isn't there to cause any trouble for his wedding. Vincent says that he is only there to take a couple of pictures of the wedding. Jared will only allow that if Theresa is fine with it. Jared gets in a wheelchair and wheels himself down the hall. Vincent is on him in a second…touching him…feeling him. Chad orders him off. "Just wait," Vincent promises. "The two of us are going to have a gay old time."

Theresa realizes that Ethan is working on the case, but he doesn't have the smoking gun that he thinks that he has. Theresa has to get going. She is playing with fire. "I have a good lead…a strong lead, but I need more time." Theresa hears only that Ethan is grasping at straws her and she can risk her family getting hurt. Whitney wants to talk to Ethan about something. Simone told her about Dylan and how he said that he had something for her that Rae gave to him. Ethan will check that out for Whitney later. Ethan turns to Theresa again and tells her that it is going to be he, she and the children, but to get there, Theresa will have to wait. Ethan leaves. Whitney is relieved but Theresa thinks that she is being foolish. She can't risk losing everything. She realizes that she has to marry Jared. No matter what.

Julian thinks that Fox is just having tension and is over-exaggerating his symptoms. "It is all in your head." Fox asks his father how his hair could be falling out if it is all in his head. Julian sees his boy's point. He decides to have Fox see a psychiatrist…someone who can keep his mouth shut about what they are up to. Fox doesn't really want to do this but he will do it. He will do it all for love. "Yes, and after this Kay will be mine forever."

Miguel takes Kay to a romantic spot that he has fixed up on the roof of the hospital, and they enjoy a secluded table with dim candlelight. It reminds Kay of the movie THE GOODBYE GIRLS. Kay watched that movie with her mother and now thinking about her makes her so sad. She wishes that she could go back to the past and make things right again. Miguel knows that Grace is finally happy and has forgiven Kay for everything. Miguel too has felt regretful in his life. He regrets leaving Kay and Maria and in spite of trying to make up for everything that he missed, he knows that he will never make things 100% right again. Miguel's only hope is to make things right and get out of his charges so that he can live the rest of his life with Kay and Maria. Kay tells Miguel that he has to move on and find some other girl. She wants him to share his life with someone else. He only wants Maria and her mother. "I've dedicated my life to both of you…forever and ever."

Ethan arrives at the station and has the information that they need to save Luis's very life…At least he thinks he has what he needs. They will have to check first. He needs to just identify the voice of the blackmailer and that will be that! All the calls on Crane phones are recorded and so Ethan just has to find one and run it through the software-voice-identifying equipment to see what it tells. Luis and Fancy sit at the small table in Luis's cell and wait to see what Ethan comes up with.

Whitney is hopeful for Theresa's situation but Theresa feels that she has been living on hope for too long. This whole thing isn't fair to anyone involved and Theresa hasn't any idea what to do. She decides to say a little prayer, so that she can figure out what it is that she should be doing with her life right now. "Theresa, why do you want to postpone the wedding?" The girls turn to find Jared in his wheelchair…wheeling himself through the door.

Miguel finally realizes that everything that he ever wanted has been right there in front of him in Harmony. Kay won't be fooled into thinking that she and Miguel will be together. He tells her to look at him and tells him that she loves him. She can't do that. "Listen, I love you and you love me, and whether you decide to be with me or not, it doesn't matter because I will always be a part of your life." Kay kisses him in a friendly way.

Jared demands an answer to his questions. Theresa says that marrying Jared at this time will be too much for him. Chad and Vincent have come into the room now and they listen to Jared as he tells Theresa how beautiful she is. Theresa hates that Vincent is there to take her picture during her wedding. He thought that he would scoop the wedding. He is the first person to get the news. Still he knows that the hospital will be swarmed in a few minutes. Theresa decides that she will give Vincent some photo ops, but that is only with the promise that he will not let anyone else know about her wedding for a while. It's a deal.

Luis and Fancy listen to the message that Ethan has found. "You've been a naughty girl. Don't even think of trying to deceive me or else you'll pay, big time." Ethan hears the raspy voice and thinks that the person must be using a device to change the real sound of his…or her voice. Ethan tries to pull the sounds of the voice apart...separate them even, to get to the real sound of the person who is doing this. Fancy can't recognize the voice, but does comment on how evil-sounding it is.

The nurse comes in and tells Julian that something was dropped off for him. It is a gift box with a note. "It says it's a gift for Theresa Crane's bridal shower…and it's supposed to s tart…in just a few minutes." Julian has no idea what this is about. He leaves to find out what this is about. The Nurse asks about Kay and Fox says that she has left. The nurse thought that she saw Kay on the roof of the building with someone. Fox's eyes grow large.

Miguel and Kay are kissing on the roof of the hospital and soon she is begging Miguel to make love to her. She was determined not to fall into this position again, but here she is. It seems that she just can't resist the man and his charms. He takes off his shirt and they lay on the ground to enjoy each other's pleasures. Fox has made his way to the roof and stands out of view as he watches the woman that he loves, make love to another man.

It is almost time for the wedding to start and this is the time that Vincent uses to take his pictures. He finds Jared and Theresa to be a great couple, but he whispers of another couple that he knows were just as great…Whitney sees Chad's discomfort again and asks him about it. He says that all he knows is that he loves her…Jared realizes that he has seen Theresa in her wedding dress and that is a bad thing. It is bad luck. Vincent says that brides and grooms have their pictures before the wedding and nothing bad ever happens. "Kid Rock and Pamela? Okay, maybe that's not that good of an example, but …Oh Ryan and Reese…Oh…Kevin and Britney?" All of Vincent's examples are bad. Theresa suggests that maybe they should just postpone the wedding.

Ethan works on the computer to get the answers that Luis needs to live out the rest of his life. Luis tells Fancy that if this doesn't work, he just wants her to know that he loves her. She wants him to keep his hope…Ethan is ready now. "You've been a naughty girl. Don't even think of trying to deceive me or else you'll pay." Luis and Fancy walk closer to the table. It is the same message, but now the devilish, raspy quality has been removed from the voice. Everyone in the room stands stunned. "Luis? Luis?…That's your voice."

Fox decides that he will make Kay his. No matter who, or what he has to destroy…

Luis is really terrified now. "I didn't do this Fancy! I did not!" She looks at him but the doubt is back in her eyes and he can see it clearly…

Theresa knows that a lot of people are superstitious and so she thinks that postponing the wedding is the only way to go. Jared won't change anything. He wants to marry Theresa and he wants to marry Theresa now! Vincent snaps away. Jared's face is thrilled, but Theresa's seems strained at the very least.

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