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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Theresa and Whitney explain to Valerie how Luis came to end up in jail. Valerie still doesn’t understand all the charges until she hears that Luis's St. Christopher's medal was in Valerie's hand when she was found. Valerie runs to make an errand and Theresa looks at her phone. She sees the old message from the blackmailer and gets upset. Whitney tells Theresa that this can be solved very easily, but Theresa will not risk her brother's lives by doing that. Miguel is innocent and everyone knows it. He would beat Fox but he wouldn't kill the man. Theresa is stuck, but she will not risk her happiness when it could hurt her family.

Fancy isn't angry with Luis right now. She was with him when he got the news and they just can't believe it! Ethan comes to Fancy and Luis who are in Luis's cell talking. Ethan is too late with his news. Luis has already heard that the DA wants the death penalty. He is a dead man walking. Fancy pleads with Ethan to have him save her loved one's life. Ethan doesn't know what to tell her. Fancy looks from one man's face to the other searching for new hope, but there doesn't seem to be any.

Noah has Paloma over and he has all the things that she likes to eat prepared for them to eat. He has been doing research and Pilar divulged some secrets about Paloma and helped Noah to cook this glorious meal for Paloma. Noah knows a little more of Paloma's history and how she had to leave Harmony to leave elsewhere. Noah understands that Pilar did what she thought was best. Paloma confesses that she has a great life in Harmony and she is loving it better and better all the time.

Luis knows that this will make his case even harder to prove. They need to find proof that Luis is innocent. Luis wants to get out but that will never happen again, not when he ran the first time. Luis is grateful that his sister is a Crane. That power is going to come in real handy. Ethan knows that there is news that Luis hasn’t heard yet. He knows that Theresa won't tell her brother and so Ethan tells Luis the news. Theresa is being blackmailed and she will lose everything if she doesn't marry Jared, and that means then that she will not be in a position to protect her brothers.

Whitney and Theresa are talking at the church when Jared and Chad arrive.. Jared looks terrible and Theresa insists that he go to the hospital right now. He won't do it. He wants to marry Theresa and he wants to marry Theresa now! He takes her hand and promises to go to the hospital with Theresa after they get married. They are already at the church, so Jared feels that this is the perfect time to do this. Jared came up with the bright idea when he realized that after the funeral, the church would be available.

Noah was thinking about Paloma all day and couldn't wait to see her. She smiles up into his face as she listens to the beautiful things that this gorgeous man says to her. She is a little surprised that her mother shared some private things about her life with Noah, but she is soon over that and back to enjoying the evening as Noah has planned for them to do. They are slow dancing now, and listening to the music playing in the background, and soon he kisses her. Everything is perfect!

Luis can't believe what he is hearing. Ethan can't tell Luis and Fancy what the thing is that is making Theresa do whatever the blackmailer tells her. Luis tells Ethan that Theresa can't marry Jared and that Ethan has to stop this. Ethan understands the urgency, but doesn't know what he can do about this. Theresa is Alistair's widow, so how can she lose all her power? Luis tells Ethan that he has to stop this. He has to go to Theresa and make her stop that wedding.

Jared asks Theresa to say that she will marry him that night no matter what. Chad and Whitney stand by to see what her answer will be to Jared's question. Theresa looks down at her phone and sees the picture of the 'Mysterious Figure' on the monitor of her cellphone, and she then decides that she will marry Jared. He breathes a sigh of relief. She has conditions though. First he has to return to the hospital and get back under the doctor's care. It is only after that Theresa will marry him as soon as she can.

Noah and Paloma twirl and swing to the music as they dance. Noah went to a lot of trouble making the wharf look like the place where Paloma came from. She feels like she is back at her aunt's house again. It is remarkable all the trouble that he has gone to for her. She knows that he must have spent lots of money to do this, even though he denies that. She can't believe that he went to so much trouble just for her. He was doing his best to impress her and it worked. She is overwhelmed!

Ethan knows that there isn't anything to that anyone can do to make Theresa change her mind about telling what her secret is. Luis won't let this happen. Luis knows that Miguel will not let this happen either. Nobody messes with his sister or family. Ethan understands. Still he knows that if Theresa stands up to the blackmailer and loses everything, Luis may never get out of prison. There is tons of evidence afoot but it all makes Luis looks guilty. "We don't have to worry at the moment," Ethan tells. "Jared is too weak to do anything."

Valerie arrives at the station to deliver some documents that need to be filed. She can see that Fancy is upset. Fancy tells that the DA has decided to go for the death penalty in Luis's case. Valerie is stunned at the news. She knows that there has to be some way. "If there was someone who could say that Luis was somewhere else when you were attacked…" Fancy understands what Valerie is saying. Her eyes light up. "Wait, you're right. If I said I saw the attacker leaving my hotel room before I saw Luis, t hat might prove he's innocent." Valerie knows that it would be a lie, but she feels that if that is what it takes to free Luis, then Fancy has to do it!

Noah and Paloma have to remind themselves that they are out in public and so they stop kissing and carrying on. They look from left to right but no one is around. Noah is sorry that he wasn't acting responsible and moving too fast. She loves that he is moving fast. She has known him forever, so it isn't a big deal. Their families have know each other forever too. So it really isn't a big deal. Soon they are talking about heading to a hotel and running out of there.

Fancy can't lie now about seeing her attacker. The cops will know that she is lying. She has already told the cops that she didn't see the attacker in her room and in fact that is part of the reason why Luis is in the pickle that he is in. Valerie understands but thinks that they definitely has to find the attacker or evidence to free Luis. Fancy finds that Valerie is awfully interested in this. she says that she knows someone who lived through something like this and that is why she wants to get people like this off the street.

Luis tells that he has been trying to figure things out but he wasn't out long enough to make any headway. He went to the hardware store and that was in fact the place where the attacker bought the tools and acid that he used for his attacks. Luis finds it awfully funny that the blackmailer contacted Theresa on her phone. Ethan remembers that the cellphones that the Cranes use are specially fitted so that everything on them are recorded and stored. Ethan gets on the phone to see if he can get the information now.

Jared and the others return to the hospital as Theresa has ordered. The nurse isn't pleased when she seems him returning. She can't believe that this is all about him getting married. All he cares about is the wedding. Jared has stitches and could have seriously injured himself. A deliveryman arrives with a garment bag. Jared tells Theresa that one of the maids told him about a certain dress that Theresa had hiding in the back of her closet and so he had it brought up. Theresa goes over to the bag and opens it….Whitney sees the dress and recognizes it. It was the dress that Theresa was going to marry Ethan in. "I should be marrying Ethan in this dress," Theresa says quietly.

Paloma and Noah get nervous when they actually see the bed.

The nurse is going to call Dr. Russell to see if she should allow this wedding. Chad thinks that nothing will stop Jared this time…Theresa and Whitney go off to a corner and discuss this never-ending problem. Whitney says that all her friend has to do is divorce Jared when the time comes. Theresa still worries though. Maybe she feels that Ethan won't be available if she marries Jared…Jared calls to Theresa and asks her what she is doing. She says that she is going to get the dress on and marry him. That is what he wanted to hear.

Fancy returns to Luis and Ethan and tells that she found out that Judge Riley is going over to the hospital to marry Jared and Theresa. Ethan thought that Jared was too sick to get married but apparently he was wrong. He throws his hands up in the air and heads for the door.

Noah and Paloma go farther than they have ever gone before. Finally, they are in bed, about to make love.

Fancy can't stand it. She remembers what Valerie told her about saving Luis no matter what. She opens the door to the cell and tells Luis to get out there and save himself.

Chad and Jared are waiting for the girls to return and for Judge Riley to get there to marry Jared and Theresa.

Whitney waits while Theresa dresses in a room in the hospital. She finally comes out. "I don't feel beautiful." Ethan calls out for Theresa and then he enters the room. He sees how she is dressed. "What are you doing? You cannot marry this guy because I love you."

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