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Passions Update Friday 3/23/07--Canada; Monday 3/26/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox has collapsed and is unconscious on the floor. He, Miguel and Kay were about to head to the church for the funeral, but Fox just fell to the floor and has been out ever since. Kay can't revive him no matter what she does. She shouts to Miguel to do something, and do it quick. Miguel goes to call the ambulance as fast as he can. Tabitha can see that horrible things are in store for Kay, Miguel and Fox. She shakes her head at the thought of it all…Horrible things indeed.

Jared arrives at the office with Chad and announces to Theresa that they are going to get married. Both men are already in their suits and ready to have the ceremony as soon as they can. Jared has arranged everything for them, and so Judge Riley will be there in a bit. Theresa tells Jared that they can't get married right now. She scrambles for an answer that she can use to put him off…She thinks about the kisses with Ethan…Jared can't understand why Theresa hesitates so.

At the church, Simone talks to her parents before the funeral starts. Eve and TC are proud of their daughter. The state was going to bury Rae and Simone jumped in and planned a proper funeral. She had to beg Rae's parents to let Rae have this funeral. TC hates that parents have turned their back on their child…Valerie arrives at the funeral and sees Julian and Eve. She knows that they are going to be shocked over the news about their son…Sam arrives at the funeral and hugs Simone. Simone is happy that Luis has been caught, but Sam can't be so sure.

Luis is sleeping in his cell, and he is rudely awakened by a disgruntled officer from the station. He finds it interesting how the mighty has suddenly fallen. He sneers as he talks to Luis through the bars of his cell. "You're going down." He points his finger at Luis to emphasize his point. Luis doesn't understand this that the officer says to him, but the cop says that Luis will find out soon enough what he means. He smiles, but that isn't the smile of a friend.

Sheridan gets out of control when she is talking to Ethan about Luis and his troubles. Fancy was just there telling Ethan that Sheridan has been hiding her true feelings for Luis. Ethan found that ridiculous because as far as he has seen, Sheridan seemed devoted to her husband and child and wouldn't do a thing like that. Ethan has been alerted that the DA will be seeking the death penalty. "NO, that can't happen…I love Luis!" Ethan turns to Sheridan stunned to hear her outburst.

Simone knows that Luis is the one that did this but Sam can't accept that. Simone feels that Sam would do anything to get Luis off the hook. She feels that Sam is a homophobe and for that reason, Rae will not get a good investigation into her killing. The fact that Luis's St. Christopher's medal was in Rae's hand at the time of her death is proof enough for Simone. She walks off crying. Sam calls Fancy and tells her that he wants her to go back to the station and go over Luis's arrest record. He wants to make sure that the department doesn't get the idea that the cops are not working on this murder. Julian comes to Sam to say hello, but all that Sam cares about is that Julian doesn't upset TC while he is at the funeral. Julian hopes that Sam has been working on the investigation and making sure that Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald is punished to the full extent of the law.

Miguel calls the ambulance, but as he is talking on the phone, Fox wakes and gets to his feet. Miguel is about to cancel the call to the ambulance but Kay still wants it. Fox really wants to be with Kay at the funeral and so the ambulance operator is told to forget it. Miguel offers to drive Fox to the hospital, but Fox really would just like to get to the funeral first. "Fox looks like a dead man walking. And I've seen enough to know," Tabitha says under her breath.

Theresa says that she would be too worried about Jared if they married now. She wants to get him back to the hospital, but he wants to marry him first. She won't do that. He will have to wait. "Rae's funeral is today. And, actually, Whitney and I were about to leave when the two of you came in." Jared understands now, and Chad forgot about it when he ran out of the apartment that morning. Jared says that he can come to the funeral then and later they will get married at the hospital. Theresa sees that she has no choice in the matter.

Sheridan says that she only meant that she loves Luis as a friend. She hates that Ethan is looking at her the way that Fancy, and Chris looks at her. She will not lose Chris over Luis. Ethan thinks that this isn't the main issue. They have to concern themselves with getting Luis safe or no one will get to be with Luis. Ethan realizes that for the DA to ask for the death penalty means that the DA thinks that the crime is heinous. Luis will have to pay. Cops are going to hate Luis for this.

A cop comes to Luis's cell and calls him to the bars. The officer punches Luis hard in the gut, through the bars. "Your lawyer can't help you avoid your punishment. You're going to get exactly what you deserve for raping Cadet Crane and murdering that lezzy. One way or another, you're going down." Luis is now in a fetal position on the floor of his cell, reeling from the pain of the blow to his midriff. He can't even speak. He is now one of the hated in Harmony's PD.

Jessica has her back up. She is at the funeral and her father zeroes in on her right away. He tries again to talk her into coming home to the family after the funeral. They can try to work things out. Jessica won't do it. She says that she loves Spike and that he is the only one that shows that the truly cares for her. Paloma stands by and listens as Sam pleads with his child to come home. Jessica has come alone to support Simone at Rae's funeral, and when that is over she will be going home to be with her husband.

People are filing into the church. Tabitha and Endora are in the back of the crowd and they just don't go inside. They can't. They are witches. Tabitha will arrange for she and her daughter to see and hear everything. Tabitha moves a bush, and there is a monitor that already airs what is going on inside the church. Tabitha turns and she finds that Endora is gone. She is inside the church, but how can that be? Endora waves at her mummy and Tabitha watches over the monitor. Tabitha orders her child out of the church and ZAP! There she is! Endora is half witch and half human. That is probably why the church doesn't affect her.

Pilar is there when Miguel, Fox and Kay enter the church. Pilar sees that Fox doesn't look good at all. Miguel tells his mother later that the really thinks that Fox is sick and may be dying. He tells of how Fox's hair has been falling out…Julian goes to his son and tells that he has checked things out and Fox actually got the right medicine. Nurse Stevens swears by it. "I would just like to know. Am I taking the placebo or the real treatment?" Julian is tired of this question and just wants Fox to relax. Julian goes over to Eve to see what she and Valerie are talking about. Valerie has good news…TC watches the trio and knows what the talk is about, but still he will not let Julian and Eve having a son separate him from Eve…Theresa, Chad, Jared and Whitney arrive at the church. Theresa hasn't any idea what she is going to do about Jared wanting to marry her. They go to Simone and the sisters hug. Simone is on Theresa right away about Luis killing Rae. Theresa tells Simone that Luis was set up, but Simone won't hear it…A man from Dylan comes to Simone and says that he is a bartender from the Blue Note and wants to talk to her. Simone and Dylan walk off. Theresa is sad that Simone thinks that her brother did this. Theresa looks in Whitney's eyes and can see that there are doubts in her heart as well about Luis having killed Rae.

Fancy goes to the station like Sam told her to do and Sheridan is on her wanting to talk. Fancy hasn't got time for her and she walks off. Sheridan loves that Fancy is so angry. It is like she is showing her true colors. Sheridan can't deal with Fancy when she is like this. "She is whacked, Ethan. Seriously off her kilter!" Ethan wonders what she means by that. "So I shouldn't believe Fancy when she says that you're trying to win Luis back?" Sheridan wasn't expecting this question and is quiet.

Valerie tells that she got her information from a very reliable source. Julian and Eve's son is in the army. Julian and Eve smile. They love that…TC continues to listen from afar…Dylan tells Simone that he has information that Rae wanted her to have. Simone remembers that Rae said that she had something to tell, but she never was able to get around to what the information was.

Ethan is sorry that the has to ask his favorite aunt this terrible question. Sheridan understands his curiosity. Fancy has been accusing her of doing horrible things and she wants it all to stop. Ethan has to wonder though why Fancy thinks what she does. Sheridan reminds Ethan of what Fancy did to Pretty. Ethan doesn't want to think about that. Sheridan tells him that he has to remember. That is what Fancy is really like and Ethan better not forget that bit of information.

Fancy catches the cop back by Luis's cell and she sees Luis on the floor. She orders the cop out of there and goes into the cell to help Luis. He sits on his cot and isn't concerned about the assault. He is more concerned that he needs to get out of there and prove his innocence. He has to get out of there and he has to get out of there now. The cell door is opened and Luis gets up and turns to Fancy. He begs her to let him get out. He wants to do this so that he can save himself. He tells her that if she loves him, she will let him go.

Eve goes to check on Simone now. TC comes to Julian and tells him not to do it. He says that Julian and his family are nothing but evil…Eve goes to Simone and tells her that the service is about to start. Dylan tells Simone that they can talk after the service. Vincent arrives and tells Simone that he was a close friend to Rae and that is why he is there…Whitney and Theresa see that Vincent is there. Whitney tells how Valerie said that Vincent was good in bed. Theresa is astonished to hear that. she doesn't see it. Chad comes over and hears the girls talking…He thinks how he and Vincent used to love each other and that was real passion…Chad knows that Valerie hasn't any idea just how hot Vincent can be. Everyone starts getting seated now. Chad tells Jared that he is working on straightening his life out. Vincent sits across the aisle from Chad and they see each other…The service starts.

Tabitha and Endora are outside watching the monitor in the churchyard. Tabitha knows that the grim reaper is going to take someone else…and soon. She asks Endora to guess who it is that is going to go next. On the monitor, the faces of all the guests at the funeral are shown.

Soon the service is over and Simone is the first to go and thank Father O'Hara for the beautiful service. "Just remember, Simone. Our loved ones may die, but the love itself lives on." Simone puts her single rose on the coffin. "Goodbye for now, Rae. Only for now."…Eve is so glad that TC has changed his way of thinking, and has accepted Simone's sexual orientation. They hug. Whitney and Simone join their parents. Chad comes up to the family and Vincent is suddenly beside him. Vincent gives his heartfelt expression of sorrow. He says that Chad talks about Whitney the same way that Simone talks about Whitney. Chad is suddenly uncomfortable…Theresa and Whitney talk quietly about Luis and how it seems like Whitney is starting to believe that Luis did this.

Sheridan remembers the things that Fancy did and how it affected Pretty. She can't believe that Ethan would think that she would be the monster that Fancy is making her out to be. Ethan has to think about this for a minute. Ethan doesn't want to talk about this anymore. He has talk to the DA and find out what this death penalty really means in the man's head.

Fancy can't do it. She quickly comes out of the cell and locks the door when she hears someone coming. It is Officer Harney, back for more abuse. He is all smiles. He heard some juicy news about Luis and he wants to be the first to deliver it to him. Fancy tries to look calm and asks Officer Harney what it is that he has heard.

Paloma goes to Simone and tells her that she will be there if the girl needs anything. Paloma asks Jessica if she would like to go for coffee, but Jessica says that she has to get home…"I mean…I am going home!" She stomps off…Dylan has forgotten the information that he had for Simone. He gives Simone his address and tells her to stop by when she has a minute. She will do that. Dylan starts walking out and someone follows him…Tabitha sees the person is following Dylan. Looks like the Blue Note is going to need a new bartender real soon.

Eve is thrilled that her son has been found. Julian is happy to see that she is doing much better and is happy now. TC warns Julian quietly to stay away from Eve…Theresa has to figure things out. she gets a text message from the blackmailer. 'Marry Jared', it says. Jared comes over. He has a great idea. He thinks that Father O'Hara should marry them at the church, after the funeral.

Ethan worries that Luis is going to get beat up by either the real person behind this, or the police he has been working with. Sheridan realizes that if the attacker struck again, then Luis would look innocent as he would be in jail while another Peeping Tom Rapist goes down. Sheridan smiles at that idea.

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