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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel is the first thing that Kay sees when she opens her eyes. They have hundreds and hundreds of mornings to look forward to like this. He finds that there is nothing in their way. Kay knows of one thing. She looks over the side of the bed and sees Fox in a coffin. She screams…Kay jumps awake. Fox flies awake as well. Kay says that she just had a nightmare. Fox's hair is all over the bed. Fox knows that the nurse must have screwed up and given him the wrong drugs.

Tabitha is downstairs with Miguel and the girls and the adults work at feeding the children. Miguel hopes that Fox is feeling better this morning. Tabitha finds that strange coming from someone who kept saying that Fox was faking his illness. Miguel can't explain the hair falling out now. Who could fake that. The treatments are horrible and the side effects are worse. Miguel has to face facts and see that Fox is really ill…Tabitha finds this a terrible predicament. All this lying. Even Endora thinks that she is a good witch. "The whole world has turned upside down, to be sure."

Luis sleeps on his cot at the jail. He is under a blanket and alone in his cell…He dreams of Sheridan and how they kissed and in his dream it seems as if they are going to make love…He calls out her name with passion in his tone…Fancy is standing outside the bars and hears Luis dreaming about Sheridan. She has come to work and holds a tray with breakfast on it for Luis. She hears the way that he calls Sheridan's name and knows that he desires her right now. She knows that he must be thinking about making love to Aunt Sheridan…

Sheridan has made a lovely meal for her family as a surprise. She gets the oven mitts on and takes the pan out of the oven. Chris comes into the room and Sheridan is perky as ever…acting as if nothing has gone on with she and Luis while she was away. "Are you ready for breakfast?" Chris wants an explanation. He knows that Sheridan went to be with Luis at his secret location and then she ran off with him. He asks if she wants to get back with Luis. "Is our marriage over?"

Theresa is in the kitchen with her kids preparing breakfast for them all. Little Ethan asks when his mother and Uncle Ethan are going to get married. He has been looking forward to that. He wants to know when Ethan is going to stop being his uncle and start being his dad. Theresa hasn't any idea how to answer this question. "I'd like to know the answer to that question, too!" Theresa and the kids turn to see Ethan standing in the doorway, waiting for an answer.

Fancy makes a noise so that Luis will wake up…He is glad to see her but she is mad now. He thanks her for the meal that she has brought to him. "Huevos rancheros? Now, that didn’t come from the diner around the corner." Fancy tells that Pilar brought it for him. Fancy leaves the cell and locks the door behind her. She now stares at him through the bars. He worries that she worries about him. She says that she doesn't worry about him anymore and she doesn't feel guilty about arresting him.

Chris says that Ivy thinks that same as Fancy now. Sheridan says that Ivy is a liar. She can't understand why Chris is asking her these stupid things. He can't understand what kind of a wife and mother would do these things and desert her family. Chris was mad with worry and he had no idea if Sheridan was hurt or dead. Sheridan says that she is sorry. She acted and reacted…that is all. She said that she loved Luis but more importantly, he is her friend and Chris should understand that. Chris finds Sheridan unfair to he and their son. Sheridan has risked their marriage for this! "Do you want to leave me and James?" James has come into the room and hears that his parents might be splitting up.

Theresa tells Little Ethan to get ready for school as soon as he is done eating. She takes Ethan to the side and tells him that they shouldn't talk about this in front of the children. Ethan doesn't care if the boy hears what they are talking about. Theresa feels that Ethan doesn't understand and he admits that he doesn't. He demands to know now what it is that the blackmailer has on Theresa. He wants to know what this person has on her that is so big it is able to keep them apart.

Kay tells that she had a dream that Fox died and it frightened her so to see him like that in her dream. She wants to talk about this. It is going to happen one day. He would like to concentrate on being a family with Kay and Maria. She sees that he is right and she knows that she needs to stay positive. He doesn't care if he is as bald as George Foreman. He just never wants to let her go. She is his angel and she is so loyal to him. She is an amazing wife to him. They hug.

Miguel really thought that he and Kay were on track but something is different. Kay took one look at Fox and now she has turned into a devoted wife. Fox is sick and watching his hair fall out is creeping Miguel out. Tabitha tries to talk to Miguel to give him hope but…ZAP!…Endora gives her the finger and she starts sneezing for a spell. "I think that I know a little girl who needs some time out!" Tabby says. Miguel goes back to talking about Fox and how if he has been wrong about Fox, there might be other things that he has been wrong about. Tabby suggests that if Miguel feels that he made a mistake about Fox's diagnosis, he may have made a mistake about Charity and all that happened with her too.

Ethan and Theresa look at their children and Ethan finds it stupid that they are not a family right now. Theresa can't marry him. The blackmailer is driving her crazy but she has to obey him. Ethan wants to work on this together, but Theresa won't do that. She won't send her brothers to prison. Ethan shows Theresa the paper and Theresa sees that Luis has been caught and is back in jail. Theresa understands why Luis ran, but now things are a lot harder for Ethan. He isn't sure that he can get a not-guilty verdict. It looks like Luis is going to be in jail now for the rest of his life.

Luis still would like to find the proof that he didn't attack Fancy, but she tells him not to worry about doing that on her account. It kills him that Fancy is being short with him and still has doubts about him. He sees that they are never going to be together, until he finds the people that hurt her. She is surprised that he still wants to be with her. He can't believe that she is questioning that. He is in the trouble that he is in now because he loves her. He touches her hand through the bars, and she jerks it away…She thinks back to what she saw on the camera. How she saw Luis in bed with Sheridan through the camera in the room…She looks at Luis now with upset and confusion in her eyes.

Sheridan tells that boy that she isn't going to leave him ever. She doesn't want him to worry about this. Chris watches her in amazement as the talks to the boy. James feels better now that he doesn't have to worry about losing his mom. Sheridan sits the boy down and gives him his breakfast. Chris wonders how Sheridan can lie to the boy like that. he can see that Fancy was right about her aunt. Sheridan doesn't care about he or James and she doesn't care about their marriage either.

Luis gets angry about Fancy's attitude towards him touching her just now, and he pushes Fancy to talk to him about why that bothers her so. Suddenly he remembers that she is a cop and can't fraternize with the convicts. But she tells him that isn't it. He thinks some more. He understands her not wanting anyone to touch her, but he has risked his life for her. Fancy decides to come clean then. If he really wants to know then she will tell him exactly why she will not let him touch her.

Tabby makes sense now to Miguel. He sees what Tabitha must be saying about his perception of things. Maybe Jessica is right about the people wearing masks. That would explain why he was wrong about what Kay thinks that she saw. Miguel thinks that maybe Fox is telling the truth about everything now. It just had to be looked at in a different way. Tabby wonders if he feels the same way about Fox saying that he was hit by Miguel who was driving his car at him.

Sheridan tells Chris that she isn't going anywhere. She intends on staying with her family. She had to help Luis, she says. Luis had no one and she was right there to help him. Chris knows that Luis has a huge support system to that can help him. Sheridan knows that he is talking about Fancy and she says that Fancy is a train wreck and destroys every man that she goes with. Chris sees her perspective in all this. Sheridan thinks that she is protecting Luis from Fancy.

Fancy changes her mind and decides not to tell Luis about what she saw on the surveillance equipment. Luis knows that the both of them are confused and in a lot of pain. He knows that she suffers more than he and he is sorry for that. Fancy tells him that he has no idea how badly she feels. That is why Luis has to get out and find the person that did this to Fancy. She was right to have doubts about him. Luis doesn't want to hear that. She tells Luis that she knows now that he doesn't love her and he never did.

Fancy knows for sure that Luis doesn't love her and she has proof. She feels like he is lying to her right now and that makes things worse. Luis gets angry and she starts crying. "What is wrong with me? As soon as I hit my teens, and men were after me, and I could always tell which ones were lying, but I trusted you. I mean, I trusted you and you hurt me." Luis tells that he has risked everything. She shouts that he is a liar. She saw him and she tells him that she saw him making love to Sheridan.

Sheridan tells Chris that she made a commitment to him on that beach in Hawaii and she intends on committing it. She is a Crane and she can do whatever she wants. If she doesn't want to be with him, why doesn't she just leave and get a divorce? She says that he because she loves Chris and doesn't want anything to change. She used to be with Luis and they had a child together but she is married to Chris now and James is her son. She says that she could leave if she didn't want to be there.

Theresa tells Little Ethan that it is time to get his books and head to school now that he has had his breakfast. The boy does as told, and as soon as Little Ethan is out of the room, Ethan is on her again about the secrets that she holds. he wants her to forget about him and think about her son. The lies and secrets in a person's life can ruin everything. It is the only thing that will allow them to have a chance together. She just has to tell him the truth here. That is all they can do.

Miguel really can't shake the feeling that Fox is really dying. He can't understand why Fox would say that he was the one who tried to kill him? Miguel knows that he wasn't driving the car, but with the fight they had that night, he can understand how Fox made an honest mistake…Tabby knows that this isn't a mistake. Fox is a natural born liar.

Fox want to be with Fox and he pushes her to make love to him. Kay pushes him off her. She can't believe it. Fox is able to make love. The treatments should have stopped all that. she demands to know what is going on now.

At the cottage, Sheridan hopes that she has cleared the air with Chris. She says that she wouldn't ever turn her back on her family. She hopes that he will come to her from now on if he has any questions. James is ready for school and so Chris gets ready to take him. They kiss mommy and leave the cottage. Sheridan knows that visiting hours at the jail will be starting soon. "I've got to talk to Luis."

Luis has no idea what Fancy was talking about just now. "At the cabin!" Fancy shouts. She figures that he would lie about something like that, then he would lie about being her attacker.

Ethan just wants Theresa to trust him but she just can't. Theresa decides to give in and tell him everything then. She looks at the paper and sees the article about her brother and knows that she can't reveal what she knows to Ethan. She just can't risk it. Little Ethan comes into the room, pushing Jane in the stroller. It is time to go. Ethan offers to take the kids to school and daycare and he leaves. Theresa sits at the kitchen table and cries. "I finally have my chance to make my dream come true and it's just slipping away. And I don't know why…"

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