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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel and Tabby try to figure out what is up with Fox. Is he lying or isn't he. Miguel is finding it hard to believe that Fox would allow himself to lose his hair and go impotent to get Kay. He is starting to believe that Fox is really sick after all. Tabitha isn't so sure. Endora is having her hair done by her mother. Miguel feels that maybe Fox made an honest mistake by thinking that he was hit by him. Tabitha knows that if Fox is lying then the truth will come out in the end.

Fox tries to make love to his wife upstairs and that suprises her. Kay wants to know how he can do that with her. The treatments were supposed to make him impotent and she can tell that he isn't. He doesn't care about that, he only wants to get it on with her…right now! He shouldn't feel up to making love at all and Kay really needs to understand why. That was the main reason that Fox didn't want to take the treatments in the first place. "Oh my god. I think that I know what you did."

Chad arrives at the hospital as Jared has asked him to…

Whitney arrives at the office to see Theresa. Whitney says that Simone has been a complete mess over the death of her lover. She then asks about Theresa and Ethan and Theresa tells how she and Ethan ended up making love again. She came home from the hospital and he was pressing her again about what the secret is that the blackmailer has on her. She couldn't tell him that he is Little Ethan's father. She feels that she will never get to be with Ethan.

Ethan goes to the station to see his client, but first he touches base with his dad. Luis really needs his lawyer to start working hard on this case. First he would like to talk to his father. Ethan looks like he hasn't slept in days. He tells that he was intimate with Theresa the night before. Still, Theresa will not break up her engagement with Jared. "I'm gonna lose her."

Fancy is shouting at Luis over the lies that she thinks he is telling her about Sheridan and how close they got at the log cabin. He denies that he made love with Sheridan because he didn't. He loves Fancy and only Fancy! Fancy says that she saw the two right after it happened and they were laying in each other's arms…Sheridan has come into the area, but she stays hidden. She smirks when she hears what Fancy is ranting about…"You never loved me at all!" Fancy shouts at Luis.

Fancy says that she knows what she saw, but Luis knows that she is making a huge mistake. Fancy can't have him denying that he was kissing Sheridan. He finally admits that they were kissing but it wasn't a romantic kiss. It was about their shared grief over losing Marty. "Sheridan and I never talked about what happened to our son. She was always too angry with me. So when she finally broke down, I was glad to finally be able to be there for her." Luis says that this was about closure.

Ethan tells his father about the blackmailer and how Theresa is scared of this person. He says that she has a secret that can ruin her. Ethan doesn't care about the secret but Theresa can't let it go. She holds on to it and insists that this is the way to handle things. Ethan finds that every time that he gets close to Theresa, something stops it happening.

Making love to Ethan was like a dream come true, but then she realizes that she will never get to do that again. Whitney knows that must be killing Theresa. Theresa has a break before marrying Jared. It will still be a few days before he can marry her.

Jared wants Chad to help him get dressed and get to Theresa. Chad can't do that. he can't help Jared leave the hospital when his health is in jeopardy.

Chad helps Jared get dressed after all. He upset Whitney that morning cause when Jared called, he ran off without explaining what he was doing. He knows that she was suspicious of him. Jared tells Chad that he is sorry that happened to him. He just needs to get to Tess and see the look on her face when he tells her that they are getting married.

Fox phones his father when alone to ask him why he is able to make love to his wife, but his hair is falling out. He has to leave voicemail. Afterwards he hangs up the phone. When he looks behind him, Miguel is standing at the door with Maria in his arms.

Ethan listens to Fancy's story of Luis and Sheridan and he thinks that she is just overreacting. Fancy knows that she isn't. She has told Luis and Sheridan that they can have each other. She is done with them.

Sheridan talks to Luis about her failure in trying to hide him and messing up his relationship with Fancy. Luis will not hear this. Sheridan can't help but think that maybe after all this…She was right that Fancy isn't the right girl for Luis.

Whitney tells that the night before was weird. Chad was mumbling about something at some point…saying that 'Whitney can't find out'. Whitney doesn't know what that means. The lovemaking with Chad was really good, but it wasn't like making love exactly. "It is just that Chad, he was more intense than he's ever been, you know? It was good, but it was just…it wasn't gentle or…or…or…tender, you know, in any way." Theresa feels that maybe she just turns the guy on. Whitney feels that Chad was trying to be too macho, like he was trying to prove something to her. Theresa loves what she is hearing. "I would trade my problems for your problems in a heartbeat."

Chad changes his mind after Jared is dressed and he orders him back to bed but Jared will not do that. He has to get out of there and marry the girl that he loves. Jared won't listen to him. He cheats on Whitney with a guy and so he is more screwed up. Chad says that things are difficult because the man that he was cheating with says that he is falling in love. Chad wishes that he could turn back the clock. Jared hates this story and will not have any cheating in their relationship…From either sides. He turns to the door now to leave, but the nurse is there and she demands to know where it is that Jared thinks that the is going.

Endora is fascinated that her mother is going to venture near a church again. They are witches and don't belong anywhere near a church. Tabitha says that as long as they stay outside they will be fine. She knows what they will be saying anyway, so she doesn't have to go in the church. They say the same things all the time at funerals. Endora needs to stop feeling that she will be missing anything. Tabitha remembers a funeral that she enjoyed. Her mother took her when she was about Endora's age. "Mummy got so bored with the elegies that she suddenly cast a little, tiny spell, and then the corpse sat bolt upright in his coffin in the middle of the service."

Kay finds Miguel and Maria in her room with Fox and she is ready to go to the funeral. Fox doesn't want to be left behind and he decides that he will be there at the funeral. He wants to be a support to Simone today. He won't have things any other way. Miguel leaves the room and promises to see the others downstairs in a few minutes.

Ethan hates that Fancy rants about Sheridan. He reminds Fancy that Sheridan has had a terrible year and has lost a lot recently. Her grief almost killed her and she is still getting over it. Ethan remembers how Sheridan lost her baby and how it tore her apart. Fancy knows that Sheridan is using her grief to get Luis close to her. She tells that Sheridan has changed. Ethan has to know that the Cranes are horrible when they don't get what they want.

Luis explains to Sheridan how Fancy thinks that they made love. Sheridan says that it sounds like Fancy is heading for a breakdown. Luis finds everything in his life to be dismal. The future is so unclear. What if the DA goes for the death penalty. Sheridan offers to get Ethan for him so they can get working on his case. Luis hopes that Sheridan will tell Fancy, if she sees her that nothing went on at the log cabin. Sheridan says that she will be sure to do that for him.

Fox is ready to go. He says that he is fine, but he drops to the floor as soon as he is standing up.

Fancy leaves the station and Sheridan comes to Ethan to tell him that Luis really needs to talk to him. Sam comes over and hands Ethan an envelope that came for him. Sam then leaves the station. Ethan reads the papers that he has received. "Oh no…The DA is going for the death penalty in the case of Luis and Rae Thomas." Sheridan panics.

Luis, meanwhile lays alone in his cell, staring at the ceiling…

Theresa doesn't really feel that things are as bleak as Whitney makes them out to be. She feels that this is just a female insecurity thing. Theresa doesn't know why she is giving advice. She has two guys in love with her and she can't do things the way that she wants. The door opens and Chad and Jared enter the room. "We're going to get married today. I called Judge Riley and he's on his way right now. What do you think of that, my beautiful bride-to-be?" Jared asks.

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