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Passions Update Tuesday 3/20/07--Canada; Wednesday 3/21/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Paloma runs to catch up with Noah who is walking off. He is upset. She stops him and he explains that he is upset over Jessica going back to Spike. He has no idea what to do anymore. He feels that he has failed his sister. Paloma thinks that Jessica is too loving and too trusting and that is the problem with she and Spike. She is caught in Spike's web of deceit and lies. They will pray that one day Jessica will see the light and do the right thing. Noah hugs Paloma now, then they continue on home. Spike and Jessica come out of hiding. Spike says that they only came out there to hug and get in each other's pants…Not to find Jessica. Jessica believes everything that Spike says. He has something that he needs her to do now. He drags her off.

Chad and Whitney arrive home after having had dinner at the Seascape with Vincent. Chad is on fire for her and can barely wait to get in the door to take her clothes off her. She likes this but is surprised by his sudden desire for her. He plans to show her how he feels about her all night long. She smiles at the thought of that. Chad doesn't even throw the lights on to get them undressed. She hasn't ever seen him like this. She doesn't know what has gotten into him.

Sam and Ivy are in the swarm of 'Happiness' in Alistair's office, and they kiss and tear at each other's clothes. She was in the process of killing herself when Sam pounced on her and took the letter opener from her hands. They struggled over it. She didn't want to live without him. He hates her and she can't stand him looking at her with that look in his eye. He promises that she will never hurt again. His phone rings and he suddenly comes to his senses. The 'Swarm of Happiness' is suddenly not there. He pushes Ivy off him and takes the call.

Fancy has her gun on Luis and Sheridan and she holds it there aimed at Luis especially. She has opened the door and behind her the 'Swarm of Happiness' has come in behind her. She is in the swarm now, but it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on her…Not like it did on the other citizens of Harmony. Sheridan finds this ridiculous. Fancy says that she is only there to arrest Harmony's biggest fugitive. Sheridan feels that Fancy is just there because she can't leave Luis alone.

Ethan and Theresa are kissing in the bedroom. He has been on her about the blackmailer and she has been very good not to tell him anything. The 'Mysterious Figure' would have been proud. All she told Ethan was that the 'Mysterious Figure' wants to have him all to his…or herself. The swarm of 'Happiness' is there but clearly isn't needed as Ethan and Theresa are already happy and taking care of things themselves. These two are at it like rabbits and they fall to the bed to really get happy.

Jessica knows that Spike is up to. He wants to pimp her when he promised that he would protect her. She will not do this again. Spike says that it really tears him up when she goes to work, but she is so good at it. He wants her to think about this as if it is a business. "You have to do your part, or we are not going to make it. We'll be torn apart, all right? And if you think it's tough out here for the two of us, could you imagine being out here on your own?" Jessica can't imagine that.

Chad throws Whitney on the bed and is on top of her in an instant. She isn't even undressed for him yet. He doesn't care. He is so eager for her and she can't understand it…But she likes it. She is slowly getting exhilarated by his attentions, and can see that this is going to be a night to remember for the both of them. Chad is kissing her neck and her face while he lays on top of her. She begs him to slow it down a little bit but he won't. She hasn't ever seen him like this before.

Fancy holds the gun on Luis and Sheridan and she threatens to arrest Sheridan with aiding and abetting. Sheridan knows that this is about Sheridan not being able to stand seeing her man with her aunt. Luis knows that Fancy understands how things are between the three of them. Sam comes in and takes Fancy's gun. He tells how Fancy called for backup when she discovered where the two were. "You bitch!" Sheridan hisses. Luis thinks that Fancy did a good thing.

Ethan and Theresa have made love and now they talk in bed. He tries to pry the secrets from her but she won't budge. Ethan wouldn't let a blackmailer run his life anyway. He isn't interested in the blackmailer whether it is a man or a woman. Theresa knows that but she can only think about her brothers. Ethan would rather find this sick bastard and deal with the person then. How can Theresa? She doesn't know if this person is a man or the woman. It is creeping her out and she is starting to think that this is Alistair.

Ethan wants Theresa to come clean and so he tries again to get her to talk to him. She pouts. Reality is setting in again and she can't avoid it. Ethan won't let her. That is the only way that he can stop her from marrying Jared and so he presses for her to talk. Theresa won't say. He can't believe that they just shared the most intimate of moments and now they have secrets between them. She is in danger, as well as her brothers and that is why she can't say what her problem is.

Sam tells Sheridan that she needs to watch herself when she gets too lippy. Sam knows that Sheridan must have been the one to drive Sheridan up to the log cabin. Sam plans to question Luis downtown. Sheridan tells Sam that he knows that Luis is innocent. Sam's opinion means nothing to the law. "Luis is going to jail and it is all your fault!" Sheridan shouts. Sam is surprised by Sheridan's anger…Fancy thinks back to seeing Sheridan and Luis in bed together…Luis sees something is wrong and asks Fancy about that.

Noah and Paloma arrive home and head to the fire. He goes to get them something to drink. Paloma looks at a picture of Jessica and her siblings. She hopes that God will watch over Jessica and help Jessica out. Noah returns with a warm drink for Paloma. Noah hates seeing Paloma all cold and shivery. Noah sees the picture and remembers that when it was taken, the kids were all full of promise back then. It breaks Noah's heart that they weren't able to get Jessica home with them that night. He has no idea what else they could have done.

Spike is kissing his wife on the wharf, and she pushes him off, disgusted by the way that he jumps her whenever he wants. He hates that she shoves him. "I'm your husband!" he shouts at her with a pointed finger in her face. She had better keep in line…Or else. Soon a man comes by. "How much?" Spike twirls Jessica around to show off the goods. Spike wants $100 but the man will only pay $50. Spike tells the man that he can slap her around if she gets out of line. "Have fun!" Spike says walking off.

As Chad makes love to Whitney, he thinks about the secret, sex with Vincent at the Safari Motel. They couldn't have enough of each other and made love over and over when they got together. Chad is moaning now. "Oh yeah!" Whitney calls to Chad and he opens his eyes and really looks at her. "Whitney?" He raises himself up off her. "Whitney…" He says again now with a ring of disappointment in his voice. He looks down at her face and she looks up into his eyes to see that something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong.

Whitney doesn't get it. They were making love just now and he just suddenly stopped. She would like to know why he looked at her as if surprised that she were there. He denies that was the case just now. He says that he was just struck by being with someone so amazing as she. "You seem really different tonight honey." She found him amazing but when he was loving her, it was intense. He knows that he is always intense. "I'm the same man Whitney. The same man you love. And I love you." He wants to get back to business but she suddenly understands. "It's about Vincent, isn't it?"

Luis understands that Fancy had to do as Sam told her to do. She can't screw up getting her badge over him. Sam takes Luis to the car and will meet Fancy at the station. "You are such a bitch!" Sheridan shouts. "No! You! You are the bitch!" Fancy says with the gun still in her hand. Without meaning to, she periodically points the gun at her aunt and Sheridan instinctively backs up. Fancy knows that Aunt Sheridan has dumped on her family to run off and be with Luis.

Ethan needs to get to the bottom of all this craziness. They have waited all of their lives to be together and Theresa is blowing it for them. She is blowing it. He needs to know right now what it is that she is hiding from him and he needs to know right now. She has a wrinkled brow. This is the hardest thing that she has ever had to deal with and she can't risk it. There is too much at stake for her to tell Ethan. Too much! He doesn't care, and is on her full-force to get the dirt on what this is all about.

Theresa suddenly considers telling Ethan the truth as he asks…She thinks about the 'Mysterious Figure' who ordered her to marry Jared and not defy him…or her. He…or she said that Miguel will go to prison for life and that Luis will be put to death. They would certainly be convicted. It will be all Theresa's fault. She will never find happiness, the 'Mysterious Figure' promised. All of the sacrifices that her family made for her will mean nothing cause the 'Mysterious Figure' thinks that she is a self-centered, selfish bitch…She can't do it. She can't tell Ethan. He will just have to trust her… out in the hall, Ivy is walking by the room. She hears Theresa talking to Ethan and she turns and goes to the door.

Chad calms. Whitney's fears about his dislike of Vincent and starts kissing her again…

Noah and Paloma sit watching the movie, "Out of Africa". Paloma is impressed when she realizes that Noah knows the movie well. It was also one of his favorite books. He was really different and there was even a point where he was a con artist. He has had his heart broken a couple of times as well…Fancy and Maya. Paloma wonders if that is why Noah is so reluctant to get involved again. he cares for Paloma but he doesn't want to rush things this time. He doesn't want to get in too deep. She loves that he is so deep but he worries too much. They kiss.

The John is pawing Jessica and she fights to get free of him. "Yeah, that's it baby." He has her up against some crates by the wharf.

Sam gets Luis into the patrol car.

Fancy and Sheridan have it out at the log cabin. Fancy tells her aunt that the gloves are off…Sheridan remembers how she tricked Luis into getting into bed with her so that it would look romantic if someone were watching over the camera…Sheridan says that when she gets home, she will explain everything to Chris and things will be fine. She thinks that Fancy on the other hand will never get Luis's forgiveness for what she has done.

Ivy listens at the door as her son begs Theresa to tell him what her secret is…Finally he gets fed up and starts getting dressed. He feels that he has no reason to be there if she will not help him, help her brother. This is her last chance. If she doesn't tell him what he needs to know, he will be out the door…Ivy is outside loving this…Theresa wants Ethan to stay but he won't. He has to go. He heads to the door. "No Ethan! Don't leave!" Theresa begs. He turns around at the door to look at her one last time.

Ivy nearly falls into the room when Ethan opens the door. He tells her that Theresa didn't do anything to hurt him when he is asked. Theresa begs for Ethan not to go.

Fancy knows that the only reason that Sheridan isn't off with Luis right now is because they separate the women from the men. Sheridan tells Fancy that she is a traitor to Luis…Lethal! Fancy finds that rich after what happened up there that day. Sheridan wants to know what she is talking about. Fancy won't tell her. She tells Sheridan that she wins and doesn't have to worry about competition anymore. Fancy leaves the cabin on the verge of tears. Sheridan loves it.

Sam and Luis sit in the patrol car. Sam in the front and Luis in the back. Luis keeps proclaiming his innocence but that doesn't mean anything compared to the evidence again him. Luis is starting to think that he is guilty too when he replays everything that has happened to him.

Chad and Whitney are laying quietly now and Whitney asks if anything is wrong. Lately, Chad has been like a different man. He assures her that he loves her with all his heart and that will never change. It is time to get some sleep. They roll over with back's touching…Chad looks up at the door and sees Vincent is there. "You want me, Chad…even now. You know you do…"… Chad sits up. "No…" Whitney turns to see what is wrong but Chad says that everything is fine. When Chad looks back at the door, Vincent is gone.

Chad is having a dream…In it, Vincent is with him at the Safari Motel trying to get Chad to admit that he loves him. Chad can't admit that. he knows he shouldn’t be doing this. Whitney can't ever know…" Whitney can't ever know," Chad murmurs in his sleep…Whitney is over Chad and hears him talking. "What cant' I ever know," she wonders.

Noah and Paloma are on the couch heavily petting…Jessica has come home by herself and she sees the two on the couch. She knows that she will never have a love like that.

Luis sees Fancy walking by the car he is in, and he begs Sam to turn the window down. He calls to Fancy and she is crying. "I just want you to know I think…I think you made the right choice to end us." Sam wants to get going but Luis has more to say. Sam can't be bothered with that. he drives off with his prisoner. Sheridan sees her niece is sad and thinks that this is the way that it has to be.

Ethan tries again but it is clear that Theresa isn't going to tell him what he wants to know. he walks off. Ivy is on her in a flash. "I don't think that you're ever going to get your hooks into my son now…" She walks off smirking.

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