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Passions Update Monday 3/19/07--Canada; Tuesday 3/20/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis



Sam comes to see Fancy and Ivy who have been working on getting password to Alistair's files. Ivy slips and falls into Sam's arms. He isn't venomous to her like usual, and he helps to set her back on her feet. She did get into the system but she doesn't tell Sam. Sam is glad to see that Fancy is still hard at work. He hopes that she gets something for them to use to find Luis soon. When Sam leaves, Fancy plugs the computer back in and sees on the screen that Luis is holding Sheridan in his arms as they lay in bed at the log cabin.

Luis and Sheridan talk and Luis feels a bit uncomfortable laying in bed with Sheridan this way…holding her in his arms as they stare into each other's eyes. Sheridan asks him what it is that he is worried about. She says that one little kiss won't turn into uncontrollable passion. They have control, she says. She pecks him on the lips to prove her point. "See?" The kiss did do something though, cause now they can't take their eyes off each other. Soon he is kissing her as hard as she is kissing him.

Ethan wants to know what the blackmailer has on Theresa but she won't tell him anything. She would like to but she can't. He has gotten enough information from Theresa to know that whatever it is that she is keeping from him in huge. It affects their getting married, and her brothers lives in prison. He gets that she would be concerned to do the right thing here, but he knows that he can help if she will only let him help. She won't say anything about what it is that the blackmailer has on her.

Ethan knows that Theresa has wanted him her whole life. He guesses that maybe the blackmailer is Jared. Theresa says that Jared has been great to her and really loves her. Ethan knows that Theresa has been making bad decisions all her life and he is sure that this is another one.

Fancy gets up made from the computer and storms off. "I can't take it anymore!" Sam enters the room and asks where Fancy is. Ivy shuts off the monitor and tells Sam that she really can't say where Fancy is.

Luis gets out of the bed and won't do this. He will not betray Fancy like this. He leaves the room. "Luis! Luis!" Sheridan shouts after him, but he is long gone. "Dammit!" she shouts.

Tabitha and Endora decide to have something to eat. Endora sees a jar with some thing moving around in it. Tabitha tells Endora that the jar and the contents are out of limits and that Endora isn't to touch that jar. Endora smiles and agrees not to touch it.

Miguel is in the closet listening to Kay as she talks to Fox in their bedroom…Fox is feeling nauseous and lays on the bed. When he takes off his hat, she sees that Fox's hair is falling out. Kay was about to tell Fox that she was leaving him for Miguel but the fact that Fox is so sick makes her stop what she is saying and sit on the bed with him…Miguel is in the closet and he hopes and prays that Kay will not lose her nerve again. He hopes that Kay will be strong and tell Fox that it is finally over between them.

Miguel hopes and prays in the closet…Fox says that the treatments will make him live longer to be around with Kay and Maria…Kay knows that she can't tell Fox how she truly feels about them. Not when he is like this…Fox has Kay right where he wants her…"The truth is kiddo, I could die tonight and I'd be happy knowing that I was here with my devoted wife."

Tabitha watches the big blue pot and sees that Kay was on the verge of dumping Fox but hasn't done it yet…As she watches the bowl, Endora does a ZAP! And the jar levitates and moves to a table nearby. Tabitha looks over and sees the jar settling on the table. Endora has gone against her mother's wishes once again. The lid comes off and the a yellow swarm flies out of the jar and with synchronize flying makes patterns in the air.

Ivy takes this time to take another shot at getting Sam to love her. He won't consider it. Not for a minute. He will find love again, but it will be with a decent woman and not with Ivy. She flies into a rage and grabs the letter opener off the table. She holds the pointed end to her stomach and threatens to off herself. Sam tries to talk her out of it and soon he is close to her and manages to grab her. They struggle over the opener…each holding on to it tight.

Luis and Sheridan are dressed and in the front room now. Sheridan knows that Luis is strong and that is why he won't fall for her right now. She is with him though, on the run. She wonders what will happen between them after a few years. Can they be together then?

Theresa can't take it. The pressure is too much for her. Ethan won't let up for a minute. Theresa finally gives in and blurts out what she has been hiding. She tells Ethan that that blackmailer is doing this because he wants him all to himself.

Tabitha tries to get the swarm back in the jar, but it escapes through the fireplace. "That was happiness." Tabitha can only wonder what letting happiness out of the jar is going to do to Harmony now.

Fox has a drink, even though he shouldn't be doing so. "I don't care. I want to make the most of the time I have left with you." He gets up and leaves the bedroom. Miguel comes out of the closet and Kay tells that she can't do this to Fox. He is losing his hair now. She can't leave Fox now. He is in worse shape than ever. "I am cheating on my dying husband. What kind of a monster am I?" …They don't know it…but at the window…Happiness has arrived.

Sam and Ivy are fighting over the letter opener when Happiness arrive through the window. She turns to face him. "Sam!" They kiss, falling to the desk to make love.

Luis and Sheridan are talking at the log cabin when the door flies open. It is Fancy with her gun drawn. "You're under arrest!" …Happiness has arrived and swarms in behind Fancy through the open door.

Ethan starts understanding why Theresa did what she did now. She doesn't tell him everything about the blackmailer, just enough to calm Ethan down and stop him from shouting about her keeping her secrets. "The craziest part about this whole thing is that I don't think I've ever loved you more than I love you right now," Ethan tells her. They kiss and fall to her bed…'Happiness' arrives, but alas it is too late. Its work has already been done!

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