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Passions Update Friday 3/16/07--Canada; Monday 3/19/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Spike begs Jessica still to come home with him. He has been at it for a while now trying to convince her to be with him and leave her family home. She believed that her family and friends cared for her and was determined not to run off with Spike again but then her father left for work and her brother and Paloma forgot all about her and were kissing downstairs in the house. It is making her think that maybe they don't care about her at all. Spike might be all that she has.

Noah and Paloma are downstairs talking about how nice it is to have Jessica home. They spent some time kissing on the couch, but then they decided that this isn't the night that they will make love for first time. He wants to be special. He realized that he made a lot of mistakes with Fancy and he doesn't want to repeat that. Paloma would like to have him right away, but she likes what he is saying and she even finds it romantic. Noah and Paloma haven't see Jessica for a while now and so they wonder if they should go up and see her.

Spike begs and Jessica listens to him while sitting on her bed. She is torn. She feels that her family loves her and they are right about Spike not treating her right but they don't really care for her or they would be there for her. She loves being at home and she was going to try to be better in her life, but Spike says that he loves her now and that he is the only one who does. He makes sense, but she tries to resist by trying to remember the things that her friends and family told her.

Tabitha watches as Miguel and Kay make love. She uses the big blue pot. She managed to use her potion to stop Miguel from giving up on Kay and going for Charity. ZAP! Endora has entered the room and hears her mother did something to stop Kay being with Fox. Tabitha tries to explain why she had to do what she did. She wanted Miguel to stay but that isn't what Endora wants. she wants Kay with Fox. Tabitha tells Endora that she can't always get what she wants…Endora has ideas of her own. ZAP! She appears to be wearing a wizard costume now and she dangles her wand, threatening to make some mischief. Tabitha begs her not to do that.

Luis and Sheridan are at the Crane log cabin and she has been hurting. She started crying in the room when alone. She had nothing on but a sheet. Luis heard her and came in to see what was the matter. She has been thinking of Marty while in her bed and it has been hurting her deeply. She and Luis could have had everything they ever dreamed of, but Sheridan feels that she let it all slip away. Luis has come in to console her and now they sit partially nude, with foreheads touching.

Sam returns to Fancy and asks her again if she has any idea where Luis is, or who he is with. She hasn't a clue, she says. Ethan shows up and tells that he really needs to see Luis as well. The matter has just gotten more urgent than ever, for Luis and himself. He has to get Luis saved before Theresa loses her money and power and isn't in a position to help him anymore. He also has to stop Theresa from marrying Jared. He has gotten her to promise not to marry Jared yet, but he knows that he doesn't have much time.

Jared looks up from his sick bed and tells Theresa that he is ready to marry her. He says that Eve came by and upgraded his condition and so he would like to get things moving to make them a couple again. He wants her to call Judge Riley and get him down to the hospital, so they can be married immediately. Theresa is at a loss for words. She just promised Ethan that she wouldn't marry Jared for the next little while. He seemed to think that he could stop all this mess from happening and marry her in the end, instead of Jared.

Miguel and Kay rest now. They lay back in the bed, finally sated. Tabitha pushed them together, but they don't know that. They have made some marathon lovemaking and Kay now believes that he is the one for her. She feels foolish having thought that Fox was the man that she was to end up with for the rest of her life. She doesn't feel any guilt over committing adultery again. She belongs with Miguel and she knows it! She believes that he didn't do the crimes that he has been accused of.

Luis can't do this. It just isn't right. He gets off the bed quickly and away from the woman that he used to love with all his heart. Sheridan can't help the way that she feels. She still loves Luis. He loves her and they will always be connected but he just can't do this. They shouldn't do this to the people that they love. She quickly tells him that he is right when she sees that he isn't feeling quite the same as she is. He leaves her bedroom. She admits it again to herself. "I love you Luis."

Sam thinks that if he accesses Alistair's files, he might be able to find a safe house that Alistair used from time to time. He, Fancy and Ethan are in Alistair's study and they go to his desk where his computer is. Everything still works, but no one has used it since his death. They hope that there will be something there on the computer that they can use to find Luis and bring him in. They will have to find the password, but it is worth a try. Ethan sits at the computer and types…

Jared tells Theresa to call Whitney and have her return for the wedding. He hopes that Chad will come this time so that he can have a Best Man and another witness. "Tess, I love you and there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you." Theresa knows that but she will not have him risking his life for her again. "We can get married, but not tonight, okay?" He wants to do it now. She might change her mind if he doesn't marry her now. She says that he shouldn’t worry about this and she promises him that as soon as he is better, she will marry him.

Noah and Paloma arrive to the bedroom and finds that Jessica is gone. They look all around and she isn't anywhere to be found. How could that be? She couldn’t have gone by them downstairs. They would have seen her. Then they see the open window. They look out the window and see Jessica running off with Spike at top speed. She won't stop when they call to her and that tells them that she is in Spike's clutches again. They rush to the door and plan to get Jessica back to the house.

Luis returns to the room and tells Sheridan that what almost happened between them shouldn't have and that they should just forget that it ever happened, or almost happened. She says that she is fine and that she agrees with him. He leaves to make some cocoa, and she goes looking for a robe as she clutches the sheets around her. She finds Marty's teddy bear and she remembers how she gave this to Marty when she, Luis and he were at the cabin a long time ago. She smiles now.

Sam takes his turn at the computer and types. He tries to break Alistair's system. Fancy never realized that her grandfather was such a control freak. Ethan knows that Alistair protected her because she was his favorite. Ethan and Sam discover that the surveillance system that Alistair has overlooks the entire town. Fancy knew about that. she used to watch the computer with her grandfather when she was a little girl. She never learned any secrets though. Ethan and Sam decide that they can perhaps use Alistair's evil to do their dirty work for them. They can use his surveillance system of the Town of Harmony and have it track Luis!

Spike brings Jessica home and she immediately covers her nose. It stinks in there. "Home sweet home!" he chirps. There is a big dead rat in the corner that was half-eaten by his friends. He tells her that she can clean up later. He kicks over some garbage on the floor and sits her down. He is going to make her some tea. She is surprised by that gesture. He rushes to the kitchenette.

Noah and Paloma arrive at the group of apartments where Spike and Jessica live. They don't know exactly which apartment is Spike's but they will find it.

Tabitha tells Endora that she isn't to cause any trouble with her magic wand. ZAP! She causes a bolt of lightening to fly out of the wand. Tabitha runs to the big blue pot and looks…Kay freaks out and jumps of Miguel. "I'm married. I can't be doing this." She runs out of the bedroom. Miguel follows her.

Tabitha isn't pleased and plans to punish Endora for going against mummy's wishes.

Sheridan stares at the bear. She has a robe on now. Luis enters the room and sees the bear. He knows what she must be feeling. He takes the bear and hands her the cocoa. "It hurts me too." She tells him that they were supposed to be together and raise that little boy. Now Marty is dead and both of them are with other people…Luis seems to be getting as sad as Sheridan is now.

Sam, Ethan and Fancy can't break the code for the password. They have tried everything. Sam leaves to call headquarters. Ethan suggests that Fancy sit at the computer and try some word. She might have better luck. Ethan leaves. Fancy sits and tries 'Romus'. That doesn't work. 'Rachel'. That doesn't work. 'Princess'. That doesn't work either. "What about my birthday?" Bingo! "I did it! I'm in." Fancy is careful not to talk too loudly so that Ethan and Sam will not hear her. Now she checks to see if Luis is under video surveillance…She types.

Sam and Ethan talk in the living room of the mansion. Sam wants to know how this relates to Ethan marrying Theresa. Ethan tells how someone is forcing Theresa to marry Jared, and if that doesn't happen, this person who is threatening Theresa will make her somehow lose her money and power. If that happens, then Luis and Miguel will not be able to get up from under these charges. Sam doesn't get it. "What could the blackmailer possibly have on her?" Ethan has no idea. It has to do with a secret of some sort. It has to be huge.

Theresa lays on the bed with Jared until he falls asleep. She stands now and looks at his face. "You're a wonderful man and I do love you, but Ethan is the man that I love the most. I hate what I am doing to you. I hate that I'm marrying you to protect my brothers, but I really don't have a choice. If the truth came out that my son wasn't a Crane then I would lose my position as his trustee in the company along with the power to protect my brothers. I'm sorry. Bu t no one can know that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. My brother's lives depend o nit. I hope one day you can forgive me."

Fancy keeps working and finds a menu. She chooses 'Eyes and Ears'. "Oh my god! Grandfather has surveillance cameras everywhere. Here at the mansion, all over Harmony…Washington, Paris…Ooh, Hollywood….So the rumors about him are true." Fancy tells herself to focus and get back to work now. She tries to find something that will tell her where Luis is.

Luis reminds Sheridan that she is married when she starts talking about he and she as a couple again. she knows that. She feels like she is on some sort of reality show. Luis has to agree that it must seem like that. Sheridan knows that her grandfather must have watch their private moments…even at the cabin where they are now. Sheridan suddenly looks up and sees the camera. She says nothing about it to Luis. They are sitting back on the bed. He has his shirt off and she has the robe off again and the sheet is wrapped around her chest. "Fancy…Are you watching this?" Sheridan wonders to herself.

Tabitha lays down the law and Endora finally behaves and settles down. Tabitha gets back to her problem. She has to get Miguel and Kay back in bed and loving each other again. She conjures up Cupid and he shoots his arrow. ZAP! Endora intercepts the arrow and causes it to explode. Tabitha isn't please. She reminds Endora that Miguel and Kay together means the end for them. Endora falls asleep and Tabitha smiles. She will not be interrupted this time. "Hearts afire, hearts afire, go fill Miguel and Kay with burning desire." ZAP!

Kay is in the shower alone. Miguel enters and wants to talk. Kay t ells Miguel to leave, but he won't. Tabitha's spell starts working on Kay and she opens the shower door, ordering Miguel in. he jumps in and the lovemaking starts all over again.

Jessica is uncomfortable as she listens to Spike talk to her about who is really there for her at the end of the day. "Me! The Spikeman. And I will always be there for you." There is pounding on the door and Noah shouts for Spike to open the door. Jessica is surprised to hear her brother is there for her. She tries to get to the door but Spike holds her back. Paloma shouts for her friend as well. Jessica is overcome with the caring that her brother and friend have shown by coming here. She boldly goes to the door and opens it. Noah and Paloma tell Spike that Jessica is coming with them. Spike says that Jessica will not go with them and that she is staying there with him. Everyone waits now to see what it is that Jessica is going to decide.

Jessica tries to make a decision…She suddenly remembers the secrets that Spike knows about her…she decides that she isn't going anywhere. Spike throws the noseys out!

Endora continues sleeping and Tabitha gets back to the big blue pot. She sees that Miguel and Kay are still going at in the shower. They have just finished making love and they get out of the shower. Tabitha has to hide her eyes to keep from looking at the couple's naked bodies…Kay and Miguel pledge their undying love for each other. Kay decides that she will go to Fox and end the marriage. She won't stay married to the man anymore…Tabitha loves this…Kay will tell Fox but when he is better…Tabitha can't have that. She ZAPS! a thought into Kay's head and she immediately decides that she will end it with Fox right away. Miguel is pleased and the happy couple kiss…."True love wins in the end," Tabitha says. "Especially with a little help from a witch."

Sheridan gets angry that Fancy could be watching she and Luis. She feels that she has a right to grieve with Luis over their son…Luis is concerned that Sheridan is okay…She says that she is find. She will teach her niece a lesson. Luis is about to leave, but Sheridan calls him back to hold her until she falls asleep. He will do that that. He gets on the bed and holds her. She stares right at the camera and smiles.

Back at the mansion, Fancy is hard at work trying to use the surveillance cameras to find Luis. She finds the log cabin and activates the camera in the bed. She sees Luis and Sheridan in bed at the cabin and he is holding her. "Oh my god!"

Theresa arrives home and hears Sam and Ethan talking about how Ethan's father was hidden from him all those years in the past. Ethan understands the anger that Sam must have had against Ivy for having kept the truth about Ethan from him. Ethan tells his father that if someone kept his child from him for all that time, he doesn't know what he would do about it. Theresa is hidden in the foyer, but she hears every word that Ethan's said!

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