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Passions Update Thursday 3/15/07--Canada; Friday 3/16/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Spike realizes that Jessica is back in his corner again. He loves it. He thought that it would be a lot more difficult this time to get her out of the house and back with him, but once she saw Noah and Paloma kissing on the couch, she was convinced that the only reason that Paloma helped was so that she could get close to her brother. She got upset immediately after seeing that. And earlier, Sam was there but then had to go because of the bust at the Crane executive apartment to pick up Luis. That upset Jessica too. She feels he should have stayed with her as well.

Sam and the officers get to work trying to find Luis. Sam has lost him in all the ado at the Crane executive apartment. Luis was handcuffed and when Sam turned his back for a minute, Luis was gone. Fancy was the one to free Luis and allow him to escape, but Sam doesn't know that. Sam and his men had the place surrounded, but Luis is a seasoned officer, and even trains others to do the job. It must have been a cinch for him to escape with cops everywhere. The last that they saw of him, he was getting into a car that suddenly took off before they could get after it.

Fancy and Chris are at the Crane executive apartment trying to think about how Luis and Fancy got together, and where they are now. Fancy sees that all that she thought about her aunt is true. Chris doesn't believe a word of it. Sheridan is really acting like a Crane. Fancy is a Crane as well, but she didn't stay at home like Sheridan and the others did. She has learned how to get what she wants, when she wants it. When she decides what she wants…she wants it now.

Sheridan takes Luis to a log cabin that the Cranes own a ways off. She knows that no one will think of looking for them there. She rubs her hands as she brings Luis into the place and tries to get the place warm. She hopes that there are still supplies in the kitchen that they can use for food and such. Luis is strangely quiet. She is about to leave the room when Luis stops her. Luis asks Sheridan if what she said in the cabin is true. "Are you really still in love with me?"

Jared is out of danger. Eve is wheeling him back to his room when Theresa sees them. Jared is fine and talks to Theresa for a while. He has no plans on dying when he is about to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. Jared wants Judge Riley to return right away and marry him to Theresa. Eve says that will not be possible. Theresa wants to do it now, but Eve will not let any wedding take place unless she sees Jared make a marked improvement in his condition…Ethan is watching from the hall and he sees that even though Eve advises against it, Theresa still wants to marry Jared.

Whitney thinks that she understands why Chad is so short with Vincent all the time. He must feel jealous thinking that Vincent is after her. "Honey you are so wrong. We both know who Vincent really loves. It's Valerie. Right? I mean, that's why we're here. We were waiting for Valerie to show up. So don't you see, honey? It's just all one big misunderstanding." She makes Chad apologize and then Vincent leaves the restaurant. Chad apologizes to Whitney for her behavior and she tells him that he has nothing to worry about. He has nothing to worry about from Vincent as far as she is concerned.

Theresa tells Jared that she is going to leave the room and call Judge Riley to let him know that they will be married another time. Theresa leaves the room and that is when Jared spills his heart to Eve about how he loves Theresa. He wants to marry her as soon as possible. Eve doesn't want a repeat of the drama that Jared has just been through. She wants him to wait until later to worry about marrying Theresa. Jared says that he wants to sleep. Eve leaves, saying that she will have a nurse come and bring him a sedative. After she is gone, Jared tells himself that he isn't going to follow her orders.

Theresa gets a call from the 'Mysterious Figure' who wants to know if the wedding took place…Ethan is walking by and he stand behind Theresa as he listens to her call. He hears her tell whoever is on the phone that she will do as she is told. 'I know what's at stake here. My brothers' lives are in danger if I don't follow through and marry Jared." Ethan walks off quickly…Theresa hangs up. Ethan suddenly appears and tells Theresa that he knows that she still loves him and he wants to know why she won't marry him!

Eve bumps into Valerie who is walking the halls of the hospital with purpose. The papers in her hands fall to the ground and Eve stoops to pick them up with Valerie. "What is this?" Eve asks the girl, while holding some of the papers out to Valerie for her to see. Valerie is quiet and doesn't have time to answer…Julian is walking by and sees the two women. He comes over and asks if there has been any news. "Yes, I did. It took a lot of research and a lot of patience, but I found your son."

Jessica is back in her room and Spike is with her. She sees that Spike is right. "They said that they cared about me. That they wanted to help me. They said that they loved me." Spike is loving it and plays into Jessica fears and insecurities by puffing them up. He tells her that no one loves her but him. "I hope now you realize that I'm the only one that cares about you, honey. I'm the only one that loves you. And baby, you need to stick with me. You need to forget about those losers downstairs."

Noah and Paloma are kissing on the couch at his home, when Noah suddenly jumps up, looking around strangely, like he expects to see someone at the door, or at the stairs. He thinks that he hears someone coming into the house. Paloma heard nothing. No one is there and so he and Paloma start kissing again. He stops himself again and worries. He tells Paloma that he really cares for her. She doesn't want to hear this. Tonight…there will be no 'buts'…They start kissing again.

Chris is slowly coming around to Fancy's way of thinking. He realizes that Sheridan is this person that Fancy says that she is. He knows that some of this has to be Fancy's jealousy playing in there as well. Fancy admits it but Sheridan is more of a Crane than she is. Fancy can't see herself leaving her husband at home to go and be with some other man. Chris doesn't want to hear any of this but it is true…Ivy arrives at the apartment and Sam asks what she is doing there. Ivy only came to make sure that her daughter was okay. Fancy comes to her mother and hugs her.

Sheridan tells Luis that she was busy driving and isn't sure what she said. She was frantic. "I was giving up everything to be with you." Luis knows that but he doesn't want her sacrificing everything to be with him. She feels that she has already done that. She knows that she will be arrested if she goes back now anyway and she is sure that Chris will understand. He already knows how Sheridan feels. "He knows that we will always have a bond because of Marty." Luis doesn't want to hear this. He tries to drag her to the door to make her go home but she shouts at him instead. "I am NOT going anywhere!"

Whitney wants to get going home now, but Chad wants to stay later and spend more time with her alone. She thinks about it and decides that he is right. It is nice to be alone with the man that she loves. He too confesses to loving being with the woman that he loves. They kiss and stare into each other's eyes as they sit close…As they kiss, Chad's mind races to the infidelities of the last visit that Chad had with Vincent at the Safari Motel…He looks troubled now.

Valerie, Julian and Eve go to the Seascape and get a table. Valerie has some information that she knows the parents of the lost man will want to see. Eve and Julian look over the paperwork and find some of it has been blacked out. Valerie says that some well-meaning social worker blacked out the information in some parts to protect the boy. There are things in the boy's history that would have prevented the man when he was a child…from being adopted. He has lived a terrible life and has suffered a lot of abuse.

Ethan is on Theresa and will not let her get away from him this time. He knows that he can help but she will not let him. He knows that this might have something to do with that secret that she has been keeping from him ever since Rome…Theresa races back to those chats that she had with Whitney about how she would lose her son if anyone found out that he were not a Crane…Ethan is still bugging her when she is finished with her thoughts. "Tell me what you're hiding please."

Jessica really feels that no one really loves her…not even Spike. Spike pretends to be caring and supporting. She remembers that her father told her that Spike wouldn't make her turn tricks if he loved her. "I love you. I loved you…I loved you the first second that I saw you. Baby, I always put you first. Always." Jessica isn't sure. Spike begs her to just come with him and go. To leave all these phonies behind.

Noah and Paloma are really getting into it. "Make love to me, Noah. Make love to me now!" she orders. Noah suddenly backs up from her. He can't make love to her in his father's living room. He really feels that she needs much more than this. she doesn't care. She just wants him. He says he wants her too but he can't help feeling that someone is going to walk in the front door. She isn't afraid of that. He can't help it. He just feels that it is too soon. "I really thought I loved Fancy. But we moved too fast. You know? we weren't ready for this intense, serious, committed relationship. And I don’t want to make that same mistake with you. You know, I really want to get to know you before we, you know, take that next step." She finds him terribly romantic.

Sam barks his orders out over the phone. He will cut off any chance that Luis might have of escaping his officers. He will not let Luis get away from him this time…Fancy tells her mother quietly how Luis and Sheridan ran off. Luis ran himself and then Sheridan just disappeared. Ivy is having a hard time believing this one. Fancy has been saying this all along and no one would believe her. Ivy knows this behavior. It's Crane behavior…Chris is at the window wondering where his wife is.

Sheridan won't leave the cabin. She will go with Luis wherever he goes. Luis doesn't want her to be with him. Soon he sees that she won't give in, and so he decides that he will just go to bed. He tells her to take the bedroom and he will take the couch. Luis is really worried about Sheridan, but she doesn't want him to worry. She just wants to protect him. She wants to help. She knows that he wouldn’t ever rape a woman…or kill Rae. "Someone is out to make you look guilty. Luis knows that this is going to be difficult. Sheridan has an idea of how people could have gotten in and out of the room of the mansion. Her father used to play disappearing magic tricks on the kids all the time. There has to be secret passages in that house, even though the cops never found them. Soon Sheridan goes to bed and Luis ponders what he is to do next. He hasn’t a clue of how to stop what's happening to his life. He takes off his shirt and settles in for sleep on the couch. He gets the covers on him and kicks off his shoes…Soon there is crying. Luis sits up and calls for Sheridan. She doesn't answer. She just keeps crying. He goes to her room and he sees her bare back as she faces the wall. "Fancy's right," she cries. "I have been trying to come between the two of you for months now. And even when I realized what I was doing, I couldn’t stop myself. What is wrong with me?" Luis knows that there isn't anything wrong with Sheridan. She's not a terrible person at all.

Ethan demands to know what it is that Theresa is keeping from him. She won't tell him. He gives up then but will only do so if she promises not to marry Jared just now. He wants more time to work on Luis's case, but in the meantime, he wants her to stay single. She says that Eve won't let her marry Jared right now anyway, but that doesn't mean that it won't happen soon. For now she will hold off though. Ethan will get a better look at all this and fix things so that she doesn't have to marry Jared.

Valerie tells that she doesn't know where Julian and Eve's son is right now but he is definitely always on the move. When she get more information, she will let them know. Valerie sees Chad and Whitney and she goes over to say 'hi' and apologize for not being there earlier for dinner as they planned. She had to work. Whitney says that she noticed that Vincent really likes her. Valerie is glad to hear that. she totally likes Vincent as well. "Oh! He's totally hot in bed," Valerie shares with the shrieking Whitney. Chad looks to the floor while they chatter.

Jessica is still on the fence and so Spike pours it on to convince her to go back to their home…where they belong.

Noah and Paloma sit in each other's arms and she thanks him for doing the right thing. He thinks that waiting will make them more special to each other. They decide now to go upstairs and check on Jessica…

Eve worries that her son might have been abused because of his mixed race. Julian doesn't think that in this day and age that is a huge concern.

Valerie goes on about Vincent. "He is like a Greek god on sexual overdrive." Chad tries to look happy for Valerie, but it is increasingly difficult.

Sam tells Chris that he should call if Luis tries to contact Sheridan. Chris agrees to do just that…Fancy is furious. "I've got to find her before she manages to take Luis away from me forever."

Sheridan calms down and Luis sits on the side of the bed to hug her. He rubs her bare back as she holds the sheets across her chest. Luis can't avoid it. Soon they are kissing.

Ethan gets on his phone, determined to get Miguel and Luis out from their trouble before Theresa marries Jared. He knows that he won't have much time.

Theresa goes to see Jared and he tells that Eve has changed her mind and finds that he and Theresa can get married that very night.

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