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Passions Update Wednesday 3/14/07--Canada; Thursday 2/15/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Noah and Paloma are up at his house in the living room. They have tucked Jessica away safely in bed and now they are alone. It is getting late. He realizes that she probably wants to get home but she is fine staying at his house with him for a while. She offers to help him clean up. They hope that they get Jessica under control and away from Spike now. Paloma is sure that they got Jessica to see the light this time. Noah likes the way that Paloma thinks. She thinks that anything is possible.

Spike watches the sleeping Jessica in her room. She has no idea that he is there. He has slithered out of her closet, after having gotten in the house with the greatest of ease. He thinks that she is a loser like her brother and whispers that as he looks down on her sleeping form. "Tomorrow night, I am going to have you turning tricks for me again!" …Jessica wakes and shouts when she realizes that she isn't alone, but Spike has his hand over her mouth in a jiffy to quiet her.

Chad tells Vincent that they being together will never happen. They are still at the Seascape sitting at a table. Chad is glad that Whitney went to the hospital and isn't here where Vincent could use her to taunt him. Vincent knows that Chad is safe for now, but Vincent plans on telling Whitney every detail of their relationship when he feels that the time is perfect. "One more word and I swear to go I will kill you." Whitney comes up surprised to find the boys are still at the Seascape.

Luis is trapped. The cops are outside, shouting to get in…Chris is in the hall waiting to see what happens to Luis…Luis turns to Fancy inside and tells her that she has to arrest him. She won't do it but Luis insists. She has her cuffs on her and Luis puts them on himself. He doesn't want Fancy to get in any trouble. Sheridan is to hide until the way is clear. Suddenly the door flies open and Sam comes in with officers behind him and guns pointed. "FREEZE!" Luis holds his cuffs up as Fancy stands dutifully beside him. He says that Sam is too late, as Fancy already has things under control. Meanwhile, Sheridan is out of sight.

Luis says that Fancy figured out where he was and beat the cops to the punch. Luis says that he has trained Fancy too well. Sam says that he got an anonymous call about Luis being there. Sam should have figured that Luis would turn to the Crane executive apartment. Sam finds that Luis is making things worse for himself by running. Luis only wanted to find the person framing him. Sam can't help him with that. Luis knows that drill. Chris enters the apartment. Sam is surprised to see him and asks what he is doing there. Sam says that he heard about the Crane executive apartment and decided to check things out. Sam is surprised to see that everyone in town is smarter than the police…When Chris has a chance, he goes to Fancy and whispers…asking where Sheridan is.

Outside, the cops are everywhere, circling the building to keep things secure until the fugitive is safely locked up for transport to the Harmony police station. Sheridan is safe and has gotten away as Luis said she would. Sheridan is outside by the Crane executive apartments, but she will not leave the area. She has managed to stay undetected by the police and could go home and act as if she had never been there at all that night. Still, she can't leave without helping Luis.

Whitney sits with the boys and Vincent tells that it seems that he and Chad have a lot in common. Whitney is surprised to see that Valerie hasn't shown up. Whitney is sure that Valerie was just caught up with work, but Vincent says that Valerie is probably just sending him a message. Whitney knows that Valerie thinks that world of Vincent. Vincent says that Valerie would be a fool to let Vincent go. "A damn fool!" Whitney wonders why he says what he says…the way that he says it.

Paloma and Noah decide to raid the fridge now that everything seems to be under control. They hope that Jessica is sleeping and comfortable. They really should check on her, Paloma thinks. Noah feels that they should just leave her alone. It has been a pretty hectic night for her with all that has gone on. They decide against checking on Jessica and head to the kitchen to see what goodies are in there for them to snack on in the night. Things seem to be working out just fine.

Upstairs, Spike warns Jessica while his hand is over her mouth that she had better not say anything, or scream to let the house know that he is there. He removes hiss hand and Jessica is quiet. She suddenly starts making a break for it and he grabs her. He is surprised that she is scared of him. He hopes that she hasn't been taking in what her family has been saying about him. She wants to know how he knows what she was talking about with her family and friends earlier. "The Spikeman knows everything about his old lady, and don't you ever forget it. But you walk away from me and you are going to regret it!"

Noah and Paloma get a bottle of wine, and the sandwiches they made and they head back to the living room. They sit on the couch and aren't surprised that they even like the same wine. They have so much in common, she points out smiling. He jokes about her being old enough to drink as he works on the cork. She takes that bitter-tasting remark and assures him that she is old enough to drink. She tells him that there are many things that she can do. They clink their glasses.

Jessica doesn't believe that Spike loves her. What her family said made sense. Spike tries to make her see things differently. She has her head on straight now and she tells Spike that she doesn't like her life with him and she really hates that place they live in. He tells her that she has to work harder on the street to get a better place. She will not turn tricks anymore for him. He says that he has done so much for her and she repays him now in a bad way. She finds her tricking to be a living death and she can't even do it unless she is high out of her mind!

Chad tells Vincent that he shouldn’t let things with Valerie fall to the wayside. She is a nice girl and Chad feels that Vincent should stick with her. Whitney feels that Valerie and Vincent are perfect for each other and she would love to see them get closer and closer. Vincent has a call and leaves to take it privately. Chad tells Whitney that he doesn't like Vincent. Whitney can't understand why. She wanted Vincent and Chad to be good friends. Chad won't allow it.

Sheridan is out in the street, trying to figure out what to do to keep Luis out of prison. She knows that he thinks that she has gone home, but that is not on her list of things to do. She hasn't been discovered yet, and she plans to stay under the radar. She thinks quietly, while making sure that no one is around to see her, preferably the cops. She starts running now. She stoops as she runs, and she stays close to the building to keep from making suspicious that may be seen from a ways off. So far…so good!

Sam tries to get things under control at the apartment…Chris bothers Fancy quietly asking where Sheridan is. Fancy really has no idea. She goes to Luis and tells him that he really should have gone out the back before all this happened. The back way is clear and so Luis orders her to get the cuffs off her. She doesn't understand. "Get these off me!" Luis whispers. Fancy does as she is told when the officers' backs are closed and Luis slinks away like a ghost. Fancy goes over to Chris who is looking out the window and strikes up a conversation about Sheridan and where she could be…Sam gets off his phone and turns to where he last left Luis. He sees the man has disappeared again. He shouts for his backup to get looking for Luis. He has gotten away again!

Noah offers Paloma one of his concoctions that he has made for them to eat, but Paloma isn't into exotic scary sounding sandwiches. She turns her nose up at the tray that he sets on the table. She is more of a peanut butter and jelly girl really. Noah thinks that tonight might be the start of something new. Paloma looks hopeful when she hears Noah say that but he only meant as far as Jessica was concerned. He really thinks that after this night, Spike will be a thing of the past for Jessica and the rest of them.

Upstairs, Jessica tells Spike that what her family has been saying to her about Spike makes sense. He tells Jessica that she needs him and can't live a life without him. He says that he is the only one who cares about her. He feels his is better than Noah and Paloma. "You think that intervention had anything to do with you?" Spike says that the intervention was only an excuse for Noah and Paloma to get together. Jessica will not believe that. Spike says that this is just about getting in Paloma's pants. "I'm the only one that loves you. It's time that you realize that." He grabs her roughly and kisses her.

Chad says that there is something not right about Vincent and he can't trust the man. Chad knows that Whitney is trusting of everyone. "believe me. Vincent isn't what he seems"…Vincent is across the room on the phone smiling. "It is time to turn on the heat," Vincent says into the phone.

Fancy says that she turned her back for a minute and when she looked back, Luis was gone. Sam isn't sure if he believes Fancy but he has no choice…Chris tells Fancy that he checked the sites that she was looking at after she went to bed. That is how he found Sheridan, Luis and Fancy. He keeps asking Fancy where Sheridan is but Fancy really doesn't know. Suddenly, Fancy realizes that Chris had to have been the one who tipped Sam off. "Guess what Chris. You made a big mistake!"

Luis is outside sneaking around in the dark. He sees headlights coming towards him and he is trapped. He puts his hands up and squints at the car. "Alright! You got me!" he shouts giving up. It isn't the police. It is Sheridan to the rescue. She gets out of her car and orders Luis in. he won't get in the car. He won't put her in that kind of jeopardy. She won't do as he tells her and she again orders him into the car!

Whitney goes to powder her nose and hopes that Chad will lighten up and be nice to Vincent if he returns. "He likes you. He really does." Chad knows that the man likes him, it just isn't the way that she thinks he does.

Spike says that he is Jessica's husband and she will give it to him whenever he wants it. She has pushed him off her, still trying to hold her own. Spike says that her family and friends have nothing better to do with their lives and that is the only reason they hover over her and lie about caring about her. Jessica has no reason to believe him, but then he reminds her of the Johns that she left in the dust…Spike remembers quietly how HE was actually the one who did some killing… Jessica doesn't believe that she did these murders, but Spike remembers this, he says. Now if this gets out, Sam's poor little girl will get arrested for murder.

Noah and Paloma laugh and talk on the couch. Paloma thinks that she should go but Noah tells her to stay. Her feet are sore and he takes one and puts it on her lap, rubbing it and causing her to groan in pleasure. She hopes that this massage will not be too expensive. He is sure that they can negotiate something.

Sheridan tells Luis to get in the car and come. He won't do it. He will pretend he has stolen the car even, but he will not put her in danger by having her drive around with him. She won't leave, and so for her benefit, he gets in the car with her and she starts it up.

Paloma smiles at Noah's face as he runs her foot. "Tienes unos ojos castanos hermosos," she says when he asks her how to say that she has beautiful brown eyes. He loves the sound of her native language and tells that he wanted to take a course, but she wouldn't mind teaching him a thing or two. Things are getting romantic and Noah suddenly jumps up, saying that he should go and make them some coffee or something. She would like something else. She grabs him and starts kissing him.

Spike has Jessica's head almost turned around. He tells Jessica that Simone can't even think straight because of her dead girlfriend. "You're lying!" Jessica says. She doesn't believe anything that Spike says. She pushes him, causing him to fall on the bed. That gives her enough time to run out of the room. He runs after her.

Chad has had enough of this and gets up to leave. Vincent grab's Chad's hand and orders him to sit or Whitney will hear everything.

Fancy tells Chris that his plan has backfired. She is sure that Sheridan and Luis are together now. Chris feels that she is worried about nothing and that his wife could be safe at home. Sam returns and says that the men saw Luis get into a car, but they couldn't get the plate…Fancy and Chris now know that Luis is with Sheridan.

Sheridan drives as Luis argues with her for running off with him. She has a little boy to take care of and shouldn't be out here with him like this. Sheridan knows that Chris will not let anything happen to James and that the boy will be well taken care of. Luis can't allow this. "Stop the car and let me out!" Sheridan won't! "Stop the Car!" Luis shouts at her.

Chad sits back down and warns Vincent that he had better not say anything to Whitney about them. He wants Vincent to concentrate on Valerie but the truth is that Vincent would rather be with Valerie. Vincent just wants Chad on the side. That's all. Whitney doesn't have to ever find out. Chad doesn't even want that anymore. Vincent says that if Chad doesn't agree to this, Whitney will be told everything. "The hell you will. I will kill you first." Whitney has returned to the table. "Oh my god, Chad. Now I know what's really going on here."

Noah pulls away. He can't do this. Paloma hopes that this doesn't have to do with her being too young in Noah's eyes to make love. They kiss some more, but then she pushes him away. "What about your father." Noah says that Sam is at work and Jessica is asleep upstairs. That settles it. Noah and Paloma get back to kissing. Spike and Jessica come down the stairs and see Noah and Paloma kissing. Spike smiles. He could have set this up better himself.

Fancy tells Christ that Sheridan is with Luis. She was right all along. Sheridan wanted Luis all to herself and now she has that.

Luis is upset that Sheridan is running off with him. "I love and need you. Don't you know by now?" Sheridan suddenly blurts out. My life is nothing without you. I love you!" Luis s stunned to silence.

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