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Passions Update Tuesday 3/13/07--Canada; Wednesday 2/14/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Jessica is at the hospital dreaming in her sleep. Noah, Simone and Paloma have brought her there after her last episode of getting attacked on the wrong side of town. She was with a John and things went horribly wrong from there. He decided that having a hooker wasn't going to be as exciting as raping one. Spike isn't anywhere around to help Jessica. Jessica is in a hospital gown on a bed in an examination area alone. She has a peaceful sleep until…She dreams that she wakes up and screams.

In the hall of the hospital, Noah, Simone and Paloma are there with Sam talking about poor Jessica and how Spike keeps abusing her. Sam wants this to stop but Spike has such a hold on Jessica. She seems to believe that Spike loves her and then she is afraid of him. Paloma wonders if they should do an intervention and expose Spike to her for what he really is. Noah can't make it, and Simone has to go to Rae's funeral. Paloma suggests that they have the intervention sooner to stop Jessica from going back to Spike. "My ears are burning. Someone mention the Spike Man?" Spike is in the area and has heard everything.

Fancy, Luis and Sheridan are at the Crane executive apartment and Fancy refuses to talk about Pretty with Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan seems to know something terrible but she doesn’t divulge the information. She feels that wouldn't be her place to do so. Sheridan sees that Fancy is pretending that everything is fine, but the fact is that Pretty is gone. "You know why she left. You know what you did and the damage it caused!" Luis turns to Fancy now. "What did you do?"

Judge Riley continues with the wedding ceremony for Jared and Theresa…Ethan is in the hall mouthing the words, 'Stop this'…Theresa thinks about the last kiss that she shared with Ethan…and how she is being forced to do this…Judge Riley can see that Theresa is upset and asks her if she is really sure that she wants to go through with this marriage to Mr. Casey. Theresa wipes the tears from her eyes…Ethan watches from the hallway, through the door to see what Theresa will decide.

Luis would like to play peacemaker for Fancy and Sheridan, but Fancy will not talk about Pretty. She still suspects that Sheridan is trying to tear her down. She hopes that Luis can see that Sheridan is putting on an act, but by the look on his face, she can't be sure what he thinks. Sheridan says that she would have told Luis about Pretty by now if she wanted to be malicious. Fancy doesn't believe that Sheridan is concerned about Pretty's wellbeing either. Luis shouts for the ladies to stop arguing. "It is normal to fight with your siblings," Luis says. "Think of you and Julian. You guys fight everyday." Luis also fought with Antonio all the time. Especially when both men realized they were both in love with Sheridan. Sheridan understands all that but this is different…this thing with Pretty. Fancy is angry again!

Chris is in the hall of the Crane executive apartments that Crane owns. He listens at every door to see if he can hear for Luis and or Sheridan. He has taken a bit longer to figure out that Luis might be in one of these places, but the point is that he is there now and is determined to at least find his wife. Fancy must have found something and she might be with Luis and Sheridan. Chris isn't sure yet, but he will keep searching until he figures something out. He tiptoes through the building and continues his search.

Judge Riley asks Theresa again what she would like to do here. She says that she is just emotional. A lot has happened. He got shot and now she has gotten married and she is just on edge. "Let's do this right now." Eve feels that they should postpone the wedding. she wants Jared back in bed. Jared doesn't want to do that. Theresa decides that she needs to do this right now…Ethan watches it all and thinks that this makes no sense…Judge Riley continues. "Just as two threads woven in opposite directions will form a beautiful tapestry, so too can your lives, merge together, make a beautiful marriage. Remember to love one another, to trust, to commit yourselves to each other…Jared says his 'I do'. Theresa smiles when she looks at Jared's face and it seems to morph into Ethan's. Jared gets angry when it seem that Theresa isn't paying attention. She smiles and says that she would like to keep going. "I Theresa…Take you Jared…To be my lawfully, wedding husband…"

Sam has to hold Noah back from beating Spike to a pulp. He wants to see Jessica, but Sam will not allow it. Spike knows his rights but Noah won't let him see his wife. Sam will do something about this, and afterwards, if Spike has a problem with that, they can take him to the station. Problem is that Spike might not make it there. Spike looks around for others to be shocked at what Sam says, but they won't side with him for any reason. Spike backs down and decides that he will just wait for Jessica to get better. She will come back to him, and he knows they all know that. Paloma tells Spike that this time Jessica will not be coming back to him. "Oh and Simone…I heard that tomorrow, you lover is officially going to be worm food tomorrow. They are burying her, right? You get it? Worm food?" The nurse comes after Spike leaves to tell that Jessica had no drugs or alcohol in her system. Everyone is really worried now. "What could have happened in that room to upset her so much?"

Jessica sleeps on her bed in the hospital. The curtain around her bed is drawn for privacy…She dreams of the 'Mysterious Figure' who seemed to wear half-women's clothes and half-men's clothes. She hadn't seen anything quite like that before, and her brow wrinkles as she sleeps and is confused by the dreams which keep coming and coming to her. The figure haunts her relentlessly. He…or she held a razor on her…Jessica wakes and relaxes when she realizes that she is alone.

Chris has found the apartment and he hears Fancy and Sheridan going at it inside…Sheridan says that she is trying to come to a peaceful resolution about everything so that they don't end up fighting like Fancy did with Pretty. Fancy denies that this is her fault. Sheridan tells her aunt that she has been treated like a horrible monster. "Every word that comes out of my mouth is like the lash of a whip and I am starting to see a pattern here. I am afraid of what you are going to do next. I don’t' want things to turn out for us the same way they did for you and Pretty!" Fancy gets really upset and starts hyperventilating. Luis tries to calm her down and Sheridan gets a paper bag for Fancy to breathe into…In the hall, Chris has heard all the voices of the people inside and he realizes that in fact his wife is inside the apartment with Luis. He could kick the door down, he is so angry.

Jessica gets a visit from her family and friends. She is relieved when it seems that her family believes her that she was not high or drunk. She is afraid to go with her dad to the house. Spike won't like that. Jessica says that the thing that she saw was out of a horror movie. She decides that she will go home after all. The family will keep an eye on Jessica now that she's gonna be with them…Spike is nearby and decides that he can't just let his wife take off and be with her family. She knows too much about him.

Chris keeps listening at the door and he hears what Luis and the girls are talking about…Sheridan returns with a bag. "This is all my fault. I never should have mentioned Pretty. I am so sorry. I feel terrible. I swear, I would never mention what Fancy did to her. Poor baby…" Fancy takes the bag off her nose and mouth to tell Sheridan that she knew what she was doing when she brought up Pretty…Chris takes his cellphone out and calls the police station to call in a sighting of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald…

The ceremony is almost over…Ethan still waits at the door to see if this is actually going to happen…He remembers Theresa saying these very same things to him once…"Is there anyone present who knows if there is a reason why these two should not be united in marriage?" The room is silent. Theresa looks to the door and Ethan seems defeated…He thinks of the times that he has spent with Theresa over the years…They made love…She disappointed him, and still he loved her…she and he would look at each other and they would know they need to be together…Ethan realizes that he has to stop this now. He rushes into the room as the ceremony is ending, but he doesn't have to do anything. Jared starts falling to the floor and everyone rushes to help him. "I told you," Eve says running to help.

Jessica doesn't believe that her father loves her when he rushes off to work at the station and doesn't stay home with her. Noah and her friends understand that Sam has to work and they will be with her but she doesn't care. Sam should be there in her opinion. Jessica feels again that Spike is the only one who cares for her. Noah points out all the reasons why Spike doesn't love her. Paloma can't help but look at Noah with caring in her eyes. Jessica ends up telling her brother that he is a liar and that Spike really loves her. "He really does."

Spike is in the snow outside…looking at the house. He looks up the window where Jessica's room is and he wonders how he is going to get his wife back with him…where she should be. He can do this. He knows how to push all of Jessica's buttons. He smiles now with his hands in his pockets. He will have her back and her family will not win. He is hardly visible in the darkness. "There's got to be a way to get you out of that house. God knows baby"… He has to shut her up!

Luis, Fancy and Sheridan are in the apartment and they suddenly hear the sirens coming closer from a distance. They all panic and Luis heads to the window. This has to be for him, but he still holds out hope that the cops are there for some other reason. The cops stop their cars right outside the Crane executive apartment and it is clear that they are there for Luis. Sheridan turns on Fancy, sure that she is the reason that Luis is about to be caught. Fancy knows that she wasn't followed and turns suspicion on Sheridan for Luis being found.

Eve is over an unconscious Jared and she and some other people on staff carry Jared to the bed. Eve gets everyone out of the room so that she can work on Jared…In the hall, Judge Riley says that he will leave but he will help her later if she needs him. Ethan tells the man to just go. Judge Riley hightails it out of there and Theresa's head hangs low. "This is all my fault, all my fault."

Jessica tries to get away from her friends but they encircle her and talk to her and make her listen to what they have to say about Spike. They love her but she never lets them in. "Think about your mom and how much she loves you. Just being near her made you feel like you were sitting by a warm fire. And now think about the way that Spike treats you. Does that feel like love?" Noah promises to help his sister. She wants to believe everyone, but it is so hard. "I am so dirty," Jessica says. She calms down a lot though. The girls decide that Jessica needs to get to bed now.

Theresa thinks that she is being punished for not dealing with this better. She turns and see Ethan down the hall, so she and Whitney move away, Theresa is agonizing that she could turn out to be Jared's widow before she becomes his bride. She can't believe that she is doing this to him. "Why do I always hurt the people that I love?"

Paloma is sure that Jessica will straighten up and fly right now. She is in bed, and Simone decides that it is time for her to get going. Tomorrow is Rae's funeral and she wants to be rested. Paloma promises to help her friend celebrate Rae's life. Simone hates that Luis murdered her love. Noah isn't sure that is the case, but Simone doesn't understand then why he would run like he did. Simone can't believe that Rae is gone. She misses the girl so much. Paloma knows that, but in time she knows that her friend will be okay. Simone leaves, and now it is just Paloma and Noah. Noah finds that Jessica is really lucky to have Paloma as a friend. "A lot of people would have left her, they would have left her a long time ago. You really stuck it out!"

In Jessica's room, she tries to get to sleep…The door behind her opens and out of the closet comes Spike. He sits on the bed, behind the sleeping Jessica.

Sam is outside the door and he shouts for Luis to come out right away. Luis has no idea how he is going to get out of this…Chris hides in the hall as he hears the bust go down…Luis tells Fancy that she has to arrest him. She can do it. "You have to…You are going to bring me in."

Whitney knows that Jared getting ill isn't her fault. She doesn't want Theresa to give up now. Whitney sees things completely differently than Theresa does…Ethan paces at the end of the hall as the girls secretly talk…Jared is wheeled out for surgery. Eve has to get him there fast, or Jared's going to die…Whitney suddenly realizes that Jared could die, and is shocked when she sees a strange look on Ethan's face. "God help me for knowing it, Whitney…but what? If Jared dies, I'll be free to be with Theresa. I know it sounds terrible but I love her and I don't want to lose her. If he dies, I won't have to."

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