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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fancy catches Sheridan in the apartment where Luis is. Sheridan had called for Luis to come and fix the faucet for her but that was just a trick to get him in the bathroom with her. She catches Sheridan in the shower naked, thinking that Luis was coming in after her. Fancy decides that she will tell Chris everything. Sheridan hurries out of the shower to stop her from doing that. She grabs a towel and runs from the bathroom after Fancy. Fancy is moving fast though.

Julian finds Ethan at the hospital in the hall, outside Jared's room. Julian knows that Ethan is back to sniffing around Theresa and he can't understand that. Ethan just loves her…that's all. Gwen is divorcing him and so now Ethan is free to marry Theresa is that is what he wants to do. Ethan thought that Theresa wanted to marry him but instead she is marrying Jared that very night. Ethan knows that there is a reason that this is happening. Julian's advice is that Theresa always has an agenda behind that cut little face.

Jared is thrilled that he is marrying Theresa that night but he isn't sure that Theresa is happy about the event as well. He asks her about that again. She says that she just feels really emotional when she is faced with times like this, and she says she cries all the time at events. Whitney is there and confirms what her friend says about her crying all the time. "These are tears of joy." Eve comes in and tells Jared that she needs to make something straight for Jared. "there isn't going to be a wedding here tonight."

Eve says that Jared is not well and can't get married that night. Theresa just then hears about the episode that Jared had when he couldn't breathe. Theresa becomes very concerned, but Jared insists. He wants to marry Theresa. That would make him feel much better. Eve can't forbid the wedding but she would hope that the kids would just use better judgment. The kids insists on getting married, but they will not be given Eve's blessing or permission for that to happen now. Eve hopes the kids know that this is ludicrous. "If you had a brain in your head, you would just call it off!" Eve takes Whitney to the hall and asks her why Theresa is so insistent on having this wedding right now.

When Fancy and Sheridan get to the living room, Luis is not there. They can't find him anywhere. Sheridan wants to talk about her being there right now. Fancy tells Sheridan that she has a screw loose. Her actions are hurting people. "you know what you are truly like. You're only going to mess up Luis' life more than you already have!" Fancy can see that Aunt Sheridan will say anything to get Luis for herself. Sheridan tells Fancy that she will never make Luis as happy as she did. "You have ruined Luis's life and you know it!" Fancy shouts at her aunt to stop this. Luis enters the room and the ladies immediately stop shouting. "I heard yelling. What on earth is going on here?"

Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan was in the shower waiting for him. She says it as if finding Sheridan there now is a total surprise that he wasn't expecting. Funny he doesn't seem surprised at all. Fancy explains anyway, knowing that he will be mortified by what Sheridan has done that night. She is surprised when she realizes that Luis knew that Sheridan was there in the shower the whole time. Fancy gets quiet, asking what it is that she has to know. "What is going on here?"

Whitney says that Jared feels fine and can get married if he wants. Eve disagrees with her daughter. The stress of a wedding can't be good for Jared. Theresa comes out to see Whitney and her mother. Eve tells her again that this wedding is a big mistake. "I know the difference between love and desperation." She resents that Whitney and Theresa are forcing this man into a wedding ceremony that night. "I think it is the ultimate selfishness!" Eve storms off. Theresa knows that Eve is right about everything that she says. How can she protect her brothers? Julian hears the girls talking and comes over joking that two insufferable boy scouts like Luis and Miguel are going to be exposed as common criminals. Julian knows that Theresa is helping her brother and he doesn't care about that cause he knows that eventually Luis will be caught. He taunts that the DA wants the death penalty for him. Theresa will fight the man at all costs. Theresa is so glad that Ethan doesn't know what she is doing. "Could you imagine what he would think of me if he knew that I was actually getting married to Jared?" Ethan is behind the girls. "I already know. Why are you marrying Jared? Because I really thought that you wanted to marry me!"

Luis explains that Sheridan figured out where he was like Fancy did and she offered to make him some dinner. Fancy is still suspicious of the shower scene though. Sheridan says that she spilled something on herself and wanted to clean up. Luis tells that all that Sheridan has been doing since she got there was talk about her niece. "I miss you Fancy. You used to be so sweet…Always asking for advice," Sheridan says. Fancy ain't buying. "You should be on the stage Sheridan!" Fancy tells that Sheridan has been trying to split them up and she has been doing things to see that happen. Luis tells that Sheridan has admitted to everything that she has done.

Julian finds Eve at the hospital and wants to talk to her. She can't talk right now, but he has to hear more about this wedding that is going to happen that night. Eve tells of her warning to Theresa that this shouldn't happen. Julian knows that Theresa is always sucking the life out of any man that she is interested in. Julian asks if Eve has heard from Valerie but she hasn't. "I know that we're not a couple any longer, but we do share a son." Eve knows that. He hopes that she is still interested in finding there son.

Whitney leaves and so Ethan and Theresa talk about the wedding and their relationship. Ethan spent the night with Theresa and now…the next day she is marrying another man. That all seems a little bizarre to Ethan. He will not accept that Theresa is marrying someone else. He knows that she loves him and he needs to know what is going on. "How do I let you go to another man's arms when I know it's me you love?" Theresa has to let him go, but she can't tell him now. "Okay you wan the truth? This is the truth. I'm going to marry Jared!" Ethan won't believe it. She tells him that this is wrong but he knows that this is absolutely right, and he holds both sides of her face as he pulls her into a kiss.

It is true! Luis tells what Sheridan did and how she was trying to convince Luis to break up with Fancy. She admitted to everything that Fancy couldn’t get her to admit to before. Fancy is floored and strangely confused by this. Fancy can't believe this and is quiet for a minute to figure it all out. Luis thinks that Sheridan did this all in the name of love. Fancy sees that Sheridan has covered all her bases in case Luis figured out what she was doing. "You'd make grandfather and father very proud!"

Whitney brings Jared a tux and he is impressed by the garments. Whitney tells him that he has to get used to dressing up for the Cranes. He is going to be one soon. Jared finds all this amazing. "I guess I kind of lucked out, you know? When Gwen served Ethan those divorce papers, I figured that was that. I lost Theresa forever, but--- I figured that she would just go and marry Ethan as soon as the divorce was finalized. Guess who lucked out? Man, feels like I won the lottery here. I love Theresa with every bone in my body."

Theresa pushes Ethan off her and she tells him that she needs to get away from him and be with Jared. She says that she has been soul-searching and realizes that it is Jared that she needs to be with. Ethan won't believe it. "You can't mean this. Don't do this to us please?" Theresa can't do this and she has to go and get ready for her wedding. Ethan begs her not to walk away from them now. Theresa hasn't got anything more to say about this. she is marrying Jared and that is that. "You know, you have made some serious mistakes in the past, but nothing compares to this. Nothing compares to this." Ethan walks away from her now. "I have no choice," she tells herself. "I have no choice at all."

Luis tells Fancy to stop her sarcasm towards her aunt. Luis really believes that Sheridan did what she did out of love for her niece. He understands what she was doing. She was protecting the both of them and looking out for them. Fancy finds Sheridan as crafty as a Crane can be. She should be crafty. She does have Crane blood running through her veins. He knows that Sheridan loves her niece. Fancy knows that for years, Sheridan has always had her own way and now she can't have the thing that she wants most. "Luis!"

Eve gets sad talking about her son with Julian. Julian knows that their relationship has been strained but he would like to put their differences aside and work together as parents. "Julian…when we thought that Chad was our son, even though it nearly destroyed Whitney, just knowing that he was live…it lit such a fire in my heart. And then we found out that Chad isn't out son, and it was like losing him all over again. So I…I just don't know it I want to put myself not that kind of painful situation again. I want to find our son, but I'm just so…I'm so afraid of losing him all over again." Julian knows that this time they can find the boy, but Eve worries that he is making a promise that he can't keep. Julian says that this is going to happen. "I know the boy's mother. She's a very lovely, wonderful, giving woman." Funny that wasn't what he called her the last time that he name-called. Soon Eve is smiling and comfortable with Julian. Julian promised her years ago that he would find their son and he will keep his promise. "is that clear enough for you?" It is. They hug. Eve shivers as they hug. "I don’t' know. Maybe someone just walked across my grave."

Theresa is alone when she gets a call from the 'Mysterious Figure'. he...or she wants to know what progress she has been making. She tells that she will be married very soon. The 'Mysterious Figure' can't wait to see that ring on her finger. "I'm watching, Theresa!" Theresa hangs up and Whitney comes to her. She hopes her friend is holding up. She isn't sure anymore that Theresa is strong enough to go through with this. Judge Riley arrives and can see that Theresa looks pale. "It is just last minute jitters. You know, usually it's the groom who panics at the last minute. But anyway, don't worry about it. Everything will be fine." Theresa goes off to freshen up before the wedding, and Judge Riley heads into Jared's room. Ethan sees everyone walking off and stands alone.

Luis wants Fox to apologize but Fancy won't do it. "Unbelievable! The tragedy queen lives. You know very well what I'm saying is true. You're trying to destroy me so you can get Luis back, and you don't care if I get hurt in the process. Or your husband. Or your son." Sheridan's reaction is to forgive her niece. Fancy finds her performance stunning. Sheridan likens this time to the time that Fancy and her sister Pretty had their episode. Luis wants to know now what that incident was all about. That name keeps popping up and Luis wants to know why.

Eve tries one last time to stop the wedding but he doesn't work. She goes to the doorway. "Where is the best man?" Judge Riley asks. Whitney forgot to ask Chad to do it. Judge Riley needs a best man for this to be legal. Theresa knows that hasn't ever stopped the man from marrying people before. Flowers are delivered to the room and Theresa pounces on him. She offers the man $500 to stay and be the best man at her wedding. Eve doesn't like this. Jonathan is working right now. Theresa knows that Eve isn't going to get in the way of her wedding like this. Theresa explains what's going on…Ethan watches from the doorway as Theresa jumps through every hoop to marry Jared. Soon the wedding is underway. Ethan comes to the door fully now, so that he is right across from Theresa who stands proudly by her husband-to-be. As Judge Riley officiates, Theresa can't help thinking about other things. She looks up and she and Ethan are directly staring at each other…eye-to-eye.

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