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Passions Update Friday 3/9/07--Canada; Monday 3/12/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabby makes herself a Mar-Timmy while Endora snores on the couch. Miguel comes into the kitchen and Tabitha can see that she will get no peace, but then again that is how it is for the wicked. Miguel moans about Kay not loving him anymore. Tabitha feels that he is wrong but he feels that he has been deluding himself about her. Tabitha knows that in the morning things will be different. Miguel feels now that he shouldn’t have returned to Harmony. Miguel decides that he is leaving town and going to find Charity to marry her…Flames appear at the top of Tabby's head and she tells Miguel who doesn't see the flames that he can't get together with Charity. Not her!

Kay sits with Maria in a room upstairs and mopes of the state of her life. She told Miguel finally that it is over and that she never wants to see him again. She tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he never was able to prove anything that he told her. She is finally fed up with it all and wants nothing to do with him. Then there is the guilt of cheating on Fox. She did it lots of times, but the time on their wedding day eats her up the most. She will try not to be the best wife ever.

Julian comes to see his son as requested, and he feels that Fox is handling this all wrong. The poor boy lays defeated on the bed, barely sitting up. He looks up at his father like a wounded rabbit. Julian hates to see this. Fox has all the advantages and he knows that if Fox doesn't get smart and start thinking, he will lose Kay forever. Doesn't matter to Fox anymore. Fox doesn't care about anything now that he can't make love to Kay. What is the point of being with her if he has to be sick the whole time?

Jared can't catch his breath and the nurse calls for help and then tells Ethan to get out of the room. Jared pants and his whole body is trying to get the oxygen in and out, but he just can't do it. The nurse gets on the phone and calls in a code blue to get some help in there. Ethan goes into the hall and watches from there. If Jared dies, Theresa will never forgive him. He can't have that. That will never do for his relationship with Theresa. This isn't what Ethan wants!

Ivy walks up behind Theresa and Whitney as they talk about Ethan and how Theresa will never get to be with him. She has arrived at the hospital alone and stays around the corner to hear what the girls are talking about. She lights up when she hears that Theresa and Ethan aren't going to be together ever, and that Theresa has given up on her son. That is the best news that she has heard all year. "Hearing you say that you're never going to be with Ethan again? It's music to my ears!"

Fancy is out looking for Luis on the wrong side of town. She walks the streets searching for him and she carries a list with her that she checks with every so often. She is on the phone with Esmé who tells her that she should have put a transmitter in Luis's neck so she could keep track of him. Fancy wouldn't do a thing like that. Fancy tells that she will be searching all the Crane apartments to find Luis. If she finds Sheridan with her man, she is going to make her aunt regret it.

Luis and Sheridan have been kissing and Sheridan tells Luis that she had times when she thought that she was going to lose her mind because of not being with him. "But I'm here with you now, and everything I have done leading up to this moment has been totally worth it," she says. Luis doesn't understand what she means, but he doesn't have time to ask about it, cause she is on him again like fishnets on a hooker and soon he is kissing her back too. "Mmm," she moans in pleasure.

The nurse makes another call for help when the other staff don't arrive quickly enough…Ethan watches from the hall and hopes that Jared doesn't die…While the nurse is making her call, Jared's condition gets better and so she cancels the code blue. Jared smiles when she get control of his breathing again. The nurse decides that Ethan has to go. That is fine with Jared. All he wants is to marry Theresa. That is all that matters. Ethan will not allow that marriage to happen…It will be over his dead body.

Ivy is thrilled that Theresa is going to be out of her son's life finally. Her brothers are a handful as well. Miguel hit Fox with his car and Luis raped Fancy. Theresa knows that all of this can be explained. "Miguel is going to be convicted of 'Attempted Murder'", says Ivy. Whitney has to step in to get the ladies to stop their fighting in the hospital. Ivy offers to get Theresa and Jared a wedding gift, but all that Theresa wants from her is her head on a platter.

Fancy answers her phone as she uses her list to check the Crane properties. She thinks that Luis is calling her but it is only Esmé again. She is at a building now and has a brief chat with Esmé to give her an update on her search and what her plan of action is going to be next. Esmé tries to be interested but she is too shallow and disinterested to really care about her best friend's love life enough to sound caring. Fancy realizes that she has missed a place and decides to call over there before showing up.

The phone rings as Luis and Sheridan are getting heavily into their petting. They are in the kitchen and talking about Marty has brought them close. She knows that they would have been together right now if she didn't blame him for everything. The phone calls but Sheridan doesn't him want to answer. She just wants to keep kissing him and hugging him. Finally he breaks away from her and goes to the phone. Sheridan stands by and listens to his call. "Hello? Oh, my go, I was hoping you'd call."

Luis talks on the phone to the caller and Sheridan stands by and listens to him…The way that Luis is talking makes Sheridan think that he is talking to Fancy "Damn!" she thinks to herself. …Luis tells Sheridan that this is a contact that he has who has been helping him with his charges. He might have come up with something that could help him with his charges. He tells Sheridan that he will be on the phone for a while but she doesn't care. She will stay and clean up the kitchen.

Fancy tells Esmé that she has one more executive apartment to check on her list. She holds the phone and her property list as she checks it again to see if she has the right address. She is hopeful and sure that she is on the right track by following her plan to check these places out. Chris wanted to come with her on the search but she pretended that she didn't have any leads for them to follow and she got away from him, to do this on her own. She turns to the building now.

Fox begs his father to call Eve and tell her to stop the treatments. Julian will not do that. He says that the nausea is in Fox's head. There is no reason for him to be sick, in Julian's opinion.

Tabitha tells Miguel to forget about going to find Charity…She has to stop Miguel at any cost, but how? Kay! She is the key to keeping Miguel in town. She does love young Romeo, but it is just gooey mortal guilt that's making her stay true to Fox. Tabitha decides to use a bit of her lusty love potion to get Miguel in an amorous mood. He will do anything to get Kay after some of that. Tabitha gets her brew. "Whoo! Ha!" Miguel shouts after taking a sip. "I want woman!" He rips the shirt right off his chest. The problem is that he doesn't want Kay. He wants Charity! Miguel starts walking to the door and Tabitha does a running jump and tackles him from the back. They both go face down on the floor and Tabitha keeps her hold on him shouting in his ear that it is Charity that he wants. "Not Kay!"

Tabby has to bonk Miguel on head to stop him from leaving the house but that doesn't work. She grabs his feet and pulls backwards but he fights as he crawls on his belly and hands to get away from her. Kay comes into the room and is furious that Miguel is screaming for Charity the second that he is dumped. Tabitha tries to explain what really happened, but Kay isn't interested. She leaves the room. Tabitha has to fight with Miguel alone. He makes an extra special pull to get his foot away from her and she ends up falling on her butt.

Fancy follows her list and will soon see if Luis and more importantly Sheridan is in the apartment or not.

In the shower, Sheridan is alone. Luis is making his call and she wishes that she could get him in there with her. Suddenly the door opens and Luis steps into the shower. Soon Luis and Sheridan are kissing naked in the shower.

Whitney feels that this is easy to figure out.

Fox is sure that Nurse Stevens screwed up the bags of medicine and gave him the wrong one. Julian says that the doctors say that when a patient is given a placebo, they still think that they have the wrong treatment sometimes and they get the symptoms. Fox knows that he isn't imagining this. He is sure that these treatments are going to kill him.

Miguel can't be stopped. No matter what Tabitha does to him, he gets up and starts heading for the door to get Charity. She flings a wooden rolling pin to Miguel's head but that doesn't stop him. She needs some big guns for this. ZAP! An anchor from a ship appears in the air and flies at Miguel's head just as he is reaching for the doorknob. CLUNK! That does the trick and Miguel drops to the floor, unconscious. Tabby decides that Kay needs a sip of this tea too. She ZAPS herself into fast forward and zips around the kitchen making more brew and getting it upstairs to Kay. "I want a man!" she chirps. RIP! She tears her shirt off and tries to get out the door but Tabitha slams it shut. She leaves her in the room and gives Miguel more tea when he wakes, and he thinks that Tabitha is the one that he loves. He chases her around the room trying to make love to her. He does get her and dips her into a passionate kiss. She shows him a picture of Kay and that changes his tune. This time she does things right and Miguel runs upstairs, beating his chest shouting for Kay!

Ethan tells his mother that he and Gwen are not going to be together anymore. They are getting divorced and that is why he needs to find Theresa right now. Ivy is crestfallen.

Theresa and Whitney come to Jared's room and they see that he has been expecting Theresa and is ready to marry her whenever she is ready. Theresa has some news for him when he asks for Judge Riley. Theresa is sad as she gets closer to the bed.

Fox is sure that something has gone wrong and he has been given the wrong treatment. Now he will never have the chance to be with Kay.

Tabby has her Mar-Timmy finally and goes to the big blue pot…Kay is still in her room. She wants to get out to get to Miguel but the door is locked. She goes to the window and shouts for Miguel to come and get her. BODOOM! Kay turns and finds the door to her bedroom has been broken off its hinges and a dark shadowy figure stands in the doorway…in a smoky mist. It is Miguel! He has come for her. She turns and jumps into his arms with her legs around his waits…Tabitha smiles from downstairs. Steamy!

Ethan tells his mother that he will be pursuing Theresa now that Gwen doesn't want him. She always felt that he pitied Gwen and lusted after Theresa. She thinks that now that he hasn't got either of them, he should let them both go and get someone that he really can love.

Theresa starts to talk to Jared about the wedding. "I really love you…" Her phone starts ringing and she looks at the display. "How is this possible? I thought my battery was dead." She walks away from the bed and Whitney follows her. Theresa reads the text message with tells her to keep her mouth shut and marry Jared. Whitney is really freaked out about this. The phone was dead, so how did the 'Mysterious Figure' do this? Theresa turns to Jared now and tells him that Judge Riley texted her and said that he would be late.

Sheridan and Luis are in the shower kissing and beginning to make love…Sheridan has been dreaming this whole time. She wants him to come and be with her in the shower for real. She calls to him to come and help her. She says that she broke the water faucet and needs his help. She hears the door opening and holds a wash rag out to him so that he can use that to put over the faucet since it is scalding hot, she says. Sheridan turns her back to the shower door now and tells Luis that he should probably take off his clothes before he gets in to fix the faucet. She smiles…This will make him forget about Fancy for sure.

Tabitha watches as Miguel and Kay roll around on the bed like nymphos gone wild. She smiles.

Julian tries to make Fox see what he is really dealing with her. This could be something that he ate for all they know. Fox is starting to believe his father and calming down. Julian is leaving now to go home and he tells his son to get some rest. Fox clutches at his sheet and rubs his head when he pulls his hand away, he has a fistful of hair in it. He cries now. "I have to be getting the real treatment. I have to be."

Ivy reminds Ethan that Theresa has made his life a living hell. "Please. Let Theresa marry Jared."

Jared is the happiest that he has ever been. Theresa is crying and he guesses those are tears of joy…

Sheridan is in the shower with her back to they door. She is awaiting her true love… He stands behind her now disrobing for her. She can't stand the wait. She asks Luis to rub her back and she can feel the wash rag on her back…rubbing…caressing…She is in bliss until she hears a familiar voice call out. "Aunt Sheridan!" Sheridan turns in horror. It is Fancy glaring at her from outside the shower. Sheridan covers what she can of her nakedness. "You scheming bitch!" Fancy hisses. Sheridan's eyes are large as ever and she is at a loss for words.

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