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Passions Update Thursday 3/8/07--Canada; Friday 3/9/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel forces Kay to kiss him. She has just come home from the hospital and she really isn't in the mood for his attention…on any level, but he holds her face and starts kissing her. He won't let her go that easily. He tells her to just let it happen and relax. A few seconds go by, but she just can get the feeling that he used to bring out of her before. She looks away from him as he is hugging her and kissing her neck, and then THWACK! She slaps him hard in the face.

Chris can see that Fancy has a secret, and Sheridan knows exactly what that is. They were talking about why Sheridan doubted her niece about the attacks, but then Fancy clamed up and got defensive. Fancy does the same now with Chris, only telling what they need to discuss in order to find out where Luis and Sheridan are right now. They have to make sure that the two are not together …Fancy feels haunted once again by her sister Pretty who just won't stop haunting her.

Luis tries to get Sheridan to come straight and tell him what it is about Fancy and her sister Pretty that made her think that Fancy was lying about the attacks of the Peeping Tom Rapist. Sheridan sees that she has taken things too far and that Luis's curiosity has been peaked. She didn't want that. It isn't' her place to say what went on between the girls. It isn't any of Luis's concern really. She stands firm and refuses to tell the secret. Sheridan says that she doesn't want to talk about that.

Chad tells Vincent to leave Harmony and never come back there. he wants this troublemaker out of town. Chad has a hard time controlling his anger right now and Vincent loves that. Vincent calls Chad 'honey' and that angers him. Vincent won't follow his orders. He will do what he wants from now on and there isn't anything that Chad can do about it. Chad makes a move to grab the man, but Vincent warns that he would only be drawing attention to their lovers' spat!

Theresa and Whitney are in the foyer of the Seascape talking about Theresa's upcoming nuptials and how she has no choice but the marry Jared even though he isn't her initial choice as a husband. She tried to go against the blackmailer but he knew everything that she did and she couldn't do anything without him knowing. Theresa has to give up on Ethan in order to get what she wants in life. She has no other options in this matter. She just has to go through with it.

Jared talks to his nurse and tells her that Theresa will be back later that night to marry him. She loves that and finds it terribly romantic to do. She hasn't been to a bedside wedding before. This will be her first. Jared smiles at her face as she talks about the blessed event. Ethan is walking in the room and when at the doorway, he overhears Jared talking to the nurse about the wedding as he enters the room. He asks Jared if what he has just said is true. Jared confirms that Tess is going to be his wife.

Kay doesn't want to do this with Miguel anymore. She wants to rest and then go back to her husband at the hospital. Miguel knows that Fox isn't sick at all. Kay can't believe him. He has no proof. She hasn't a shred of evidence that proves that Miguel is telling the truth. Miguel even said that Fox wouldn't take the medication and yet he does. Fox is really sick and Kay can see it. She doesn't want to hear another of Miguel's damn conspiracy theories. Miguel doesn't care. He knows that in a few months, Fox will still be alive and in time, Kay will see that Fox has been lying to her.

Chris thinks there might be a possibility that Luis could be with Sheridan somewhere in Harmony, but he has no idea where that place could be. Fancy can't figure this out either. They both want to find their partners as soon as possible…one to make sure that they aren't together and the other to prove that they are. Both put their thinking caps on and try to think about where Luis and Sheridan could be at this very moment in Harmony. It isn't easy to figure out.

Sheridan says that the secret that she is holding is more about Pretty and Fancy and she doesn't feel right talking about it. She wants to drop this talk with Luis for now. She would rather get back to finding an answer to Luis's immediate problems. She feels bad for lashing out at Fancy the way that she did. They used to be so close. Fancy was like a friend to Sheridan. Luis hopes that in time, Fancy will be able to work things out with her aunt. Luis knows that emotionally, Fancy has been all over the place…Sheridan hates that Luis can't get his mind off Fancy.

Vincent and Chad talk at their table at the Seascape while Whitney talks to her best friend at the front of the restaurant. Vincent hates the way that Chad talks to him now. He would buy that Chad didn't love him if Chad didn’t' come back to him so many times. Chad wishes that he didn’t go back to Vincent over and over. Vincent would like nothing more than shouting about their love to the rooftops. Chad threatens the man again to keep his mouth shut or he will be sorry. Vincent offers to keep his mouth quiet if only Chad would admit that he loves him.

Theresa worries that Ethan will find out what she is going to do before she does it and she knows that if he figures this out, he will stop that wedding come hell or high water. Whitney wonders now if this is the right thing to do after all if it is stressing Theresa out so much. Theresa is really torn but knows that she has no choice, so why consider it? Whitney wants her friend to come clean with Ethan right now and get this out in the open. Then they can fight the blackmailer together.

The nurse tells Ethan that he has to leave and come back in the morning. It is late and the only people that will be allowed in there are the people for the wedding. Jared wants to talk to Ethan and tells the nurse to let him stay. Jared knows that Ethan and he have had a lot of bad blood in the past, but he would like to put that behind them. Jared is going to be a big part of Jane's life and Ethan has to get used to that. Ethan will not get used to that. "You are not going to marry Theresa tonight or any other night…Got it?"

Sheridan asks what it was that drew Luis to Fancy. He immediately smiles and Sheridan feels that it is about the way that Fancy looks, but that isn't it. Fancy always surprises him. "On minute she's got her act together and she's all confident, and then the next thing you know she's way more vulnerable than she'd ever want you to know." She actually reminds Luis of Sheridan. Sheridan smiles. She was drawn to Chris by his inner strength, cause that reminded her of Luis.

Chris knows that the Cranes have access to many places in town, so Luis could be in one of those places somewhere. There is too many properties though to narrow it down quickly. Fancy knows that if Luis is hiding somewhere, then Theresa would have to know about it. She is head of Crane, as well as Julian and she would have to be alerted if someone went somewhere they shouldn't. She would have to provide Luis with the access to get in those places. That's it! Theresa has to know where Luis is.

Theresa can't risk that the blackmailer is only bluffing and will not destroy her life if she goes against him. Theresa will deal with Ethan later and explain all this. Whitney knows that is a good plan, but her friend is going to be married to Jared when she has this talk with Ethan and that can't be good. Whitney knows that Theresa has to be hungry and she forces her friend to enter the dining room with her. Theresa and Whitney see Chad looking very angry as he talks to Vincent… The girls come up to the table as Vincent is outlining what it is that Chad has to admit so that he won't tell Whitney… "Won't tell Whitney what?" Whitney says walking up to the table with Theresa. Chad and Vincent turn and Vincent smiles, while Chad becomes terribly worried.

Miguel is starting to sound like he wants Fox to die or something with the way that he talks. Kay can't stand all his talk anymore. She turns her back on him now cause he upsets her so with his talk of Fox lying. Miguel doesn't want Fox to die, but he wonders what kind of person would stoop that low as to fake his health to keep a woman. What kind of person is that? Miguel knows that Kay can't possibly want to spend her life that way…with a man who would go to such lengths.

Fancy is sure that they have hit on something with this idea that Theresa is behind Luis being so well hidden from the cops. Theresa has to be in control of all this and they will find out what she has done. Theresa hid Luis and Sheridan figured it out! That is why she is gone this long and Luis can't be found! Fancy goes to the laptop and goes to the Crane database to see if she can find something out about the properties. She knows that all they have to do is get the password to get the information that they need.

Luis and Sheridan share fond memories of the past and then Sheridan gets back to cooking dinner for them. When she leaves the table, Luis turns back to the laptop to work on his case…In the kitchen, Sheridan gets the ladle and puts some of the sauce she is cooking on the sleeve of her sweater. She suddenly starts shouting. Luis comes running and he tries to tend to her burn. She says that it isn't the burn that she is crying about. It is Marty. "I miss him so much!" Luis hug s her and over his shoulder, she smiles.

Jared and Ethan are still arguing about the wedding that is going to happen that night. Ethan can't understand how Jared can be so sure that this is going to happen. Ethan is sure that it will not happen. He won't let this man play any major role in his daughter's life, or in Theresa's life. No matter how nicely Jared offers the olive branch, Ethan ain't buying any of it. Jared tells Ethan that no matter what he tries to do to stop the wedding, he will definitely be marrying Theresa that night as soon as she gets there.

Chad tells Whitney that it is time to go, instead of answering her question about what he and Vincent were talking about, but Whitney doesn't want that. She wants to stay and have dinner like they planned. She was looking forward to dinner and now Theresa is going to join them so it will be an even happier occasion for everyone. Besides, I want to know what you guys were talking about. Don't try to hide it from me. What were you guys saying while I was gone?" Whitney asks. Vincent smiles. Chad looks very, very worried.

Vincent says that he and Chad were talking about his insecurities. "I'm worried about me and Valerie." Vincent thinks that Valerie is getting tired of him and maybe seeing someone else. Whitney won't believe that. she has seen Valerie herself and the girl is crazy about Vincent. Vincent says that if Valerie were in love with him, she would be there for dinner with them. Whitney knows how Vincent feels. She too had doubts about Chad and it really hurt her. Vincent can relate. He says that there isn't room for a third person in any relationship. Whitney can't believe that men talk about these things.

Chris will look for Sheridan and Luis with Fancy but he doesn't believe that his wife is in love with Luis like Fancy thinks. "whatever floats your boat," Fancy tells him. "We'll both see." Fancy types but she hasn't got any information that they can use yet. He goes to the kitchen of the mansion to get them something to eat. Fancy rolls her eyes. "He can believe what he wants. If Sheridan is with Luis, it is not as an old friend…"

Sheridan cries and moans about the life that she should have had with Luis. She says that she is being selfish though cause all the things that she has, Luis doesn't. she wants him to be happy to. "I have done such awful things…I told Fancy that she was wrong for you. I told her that she was too flighty and that she carried too much baggage, and that she would only hurt you because she doesn't know what she wants and you would only be hurt in the end." She begs Luis to forgive her, and he will. Still, he can't believe that she said all those things to Fancy. Sheridan blames her father and Beth for losing her son, and takes back all that she had said about Luis being responsible. "Our son. Our little boy." They hug.

Miguel knows that Kay will not want to be with Fox when she learns the truth about Fox. She can't help that she believes that Fox is dying. She is a lousy wife, she says. She cheated on Fox on the very night that they wed. she can't live with the kind of guilt. She doesn't want to be the kind of wife that cheats on her husband. Miguel doesn't see it as cheating as he knows that she really loves him. Kay tells Miguel that they are not going to be together. No matter what happens. No matter whether Fox lives or dies.

Fancy can't figure out the way to get information form the database. She gets a pen and writes. She knows that Luis needs cash…a place to sleep…a private house or apartment. "That's it! One of the apartment that Crane keeps for visiting executives from other companies! Ok, I can't tell Chris. I'll do better on my own. I am sure the addresses are on the computer. I'm coming Luis. And when I get there, god help my Aunt Sheridan."

Luis and Sheridan are staring into each other's eyes. She wishes that she had gone with Luis to get their son. "I have never loved another man the way that I love…loved you. I should have been with you every step of the way. I never would have met Chris. I wouldn’t be married right now."

Theresa can't concentrate and gets up to leave the Seascape. Whitney wants to go with her best friend. Chad would like to go with them but Whitney tells him to just stay with Vincent. She walks off with Theresa. "See? Even Whitney wants us to be together." Vincent reaches for Chad's hand but Chad slaps it away.

Jared tells Ethan that it is hard to believe, but maybe Theresa loves him more than she loves Ethan. Ethan has to laugh at that. Jared is getting angrier and angrier as he starts shouting at Ethan about the way that he is…and what he believes. The heart monitor peeps…peeps…peeps the sound of his heart as he starts shouting at Ethan. The peeps come quicker and quicker and soon, Jared can't speak anymore because he is suddenly out of breath and unable to talk anymore. Ethan sees that something is wrong and he moves closer to Jared, asking what's the matter!

Kay wants to do the right thing and so she tells Miguel that she can't see him anymore. She doesn't want him to go to jail but she doesn't want to see him anymore. She was a single mother once before and she can do it again. "Just go!" Miguel will do that then if that is what she really wants him to do.

Chad tells Vincent for the last time that what they had was sex and not love. Vincent finds that all a lie. He knows that the sex was great, but that isn't why Chad kept coming back. Vincent tells Chad that one day he will have to come face to face with his feelings. "Love is love, no matter how inconvenient it is at times." Chad violently pushes a stack of plates off the side of the table in anger and everyone turns to look at he and Vincent. "Sorry," Chad says when he sees that the spotlight is on him and everyone is looking.

The nurse runs in and has to call a code blue when she realizes that Jared can't breathe. Ethan stands by watching…

Chris returns to the room asking if Fancy has found anything. She takes her piece of paper and hides it. She says that she will take her food to be with her and she leaves him downstairs alone with his plate of food. He looks after her suspiciously. When she is gone, he goes to the laptop "Good old retrieve sequence. Now let's have a look Fancy. Let's see what you were looking at while I was out."

The feelings are too much and Luis and Sheridan are wrapped up in all of them. They realize that if things didn't go so wrong when they were looking for Marty, they would be together right now. They are standing very close, and they get closer…until their foreheads are touching. They put their faces together now and kiss…It is a kiss that never stops.

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