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Passions Update Wednesday 3/7/07--Canada; Thursday 3/8/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Pilar is over at the house and has put Maria to sleep since she has been watching her for Miguel and Kay. Miguel is in the living room and he thanks his mother for watching Maria or him, so that he can have this time to work on winning Kay over like his mother told him to. He tells that he has made no headway with Kay over Fox and what Miguel believes to be Fox's fake illness. Fox has been telling Kay that he is sick and Miguel has to prove that he is lying.

Fox can't take the treatment anymore. He lays on the bed unmoving but he feels like the room is spinning and it does a number on his stomach. He feels like he is dying now. Kay feels that this is all worth it if he gets to spend more time with she and Maria. He tells her to go home but she will not leave him. He asks her to get him some orange juice and to send the nurse in. Kay leaves to do as told. The nurse soon arrives. Fox calls the nurse over to him and then he grabs her arm roughly. "Are you trying to kill me?"

Fancy is on the computer and she tries to trace Luis by his credit card use, but then she figures that Luis would be too smart to use his cards and she gives up her search. She has to figure something else out to get in touch with him. Chris arrives at the house and asks Fancy about something that he heard Ivy say when he came to the house earlier. He heard her say that Sheridan and Luis may be together. Fancy hopes that isn't the case, cause if Sheridan is with Luis, Fancy will kill her.

Sheridan chops vegetables for Luis's dinner while Luis makes calls trying to get clues to clear his name. He slams the phone down in anger. Nothing seems to be working right. He can't find out anything. Everything seems impossible. Sheridan sees that Luis is upset and she drops her cutting knife to go to him. Sheridan rubs Luis's shoulders and he thanks her for that. she has always been there for him. She promises that she will always be there. They suddenly get closer and kiss.

Whitney comes back from the daycare where Miles is safely stored, and finds Vincent standing in the halls of Crane. She asks if Chad knows about the double date that night. He doesn't, and Vincent gets in her way when she tries to go and find Chad to tell him about the date the two couples will be having that night. Vincent tells Whitney that they should just head to the Seascape and text Chad to meet them there. Vincent tells that he is looking forward to having some alone time with Whitney. There is something important that he needs to discuss with her.

Ethan tells Chad that he has to get rid of this other woman to save his marriage. Chad rolls his eyes. He is confiding in Ethan, but not really. If Ethan knew that the person that Chad were having the affair with were a man…and Vincent in fact. Ethan would see things differently. Things are not that easy for Chad. He can't really talk about this 'woman' that Ethan thinks he is having an affair with. Ethan tries to give Chad the benefit of his experience with being with two people at once, but Chad can't take this advice and use it like Ethan did.

Theresa has it all planned how she and Jared can get married right away. She can get the minister to come to the hospital and they can have it done in minutes. She can have it all arranged in no time. Jared smiles, overwhelmed by the way that Theresa suddenly wants them to be an official couple when she has been reluctant to marry him all this time. She gets on her phone and dials. She hopes that one-day Ethan will be able to forgive her for what she is about to do.

Theresa starts jabbering into the phone, trying to make arrangements for the quickie-marriage for that night. Jared looks at her in disbelief. Something is wrong in Harmony. He reaches forward, but she isn't even aware of him moving closer to her. Jared takes the phone from Theresa and demands to know why she is treating marrying him like walking the plank. She is surprised by his question and not quite ready to answer it. He looks her dead in the eye and can read her like a book.

Miguel tells his mother how Kay was making this big acting thing, playing the dutiful wife to Fox. Pilar can understand that. Kay is married to Fox after all. Miguel was sure that Fox was going to turn down the nasty treatments, but he took the treatment. Pilar has to believe then that Fox is sick. Why else would he take them? Miguel is sure that Fox and his father has paid someone off. Miguel suddenly thinks. "What if there was a mix-up, and he's getting the real treatment?"

Fox demands to know what is going on. He still keeps a firm grasp on the old woman's arm as he questions her. She tells that the treatment that he got was the right one, and that if he is ill, it is from something else. "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes if you screwed up," Fox threatens. She gulps, but stands firm about what is in the bag. "If you hurt me, I will hurt you." Kay returns to the room and sees Fox holding the Nurse Stevens roughly and she demands to know what he is doing.

Chris doesn't believe that Sheridan is with Luis somewhere. It doesn't matter what Fancy says. There has to be another explanation for where Sheridan is he believe. Fancy smiles at his naiveté. She knows exactly what has gone on here. She just doesn't know how to get involved to stop it. Fancy thinks while Chris watches her. She knows that Sheridan has figured out where Luis is and she probably has her grubby hands on Luis right now! Chris is quiet as Fancy talks…

Luis and Sheridan are kissing…But that has only been a fantasy. Sheridan has been in a daze thinking about how it could be if things go right with Luis. Luis comes over to see Sheridan, telling her that she will cut herself if she doesn't pay attention to what she is doing. She shakes herself out of her daze and tells him that she was just thinking, just now. She offers to make Luis a sandwich if he would like to have something to eat right now. Luis doesn't need a sandwich. What he really needs is for Sheridan to leave. He thinks that would be best for her.

Chris tells Fancy that she is way out of line for thinking that Sheridan is with Luis and trying to seduce him at this very moment. She is his wife and he will not believe something so horrible about his precious Sheridan. Fancy won't back down from what she knows to be the truth. Chris is suddenly quiet. Fancy finds that strange. Chris should be out looking for his wife but instead he is here. Fancy can tell that Sheridan is with Luis as well. He admits it. That is exactly what he thinks.

Luis appreciates all that Sheridan has done and Luis just feels that it is time that she go. Sheridan says that she is perfectly fine and will not leave Luis at this time. Luis wouldn't want there to be a scandal if they get arrested together. She is used to the media though. They come after her for a flat tire. End of story! She is staying! She is staying there to support him. He needs to keep up his strength and she will be there with him to do whatever he needs to clear his name. "Yeah! So I can clear my name and be with Fancy!" Actually that wasn't what Sheridan meant.

Ethan can see that Chad's concern is that the 'woman' is going to go to Whitney and tell her about the affair that she has been having with Chad for these past months. Chad confirms that is exactly what he is afraid of. Whitney wouldn’t be able to handle the news and the fact that Chad had been with a man would completely blow her over the top. No! There is no way that this can get out. Chad can't even tell Ethan for fear of how he would react to the news if he weren't understanding.

Whitney and Vincent are at the Seascape and Valerie and Chad are not there. Whitney is getting concerned but every time that she tries to make a move to contact Chad, Vincent stops her. He makes the waiter take their picture using his camera. Whitney doesn't seem to mind this and goes along with it. Now, Vincent takes Whitney's hand and tells her that he has to talk to her about two people and love. One person knows about it and the other doesn't…yet. Whitney is getting confused.

Jared needs answers. Theresa acts like she is about to get audited with the way that she is jittery and nervous…She thinks about the 'Mysterious Figure' on the computer talking to her an ordering her to marry Jared and to leave Ethan alone. If not, she and her whole family will suffer for it. The secret about Little Ethan will come out…She will lose the Crane power and her brothers will be imprisoned or maybe worse!… Jared has had enough of this. He knows that there is something that Theresa isn't telling him and he believes this has to do with her wanting to marry Ethan still and not him…Not really!

Nurse Stevens covers for Fox, when Kay asks about why Fox is manhandling her the way that he is. Nurse Stevens tells that Fox grabbing her arm is just him trying to deal with the pain. "Don't you worry, Mr. Crane. That's what we're paid for." Fox relaxes. He is sure that she is paid very well for the things that she does. Nurse Stevens leaves. Kay is nervous. Fox asks her why. She can't help thinking about this but she has to ask. "Are you absolutely positive it was Miguel driving the car that hit you?"

Chris and Fancy share a drink now at the mansion, and Chris tells that he had a drink with Sheridan earlier and she told him that she loved Luis. Fancy isn't surprised. Chris still can't believe it the way that Fancy does. He thinks that it is just a bond that she and Luis share and not a passionate love. Chris has the same thing with Maureen, even now that she is dead, even after they split up they still had a bond from their marriage. Fancy knows that Chris is fooling himself. "Sheridan's a scheming bitch!"

Luis thanks Sheridan for stopping him from calling Fancy earlier. "All I want is what's best for Fancy," Sheridan says. Sheridan is upset that Fancy doesn’t trust her anymore. She accused Fancy of making up the attacks and that was wrong. Sheridan is about to speak but then decides that she won't talk about this anymore. It is about something that happened long ago. "I refuse to say anything negative about Fancy from now on, because I think Fancy means well, and …I mean, now that she's a little older…I mean, I think she does. And I know that you don't want to hear Fancy criticized." Actually, Luis does want to know whatever it is that Sheridan has to say. ***

Chad gets the picture of Whitney and Vincent on his cellphone. It was just send to him after he came out of Ethan's office. The talk of the affair is over now, but Chad apparently has things to deal with anyway now that this picture of his wife and Vincent have come through. He panics and runs to get to the Seascape.

Vincent says that Valerie is great but someone else has come into his heart. Whitney doesn't want to hear this. She knows that Valerie really cares for Vincent and now she wants to know who this other woman is that has come into Vincent's life. Vincent smiles when she says that.

Theresa says she is only in a hurry because she wanted to get married to Ethan before and everything happened to stop it. Jared understands now and will allow the marriage. Judge Riley should be there in a little while.

Judge Riley…the crook is in his office could all his bribe money at his desk. He smiles into the wad, saying that the young man in question will get parole after all. His phone rings. It is Theresa. Judge Riley smiles. She is his best customer. He asks what her problem is and she tells that she hasn't got a problem. The thing is that she would really like to get married that night.

Pilar tells her son not to worry. She knows that even though Kay is married to someone else, in a few months Kay will be free again.

Fox hates that this medicine is affecting him and at the same time, Kay is doubting that Miguel should be arrested and brought up on charges for the 'Hit and Run'. Kay is soon feeling guilty and apologizing for doubting Fox and the fact that Miguel hit him. He tells her to go home, but she wants to stay. He tells her that she can stay but if he falls asleep, she is to go home and get some rest. That is a deal and she curls up on the bed with him. "I love you Mrs. Crane."

Vincent arrives at the Seascape and is angry that Vincent is talking alone with his wife. "I was just going to tell Whitney about the person I really love. Or maybe you could tell her for me." Whitney doesn't get that. How can Chad be the one to tell her who it is that Vincent really loves. Vincent smiles now as he stares at Chad.

It is all arranged. Judge Riley will hand the wedding and in no time, Theresa and Jared will be husband and wife. Jared loves this and he eases down to his pillow for a rest. Theresa's face turns worried now. This isn't really what she wanted to do…

Chris feels that Sheridan is just human to have shared a love with Sheridan and still feel something. He still loves Sheridan and will do anything to keep her in her life. "So while she serves cake to Luis, you're willing to eat the crumbs?" Chris feels that if Luis loves her, then nothing will happen. "…Pretty…" Fancy says quietly. "What did you say?" Chris asks.

Sheridan too brings up Pretty but then stops talking. Luis wants to know the story. What has Pretty to do with all this?

Whitney tells that Vincent was telling that he is in love with someone besides Valerie. Vincent says that he loves Valerie and that she is the only woman in his heart…at least until someone else came along. Valerie is the woman of his dreams. Whitney finds that lovely. Vincent knows that is probably what happened when Chad met Whitney. Chad says that is the truth. He kisses and hugs Whitney while telling that Whitney is the only one in his heart. Whitney sees Theresa at the front of the restaurant and she runs off. Chad grabs Vincent by the collar and threatens to choke Vincent if he does this sort of thing with Whitney ever again.

Theresa tells Whitney that she will be getting married that night.

Ethan calls Judge Riley to see if he has approved any of the motions that the young lawyer has put to him. Judge Riley says that he will bring the papers that he has to the wedding that night. He will be taking care of it for a young couple. "What wedding?" Ethan asks. "Who's getting married?"

Miguel is waiting up when Kay arrives and she tells him right away that she is tired and can't talk right now. All he wanted to say is that he loves her and he never stopped loving her. He kisses her.

Chris wants to know what Fancy suddenly has fear in her eyes. "Is there something that Sheridan could say to Luis that could stop him from loving you?"

Sheridan tells that there are two sides of the story. There is Fancy's, and there is Pretty's. Sheridan feels that this isn't her place to talk about, but Luis insists on hearing what happened between Fancy and Pretty.

Vincent says that he is going to make sure that Whitney finds out the truth about he husband at just the right time.

Theresa tells her best friend that she has to marry Jared. She is scared to talk to the blackmailer and Ethan as well now. He would try to talk Theresa out of the wedding. She can't let him find out about this until after the wedding is over.

Ethan wants to know who it is that is getting married. "Theresa Crane…of course," Judge Riley replies…"To that Jared Casey fella!"

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