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Passions Update Tuesday 3/6/07--Canada; Wednesday 3/7/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ivy tends to Fancy's leg in her room. She can't believe that her daughter was hurt like this. Ivy isn't as angry as before about Luis being the perpetrator and that surprises Fancy. She is starting to think that Luis did this. Every piece of evidence is pointing at Luis. Ivy has changed her mind about Luis now that he is on the lam. She is sure that there is more going on here. She knows that she has overreacted about him. She is sorry now that she did. Ivy was frightened for Fancy. She has had run-ins with Luis in the past. Ivy knows Pillar and the way that she raised her children and this isn't right. This crime too perfectly points to Luis.

Luis in on the laptop looking for clues, but everywhere he turns is a dead end. He would really like to call Fancy but he can't get her in trouble too. The cops are looking for him everywhere. It is a good thing that his sister has all this money and power. That is the only thing that might be able to save him. He was out earlier, but for now he stays in the executive apartment that Crane has for their guests to stay in. The cops will never think of looking for him there. Luis turns back now to his research on the computer.

Sheridan fumes as she reads the paper about Luis. "That bitch is going to get Luis in trouble. Killed, if she isn't careful." Chris enters the room and Sheridan tells him that Luis has been arrested for throwing acid on Fancy. Chris takes the paper and reads. Sheridan believes that he is innocent, but Chris really has to wonder if Luis did this. Sheridan doesn't care what the paper says. She thinks that this is just a lie and poor Luis is going to end up in prison or worse.

Chad comes to see Ethan and they talk about Luis and all the work that has to be done to save him from his charges. Ethan will need every ounce and power to save Luis. Ethan hasn’t had a moment for even his own life. Ethan has been calling Gwen and she won't talk to him. The divorce is going full steam ahead. Ethan is going to look to Theresa now as his future. Chad wants to know how Ethan can move from Gwen to Theresa without a second thought.

Theresa has made her decision and she won't change it this time. She tells Whitney that she has made her choice, even though the choice wasn't really hers to make. She has to turn all her attention completely on Jared and leave Ethan alone. She can't mess around with her brothers' lives. This is too important a decision. She won't sacrifice them for a life with the man that she loves. She is going to obey the blackmailer and stay out of Ethan's life forever if she has to.

Ethan doesn't like that Chad thinks that leaving Gwen was easy. It is like Chad thinks that his friend is taking things lightly regarding the breakup of his marriage. Ethan gets angry. He still tries to work on a friendship with Gwen and talk to her but she won't have anything to do with him. Chad is skeptical about what kind of person Ethan really is if he can love two people at the same time. Ethan can't help the mess that he is in but he does admit that the loves Theresa more.

Theresa has no choice. The blackmailer said that she or he wants Ethan, and so Theresa has to get out of the way. She can't let this ruin things for her family. Whitney just wants Theresa not to marry anyone then. Theresa has to marry Jared. That is what the blackmailer wants. Vincent comes into the office wanting to talk to Theresa in private. Theresa wants Whitney to stay. She knows all of Theresa's secrets. Vincent wants to talk about the blackmailer. He can't get a lead on who has the USB Stick. The person has it well hidden.

Sheridan feels that Fancy should have kept her mouth shut and this all wouldn't have happened to poor Luis. Chris tells Sheridan that she and he have to talk about her still being in love with Luis. Sheridan said that when she told him that she only meant that as a friend. She has loved Luis for years and she can't turn that on and off. Chris only see her constantly focusing on Luis whenever she gets the chance. Sheridan warms up and goes to Chris. "Yes I love you. You have given me everything I ever wanted. A happy marriage, a family." Chris has to question that. she has an interested way of showing how she feels by obsessing over Luis all the time.

Luis finds a picture of Fancy on the computer and his heart melts at the sight of her. He really can't stand not having contact with her…even if it is only for a few seconds over the phone. He looks at his cellphone again by the laptop on the table, and thinks about calling her…just for a few seconds. He can't phone her and he knows it. He would only be setting himself up. Sam is sure to have tapped her phone by now and Luis of all people knows that. Luis knows all the police tricks.

Fancy loves Luis but there is a part of her that is starting to worry about all this and why it is going the way that it is. Ivy lends a friendly ear. She now sympathizes with her daughter and Luis's plight. She needs answers and she needs them now. The phone rings and when Fancy says 'hello', no one answers. There is nothing but silence. Ivy comes over and asks who is calling. Luis says nothing and only listens to Fancy's beautiful voice. "Luis is that you?" He says nothing.

Chris lightens up after Sheridan convinces him that he is reading things wrong about her feelings for Luis. She moves up to her husband now. She kisses him and hugs him and soon he is putty in her hands. She assures him that she loves him and only him…most of all, and he believes her. She smiles up into his face now, looking as genuine as possible and he buys it all. Hook, line and sinker. He kisses her now and then goes to make them lunch. Sheridan rushes to the laptop to try to find Luis. "Where could he be?"

Luis hangs up and forgets about talking to Fancy like he planned just now. He more than anyone knows what a mistake that would have been. Something would have gone wrong, she would have gotten in trouble by trying to keep his secret or help him. Or maybe he would be tracked through his cellphone to the Crane executive apartment. He can't risk that. If he goes in now and is taken by the cops, he will never be free again. There is too much evidence against him.

Fancy has no idea if that was Luis or not who just called on the phone. Her mother sees how much this upsets Fancy and she understands it too. To her, Luis was always a boyscout, even though she forgot that fact in the beginning. Fancy is sick over this and wants it to be over. The officer have a 'shoot to kill' order and that makes things worse for Luis. She only prays that her true love is okay and that call she just had just now is just a glimmer of hope that Luis is okay.

Ethan can see that Chad is upset about something and he guesses that this talk about marriage is about Whitney. Ethan remembers that once they had a talk about adultery and Chad let something slip about adultery. He is Chad's friend and will try to help. Chad admits that he has something going on. "You know when I thought Whitney was my half-sister and she refused to see me, I …well, I met someone else. Someone who, uh, became very special to me. But it's not love. God, no, it's not. Well, the problem is Whitney came back into my life and I tried to break things off with this person, but I can't."

Whitney tells Vincent that he has to try harder to find the USB Stick, but Theresa tells him not to bother. She feels like she has lost and that the blackmailer has won. She tells Vincent that his services will not be needed anymore. Vincent offers to try some more for Theresa but she is done. He promises to keep his secrets about her and leaves the office. Theresa knows what she has to do and she will do it. She will stay away from Ethan and marry Jared. Now she wants Whitney to help her pick out a dress for the wedding.

Chad just needs Ethan to be a friend and listen to what he has to say. He can't get out of the affair. "Is this woman threatening you or something?" Chad says that he thinks that he is addicted to sex, and he refers to Vincent as a woman to keep Ethan from figuring out that his lover is a man. Ethan can't relate to the sex addiction part. He has experienced that with Theresa one occasion while married to Gwen. Ethan wonders if the person that Chad can't stay away from is the one that he should be with. Chad says that is not the case. He cares about Whitney and just has to find a way to get past this. Someone knocks and Vincent appears in the doorway. "Hey guys, am I interrupting anything?"

Theresa goes to see Jared who sits up in bed now in the hospital. The nurse jokes with him and warns him not to overdo it before leaving. Theresa smiles and comes closer to her fiancé. Theresa loves to see that Jared is feeling better and she gives him a hug. He groans and she apologizes, forgetting that he is still tender in places, in spite of looking all patched up. She is sorry that he is still hurting. She knows that marrying him will secretly hurt him even more.

Luis is having a drink when someone knocks on the door. Luis shuts off the lights and waits behind the door. There isn't any sound. He sees the knob to the door turn and then slowly open. Someone in a brown coat enters and walks into the apartment in the dark. Luis pounces and holds the attacker while bringing the person to the ground. "Oh!" The person groans under Luis's weight. He keeps hold of the person until he knows that he has the person under control.

Chris returns with lunch but Sheridan is nowhere to be found. "Where is she?" he wonders.

Luis is about to get rough when Sheridan shouts. "It's me!" Luis pulls back and helps Sheridan to get up. He turns on the lights and they talk. She figured that Theresa was helping Luis out and then she remembered that Crane owns some apartments that Luis might have been using. This was the third one that she checked. She had to find him. She had to make sure that Harmony's number one master criminal eats right. They both laugh. Luis starts getting his things together. He has to get out of there. if Sheridan can find him then anyone can. Sheridan begs him not to go.

Fancy has to do something. Ivy knows that Luis didn't do this. It isn't his style to be so sneaky. He always confronted people in the open. Fancy says that Sheridan is doing his. Ivy finds that a bit hard to swallow. Fancy knows that this is about Sheridan getting Luis back. Ivy knows that Sheridan might want Luis but the attacks were very vicious and Sheridan isn't the sort to do that. Fancy knows that, but she has to think about Sheridan being the one anyway.

Chad tells Vincent to get the hell out of his sight. He is alone with Vincent in the hall now. "Why can't you just leave me alone? You have Valerie. Isn't that enough for you?" He likes having two people to love. He jokes about Whitney seeing the pictures that he made of he and Chad in bed. Chad has to do everything in his power to keep from strangling the jilted lover. Whitney comes into the hall and waves. She is on the phone a ways away. Chad gets close to Vincent and holds him by the collar of his shirt. If Vincent goes near Whitney with the tapes, he promises to kill the man.

Jared talks to Theresa about their lives and how things always seems to get in the way of their happiness. She promises him that is all over now. "Ethan is my past and you are my future."

Jared plans on getting the USB Stick again as soon as he is out of the hospital. Theresa doesn't want that anymore. That doesn't matter now…She remembers how the 'Mysterious Figure' threatened her if she just didn't do as she was told…Theresa turns to Jared now and tells him that she only wants to concentrate on spending the next 60 to 70 years with him.

"Keep your mouth shut," Chad whispers at Vincent as Whitney arrives. Vincent asks Whitney is she would like to get a cup of coffee with him. Whitney would love that but Chad says that he was going to ask her to go and feed Miles his lunch at the daycare downstairs. Whitney has to do that over coffee, so she will have to meet with Vincent another time. She walks off. Vincent tells Chad that he got lucky that time. Chad grabs him but Vincent slithers out of his grasp. "Hey Whit! Wait up!" Vincent shouts. "I'll walk with you." And Vincent goes off after her.

Ivy understands Fancy wanting to do anything to keep Luis. She was the same with Sam. She wouldn't tell her daughter not to fight for love, but she feels that the girl really needs a bit of a rest here. Fancy can't rest. She has to figure out a way to help her man. She is an officer too and she needs to see if Luis is safe…wherever she is. Chris comes into the room asking if either Ivy or Fancy has seen Sheridan. Chris went to make lunch and when he came back Sheridan was gone. Fancy smirks.

Sheridan tells Luis that she only knew where he was because she is a Crane and knows details of the Crane business. She insists that Luis not go anywhere. He hasn't eaten yet. He has been on the internet for hours trying to figure out how this all happened. She knows that he can't work on an empty stomach. She orders him to sit down and she goes into her bag to get things out to make him something to eat. Luis tells how he was warned not to call Fancy. The utterance of Fancy's name gets Sheridan's back up immediately. She tells Luis that Ethan is right. "Don't call Fancy!"

Fancy is sure that Sheridan is with Luis but she doesn't say that to Chris. He leaves the room and wonders where the hell is Sheridan.

Sheridan knows that Fancy still suspects Luis of being the one who got him in all this trouble. She feels that his calling her would be a big mistake if he wants to stay free to save himself. Soon Luis is convinced that he had better stay away from Fancy for now…Sheridan smiles. She knows that by the time that she is finished with Luis, he won't even remember Fancy's name.

Chad and Ethan talk some more about Chad's affair and Ethan cautions Chad to make sure that he is doing what is right by staying with Vincent. Chad knows that staying with Whitney is the right thing for him. He just wishes that things were easier…and that his 'other' was a woman.

Vincent catches up to Whitney and they talk. Whitney suggests that Vincent hang out more with them. She knows that Chad really needs a guy friend and Vincent would be a good one. They set up a date for them all to hang out that night. "I think that Chad would really like that," Whitney says.

Jared can't wait to get out of the hospital to marry Theresa. "No!" Theresa says. Jared doesn't understand. No, I don’t' want to wait for you to get out of the hospital. I think we should get married today." Jared is a little shocked to hear this but he keeps smiling anyway.

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