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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Julian checks with Nurse Stevens about the treatment. She says that she did as she was supposed to. He smiles. He is glad that his son won't be getting that hideous mixture from hell that he was supposed to get…Nurse Stevens suddenly remembers dropping all the bags and getting the one that she needed to get to Fox mixed in with the others…Nurse Stevens can't exactly tell Julian that he got the right treatment. She says that she just sets things up and that is all. He knows that. He shudders thinking about what Fox would have to deal with if he got the wrong bag of medicine in his IV.

Fox is nauseous and can't find a comfortable position to lay in on the bed. Kay watches him and listens as he moans and groans his displeasure at the way that he must be feeling. She wishes that she could do something for him but she has to remember that this is the only way to save his life for now. He looks up at the bag hanging from the IV pole and pants like a dog…Miguel watches from outside the room and can't deny what he is seeing. Fox is taking the medicine. Miguel wasn't expecting that.

Chad and Vincent roll apart panting like sated dogs. They are in the Safari Motel in bed and they have just made love, in spite of Chad's declarations that he didn't want to do this. Vincent peeks over at the camera hidden under some clothes on the chair. It faces the bed and records everything. Chad is suddenly disgusted with himself and gets up. "I hate this, and I hate you!" Chad says going into the bathroom. Vincent goes to his camera smiling. He can't wait for Whitney to see this recording that he has made.

Whitney has Jane and Little Ethan with her as they walk to the office. They are in the elevator going to see Theresa at the office. Whitney has been so kind as to pick up the children from the daycare downstairs so they can be with mommy even if it is for a few minutes. Little Ethan is particularly thrilled to be going to the office. Jane just clings to Whitney who carries the tiny girl in her arms. She is very quiet and looks around. The elevator arrives and the three get off. Little Ethan runs to see his mommy!

Theresa is at work and she thinks…The lovemaking with Ethan was perfect…PING! Theresa checks her messages and finds a video message from the 'Mysterious Figure'. "Stay away from Ethan!" the 'Mysterious Figure' warns. Theresa gets back to work and hears someone come in with a delivery for her. She is busy at work and has her head down. The man comes into the room, hidden behind some flowers that he brings to her desk. She looks up happy to see that the intruder is Ethan. He takes a single rose and walks over to her with it.

Luis is in the hardware store where the hydrochloric acid was purchased that was used to burn Fancy. The sales record has his name as the purchaser, but Luis knows that he didn't buy this or the duct tape that was also purchased. Luis is in disguise but the owner of the store still recognized him and informed the police of his little visit. The old man holds his rifle on Luis now and the cops have the place surrounded. Luis hasn't got a clue how he is going to get out of there. He looks around nervously…fiddling with the horned-rimmed glasses that he has on his nose.

Kay offers to get Fox some ice chips for his stomach and off she goes down the hall. Fox can barely move his head, but he turns it to glare at the bag of medicine over him. DRIP DRIP DRIP. "Something's wrong. There's no way the placebo should be making me feel like this." Fox rolls his eyes and looks down again. He involuntarily groans with every breath. He wasn't feeling like this before the bag was set up. It has to be the wrong drug…Still the Nurse Stevens guaranteed his father that he got this set up right.

In the hall, Miguel doesn't care that Kay is going to get Fox ice chips. She tries to walk by him but he won't let her. What he needs to say to her is far more important, he feels. She shakes her head at him and stops but only for a moment. Fox needs her and she needs to get back to him as soon as possible. Miguel wants to talk about this thing between them and how they are going to solve it. She sees Fox is sick, and not faking. Miguel has to be crazy to think that Fox isn't really sick.

Chad is dressed now and ready to go. Vincent asks Chad why he never picks guys up at bars. He says that isn't discreet, and besides he is in love with Whitney and doesn't want to get involved with guys. "It's just sex!" he shouts. Vincent says that he understands that Chad wants to end things but he doesn't see why that has to be. He offers to continue the relationship quietly and no one has to know about it. "You're min, and I can't let you go," Vincent says pleadingly.

Ethan and Theresa are kissing when Whitney and the kids arrive at the office for a visit. Theresa tells that she had Whitney bring the kids over to see her at work when she explain to Ethan why they are all there. Ethan loves that idea. Ethan gets on his knees and plays with the kids and Theresa just loves it…Whitney wishes that Theresa and Ethan could be happy like she and Chad. Theresa can't hold back anymore. She is going to be with the man that she loves, no matter what the blackmailer says.

Luis has his hands up in the air as the hardware man holds his gun on him. The man urges Luis to leave the building as the cops are waiting for him and has been for a long time. There are no hard feelings here the old man tells Luis. He just wants to collect his reward for capturing Luis. It's nothing personal. "Well neither is this," Luis says. He suddenly pushes a giant bottle of nails and whatnot in the old man's way, catching him off guard. In a flash, Luis is moving and shaking to save himself.

Chad feels threatened but Vincent denies that is what he is doing. He just loves Chad and his soft, wet lips…and manly hands. Chad denies that they have anything between them but Vincent knows that the man loves him and he finds no reason to stop. They should keep on keeping on. The phone rings and Vincent goes to answer. "Hey beautiful!" …Vincent whispers that it is Valerie…He is going to meet her for dinner that night. He ends the call and turns to Chad talking about Valerie being at work, doing something for Julian. Chad doesn't care about that. "We're through Vincent. Finished!" He leaves slamming the door. "You're wrong," Vincent says. Dead wrong!"

Ethan and Theresa play with their kids in the office for a while, but now it is time to get back to work. Ethan offers to take the kids back to daycare on his way back to his office. Before he goes, he tells Theresa that the night before was very special for him. Then he is gone with the kids. Theresa loves what she just heard Ethan say to her. She ahs been waiting for Ethan to want to be a family with her for years. Theresa can't understand why the blackmailer would want Ethan. She figures that the man must be gay. Whitney says that this person could be a woman. They haven't seen she...or he yet. Theresa deserves to be happy but how can she be with all of this going on. Theresa feels that she could still help her brothers if the truth comes out about her son not being a Crane. She can't lose this chance at happiness.

The old man is laying on the floor holding his gun over him. Officers bust into the shop and help the old man up. Luis is nowhere to be found. The officers get on the radio and alert the other officers outside that Luis is out there. "Surround the area. Luis escaped! Don't let him get away!"

Outside, Luis has made a clean break. No one has seen him and he continues running. "That was close. All right, now I just need to prevent myself from getting killed." Luis keeps running!

Miguel is waiting for Kay when she returns and she is sick of this. There couldn't possibly be anything else that Miguel has to say that could make a difference in the way that Kay feels for Fox. "You're crazy! You are so crazy!" Miguel knows that Fox is faking it all. "He would rather die than lose you Kay."

Julian comes to see Fox and can't understand why Fox looks so poorly. He thinks that Fox's mind is playing tricks on him and making him think that he is sick. Maybe it's Fox's nerves making him sick since he is so afraid that he is going to lose Kay. Julian is positive that this bag that Fox has himself hooked up to is completely harmless…Nurse Stevens is watching Fox's reaction to the drug and she asks herself now if she could have made a terrible mistake and given Fox the wrong bag.

Ethan goes to the basement and after a few minutes, Luis comes out of hiding. Luis gives Ethan an update on his situation and what just happened at the hardware store. Ethan still thinks that giving in to the cops is the only way to go. Theresa is still powerful and can make things happen in this town. That all sounds great, but the only way to get up from under these charges is to find out who is doing this to him .

Theresa rants. She can't really see herself giving up on her dreams to be with Ethan for her brothers. Whitney can't help with this decision. Theresa has to do the deciding. Theresa wonders if there could be another way out of this. The door opens and Pilar enters. She tells that on the news she found out that Luis has been at the hardware store and they were shooting after him. He could be hurt or worse. Pilar tells her daughter that she is the only hope for the family. She is glad now that Theresa married Alistair. If she didn't marry the man and if Little Ethan weren't Alistair's heir, they wouldn't be able to save Luis. "You mija, you are their angel right now. You and you alone can help your brothers from having a horrible fate. If Luis hasn't met his fate already."

Whitney finds Chad in the halls of Crane and they hug. He says that he was at a meeting. Things were kind of rocky though. She knows that in the end, he will end up on top. He always does. The elevator door opens and Vincent exits. He greets the couple and tells that he is looking for Valerie. Chad and Whitney haven't see Valerie. Vincent thanks Whitney and Chad for suggesting that he date Valerie. Vincent says that she is a great girl. Vincent invites the couple out for a double date real soon and Whitney accepts the invitation.

Kay knows that Fox isn't faking. She saw the bag getting set up for Fox. Miguel doesn't car e what she saw. He knows that the nurse could have been paid off and the whole thing set up. Miguel wants her to see that he loves her and that he can love her better than Fox can. He knows that Fox has done everything to make Kay hate him, but she has to know better. "I love you, and I am the guy that you have lobed your whole life, Kay. Your whole life. I mean, could you really have been so wrong all that time? Answer me. Tell me you don't still love me." Kay's answer to that is to get back to her husband.

Ethan worries that Luis is going to be picked up in a body bag if he doesn't turn himself in. Luis can't give up his only chance to prove himself innocent. Then there is Fancy. She can't even talk to Luis as she could get in trouble now. Everyone who knows Luis believes that he didn’t do it, but that isn't enough. Luis can't take a chance that he might get convicted. Luis wonders why things keep keeping him apart from the women that he loves. Ethan tells that he and Theresa have been wondering that for years…In the basement, behind a corner where he stays hidden…the Peeping Tom Rapist stays very quiet and listens to Luis and Ethan discuss the cop's problem. Luis thinks that now that Ethan and Theresa have managed to get together, some of that good luck might rub off on him. The Peeping Tom Rapist whispers that Luis shouldn't bet on that happening.

Kay threatens to call security if Miguel doesn't leave her alone but he won't do so. He wants her to listen to him tell her for the umpteen time that he isn't guilty of the charges. They hear Fox coughing from his room and they rush over there. Kay goes in and Miguel watches Fox and Kay from the door.

Pilar is thrilled that Theresa has the power that she has. "This family's hopes and dreams rest solely on your shoulders. I know, it's a shame that such a burden has to be on you, but at least you're in a position to make a real difference in your brothers' lives." Ethan comes in and tells that he has just seen Luis and he is fine. Pilar wants to see her son, but Ethan says that isn't possible. Someone is going to great lengths to set Theresa up. Whoever did these crimes, they don't know who it is…But what they do know is that Luis and Miguel are lucky to have their sister in their corner. Ethan only can do so much. It is going to take the power of Crane to straighten this all out. If not, Theresa's brothers are going to prison…Theresa thinks to herself that she is back to square one now…

Miguel watches as Kay dotes over Fox in the bed…Miguel can see that the man is sick but still he can't help thinking that something is wrong with this.

Luis returns to the Crane executive apartment and ponders calling Fancy. He decides against it. He doesn't want to get her in any trouble. He goes to the laptop to find a way to save his skin.

Ethan tell Pilar and Theresa how things are looking bleak for the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers. Theresa will have to call in some favors on this. Luis could get the death penalty for this. Theresa understands. Ethan leaves now to get back to work, but before he goes, he asks Theresa to dinner later so they can talk about their future. Pilar needs to get going as well. She hugs her daughter. "Thank you, my angel. Thank you for using your powers as Alistair's widow. We're all very grateful, huh?" Pilar leaves and Theresa makes herself a drink. "Why can't anything be easy?" Whitney comes in saying that she saw Ethan and he looks so much in love. Theresa smiles. She asks Whitney if she could be her Matron of Honor at her wedding. Whitney is thrilled but she doesn't get it. Theresa is going to marry Jared. Whitney thought that Theresa was going to get the chance of a lifetime that she has been offered. She can't go after that when her brothers could lose their freedom.

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