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Passions Update Friday 3/2/07--Canada; Monday 3/5/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Passions - Transcript - 2nd - Friday

Miguel is at the hospital first thing in the morning. Kay is sick of the sight of him and doesn't know why he is there again when he has been told by everyone that he isn't wanted there. She asks about Maria and he tells that she is with a sitter. He is sure that a trick is going to be played with the treatments that day. It is the first day of Fox's treatments and he wants to be there to see how Fox wriggles out it this time. He still doesn't believe that Fox is sick. Kay doesn't care what he thinks. She takes Fox his breakfast and he is thrilled to see her.

Julian talks to Nurse Stevens again to make sure that she will be doing as he expects…giving Fox the placebo instead of the real treatments. She wants to give Julian back his money but then he threatens her with death and she agrees to give in and do as he tells her. She plans to just change labels on the bags of medication and hopefully Dr. Russell might not suspect anything. Julian knows that Eve will not notice anything because her mind has been on other things lately…Julian has news for Eve that morning that will keep her preoccupied.

Eve is in her office on the phone with TC talking about her son with Julian and how she got a call about that the night before. Julian enters the office as she is ending her call. Eve tells TC to do his exercises and then she hangs up. Julian is there to talk about their son. He would like to try with her again to find their son. She isn't sure that they can work together. Lately he has been mean and cruel to her, but he does have the Crane resources. Julian says that he has a researcher from Crane helping them. Valerie enters the room and Eve is not happy to hear that Valerie is the one who will be finding their son.

Whitney gets a call from Chad who says that he is at work early and that was why he wasn't at the house when she woke up. He really is at the Safari Motel in a room undoing his clothes. Whitney has to go. She is at the hospital and needs to go and talk to her mother. They say they love each other and then they hang up. Chad looks around for Vincent but he isn't at the motel. Chad has been left a laptop on the bed and Chad turns it on. He sees two guys making it on the bed. Chad has a closer look and sees that it is he and Vincent on the video footage. He tosses the computer to the side.

Luis is at the Crane apartment doing some research to free himself on the computer. Theresa calls and asks if Luis has come up with anything to save himself yet. He hasn't. They will connect later and Theresa will do whatever she can to help save him. When she hangs up, Whitney is coming down the hall of the hospital. Theresa tells how the 'Mysterious Figure' told her that she had to marry Jared to make sure that things go her way. Whitney can't believe now that her best friend has flipped the plan again and is now willing to marry Jared.

Theresa says that she would have been married to Jared already but he is asleep and so she has to wait till he is awake to marry the man as the 'Mysterious Figure' ordered. She can't take any chances on the 'Mysterious Figure' getting angry with him and ruining her life. Theresa knows that the 'Mysterious Figure' must know that she isn't married yet cause he knows everything else. Theresa tells that she and Ethan made love the night before and it was wonderful.

Luis is on the phone with Ethan. He is at the executive suite for Crane and he talks over the phone, trying to sound hopeful, even though under these circumstances it if very, very difficult to stay positive. Ethan keeps in contact with his client to make sure that even though he is breaking the law by being a fugitive, he is staying on track to free himself. Luis tells how he plans to free himself of the charges that hang over his head and get together with Fancy again.

Eve agrees to work with Valerie if Julian thinks that she is the best person possible. Eve is a little upset but she needs Valerie to understand that there is a lot of guilt involved with this. Eve was a drunk and Julian was too and their actions were unforgivable back then. Eve and Julian love their son but they have to be aware that the boy might hate them even more than Chad did when he thought they were his parents. Valerie will keep this in mind as she works. She leaves. Eve would make a deal with the devil to get her son and she wonders now if that is what she has just done.

Miguel peeks into Fox's room…Fox and Kay are in there talking about the treatments and how Fox will be brave and handle it. Kay tells Fox that the time that he will have with she and Maria will be worth the side effects of the drugs. "My big, strong, brave husband," Kay says…Miguel can't help it. He still thinks that Fox is snowing Kay about these treatments…Fox thinks to himself how the nurse has to be preparing his treatments right now.

Nurse Stevens goes to see the doctor and when her back is turned to the doctor, she changes the labels on the bag so that a simple saline mixture appears to be the treatment for Fox.

Theresa has to get this deal done. She is sure that things will be better afterwards. She tells of the voice-activated-artificial thing that Crane is developing. Whitney doesn't like that connection. She wonders now about how Theresa ended up in bed with Ethan again. Theresa says that Ethan got divorce papers. She realizes that she could be with Ethan but because of the blackmailer, she can't have her future and that is making her crazy so that she hasn't any idea what to do about it all.

Chad is about to leave the Safari Motel when Vincent enters. Chad has to go, but Vincent stops him. "We haven't done it yet!" Chad won't do it. This is over for him. "You need to disappear. You need to stop sending me videos of us doing it. Whitney almost caught us together that way." Vincent touches him inappropriately and Chad jumps out of reach. Vincent pushes Chad up against the wall and Chad can't resist him anymore and they kiss full on the lips…just the way that Vincent knows Chad likes it.

Theresa doesn't think that she will ever be with Ethan now. By the time she sorts things out, Ethan will be long gone and out of her reach again. Theresa tells Whitney now about Luis and how he has run off from the law to make himself innocent of the charges.

Luis comes to Harrington's Hardware, pretending to be Special Agent Feldman of the FBI. He shows the man in charge fake documents. Luis asks if the man has sold any hydrochloric acid and the man has. He shows his sales records…Luis sees a name on the record for the hydrochloric acid…The man says that he never sells hydrochloric acid and so he is surprised that someone has purchased any of it…Luis looks closer at the name on the sale record. 'Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald'. Luis knows that this just can't be.

Nurse Stevens is walking with a bag of treatments, with the one for Fox separated when she bumps into Miguel and everything falls to the floor. Miguel helps Nurse Stevens pick up the bags of medication…Nurse Stevens suddenly realizes that she can't tell which bag is for Fox now. Miguel notices her reaction and is puzzled. Nurse Stevens goes to Fox and takes a chance, giving him the bag that she thinks is the placebo that Julian ordered…Miguel watches form the hall and smiles as Fox is prepped for the treatment…Fox says that the treatment feels kind of tingly…Nurse Stevens leaves the room as soon as she is done. It is all out of her hands now. "I need a smoke," she says walking off…Miguel is amazed. Fox is actually taking the treatment.

Julian tells Eve that if they can put their animosity aside, they can then focus on their son and how things will be when they find the boy. They shouldn't blame each other for the failure of their attempt the first time. Eve wonders if they are being naïve thinking that they could fix something that they ruined so long ago. It was all because of Alistair. The thought of going through a search like this again is not something that Eve wants to look forward to. Julian thinks that his father not being around this time will make things different for them. Eve really hopes that the call that she received about her son wasn't a prank. She loves the idea of her son coming back to her…if he is alive.

Chad suddenly shoves Vincent roughly from him and orders him not to get close to him like that again. Vincent tried to stay away from Chad but he can't get enough of Vincent and he can tell that the feeling is mutual. Chad says that he loves Whitney and will not let Vincent ruin his marriage. "I'm not the one who keeps coming back her to keep getting it on." Vincent knows that he turns Chad on and Chad can't help it. "Leave me alone!" Vincent can't. I love you." Chad shouts that he doesn't love Vincent and he slugs him in the face to prove it. Vincent ain't buying and he comes at Chad again. They start wrestling and end up fighting on the bed.

The old man at the hardware store tells Luis that the man who purchased the hydrochloric acid also bought some duct tape and he had the old man make a copy of a skeleton key that he had with him. Luis moves the fake glasses as a natural movement, but he is clearly excited by all that he hears, but none of it saves his skin from being convicted for the charges he has. It only makes things worse.

Chad gets on top of Vincent and holds him down, ordering the man to leave him alone. He wants to be with Whitney. Chad lets Vincent go now. "I know you inside and out." Vincent knows how Chad feels when he is with him. Chad says that this is nothing but sex. Just sex! "Yeah, that's the way it started. But, but I know love when I feel it. And you love me." Chad shouts 'no'. Vincent understands Chad loving Whitney…he loves Valerie too, but they belong together. Chad is losing it. Vincent is talking into his ear now and Chad's eyes roll back up into his head now. He turns to Vincent and they kiss…passionately, open-mouthed, with tongues touching, feeling…searching. They roll on the bed now entangled.

Theresa and Whitney still discuss Theresa and her problems with her brothers. Miguel is in trouble as well. He loves Kay and that seems to be in trouble as well.

Luis is still in the hardware store with the old man when the police suddenly shout from outside that they are in the area. They order Luis to come out of the store with his hands up!

Kay loves that Fox is doing all that he can to be with Maria and she longer. Fox is feeling sexy and asks Kay if she would like to…His face changes. He feels nauseous all of a sudden. Fox looks at the bad of medicine strangely…Miguel is watching and feels that this is the part where Fox fakes nausea…Fox wonders if the nurse double-crossed his father and gave him the right medicine.

Julian is so pleased that Eve has decided to work with him to find their son. Eve has changed her feelings for Julian, or is trying to. He has been cruel and hateful when he was only trying to help TC with the effects of his stroke. Julian knows that he behaved badly but he was a man in love and when it came to Eve he became a fool in love. Eve has to do her rounds now, but Julian has more to say. He only stares at her for a few moments instead before telling her to have a nice day. "You to," she says walking off. "Is it possible? We could end up together after all? Once we find our son?" Julian wonders.

Chad and Vincent have just had their first round and it was wonderful! Vincent pants with glee and exhaustion. Chad isn't finished with him yet and he reaches for another condom to start round two. Vincent has his back to Chad and he smiles now. He looks at the easy chair in the room and smiles. A camera is hidden under some clothes on the chair, but the lens is pointing at the bed. Vincent smiles…for the camera.

Theresa and Whitney try to figure out a solution for Theresa, but there doesn't seem to be one. She will have to stay away from Ethan as the 'Mysterious Figure' told her…or else.

At the hardware store, the old man pulls out his rifle on Luis. He recognized him from the papers and contacted the cops secretly to get them over there to pick the fugitive up. He holds the rifle on Luis and aims his rifle on the man. Luis looks at the paper and see that he is the front-page news. "Come out with your hands up!" the police shout again from outside!

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