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Passions Update Thursday 3/1/07--Canada; Friday 3/2/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay is really happy that Fox is going to go through the treatments. Jared is happy too. He sees the nurse that he bribed at the door…He asked her to make sure that the treatments were not what they were supposed to be. He paid the woman off to get a placebo. She could lose her license for helping Julian but then again there were those high gambling debts. The woman agreed to do it in the end…Julian turns back to his son and daughter-in-law now…Miguel is in the hall wondering why Fox is agreeing to take the medication now. Eve finds Miguel in the hall and tells him that he should leave. She know that Fox has to be telling the truth. He is going to have terrible symptoms and …

The 'Mysterious Figure' is half man and half woman. He…or she wears a dress on the right side and a biker's outfit on the left. He has Jessica in a room at the Safari Motel and he has been waiting for her. He is half dressed as a woman and half dressed as a man. He holds out a tool and points it at her. She begs him not to hurt her, but he only wants her to calm down and not worry.

Sheridan is sure that Fancy is the cause of all of Luis's problems. She feels that Fancy thinks that Luis is guilty, even though Fancy denies it to her face. Sam sets up an APB nationwide so that Luis doesn't get away. Cops going to be looking for Luis all over the place. He can't prove himself innocent while he is on the run. His face is going to be plastered everyone. More cops arrive to help with the search. They want to know if they should treat Luis with kid gloves, or shoot to kill.

Luis runs with the bag of evidence that he has left with him. He had another bag but he dumped that into the wharf. At least if he gets caught, it will be harder to nail him this way. Sirens can be heard in the distance. The cops will be looking everywhere for him and he knows it. He is one of Harmony's finest and knows all their procedures. Luis would like to do the right thing, but he has to prove that he is innocent. He keeps running away from the sounds of the sirens, into the darkness.

Fox tells Eve that his father made him see that he owed it to Kay to try to live and that is why he has changed his mind about taking the treatments. Julian says that he couldn't give up on his son. Eve gets sad when he says that. Julian notices that she is blue, but she says that she is fine. He and she haven't been on the best of terms, but he is still there for her if she needs him. She tells that she was thinking of how they thought their son was Chad. He wasn't, but now Eve wonders about their son and where he really is.

The 'Mysterious Figure' has Jessica up against the front door and he puts his black-gloved hand on the door over her head…entrapping her. On that hand are fake painted nails and gaudy jewelry. Someone starts knocking. "Jessica, open the door." It is Noah and Simone who have come to help their friend. They think that she is in there with Spike and that he is hurting Jessica. Jessica shouts for help and turns to open the door behind her. The kids come in but the 'Mysterious Figure' is nowhere to be found.

The cops take off and start their search for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sam tells Fancy and Sheridan that if either of them hear from Luis, they are to tell him. He has work to do now and he sets out to do his part in the search. "Oh Luis what have you done?" Fancy says to the air in pain at what may happen to him. Especially if the police are ordered to shoot to kill. Sheridan doesn't think that this is about what Luis has done. It is more about what Fancy has done, she thinks.

Ethan and Theresa have made love and it was wonderful to be together and have a feeling of a future together They are in her bedroom kissing with Luis comes bursting in without knocking. Ethan and Theresa put their hands up to shield themselves from the intruder. Luis had no idea that Theresa might be naked under the sheets with Ethan of all people. Luis is sheepish and he looks down at the floor, embarrassed for having busted in on these two like this.

Simone and Noah think that Jessica is on some kind of drug or something when she describes the half-man, half-woman that was in the room with her. Noah wants to just get his sister away from Spike and maybe this will stop happening to his sister. They hear a noise. "It's in the bathroom!" Simone just wants to get Jessica to the hospital but she insists that Noah look in the bathroom first. "Careful! It has a razor!" Noah goes to the door and reaches for the knob.

Sheridan is accused by Fancy of doing some of the crimes that she has been suffering from…She remembers waking up in the inn and seeing Luis. She couldn't lie about that. That was what she saw…It was Luis. Only Luis.

Luis is surprised. He thought that Theresa was engaged to Jared. Ethan tells that Gwen has sent him divorce papers and so he can be with Theresa now. Luis gets back to the matter at hand. Fancy had been attacked again, but she is fine. She only has some acid burns on her leg. Luis took her out of town to an inn so that she could feel safe. Luis was watching to make sure that the monster didn't attack Fancy and so he did. He smelled something funny in his coffee, so he didn't drink it. He went to check on Fancy and the perp had acid over Fancy. When Luis reached for it, the acid spilled on Fancy. The culprit took off and Fancy didn’t see the guy when she left. Ethan can see that Luis is being set up. That is why Luis is there to see his sister. "I am on the run. Fugitive."

Eve wants to examine Fox and so Julian and Kay leave the room. Julian is relieved to see that Miguel isn't still lurking around the area. He leaves to get them some coffee. Miguel comes from around the corner and Kay doesn't want to speak to him. Miguel big theory was that Fox wasn't taking the treatments because he didn't need them. A nurse bumps into Miguel and drops something. It is a cheque. "Oh, let me get that for you," Miguel says stooping to the ground.

Noah opens the bathroom door and a rat comes running out. Both Simone and Jessica scream, as it scurries by their feet. Noah checks the shower and nothing is there. Noah and Simone have had enough of this and wants to go. They tell Jessica that she can tell the doctor at the hospital all about what she has seen. They leave the room now. The 'Mysterious Figure' comes out of the bathroom. "we will meet again Jessica. Soon…Very soon."

Fancy tells Sheridan that she should be watching out for her own husband and leave Luis alone. Sheridan doesn't care about that. she worries about Luis who is damaged and may be executed for what his niece did to him. "You need to do something before he winds up dead!" Sheridan shouts.

Sam and the officers are out there looking for Luis. They asks Sam again if they should shoot to kill if they see him. Sam just wants to search first and worry about shooting Luis later. He walks off. The two officers with Sam talk and decide that this isn't the first time a cop went bad. One of the officers decide that if he see Luis first he will be taking the man down.

Luis can't turn himself in. He know that he is the only person that he can trust. Ethan and Theresa try their best to make him see the error of his ways but Luis is sure that he understands what is going on here and how things work with the police and he feels that staying out of the penal system is the way to go. Ethan tried his best as a lawyer to make Luis see things clearly, but since Luis won't, there is only one other thing that he can do for the man. He is going to call his father…Chief Bennett and have Luis turn himself in. He gets out his cellphone.

Miguel returns the cheque to the nurse without looking at it and she thanks him. Julian is upset to find that Miguel is still there when he returns. Miguel would like to talk to Kay again but she doesn't have time for him. She walks back to Fox and stands by his bed. Miguel can't believe this. Fox is actually going to take the treatments that are going to make him horribly sick.

Luis isn't going to turn himself in. He can't go back to jail. He has to beat this before he goes to trial. Theresa will help in any way that she can. He needs a place with internet service and some cash. Theresa has the perfect place. She goes into her safe and gets out some money. "This is the key here to the apartment we use for the visiting VIPs." She offers Luis money as well. Ethan know that this goes against everything that Luis stands for, but Luis feels that he has to do this. He has to clear his name and get Fancy back. Ethan understands that. He would do the same to get Theresa back. Theresa and Luis hug and Luis is out the door. Ethan decides that he should start on Luis's case since it seems to be getting worse. He finds it great that Theresa has all this money to do this…Theresa's eyes get large. She remembers the 'Mysterious Figure' telling her over the computer that she needs to stay away from Ethan or her brothers will lose their lives in prison…She realizes that she can't be with Ethan, no matter how great the time in bed was with him. "Ethan I have to tell you something." He turns to her while getting dressed. "What is it?"

Eve immediately thinks that Jessica is on something and she wants to see if she can find out what that is. She gives Jessica a sedative and no one pays attention to her ramblings of the half-man, half-woman. Eve gets a call that causes her great concern. "what did you say? Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Miguel watches as Fox takes the medication and that puzzles him as he is sure that Fox isn't sick. When the nurse comes out, Miguel tries to talk to her but the bribed old nurse says that she just got paged and has to go. Kay comes out of the room and tells that Fox just got the first round of antibiotics for his treatments the next day. Miguel understands now. There is some trick involved and Fox will somehow not end up taking the treatments.

Theresa doesn't get to talk to Ethan about her problem as she planned. Ethan gets a message from the police on his cellphone and sees that he has to get moving to do his damage control for Luis. He leaves. "My go; is this happening? I finally have the chance to be with the man I love and he'll be torn away from me."

Sheridan knows that she hurt Luis and that is why she is out of his life now. Fancy tells Sheridan that she needs to stay out of the man's life. "What about Pretty?" Fancy doesn't want to talk about that again. She goes to the police radio in the room and hear that a call is going out for all officers to shoot on sight if they see Luis. "You see what you have done? Luis is being chased like a mad dog and it is all your fault. You need to do something to fix this. Before it's too late!" Sheridan pleads.

Out in Harmony, they have finally tracked Luis down. "Freeze!" He is up against a wall and he sees the spotlight in his eyes. He still makes a move and heads behind a building. One of the officers holds his rifle up and aims in Luis's direction. Sam turns to the man horrified. The finger on the trigger squeezes…

Miguel knows that no matter what, the next day, Fox will not be taking those treatments.

Jessica is sleeping on a bed in the hospital now. Noah and Simone wonder if Jessica could be right about the things that she saw that night.

Julian sees that Eve is shaken. He asks what it is. She tells that a man was just on the phone and he said that he was her son.

Sheridan begs Fancy to do something about this. Luis is in big trouble and if anything happens to him, she will never forgive Fancy and Fancy will never forgive herself.

The police follow Luis through the town. He outsmarts the police and gets away. The mayor and the governor have been calling and they want something done about this fugitive. Sam gets on the phone and tells all cars that they have a shoot to kill order on Luis…

Theresa is sitting on her bed when the 'Mysterious Figure' appears on her computer screen, and tells her that her brother are going to prison because of what she has done. She begs the image to please…please tell her what she can do to stop this. She is ordered to marry Jared. Tonight! In the hospital.

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