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Passions Update Wednesday 2/28/07--Canada; Thursday 3/1/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox has changed his mind and doesn't want the treatments as he said he did before when Kay made him promise he'd take them. He flatly refuses to cooperate now. Miguel listens to his discussion with Kay from the corridor. The nurse leaves so that Kay can talk Fox into the treatments. She will be back later to administer the first treatment. Kay tries to get Fox to change his mind but he won't, and soon Miguel enters the room. He knows that this is happening because Fox isn't really sick.

Julian goes to the nurse on staff at the nurses' station and he looks around before talking to her in a quiet voice so that no one will hear. She moves from around the station counter to get closer to the Crane. He says that he is concerned about his son's treatments and needs to discuss them with her if she has a minute.

Spike drags Jessica to the wharf, angry that she hasn't been working and has been talking to her stupid friends. He wants her to bring a paycheck but she doesn't want to sleep with anyone but him. He has someone for her to meet but she doesn't want to do this anymore. He cares nothing about what she wants. "You better shut your little mouth. You better stop running it or…" Jessica apologizes and Spike calms down. He promises that this is only for a little while longer. He says that he loves her and all that he wants is for her to act like she loves her date. He tells that he will be dropping her off so that he can go to a meeting.

Whitney sees two men having sex on Chad's cellphone. She can't see their faces and asks Chad who these people are.

Fancy and Luis try to get Sam to lighten up on arresting Luis but he has no choice. Sheridan bursts in and shouts at Fancy. "What is wrong with you?" She blames Fancy for getting Luis arrested.

Theresa can't say a word. She knows that box will start revealing her secret if she talks to it…She remembers how it answered her before Ethan came along. It responds to her voice and it will surely let Ethan in on what she is hiding…She writes notes to Ethan, trying to get him to leave the damn thing alone.

Spike brings Jessica to the new trick. "Money's on the table!" The familiar voice shouts from another room. The voice sounds mysterious…like the 'Mysterious Figure' perhaps who keeps calling Theresa. "Be there in a minute babe," the 'Mysterious Figure' says from the other room after Spike leaves. The 'Mysterious Figure' is in the other room putting on lipstick with a hand that is clad in black leather. "Just making myself beautiful for you," the raspy voice coos.

Fox says that he only wants to get out of the treatments because he wants quality time with his wife. Miguel is onto Fox and won't let up. Kay asks Miguel to stop this as Fox is very sick. Miguel says that he isn't sick at all!

Julian asks the nurse if she could make a slight adjustment in Fox's medication. She says that the doctor will have to make any changes, but then she sees that Julian is asking her to break the rules and overrule the doctor's orders. Julian lets on that he knows about the nurse's gambling problems and that her husband knows nothing about the woman's financial debts. She has to be walking a tightrope. The nurse gives in and asks what it is that Julian wants. He shows her a cheque. "That should cover your gambling debts quite nicely, shouldn't it? All you have to do is make sure that my son gets the exact treatment that he needs."

Luis tells Sheridan how there has been another attack and he looks guilty again. Sam fills in the gaps and tells how Luis was found with acid over Fancy's bed and the room was locked, but he had a key. Luis defends himself again and tells the story his way. Sheridan believes Luis and hopes that nothing more happens to him. Sheridan is sure that Fancy is responsible for this somehow, but Sam tells Sheridan that he doesn't want Fancy grilled over this. It wasn't her fault. Luis could get death for his crimes and Sam hopes that Luis realizes that. "No!" Sheridan shouts.

Ethan fiddles with the answering bow and tries to figure it out so that maybe he can find out what it does. Theresa is terrified of the thing and watches as Ethan tries to pull it apart, hoping to find a way to get a transcription of the contents, or other things that it has been saying. Theresa suddenly plucks it out of his hands and flings it into the water before Ethan can stop her. He looks over the rail at the sinking, answering box and then back at Theresa. "What did you do that for?"

Ethan wants to go after the box, but Theresa stops him from jumping in the water. He knows that the answering box could have given them the answers that they needed. "Just leave me alone," Theresa shouts walking off. Ethan follows her. Chris soon appears and waits by the water. Spike arrives and Chris isn't happy that he had to wait for Spike. Spike doesn't take orders from him. He wants his money from the Crane piggy bank that very night. "It's 'Take a Friend to Work' night. Now let's go!"

Whitney is sickened by what she sees. She can't believe that Chad has that kind of stuff in the room next to where their son sleeps. "Oh no! Chad…How could you do this?"

Miguel wants to hear Fox's latest reason for not taking the treatments. Fox says that the treatments are debilitating and he doesn't want to lose any time with Kay. It matters to him. Miguel knows that if Fox really were a terminally ill patient he would take the treatments. "You gave yourself away."

Sam has given Luis all the rope that he can and things are still going wrong. Luis knows that Sam had to do his job. Sheridan is sorry. She hates seeing Luis like this and she begs Sam that he not put Luis in a regular cell. Sam knows better. Luis will be put in his own cell for his own protection. Sam leads Luis off now to book him. Fancy and Sheridan watch as the men walk away.

Whitney can't understand this. First he acts like he hates gay people and now he is watching gay porn. Chad denies that he is into porn. "this video got here from my work computer." Whitney can't understand what something like that would get on his work computer. He tells that there is a lot of money in porn and Alistair wasn't afraid to get involved in that. Crane isn't into porn anymore but the garbage is still out there. Whitney settles down now and sees that this might have something to do with Chad's mood. "It's material like this that has warped your thinking Chad."

Julian hates that Miguel is in his room at every given moment. "Get out of here!" Miguel refuses to leave until Kay urges him to go. Julian thought that Kay had Miguel under control. She goes into the hall. Julian tells his son that he has the ultimate weapon to deal with Miguel.

Theresa thinks that she has returned to her house alone, but Ethan is right behind her and he walks into her bedroom unannounced. He knows that she has something to tell him and they always get interrupted when they talk. He wants this to stop right now. Jared has been shot and this is out of control. He loves her and he knows that she is scared, but he can't help her if she doesn't tell him what it is. He is going to keep bugging her until she tells him what it is that she is hiding. She is scared to death and shaking like a leaf. "Tell me what it is."

Miguel and Kay talk in the hall about Fox and whether he is faking or not. Sometimes Fox seems so sick and believable and other times she isn't sure.

Julian tells Fox that he found a nurse who will make sure that Fox won't be given the real treatment. He will only be given a placebo. "I knew it!" Julian and Fox turn to find Kay and Miguel behind them.

The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Jessica from the other room that she should get undressed while she waits for him…or her to come out. Jessica gets up her nerve and starts undoing her clothes. She promises herself that this is the last time that she is going to do this.

Inside the bathroom, the 'Mysterious Figure' takes the lacey black panties down from a hook behind the door, and looks at them with interest.

Chris won't go to Crane and rip the company off for Spike and he turns to leave. Spike stops Chris from leaving, telling him that he will cooperate and do as he is told, or Sheridan and the kid will be dead by sun up.

Luis is cuffed to a chair to await processing. Sam walks off. Sheridan stares at him upset.

Theresa tells Ethan that so much is happening and keeps happening. They always think they can be together and then something, or someone gets in the way. "Gwen filed for divorce." Theresa had no idea. Ethan tells her that they can finally be together now. Nothing is in the way and nothing can stop them from being together. Theresa can't help but smile.

Whitney knows Chad as open-minded and can't understand how Chad can be narrow-minded about gays and their relationships. She wonders if this has come up because of a personal experience of some sort. Maybe a woman left him for someone else or something. She knows if that were what happened to Chad once, that would be hard to get over.

Miguel knows that Julian and Fox are plotting something but he and Kay don't know what. Julian defends chatting with his son and tells that Fox has made a decision. Fox says that he will take the treatment and Kay is thrilled. "I don't buy it Kay!" Miguel shouts. Julian asks Miguel to respect his son and give him a few moments of peace. Miguel doesn't want to leave but Kay gently asks him to and he turns to the door.

Fancy hates this. She hates seeing Luis handcuffed like a criminal. She is so sorry. Sheridan stands by and listens. Luis knows that Fancy hasn't done anything intentionally to hurt him. He promised to find out the truth and he will find a way…even from jail. Sam calls Fancy in now to talk about the attacks. Sheridan knows that Fancy can't make up for this. "I hate seeing you like this," Sheridan says. Luis tells Sheridan that he would like to have a moment alone as he has been through a lot that night. She leaves him to go and see how Fancy and Sam are doing with the report. She leaves the office but peeks in again and sees Luis trying to work the cuffs off from behind the bars of the chair. Sheridan hopes that he is doing the right thing.

Theresa is so happy that she can't contain herself. Ethan is so happy and she is happy too. He never thought that they could be together and now it is going to happen. It is really going to happen. She grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

Whitney wants Chad to be more tolerant about gays from now on, but he is really done with talking about all this. He can't get over what he thinks about gays.

Fox says that he was scared and that had a lot to do with his refusing to take the treatments. Miguel knows that Fox is lying and that this is another part of his scheme.

"Ready or not, here I come," the 'Mysterious Figure' says from the other room. "Are you undressed and under the covers?" Jessica says that she is. She suddenly gets terrified and decides to get out of there. She hurries to put on her clothes but the 'Mysterious Figure' comes out of the bathroom and stands before her, telling her that she shouldn't be afraid. He wears an outfit that is half and half…Half biker clothes on the left…Half ladies clothes on the right. Jessica starts screaming for her life and is too stunned to get out of there even though she is at the door. "Ahhh!" Jared shouts as the 'Mysterious Figure' comes closer to her.

Sheridan watches as Luis finally gets himself free from the chair. He runs to the drawer of the desk nearby and he gets the evidence out, along with the keys to his cuffs. He runs out of the station without anyone seeing him. Sheridan is there but careful to keep out of sight. After Luis runs out, she comes into the room and stands by the chair. Sam and Fancy come out from the back office and find the chair empty. Sam looks around and finds that Luis isn't anywhere in the room. He gets an APB in place to catch Luis…And the officers are to consider Luis armed and dangerous while looking for him.

Down at the wharf, Luis hugs the plastic bags to his chest as he runs up to the railing over the water. He can hear sirens in the distance. SPLASH! That's one bag of evidence dealt with. Luis is sorry for having to do this but he can't let himself go down for a crime that he didn't do. He holds the second bag now, close to his chest and he runs off into the night, using the shadows for cover…

Back in Theresa's bedroom, she and Ethan are enjoying the first moment in their lives where they really think that they can be together. Theresa still has her secret, but for now, nothing else matters but the fact that she and Ethan have one snowball's chance in hell of FINALLY being together. As they kiss and hold each other, they fall onto the bed…happy as Harmony clams!

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