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Passions Update Tuesday 2/27/07--Canada; Wednesday 2/28/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Kay are in bed making love as Miguel waits in the closet for a chance to get out of there. He sneaks his pants into the closet and is very confused as to how Kay could be doing this. She is making love to Fox as if he is really the man that she loves. Miguel will not believe it, even though how she behaves seems real. "She loves me…She loves me…" Miguel tells himself.

Chad answers the door and isn't happy to find the flowers at his door being delivered by someone he really doesn't want to talk to. "What are you doing here?" he hisses into the hall, making sure that the door doesn't open so Whitney won't see…Whitney wants to know what is going on and calls to Chad from the couch. The phone starts ringing. He tells Whitney to answer the phone and he goes into the hall to ask what the hell this person thinks that he is doing.

Sam kicks the door down to Fancy's room. His gun is drawn and he points it at Luis. He finds Fancy screaming and Luis holding a bottle in his hand with liquid in it but no lid. He holds his arms in the air so that Sam can see that it is his officer and not Fancy's longtime assailant. Fancy removes the covers and shows the burn on her leg from the acid in the bottle that Luis is holding in his hands. Her shin is visibly burned. It is red from the injury inflicted on her.

The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Theresa that she will never be with Ethan, because he…or she is going to be with him instead. Theresa doesn't get that and looks confused. How could this be happening? Who is this that wants her to never see Ethan again so that Ethan can be free for her…or himself. Ethan shows up and tells that he has heard Theresa shouting. She hopes that he hasn't heard anything that has been discussed between she and the 'Mysterious Figure'.

"Ah you are amazing…I love you Fox!" Kay shouts as she kisses Fox's neck and they roll like thunder under the sheets. Miguel wants to puke. Really…he doesn't look good at all as he peeks out of the closet…Miguel can't bear this one more second. He thinks that she must be faking…"Yes! Yes!" …Miguel knows that Kay isn't faking. He has an idea and gets out his cellphone. "Don't answer it! Don't answer it!" Fox says. She sees over Fox's shoulder that Miguel is motioning for her to answer the phone…

Chad moves the flowers to the side and sees that Vincent isn't behind the flowers like he initially thought. It is just a regular delivery guy doing his job. He understands now why Chad thought that he was a guy named Vincent. He is delivering flowers from one gay guy to the other. "Nothing wrong with that!" Chad orders the man to get out of there. Whitney comes out into the hall and sees the flowers in Chad's hand. She figures they are for her and grabs them right away.

Luis tells the story of how he came up to see Fancy and caught the guy in Fancy's room. They struggled and then the man went into the bathroom. Sam says that he followed Luis and Fancy with a tracking device to help Luis get out from under the charges but he didn't see anything of what happened. Still, he gets on the phone and calls for a search for the suspect. Luis calls in the description of the suspect and the mask that he was wearing. Sam asks Fancy if there was anyone else in the room besides she and Luis. "No, Sam. I didn't see anyone else."

Ethan calls out for whoever was just talking to Theresa…She thinks about how she was talking to the 'Mysterious Figure' and she didn't even know who she was talking to. The 'Mysterious Figure' wants Ethan…Ethan tries to get Theresa to talk but she will not say anything. "Yes," a voice hisses in the darkness. Ethan heard that. "Who is it…What? Who the hell was that? Who is here? Who is here? Why are you doing this to Theresa? Who are you?" Theresa and Ethan wait around to see if they get an answer.

The phone is ringing and ringing and ringing now, but Fox and Kay try to ignore it. Finally, Kay decides it might be important. Kay tells Fox they should answer the phone and so he lets her up for a minute, hoping that she will not be long. "What the hell do you think that you are doing," Miguel hisses into the phone while whispering to Kay. She stops and listens to Miguel fume while Fox waits impatiently for her…staring into her face. "Stop making love to him right now!" Miguel snaps!

Whitney loves the flowers but can't understand why he sent her yellow roses of all the colors Roses come in. They read an article about roses and yellow ones are for friendship and freedom. She knows that Chad knows that. So why would he send her these instead of some other meaningful ones. She hopes that he doesn't want to be free from her on any level. He denies that he does. "Oh thank go. Then why did you b ring me yellow roses? I mean, you know that my favorite are red?"

Luis hates that Sam is doubting him. Sam wants to hear more from Fancy. she can't tell what happened. It all happened so fast. "Luis…he was there, standing over me holding that, the acid, and it was burning and it's still burning!" Luis is getting mad now. He points to the window where the white-gloved hands ran out. Sam doesn't believe this. The window is closed. Why would the white-gloved hands stop running and take time to lock the window. That can't be true. This window is locked…from the inside.

Ethan walks off, determined to get to the bottom of what is going on with Theresa. She won't tell him what is going on, and so he will get the information that he needs on his own…Theresa secretly worries. If Ethan finds out what is going on here, it will destroy her family…"Theresa, got something. It's nothing to worry about anymore!" Ethan calls for a spot from behind her. Theresa is not happy. Whatever he finds, could mean the end of her family…forever.

Miguel orders Kay to stop making love to Fox right now. He really can't handle it and he won't allow it. She tries to talk as if it is just someone unimportant talking to her over the phone. "Kay, stop making love to Fox right now. Get out of that bed or I swear I will come in there and tell Fox everything!"

Chad thinks fast and tells Whitney that yellow roses also mean 'newlyweds'. Whitney didn't know that but is happy to hear it. Loves being a newlywed with him. She offers to give him lessons now on being a newlywed. Lesson one is her kissing his neck and he loves that. Soon they are tugging at each other's clothes. They fall on the bed together and roll around. "Knock knock!" Chad and Whitney turn to find the deliveryman is back at the door. Turns out that Chad forgot to sign. While talking the delivery guy mentions that Chad is to sign where it says Chad Harris-Crane. Whitney overhears that and is surprised that the flowers weren't sent directly to her.

The EMTs arrive to take care of Fancy and Luis and Sam talk privately. Sam is having a hard time believing anything that Luis says. Luis would like to go and find this guy himself, but Sam can't allow that. Besides, the police are already on it. Luis apologizes to Fancy for this happening but it wasn't him. She is sorry but he was right over here when this happened. Sam gets a call and turns to Luis and Fancy. "None of the cops outside for a trace of an attacker and they searched the entire inn as well." Luis was the only one in the room and Sam really thinks that Luis could be lying.

Theresa decides to take off before Ethan returns. She walks right into him. He holds a device that the Cranes developed. It is a device called an answer box. It is set to answer certain phrases in certain ways. The device is more commonly used in talking dolls, but this particular device is far more developed. As Ethan holds the item in his hand it speaks, but this time it isn't as ominous. Ethan decides to test the thing out to see what it will say. Theresa stands back from him in horror at what might be revealed.

"If he touches you again, Kay, believe me, he will be dying young," Miguel snarls from the closet, into the cellphone. Kay slams the phone shut and tells Fox that he has to get back to the hospital. He won't go. She tells him that if he loves her, he will return to the hospital. Finally he gives in and will return to the hospital, but only for her. He gets his pants on and heads out to the bathroom. Kay goes to the closet and Miguel tells her that it is really awful for him to stand there and hear her making love to Fox. She had to do it. He is her husband. Miguel thinks that she needs to get to the hospital and see if Fox takes the treatment or not. She orders Miguel to stay in the closet for now and she leaves to find that Fox has returned to the room…Miguel knows that Fox is lying. If only he could prove it.

Chad signs and the deliveryman leaves the apartment. Chad says that he wanted the flowers sent to him and not his wife because he wanted to give them to Whitney personally. She asks him to forgive her for being suspicious again and he gladly forgives her. She wants to read the card now, but Chad races and grabs it before she can get her hands on it. She can't understand why he won't let her read her own card.

Luis says again that he came to the inn with Fancy to protect her. "I didn't do any of these things that I have been accused of. I didn't kill Rae, I didn't rape Fancy." The door was locked, Fancy says, but Luis says that it was unlocked. Luis is getting angry and he throws his jacket to the floor. Something falls out. Sam picks it up and Luis says that he hasn’t ever seen that key before. Sam tries the key in the door and it works. "This is how you got in this room, isn't it, Luis?"

Fox and Kay return to the hospital. Fox still wants to forget the treatments but Kay won't let him do it. She wants him with the treatments instead of dead. He won't be able to make love to her. He won't feel like a while man. She says that the lovemaking is part of their relationship but not the whole thing…Miguel has arrived too and stays hidden behind a corner, as he listens to Fox and Kay talk about the first time they met and had sex. She and he were really intense in the beginning. She remembers how Fox saved that little boy from drowning. "Before we head back into that room, you and I need to communicate," Fox says. He wants to make love to Kay now. He noticed a room down the hall, but she can't do it. She feels that he is just scared about the future and she doesn't want him to. She wants him to do as he promised her he would. "We are going to face this like two responsible adults!" …Miguel comes out of hiding when the two walk off…Kay stops and turns to Miguel rolling her eyes.

"Why are you torturing Theresa?" Ethan asks the answering box…Theresa panics inside…The box doesn't work. Ethan understands now. The box probably only responds to Theresa's voice. Ethan wants her to say something now.

Chad says that he hasn’t written on the card yet and that is the reason that she can't have it. She leaves to go and make some tea so he can write something. 'To Chad with all my love', Vincent. Chad rips the card up and calls Vincent. He tells Vincent that he will pay if he doesn't stop sending thing. He slams the phone down. BUZZZZZ! It is a text message from Vincent with a sad face on it. After a few seconds, a video of the sex between the two plays out right on the phone!

Sam has to face facts. Fancy never saw any phantom attacker…she saw Luis…He has a key to the room and the intruder can't be found anywhere. Luis feels that Rae was killed by the attacker to keep her quiet, but Sam has no proof of that. Luis says again that Rae called him and summoned him to her. Simone seems to think that Luis did this too. Luis denies it all and turns to Fancy's face to see if she still believes in him. She hasn't any idea what to think. Sam can't ignore the evidence any longer. He arrests Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald for the murder of Rae Thomas and the attacks on Fancy Crane!

Fox is bad in bed at the hospital and Kay tucks him in. She only wants what is best for him. The nurse comes into the room to administer the first treatment. Fox won't do it. He returned to the hospital as he promised but he won't take any treatment…Miguel is at the door and hears when Fox refuses the treatments. Kay finds this all a little puzzling.

Whitney sees Chad staring at his cellphone and grabs it from him. "It's not what you think," Chad says.

Luis is cuffed and ready for transport. Sam is going to take Luis downtown and this time, he probably won't get bail. "You have the right to remain silent…" Fancy's left behind.

Theresa refuses to speak. She gets out some paper and writes a note to Ethan telling that there is a bomb in the device. Ethan doesn't believe that. He can hook this up to a laptop and see what really makes this device tick…Theresa knows that if Ethan fiddles with this it may tell the secrets that Theresa wants hidden…Ethan is still pushing Theresa to talk and so Theresa blurts out, "No! I can't!" The box speaks. "Little Ethan," Theresa 'Mysterious Figure's voice says in its creepy, crawly voice…Theresa can't deal with this. It is only a matter of time before the secret about her son is out and she will lose everything…including her brothers' freedom!

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