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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

At the house, Miguel and Kay are on her bed ready to make love. "Oh Miguel". She wasn't happy to see him when she first got home. He was in her room, looking at pictures and it angered her to see him, and hear him profess his love for her when she doesn’t believe anything that he says. He asked her to look into his eyes and see if she can see this evil person that she thinks that he is. When she ordered him out of the room, he closed the door and stayed inside and now they are ready to make love.

Downstairs, Fox is at the bottom of the stairs, planning to make love to Kay all night long. He got out of the hospital when he realized that pretending to be sick wasn't going to work for him. He couldn't let the doctors make him impotent. If that were the case, then what would be the point of doing this? That would mean that he couldn't make love to Kay and he definitely isn't going for that. He had to get out of there. He knows that in time, Kay would feel lonely land cheat on him with Miguel.

Chad hears knocking at the door to the apartment. He finds a disk and nothing else on the other side of the door.

Whitney comes looking for Theresa at the office but doesn't find her. Ethan comes in looking for Theresa too. Ethan is worried that they can't find Theresa. Whitney feels that Theresa could just be at the hospital to check up on Jared. Ethan hopes not. She would like Ethan to accept that Theresa is marrying Jared, but he won't. he has received divorce papers which means that his marriage is officially over. He is free not to be with Theresa…Like they always wanted to be. Whitney isn't sure that this will happen. Theresa is pretty determined to marry Jared.

Theresa arrives at the meeting place. It is disgusting with rats and everything. "hello! It's Theresa! Where are you?" She looks around but sees no one. "Hello? Where are you?" She walks and looks around her. Suddenly the 'Mysterious Figure' orders her to stop right where she is. "You stay where I can see you!" The 'Mysterious Figure' tells that he…or she shot Jared because he got in the way. Theresa says that Jared is going to be okay. The 'Mysterious Figure' says that Theresa cares for nothing. "I have seen you ride roughshod over anyone who gets in the way of something you want. You're a selfish, spoiled child." Theresa denies all that. The 'Mysterious Figure' does admit that Theresa cares about her family though. Theresa demands to know who this person is. He says that he may even be a relative. "You are evil!" shouts. "And don't you forget it!" the 'Mysterious Figure' chuckles. She demands to be given the memory stick. "You name your price!" The 'Mysterious Figure' chuckles from the darkness. "You don't have anything that I want."

While Luis sleeps the white-gloved hand doctors Luis's coffee and disappears back into the bushes. Luis wakes and drinks his coffee. "This was a good idea. There's no way the rapist is going to know to find us here. Fancy's finally getting the sleep that she needs.

Fancy in her room at the inn and she has a peaceful night's sleep this time…for the first time, in a long time. While she sleeps, the white-gloved hands work pushing a very thin tube under the door to the room where Fancy sleeps. If you are very quiet, you can hear a slight hissing noise in the background.

Luis will protect Fancy in any way that he can. He has her in a room where the Peeping Tom Rapist can't find her. "Fancy is safe. Safe." Luis huddles under his blanket in the cold. He wears his black leather gloves to keep his hands warm.

The white-gloved hands are finished with their work. The rub each other and the owner of those arms chuckles.

Chad puts the tape in and for a few seconds, he sees he and his lover in the bad at the Safari Motel. Suddenly the scene changes and it is Vincent smiling at him from the screen. Chad panics. He can't let Whitney see this.

Ethan and Whitney talk about Theresa some more…He remembers the secret that Theresa said that she had to tell wishes that Whitney would tell him what it is that he desires to know. Valerie enters the office angry that Ethan and Whitney are in there. She has no idea where Theresa is either.

The 'Mysterious Figure' says that what he wants nothing to do with money. He…or she has all the money that he…or she wants. Theresa says that whatever it is that this person wants, she will get it for him. He laughs. From now on , she is his…or her puppet!

Miguel and Kay are in the bed declaring their love for each other. Kay is caught up in the moment.

Fox is at the door. He will have to come up with a way to explain why he left the hospital and why it is that he will not be taking the treatments. He can't just idly by though. Miguel is trying his best to convince Kay that her husband really isn't sick. He opens the door. "Kay?"

Kay is sitting up, under the blankets and staring back at Fox. He explains that the treatments are totally barbaric and he can't go through with them. Miguel is on the floor, by the other side of the bed and he tells himself that he knew it. He knew that Fox wasn't sick.

Fancy is still asleep…Outside the room door…the white-gloved hand tries the knob…

Downstairs, Luis shifts in his chair but continues sleeping…He dreams of Fancy and he in bed together. She tells him that she feels safe with him and he assures her that she is. "I love you so much," she would tell him. "I love you too," he would say back…and then they would kiss and lay down again. He would stroke her hair and it would feel wonderful…Luis calls out to Fancy from his sleep, telling her that she is safe…Behind Luis, the white-gloved hands hear Luis talking out in his sleep…promising Fancy that she will be safe. The hands are holding a branch and they tremble as they snap it, in anger, as if it were nothing more than a matchstick.

Vincent tell Chad that he keeps saying they just have sex, but Vincent knows that it is much more. "Sorry, Chad, but I'm not going to take this lying down. Pardon the pun. Once Whitney sees what you and I have together, she'll be more than happy to set you free. And you'll come running back for more of me!" Chad turns off the tape player.

Ethan heads out and leaves Valerie and Whitney alone now. Valerie asks what is going on and Whitney tells that Gwen finally gave Ethan divorce papers. Valerie is happy to hear that. She likes Theresa and thinks that she deserves to be happy.

Theresa says that she isn't anyone's puppet, but she will do what the 'Mysterious Figure' wants. She still can't see him…or her but she talks to the person anyway. "All you have to do is leave Ethan alone!" This is the big deal that the 'Mysterious Figure' wants to push on Theresa. He…or she warns Theresa that if she sees Ethan and gets together with him she will pay the ultimate price.

Theresa asks about the threats to her family. The 'Mysterious Figure' laughs. She or he, has been watching Theresa and knows how she works. He… or she knows that Theresa thinks that she can leave Ethan alone for a while and then go right back to him. Theresa can't understand this. "What the hell did I ever do to you?" The 'Mysterious Figure' says that she has done everything to him. "You are in the way Theresa." The 'Mysterious Figure' wants her to go and marry Jared and be happy. "I'm warning you. If you try to get back together with Ethan, I'll turn over that USB stick to the press. It will not only destroy you, it will destroy your family!"

Valerie tells that she has been doing really well with her boyfriend and they have a great relationship. Valerie tells Whitney that she and Chad should come out with she and her boyfriend one night. Whitney would like to do that. She worries though that Chad won't like the idea since Vincent is a tabloid reporter. Valerie is so happy that Chad set her up with Vincent. "I think that Vincent is the one. He's everything I've ever wanted, Whitney. He's handsome and he's smart and he's funny, I…I love his sense of humor. He loves to cook for me, and I love the way that he dresses." Valerie would think that her boyfriend were gay if she didn't know him better. Whitney asks Valerie about her noticing that Chad is insensitive to gays. Valerie never noticed that about She is curious about this and so Whitney tells her that the relationship that her sister had with Rae meant nothing to Chad. Valerie is surprised by that but she doesn't think that Chad is homophobic. Whitney figures that she has to be right. "Yea, yeah, Chad's not homophobic."

The tape continues and Chad has to listen to Vincent's voice talking about their relationship. "I know what turns you on, and it's not your wife." Chad shouts that isn't true. Vincent goes on that about how he knows him so well. As Vincent talks, the tape of the lovemaking of the two men plays out on screen. Vincent wants Chad to come back to him. Chad grabs the tape out of the machine and grinds it into the ground with his foot.

Fancy is uncomfortable now. She still sleeps, but it seems like she wants to cough.

Downstairs Luis is sleeping…the white-gloved hands come closer…closer…closer to Luis. He coughs and the white-gloved hands jump back into the bushes behind Luis.

Kay gets Fox to turn to the door by standing there and Miguel runs to the closet to hide. Fox needs to make love to Kay now but she wants him to go back to the hospital. He won't do it. He won't go through with the treatments…Miguel isn't surprised to hear this. He knows that Fox isn't sick. He won't let Fox make love to Kay. Not now! Not ever!…Fox shows Kay his catheter and she is appalled. "Does it hurt?" Fox response is to move to Kay and kiss her…From the closet, Miguel is confused about the way that things seem to always work out for Fox.

Fox says that what hurts him is the fact that the catheter is going to deliver the poison that is going to destroy his life…or what little of it he has left. Fox begs Kay not to force him to do those treatments. They kiss.

Theresa can't give up on Ethan. The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Theresa that she has been obsessed with Ethan but that Jared can make her just as happy. If she doesn't do as she is told she will be destroyed as well as her family. "you better think about what you are doing, or your brother Miguel will go to prison for life for hit and run that put Fox in the hospital. And your brother Luis will get a lethal injection for murdering Rae and for raping Fancy." Theresa begs the creature not to do this. "All the sacrifices your family has made for you will be nothing, because you are a self-centered, selfish bitch!"

Chad realizes that he has been set up. A camera was in the room when he was at the Safari Motel. Whitney arrives and sees that something is wrong. She sees the bits and pieces of the tape in Chad's hand. He says that he just received some junk mail. "What's going on with Theresa?" Whitney tells how she was looking for Theresa and found out that Gwen sent Ethan divorce papers. Whitney also tells that she had a nice conversation with Valerie too about Vincent. "That's terrific," Chad says. Whitney knows that he has to be glad that they played matchmaker and he worked. She would like to go out with Vincent and Valerie sometime, but Chad says 'no'. someone knocks. Chad finds someone at the door holding a big bouquet of flowers. "What the hell are you doing to me?" Chad hisses in a whisper.

When the white-gloved hands feel that Fancy has had enough of the gas pumped into the room, he opens the door and enters with a jar holding a dark brown liquid. He shakes a little to the carpet and he hisses and burns the carpet. A steam rises from the acid. The white-gloved hands leaves the lid off the jar now and starts walking to the bed where the lovely Fancy sleeps, but cough's while doing so. He…or she is at the foot of the bed…holding the jar with the lid off and moving towards her. She has no idea the intruder is near.

Chad is trying to make the unannounced delivery man go away. "Who is it?" Whitney shouts from the couch.

Luis comes running into the room and shouts for Fancy to get out of the room. She doesn't wake. The white-gloved hands don't get to pour the acid on Fancy. Luis grabs the hands and they fight over the jar and its contents. While struggling, a drop of the acid falls on Fancy's blanket. "Oh! My leg!" She shouts. By the time that she looks up, she see Luis with the bottle in his hands and no one else. She is furious. She thinks that Luis was trying to hurt her!

Theresa is furious now with this invisible presence that tries to rule her life. She can't just give up on Ethan like this. She has been desiring him for the majority of her life and she doesn't want to give up on him now. "Theresa?" Ethan has been wandering around and heard her shouting. He comes over to her now, wondering who is it that she is speaking with. Theresa is shocked to find Ethan there and hopes that he hasn't hear what she and the 'Mysterious Figure' were talking about.

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