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Passions Update Friday 2/23/07--Canada; Monday 2/26/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel looks at pictures of Maria and Kay and thinks that they could be the perfect family if only Kay would let them. He is in Kay's room and he sits alone on her bed as he stares at the pictures. He tried to convince Kay that he didn’t sleep with Charity but that didn’t work and he got caught in a tiny lie about that. He wishes that he could prove that Fox is lying. He knows that Fox isn't dying. This is exactly what the Cranes would do, and he needs to prove they did this.

Fox and Kay are on his bed at the hospital and he wants to get frisky but she really has to get home. It is late, and even though Miguel has taken Maria home for her, she needs to get there. The nurse comes to prep Fox for the treatment that he will be getting in the morning. He wasn't aware of any treatment. She tells that he is scheduled for them to start the following morning. She is going to insert a catheter into his chest, to prepare him for the medications that he will be getting, but he won't allow it.

Whitney comes to see Theresa at the office as asked. She didn't think that she would be seeing Theresa again that night, but it seemed important. Theresa needs advice from her best friend. She tells how Vincent said that the blackmailer wants her to meet him alone. He wants to work something out and talk to her it seems so she has planned on meeting him…or her…Peeping Tom Rapist is watching and listening through the panel in the wall behind the girls.

Fancy thanks Luis for taking good care of her. He just wants her to be happy again like she was when he first met her. She has been feeling better as time goes by but she isn't back up to speed yet. Luis will stay outside her room and make sure that no one ever hurts her again. Fancy knows that Luis doesn't believe her but she is sure that Sheridan was the one that hurt her that night. She is sorry now that she didn't get to check Sheridan's arms for scratches and bruises.

Chris comes into the room where his wife is only in her bra. She is changing for bed. She sees him in the mirror and she turns to face him now. She grabs her shirt to quickly hide herself. "I didn't know that you were here!" she says innocently. He walks into the room with a knowing look on his face. He has been peeking at her through the door from the other room and he has seen what she would like to hide now. All he wants to know about are the scratches and bruises on his wife's arms.

Fox is really nervous about the catheter that is going to be inserted into his chest, but the nurse says that it is not a terrible procedure but he will be given a mild sedative to get things done. Kay wants to stay but Fox tells her to go after thinking about this for a bit. She leaves and Fox dials his phone. "You need to get down here right now. They want to drill and I am not talking about my teeth." Fox is panicking now and the nurse is ready to get to work on him.

Fancy gets ready for bed and returns to her room. Luis has ordered some food and it sits in the room. She tells him to turn up the heat because it is going to get a little chilly in there. She opens the window and soft music plays through from a band that is playing downstairs. Fancy saw them when she and Luis checked in to the inn. Luis presents the food to Fancy and she just loves it. She hopes that this wasn't too much trouble. Luis knows that doing all this stuff won't make the pain of what happened to her go away but it is a start…Fancy can't help thinking about Sheridan with her arms around Fancy and how Fancy couldn’t move…She wants to dance and Luis holds her in his arms…The Peeping Tom Rapist is in her head again, on top of her on the bed…Fancy pushes Luis off her now. She can't do this. She is sorry.

Sheridan says that she was playing with James when she got the scratches. Chris looks like he doesn't believe her and she knows that Fancy is responsible for that. "Oh my god! You believe Fancy don't you? You believe that I am the one who attacked her!"

Whitney tells Theresa that she can't go and see the blackmailer. Theresa doesn't think that she is in danger Book because the blackmailer had a chance to kill her and he didn't. Theresa has no choice…The Peeping Tom Rapist watches and listens from the wall…Theresa tells that she has had her office swept for bugs and there isn't anything in there. That makes it more mysterious that the person who is blackmailing her can know everything that she does. Theresa wants to meet the blackmailer now. "Everyone has his price." Theresa grabs her giant bag from under the desk and she opens the safe to start taking out huge wads of cash. Whitney knows that the blackmailer may just return and return and return for money if that is what he wants. "Yeah, but think what he would do if I don't meet him. I mean, I love my brothers and Ethan too much to sacrifice one for the other."

Kay is angry when she finds Miguel in her room looking at pictures. She doesn't think that he should be in there. "He's lied to you about everything." Kay can't understand how there is so much evidence against Miguel in all this. She tells that Fox is getting a catheter put in his chest right now, so if he is faking, he isn't very good at it. Kay kicks Miguel out of her room but he doesn’t leave. He shuts the door and returns to Kay. He holds her tightly and tells her to look into his eyes and tell him what she sees.

Julian is angry that Fox has dragged him back to the hospital. Fox pulls his gown up and shows his catheter. Julian doesn't understand why he has that in. Fox says that he couldn't get out of the procedure and his father should have been there when he was needed. Fox is more afraid of being impotent than anything else. He just wanted Kay to sympathize with him and stay with him but if he can't fulfill Kay's needs, then she will turn to Miguel anyway. It won't matter that he is dying if he can't make love to her anyhow. She will just go to Miguel sooner.

Fancy is really upset. She thought that being at the inn would make her feel better but she can't stand being touched by the man that she loves. She wants him to hold her now more than ever but she isn't ready. Luis knows that she just needs time but it might be a really long time. Luis doesn't care about that. He will be with her for a really long time anyway. He doesn't want her to feel that she is being pushed into something that she doesn't want to do. If she can't dance, then they will not dance. "I am going to find the person who did this to you. And I am going to put him in jail where he belongs. Then you're going to start to feel whole again." Fancy hopes that is the way that this is all going to work out in the end.

Kay doesn't know what to say. She can't take this anymore and orders Miguel to just leave her alone. "I'm married!" Miguel says that she is married to the wrong man. "Have I ever lied to someone to get what I wanted?" Kay has to admit that he never did before now. He wouldn't lie about t something this important. He knows that the Cranes want him to look like scum so that she will not have anything to do with him. He has no proof but he is working on it and he wants her to have faith that he loves her and that he loves her more than anything. Kay looks down at the floor as he begs her to say that she trusts him. "No! I don't trust you! I love Fox!"

Julian would get Dr. Gasparro to come right away but the man is in Africa. The medications will be applied the next day and Fox is desperate now to get out of this mess. He will be no good to Kay if he is impotent.

Luis and Fancy have eaten and now he tells her to get ready for bed. She gets under the covers and he tells that he will be right outside the window keeping an eye on things. It is cold out there but he doesn't care. He was supposed to be watching her the last time but he didn't and he won't let that happen again. Fancy will be locked in the room and Luis is sure that she will be safer there than anywhere else.

Chris is having trouble believing that Sheridan didn't attack Fancy that night. There was cough syrup in the house and so she didn't have to go out but still she did. Sheridan admits that she thinks that Fancy is all wrong for Luis because he still loves her. Chris sees what is happening now. Sheridan is obsessed with Luis. "You still love Luis." Sheridan admits it. "I never stopped, and I never will," Sheridan says.

Bling! Whitney tells Theresa not to answer the message calling to her from the computer, but she can't stay away. The raises the top of the laptop and sees the movie with the 'Mysterious Figure' moving on the screen. "Buenas noches, Theresa," the figure says from the screen. He tells that he is dying to meet her.

Fancy sees the flowers that Luis must have left for her beside her bed. "I love you Luis…Goodnight" She is alone now and turns off the light. She lays on the pillow and smiles as she closes her eyes.

Luis is outside the inn and looks up at Fancy's window. A man brings Luis some refreshments. "Compliments of your lady friend." Luis loves that Fancy thinks of him…even at a time like this.

Chris felt that Sheridan loved Luis. He always felt that. Then when Fancy came to ask for Sheridan's blessings to be with Luis…things changed after that. Sheridan thinks that Fancy is emotionally unstable. She keeps thinking that someone is out to get her. Chris says that someone is out to get her. "She's not imagining this Sheridan." Sheridan disagrees. There is no evidence. Chris feels that whoever is doing this is being very careful. He knows that when people are jealous, they do strange things. Sheridan denies that she would hurt someone. Chris isn't sure that he knows anything about Sheridan anymore. Sheridan is glad that at least Luis still believes in her. "it always comes back to Luis doesn't it?" Sheridan walks out. she heads to the mansion. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Chris tonight. Yeah! Well, Luis won't be there!" Chris shouts after her.

Theresa tells the 'Mysterious Figure' that she doesn't trust him. "What do you want?" He will tell her what he wants when he sees her at their meeting. Something comes up onscreen and Theresa and Whitney lean into the screen. "That'! the proof that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. I've got to get it. I have to," Theresa says.

Julian returns to Fox's room and finds him dressed. He is getting out of there before Eve treats him to shrink something that he doesn't have, but instead to end up shrinking something that he does have. He is going home to sleep with his wife.

Kay knows that she hasn’t been a good wife so far but she plans to make up for what she has done to him. Miguel knows that she won't feel the passion she feels with him if she goes with Fox. "With a love as strong as ours…you can't stop it and neither can Fox." She orders Miguel out again but Miguel knows that she can't fight her heart and soul. He can't fight it either. He comes to her again. "You want me…as much as I want you. You know you do." He pulls her to him and soon they are kissing.

Whitney doesn't think that Theresa should trust this guy. He could kidnap her, hold her for ransom…Theresa knows that won't happen. Julian wouldn't ever pay it. Whitney tells Theresa that if she goes to meet the 'Mysterious Figure' then she will tell Ethan everything. Theresa doesn't believe that Whitney would do that but Whitney assures her that she would do that. Theresa has no choice then. She can't go. She has to keep that secret quiet. Whitney is so glad. Theresa promises that she won't go anywhere. They hug and Whitney leaves. Theresa goes to her desk and sits before the computer. She wonders if she really can afford not to meet with the blackmailer.

Miguel and Kay are getting ready to make love

Fox is outside the house, ready to enter. He knows that Miguel would take advantage of every chance to be with Kay.

Upstairs, Miguel and Kay are taking off their clothes and laying on her bed…The bed she shares with Fox

Theresa writes to the 'Mysterious Figure' that she isn't coming to the meeting. He tells her that she has only this night to meet him. Then the next day, who will know what will happen. Theresa decides that she has to go then and heads out.

The 'Mysterious Figure sits at his or her laptop…somewhere else. He…or she closes the lip on the computer and chuckles. She…or he…will get a meeting with Theresa. "Now the only question is 'what to wear'." The 'Mysterious Figure' sits at the laptop with shoulder-length brown hair…a bright red dress, with a tight…tight leather vest over the dress…red tights…with matching red scandalously high-heeled red pumps! "He-he…he, he, he"

Luis shivers under the plaid blanket as he paces back and forth under Fancy's window outside the in. The cookies and coffee sit on a tray, on a table by his chair. He has his back turned when a white-gloved hand pours a liquid into Luis's coffee. The hand sneaks out of the bushes to do its dirty work and then it is gone in a flash. Luis is none-the-wiser.

Upstairs in the inn…Fancy seems to be having the most peaceful sleep that she has had in a long time. Someone is outside the door to her room. The white-gloved hands have a tube that is inserted under the crack of Fancy's door. Once it is in securely…the white-gloved hands relax. It is dark in Fancy's room and Fancy is sleeping. She has no idea that someone is tampering…

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