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Passions Update Thursday 2/22/07--Canada; Friday 2/23/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
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Chad worries as he sits alone and has a drink…He thinks of the talk that he had with his lover the last time and how he said that he couldn't have a relationship with the man. He doesn't think that is possible. They were in bed together at the time and Chad tried to deliver the blow easy. He hopes that the man is gone and that Whitney never has to know about it. She wouldn't understand, and it would break up his family. He can't have that. He has to be a family with Miles and Whitney.

Someone puts in a tape into a computer, and watches Chad in bed with his lover on the tape. The hand that put the tape in the machine, had a black leather glove on and it is dark all around. Chad is in bed, but soon he turns to that other warm body and the action starts. The lovemaking begins. The watcher doesn't seem surprised by what he sees. It is just something that interests him and he needs to see. There was a tape in the room when Chad was with his lover at the Safari Motel.

Ethan knows that Theresa has a secret and he will find out what it is. He is at the hospital with Whitney and Theresa, and Jared has been brought in. Theresa found Jared…somehow in an alley. He has been shot, and luckily for Jared, Theresa was there to make sure that medical help came as fast as possible. Ethan knows that something is up and that Theresa knows what it is, but he can't get Theresa to talk to him so that he can help her. He tries to get Whitney to talk, but she won't.

Whitney talks with Theresa again at the hospital about her situation and what she should do about it. Theresa will not give in to the person who is threatening her. She will play the game and win. Jared could die that night. That is why Whitney feels that Theresa needs to tell Ethan the truth so that he will protect her. Theresa can't do that. The blackmailer told her to stay away from Ethan and that is what she will do. She will not risk his life…"How will you be putting me at risk?" Ethan asks.

Chris demands to know why Luis and Fancy are looking for Sheridan at this time of night. He can see that this is something important. Luis and Fancy keep mum on the details of their visit. He thinks that Sheridan may be in the house and with James by his bed as he sleeps. She does that sometimes. Chris goes to check for Sheridan in the cottage, but when he returns, he wants an explanation. Chris soon returns and tells them that Sheridan isn't anywhere in the cottage.

Sheridan is driving her car. The streets are dark, and she drives along with confidence and is without emotion…She thinks about Luis and Fancy and how they probably make love together. She can see them in her mind's eye…naked…in bed together. Soon they would turn to each other and then… Sheridan stops thinking about that. She reaches for a control in the car and when she does, her wrist shows scratches. She ignores them and continues to drive.

Luis and Fancy are still at Chris's place when Sheridan arrives. They are talking to Chris when they hear a car drive up. Luis and Fancy peek at the window and see Sheridan's car coming up to the house. She walks to the front door and enters. She immediately slows her pace when she sees the couple at her home. She knows that something has to be up here…but what? She doesn't understand them being there, but Fancy feels that Sheridan knows why they are there.

Ethan asks his question again but Jared is being wheeled by. The nurse says that Jared has been mumbling about Tess. He was saying that she was in trouble and he had to help her. "Sorry, I tried," Jared says. Ethan doesn't understand that. He asks questions but is ignored. The nurse takes Jared away. Theresa follows even though Ethan tries to stop her to talk to him. Ethan turns to Whitney now. He knows that Theresa is giving him the run around. She would like to talk to him, but she can't. He fears that Theresa may be in trouble and he is really scared for her and wants to protect her. Whitney can't do it. He sees that he will have to do this on his own. Whitney wants to tell him the truth but she can't. " I really can't!"

Sheridan says that she ran to the store to get James some cough medicine. She didn't leave a note for Chris as she was sure that he wouldn't wake up before she got back. James isn't sick yet, but Sheridan says that she heard the boy coughing in his sleep and went out to get medicine. James knows that there is cough syrup in the house. "Mommy!" James has come into the room and Sheridan goes to the boy and hugs him. She shows him some cherry cough medicine that she has bought and she and the boy walk out of the room.

Chad arrives at the hospital and says that he got a sitter for Miles. Whitney fills him in on Jared's condition and what a close call it was for him. Chad tells her not to worry. She tries not to, but she wonders when this is all going to end. She wants things to get back to normal. She thought things would be better after Rome. She can't stop thinking about Theresa and how Ethan needs to know the truth. She wants to tell Ethan the truth, but that might put him in danger like Jared, and she doesn't want that responsibility. She is glad that they are not arguing anymore…especially after their argument about if homosexuals can have a love relationship. He thinks that love relationships can't be homosexual relationships, but she doesn't believe that. "Not at all."

Jared is awake now and on machines that monitor his vitals. Ethan listens from behind a curtain as Theresa talks to Jared. He tells Theresa that he would do anything in the world for her. He will try again to help Theresa when he is better. He says that the person who shot him was probably a woman. He didn't see her face, but she had on high heels. Theresa doesn't want him to worry about all that…Ethan is stymied. "What is going on Theresa?" he mumbles to himself.

Sheridan returns after giving James his medicine and putting him to bed for the night. She can see that Fancy has something to say. Luis tells that Fancy was attacked at the hospital. Fancy says that she was jumped this time and not raped. "I am just peachy! I am just ducky!" Fancy says. She feels that the attacker was a woman. She is even more sure of it now. She didn't see the attacker's face but the attacker had spiked heels this time. She fought the attacker that night, and she says that she and Luis are there to see if Sheridan was the attacker. Sheridan smiles. "You think I was the one. That is why you are here at my house. You think that I attacked you. Oh, come on, Luis, don't tell me that she's gotten to you, too."

Whitney hates Chad's generalizations about gay people. She never knew that he felt that way. He wants to stop talking about this and concentrate on Jared and helping him get through this. Whitney knows that the attacker is serious and maybe they will succeed this time and hurt Theresa. "If something happens to her…I swear…" Chad doesn't think that the person wants to hurt Theresa. They would have done it in the alley when they had the chance. Chad hugs his wife and tells her that she doesn't have to worry. Whitney worries about the next shot and who it is going to be for.

Theresa kisses Jared's head and leaves. Ethan is there when she exits the exam area. He was waiting for her, and he wants some answers. She says that this doesn't concern him, but he knows that there is something to be concerned about. He tells how she and he were going to get together and now she has Jared's engagement ring on. "I love you so much. Will you just talk to me?" She can't talk to him. He doesn't want her secret to stop them from finally being together. He knows that whatever this secret is…they can work it out. "Theresa! What is it?"

Chad and Whitney arrive home now. Whitney wanted to talk to Theresa before she left, but she was busy with Jared. Chad wants her to stop worrying about that whole thing. The sitter should be dropping off Miles at any minute. Someone knocks. Two men are there with two boys…one of whom is Miles. Whitney tells Chad that the men are together and parents of the other little boy. "Hey, I know you," one of the men says. Chad doubts it. The man is sure that he has seen Chad around.

Fancy asks to see Sheridan's arms. She knows that she scratched the arms of the attacker. Sheridan will not subject herself to someone in the throes of a nervous breakdown. Fancy knows that Sheridan has to be faking and hiding the scratches that she knows are there. Chris goes to Sheridan and asks Luis and Fancy where they came up with this idea. Sheridan says that Fancy thinks that she is the one that planted Luis's semen in her. Chris finds that ludicrous. Luis says that both he and Fancy were hypnotized and both had a memory of there being a woman in the room. "Just show us your arms! That is all that you have to do so make us go away!" Luis feels this is silly. Sheridan came home with cough syrup and feels that Sheridan shouldn't have to show her arms. Sheridan says that she understands that Fancy has been to hell and back, and she just wants to take care of her niece. Fancy gets angry and leaves the house. "I need some air!" James coughs from his room, and Chris runs to take care of that. Luis apologizes to Sheridan for all this. Sheridan knows that it isn't his fault. She understands. She remembers when Fancy was younger and there was a time years ago when some bad things happened. "Everyone blamed Pretty…She was the one with the unstable reputation, and when things went wrong, everyone looked to Pretty. But I always wondered if it was Fancy. You know what, it doesn't matter. It's ancient history. Besides, you have enough on your plate to worry about. You know, why don't I go and make everyone some tea?"

Chris is in another part of the cottage and he is alone. He has been strangely quiet since Luis and Fancy confronted Sheridan about where she had been that night. As Chris said before, he is sure that there was already cough syrup in the house and now he will see if he was right. Chris moves about the cottage quietly. Chris checks the cabinet and sees that there is cough syrup in the house. There was no need for Sheridan to go out that night. So why did Sheridan go out?

Theresa agrees now to tell Ethan the secret, but as she starts to talk, her phone rings. "Don't tell him!" Theresa realizes that the 'Mysterious Figure' has found her even at the hospital and knows that she is about to tell he secret. "I'll do more than expose your secret to the world. I'll make sure both your brothers rot in prison the rest of their lives. But they're getting off light compared to what I'll do to Ethan." Theresa hangs up quickly and Ethan comes to her right away. "No more business. Tell me what you were going to tell me." She can't. It doesn't concerns him, she says. "I love you," Ethan says. She points out that he is wearing a wedding ring and he has always said that he is committed to his marriage. What if Gwen comes back? Will he dump her again? "I have made up my mind! I am with Jared and that is it!" She walks off. Theresa turns a corner but goes nowhere. "You're all I ever wanted Ethan. How does this blackmailer know everything that I do? How does he know that I was about to tell Ethan?"

Chad denies that he knows Brian but Brian insists that he knows Chad from somewhere. Chad takes Miles. It is time for him to go to bed. Whitney turns to the gay couple and tells that Chad has had a rough day and a friend of theirs got shot. Whitney would invite the couple in but they have to take their son home. Whitney thanks the men for sitting for them and she promises to make a play date soon for the boys. She closes the door and Chad is on Whitney telling her that there is no way that his son is going to be friends with a kid with two daddies.

Luis, Chris and Sheridan sit and talk over tea about the situation at hand and how best to deal with it. Sheridan says that she really is as worried about Fancy as Luis is. Luis knows that, and has been thinking about taking Fancy somewhere to rest and forget about all this stuff. It is driving her crazy. He wants to take her to that new inn in Harmony. Sheridan says that sounds great and that she is glad that Fancy has someone like him in her life. Chris is strangely quiet.

Vincent comes into the exam area where Theresa is standing over Jared and crying as she looks at his face. Vincent found out about the shooting and like a true vulture, he has shown up. Theresa isn't pleased to see the man. He should be out doing the work that she paid him for. "I was contacted by the person you're looking for. They know you hired me." Theresa is shocked. The person seems to want to make some type of a deal with her but there are ground rules. She has to show up by herself.

Whitney hates that her husband is so hostile to gay people. First he has it in for her sister's feelings for Rae, and now he attacks the parents of the little boy that Miles plays with. Chad thinks of the gay bar he was in and how Brian must have seen him there…He grimaces now at that idea of the mistake that he has made.

Luis goes to see Fancy outside. Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan is lying. She knows that Sheridan was the one that attacked her outside the hospital. Luis just feels that Fancy needs some rest. She can see that he doesn't believe her. He admits that he doesn't think that Sheridan was the one who attacked her. She is exhausted and emotionally raw. He would like to go away with her and be alone with her. As long as he doesn't leave the state it should be fine and they both need to get away. She could use the rest. Still, it will not change her mind about her aunt. That is fine with Luis. They walk off.

Sheridan takes her clothes off. Chris watches her undress and sees the scratches on Sheridan's arms. He is in another room peeking in as he remembers what Fancy said about scratching her attacker.

"You've been served." Ethan has just been served with a Petition for Divorce. "My marriage is over. This should change everything with Theresa."

Theresa agrees to meet the 'Mysterious Figure' and wants to know where she needs to go. She will go alone if that is what the 'Mysterious Figure' wants. Vincent thinks that is crazy. She could be shot or worse. He was instructed to tell Theresa that she wasn't to show up alone, or send someone else in her place. If she did, she and Ethan's father would be at serious risk. Vincent wants to know what Julian Crane has to do with this, but Theresa says that she has no idea. "I've made my decision, Vincent. I'm going."

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