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Passions Update Wednesday 2/21/07--Canada; Thursday 2/22/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
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Eve tells Fox, Kay and Julian that the treatment for the tumor will cause extreme nausea, sleeplessness, hair loss, muscle aches and impotence. Kay knows that is going to be bad news. She turns to the door while Eve talks. Kay sees that Miguel is outside the room looking in. She rolls her eyes at the sight of him. She keeps telling him that she wants nothing to do with him, but he keeps ignoring that. Eve says that the treatment is to prolong his life, but Fox doesn't want it. He starts getting out of bed. He is out of there.

Fancy says that she is sure now that the attacker was a woman. Sheridan can't believe that. What woman would do that? Fancy doesn't know who did this, but she and Luis both thought that a woman was involved when they were hypnotized. Sheridan is baffled. First, Fancy says that the attacker was a man, Luis swears that he didn't touch Fancy, and semen was found in Fancy at the hospital. "Could it be a team? A man and a woman working together?" Sheridan wonders aloud.

Jessica feels like a pathetic loser. Rae is dead, and she has a chance to change her life, and she won't. Simone was right to be through with her for good and not offer to help her this time with her problems. No one loves her. "I love you, Jessica." Someone strokes her face. She turns to find the Peeping Tom Rapist stroking her face. "Aahhhhh!" Jessica shouts. Simone is on the phone to Paloma telling her that Jessica probably needs help. When she hears the scream, she tells Paloma that something is wrong and that she had better hurry over there. She goes running to Jessica's screams now.

Chad is alone in bed. He thinks of how he has ended it with his lover. Whitney comes into the room, ready for bed. She is glad that she doesn't have a relationship like Theresa has. She loves Chad, and he loves her and that is that. Chad tells Whitney that she never has to worry about that. He wants action now, and that's what he gets. They start hugging, when there is a knock on the door. "Who could that be at this hour?" Chad goes to the door. Ethan is there. He apologizes for coming over so late. Ethan has been thinking about it, and he can't accept it. Theresa is back with Jared, and he can't understand it. "What the hell happened here?"

Theresa talks to Jared as they wait for the ambulance. He has been shot and hasn't responded to her calls to him, or her cries. She thought that this was Ethan initially, but unfortunately for Jared, she was relieved to see that this injured man wasn't Ethan. The sirens can be heard in the distance. Theresa shouts for the attendants to get over to Jared. "Come on! Hurry!" Jared lays bleeding and unmoving in the snow, face down as his attempted killer left him.

Miguel sees that Fox is trying to get out of bed, now that he knows what his fate is going to be, and he can tell that Fox is trying to avoid the treatment, and the main reason is because he isn't sick. Julian makes Fox get back into bed and tells him that running away isn't the way to handle this. He doesn't want to be impotent for the short time that he has left. Eve knows that, but this way he will have more time with Kay and that is what is important isn't it? Fox admits that it is.

Ethan says that Theresa was all ready to start a life with him, and now she has changed her mind again, and he just can't understand it. He knows that Whitney knows what this is all about, and he wants her to tell him. Whitney remembers the 'Mysterious Figure' on the computer and the live video feed and how he threatened Theresa's life as she knows it. The only thing that Whitney can do is tells Ethan that she hasn't any idea what Theresa has been up to lately or why she made the decision that she did.

Fancy and Luis never thought of that. Maybe there is more than one Peeping Tom Rapist. Somehow, that would make sense. Luis gets a call from his sister, who tells him that Jared has been shot. Luis plans to go to the hospital, and Sheridan wants to go with him, but Luis wants to go alone. This is police business. Sheridan says that he has been suspended and isn't a cop right now. Fancy smiles. Luis says that the fewer civilians there are at the hospital the better it will be. Fancy and Luis walk off and leave a very frustrated Sheridan behind.

Noah and Paloma arrive at the scene, and they find Simone who says that when she went to see Jessica, she was missing. Jessica was with a John when Simone found her that night, but then Simone beat the man up and he ran off. Simone knows that she shouldn't have left her friend alone now. They have to find Jessica before it is too late. A few feet away, the Peeping Tom Rapist peeps out from behind a wooden column on the wharf. He holds up his knife and chuckles. "It's way too late. Oh, Jess, you'll never be the same by the time I'm finished with you."

Paloma, Noah and Simone all split up and go looking for Jessica on the wharf. They are really frustrated…Simone can't find her anywhere. Simone is getting scared. The three regroup. Paloma looks in the Harmony wharf and wonders if Jessica jumped in. Noah doesn't think that she would do that. They hear footsteps and run off into that direction. Someone is walking…someone with red high-heeled pumps on. The person stumbles and that is when Noah catches her. It is Jessica. She falls to her brother's arms, happy to see him.

Eve knows that there are worse things than impotence that can happen to him. She leaves when paged to continue her work. Kay tells Fox that he is going to be just fine once he gets the treatment. She wants to be with Fox every single minute of every single day. He hates that all he has to look forward to with her is death. He wants quality time with Kay not this. Kay wants him to fight. She wants him to take these treatments. She knows that a miracle could happen while he is taking the treatments and he could be cured. He doesn't believe that will happen. Kay thinks that even if he is going to die, it still would be good for Maria to have some memories…as many memories as she can of the loving man that adores her. Kay tells Fox to do everything that Dr. Russell tells him. Kay has to go now. She has to get Maria home. "I'll be here first thing in the morning." She knows that they are going to get through this together. She kisses Fox and then pushes Maria out of the room. Miguel is there when she goes into the hall. "I will follow you everywhere until I have you back in my life, Kay."

Fox tells his father to think of something quick to get him out of this predicament. He isn't happy. This wasn't the way that things were supposed to be. He wants to be close to his wife, and he can't do that. He was pretending to be sick and now this treatment is going to make sure that he is. It isn't right. Julian feels that Fox might have to suck this up a bit and go along to make the ruse work, but Fox wants to just get out of there. There has to be another way for this to work.

Jared is brought into the emergency room, and Eve tends to him immediately. Luis and Fancy arrive, and Theresa tells them that she found Jared in an alley and he had been shot. Theresa is crying and she can't answer any of the questions. Whitney and Ethan arrive and Theresa tells them that Jared was shot in an alley and that he has lost a lot of blood. Theresa found him all alone. "Does this have anything to do with what he was investigating for you, or what?" Whitney asks. "What…what kind of investigation?" Ethan asks. Theresa and Whitney look at each other quietly, not saying another word.

"It's a man, woman, man, woman," Jessica says. She is talking gibberish and Noah, Simone and Paloma don't understand this. They have her sitting with her back against a wall now. She has her legs straight out in front of her and on her feet are ridiculously high-heeled fire engine red stripper pumps! No one notices them at the moment. They are more concerned about Jessica, who talks as if drunk or something. She smiles and moves her head around like she can't hold it up.

Fox will not cooperate with treatments under any circumstances. He can't do this any longer. He can't let Eve give him something that will make him very, very ill when he isn't sick in the first place. He wants out of there. "I don't care!" Fox shouts.

Miguel is in the hall thinking that this is the best thing that could happen. There is no way that Fox is going to take medication that is going to make him impotent. Kay finds Miguel out of his mind.

Ethan asks again about the investigation that Jared was working on for Theresa. Theresa remembers asking Jared to help her. He wanted to do it and stop the blackmailer in his tracks. Theresa will not talk about this right now. It is private and personal to her. Luis wants to know what this is about, but Theresa will keep the secret as long as possible. Theresa doesn't want to cooperate with him. He isn't even a real cop right now. "But I am, or will be soon," Fancy says. Whitney takes Theresa aside, and they talk about the shooting. Whitney tells Theresa that she can't keep quiet.

Fox hates this. What is the point of having live if he is going to be a bald, impotent, sick little eunuch. "Not even your blue pills will help me out in this case," Fox tells his father. Julian warns Fox harshly to be quiet.

Kay has had enough of this. She tells Miguel to go and leave her alone. Her place is with Fox. She tells Miguel that he should take Maria home and after that he should get on his knees and asks for forgiveness for the way that he has been acting.

Theresa can't do this. she can't tell the truth. She is going to lose the chance to save her brothers and that will kill her mom. She is going to use bare money to win this. Whitney will support her then and hope that Theresa's plan works. Eve tells Theresa that Jared will need surgery. That bullet will be touch and go all the way. Theresa feels like this is all her fault. Ethan tells Luis and Fancy that Theresa is acting weird all over the place. One minute, she wants to be with him and the next, she wants Jared. Luis and Fancy have to agree that something really weird is happening here. Fancy goes to the car to get some witness forms. Luis likes that Fancy has been through a lot and yet she is still strong. Luis leaves to call the station and file a report…as a citizen. Ethan sees Theresa in the distance and promises himself that he will not rest until he finds out what it is that she is hiding.

Fancy is by the car and she gets her keys out to open the door and get the witness forms. At that precise moment, the Peeping Tom Rapist strikes again. He grabs Fancy who manages to get out a scream before the gloved girl-grabber clamps his hand over her mouth. She is fighting but once again, she isn't strong enough, and the Peeping Tom Rapist has his - or her - way.

Noah can see that Jessica is stoned out of her mind. "Where did she get those shoes from? She didn't have them on earlier." Paloma finds something in a tiny baggie by Jessica's purse. Paloma tastes it on her pinkie. "It's cocaine."

Kay returns to Fox and tells him that Miguel was at the hospital and so he will be taking Maria home. Fox isn't happy to hear that Miguel was there. Kay says that doesn't matter. She gets to stay with him all night now. She doesn't find that Fox looks that good right now. She would do anything to make him feel better. "Anything?" Fox asks. She wishes that she were in the bed instead of Fox. Kay asks Julian to give them some privacy, and Julian smiles as he walks out. Kay climbs on the bed with Fox, and he holds her. It always makes him feel better when the woman that he loves gets in bed with him…at least it did.

Eve is busy, but Miguel doesn't care. He doesn't believe her when she says that Fox is ill. Eve doesn't care what he says. She knows that Miguel can be a fine young man, and so she really wants him to stop harassing a dying man. "Just stop it!"

Whitney tells Theresa that Jared could die and they have to do something. "What is the bottom of all your fear? Secrets, honey. You have to get them out. Someone tried to murder Jared. What if you are next?"

Fancy fights the Peeping Tom Rapist and fights him as hard as she can. She uses her strength and manages to get the Peeping Tom Rapist's face down on her car. He …or she…gets out of the hold and turns on Fancy, punching her in the face. "Help!" Fancy shouts. The Peeping Tom Rapist knows when to hold 'em, and once again knows when to fold 'em." This isn't working out, so while Fancy is on the ground, the Punching Peeping Tom Rapist runs off. Luis comes out of the hospital as Fancy is getting off the ground. She is strong and confident, and she tells Luis that the Peeping Tom Rapist came after her again and this time she scratched him really good with her nails. They start running down the street after Peeps, but he…or she…is long gone. Fancy knows what they should do. She wants to go to her Aunt Sheridan's place right away to see if Sheridan is there. Luis doesn't understand. Fancy feels that her aunt was the one who just attacked her, and if they get there really quickly, they will be able to tell.

Kay likes laying with Fox like this. They can just lay together and hold each other, but this isn't Fox's idea of a great time. He wants to…Kay tells him immediately that they can't do it. They could bust his stitches. "Honey, I love making love to you. But the physical doesn’t matter anymore. We have true love. That's all we need." Fox really doesn't like the sound of that.

Miguel is with Maria in the hospital still, and he tells Maria that soon mommy will be with them. She is just mad now, he tells his daughter. Julian hears Miguel talking to his daughter, and he knows that Kay won't be going to him. "A Crane never shares his toys."

Chad frets. He worries about the man that he was with. He only hopes and prays that the man will leave him and Whitney alone.

Ethan will make it his goal to find out what Theresa is hiding…Theresa says that so far, staying away from Ethan seems to be keeping her secret safe. She will continue to stay away from him then…

Noah, Paul and Simone decide that they have to get Jessica to the hospital right away. Noah picks her up and carries her. After they are gone, the 'Mysterious Figure' who is hidden nearby chuckles at the trouble he…or she has caused.

Luis and Fancy are at the cottage on the grounds now. They ask Chris at the door where Sheridan is. He has no idea. She went out. Fancy smiles. They want to know where, but Chris has no idea. Fancy turns to Luis now and smirks…

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