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Passions Update Tuesday 2/20/07--Canada; Wednesday 2/21/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Spike drags Jessica out of the restaurant and into the street to have a little chat with her. She wants to go and see Miguel and Kay and tell them about how she lied about seeing the 'Fake Charity'. Spike tells Jessica that she doesn't want to do that. He gets rough with Jessica and already has his knife out. "No, you can't do that."

Julian asks Miguel what he is doing back at the hospital. Kay has already indicated that she doesn't want to talk to him, and she is busy with Fox right now. Miguel can see that.

Tabitha can't get her big blue pot to work. She can't see what is going on. She warns her big blue pot that it had better smarten up, or she will trade it in for a one of those new Teflon jobs she saw at the witches convention. The big blue pot blows steam at her. She knows some demons who could use a really good salad bowl. When she finds out who is causing trouble, she is going to give someone a witch-slap upside the head.

Fancy has figured it out. She knows not that Sheridan is the one who has been attacking both she and Luis. Luis enters the house and hears the ladies arguing. Fancy runs to him and tells him that Sheridan is the attacker. "She raped me, and she raped you!"

Theresa is alone in the office when she hears the familiar sound that indicates a message is coming. It is the 'Mysterious Figure', and he tells Theresa that she better not screw up or she will pay. "In fact…you already have." Theresa types, asking the 'Mysterious Figure' why he does this to her. 'ALLEY OFF BROAD STREET', the monitor shows. "What are you trying to tell me?" Theresa says and types. The letters that she is looking at on her cellphone seem to just melt away as she stares at them. She gets no response… Someone is over Jared's body which now lays limp in the snow. He is on his side, but the person who stands over him, takes her foot which is adorned with red spike-heeled pumps and pushes at Jared's body so that he is laying now facedown in the snow. The feminine foot walks around the body and holds the cellphone up to see the message. 'ALLEY OFF BROAD STREET' the 'Mysterious Figure' chuckles softly now.

Jessica can't understand why Spike cares whether she tells Kay the truth or not…Spike thinks back to the warning that Julian gave him to get this job done and keep Jessica from talking to Kay about her lies…Spike tells Jessica that he likes Kay and just doesn't want to see her hurt. He suggests that Kay will hate Jessica more because she didn't want to believe her sister in the first place. Spike knows that the family probably hates her enough as it is.

Kay dotes on Fox's every need. "I am so glad you are doing better," Kay says, as Miguel and Julian watch and listen. She prayed for Fox to get better, and she has never prayed like that in her life. Fox knows that having her to come back to played a big part in his getting better. Julian asks Miguel if he still thinks that Kay wants to speak with him. Miguel can see that Kay is busy, and so he will just go. Julian warns Miguel that he will have to face the jury soon. Miguel walks off as Eve is coming up, and she calls to him, but he doesn't hear her.

Simone can't believe that Rae left her. She doesn't think that she can go on without Rae. It will just be too hard.

Fancy says that Sheridan is the one who has been hurting them. Sheridan denies that she could ever do the things that Fancy accuses her of. Luis can't believe this, but if Fancy were right, he still can't see a reason for Sheridan to be doing these things. Fancy knows that Sheridan can't have him, but she doesn't want to see someone else have him either.

Theresa tries to get more information from the 'Mysterious Figure,' who talks to her by live video feed. He tells her that someone that she loves is in danger. "Run Theresa! Run!" Theresa grabs her things and runs out the door.

On Broad Street, in an alley, Jared still lays facedown about to die as the 'Mysterious Figure' stands over him. The creature lights a skinny cigarette and inhales deeply. "You'd better hurry, Theresa, or your lover boy is going to die."

Soon, Spike has Jessica thinking the way that he does, and she thinks that it is better to just keep her mouth shut. Spike says that no one held a knife to Kay's throat, and she does what she wants. He puts his knife away. Jessica starts running off, but Spike grabs her and hits her in the face. She is his wife, and she will do as he tells her.

Kay gets up to go home and check on Maria. Fox asks if she can bring Maria to see him. He knows that it is late, but he misses her and wants to see her. Eve will authorize a brief visit. Kay heads out then. Julian and Fox share a knowing glance.

Tabitha hates this. Her big blue pot is muddy, and she can't see a thing. "Tabby, what are you doing?" ZAP! Tabitha makes the big blue pot now full of potatoes. She tells Miguel that she was just whipping up some potato salad. She is surprised that the isn't at the hospital or in jail. He knows that the Cranes want him in jail, but he didn't kill Fox and wishes that people would believe him. Tabitha believes him and now she fears that more than a love triangle has gone awry in Harmony.

The 'Mysterious Figure' puts out her cigarette with her big red pumps. She freshens up her lipstick with bright, red lipstick. "Hello? Is anyone here?" It is Theresa. The 'Mysterious Figure' rushes to his behind a corner, and he or she watches. She stoops and peeks at Theresa from another the corner where she is. Theresa knows that the person who wants to meet with her is there, and she isn't afraid. She wants to meet this person, and she wants to meet this person now!

Jessica will do as she is told but begs that Spike not hit her again. He promises that he won't. He has something that he has to talk to her about. They need money, and he wants her to get to work hooking. She is freezing and doesn't want to do this. He feels that the cold is good for generating money with the lonesome soldiers out there…

Simone climbs up on the railing on the pier, and she tries to muster up the strength to jump off, but she can't do it. She jumps back down off the railing crying out Rae's name over and over again.

Kay wants to get her daughter and bring her to Fox, but Miguel tries to stop her. He wants to talk to her for a while…Tabitha watches the couple and can see the love light in Kay's eyes. "Torn between two lovers."…Kay wants nothing to do with Miguel. Fox has pegged him as the driver of the 'Hit and Run' car, and it looks like it is over for Miguel.

Sheridan denies everything that Fancy says to Luis, and she even fakes crying. Fancy calls her manipulative and an evil predator. Sheridan turns around angry now. "You are my niece. And I have been supportive of your relationship with Luis since the day you asked for my permission. Isn't that right, Luis?"

The 'Mysterious Figure' will not come out of hiding even though Theresa begs him to. "Why are you sending me these messages? What do you want? Do you want money? Because I can give you whatever you want. Just stop doing this to me!" Theresa hears nothing in response, and so she starts walking forward to see if she can find the person herself. Her feet slip from under her, and she lands on her hands and knees in the snow. When she picks up her hands, something warm and sticky is all over it. She looks at the thick rich liquid and shouts out in horror. Beside her is Jared's body, facedown in the snow…

Spike watches as Jessica turns a trick. He kisses the money that he has gotten for his wife. He decides to show Julian who the better businessman is. He walks off…Simone is still out thinking about offing herself when she hears crying. She walks over to the noise and finds Jessica trying to fight off a sailor who is trying to make her have sex. "Get off of her!" Simone shouts. The man turns and gives Simone an evil stare.

Kay doesn't want anything to do with Miguel. She has to go to Fox. She walks off to get Maria ready now. Miguel follows her. Tabby finds the whole thing curiouser and curiouser.

Fox is healing very nicely for someone whose system has been compromised by such a serious condition as he has. Fox wants to go home, but Eve says that he can't. He has to have treatment for his tumor. Fox doesn't understand. Eve wants to treat the tumor that Fox has. She warns Fox that he will have to be brave as the treatments are not easy for anyone. There will be extreme discomfort and pain. "If you want any sort of chance at remission. You're going to have to just be strong and meet your fate head-on."

Theresa can't believe this. she thinks that the body is Ethan, and she tries to turn it over to see who it really is. She shouts that this can't be Ethan. The 'Mysterious Figure' watches as Theresa crawls around on her hands and knees, trying to verify that this isn't the man that she loves. "It can't be Ethan!" she says with fear in her voice. "My my Theresa," the 'Mysterious Figure' says from the hiding place quietly. "But you do have a one-track mind."

Simone is mad, and she can't take it anymore. She gets a big piece of wood, and she makes him sorry that he ever tried to have sex with her friend. Soon he is running away and limping at the same time. Simone thought that her friend stopped hooking. "I don't even know why I bother to try to help you. You don't even want help. And it's pointless anyway. I mean, I can't help anybody. I couldn't help Rae." Jessica doesn't understand and finds it hard to believe that Luis killed Rae when Simone tells her that. Simone doesn't want to hear how wonderful Luis is. She loved Rae, and now she is stone-cold dead. She will never have the chance to live her life like Jessica can. "You are so damned lucky, and you're just too damned stupid to know it," Simone tells her friend.

Julian offers to send Fox to Switzerland for treatment. Eve finds that a very strange move for him to make. She has the finest specialists there in Harmony who can help. Besides, Kay and Maria are there, and he would be apart from them. Fox wouldn't want that. Therefore, Eve decides that the treatments will start in the morning. Fox wonders if he shouldn't let Maria see him like this. Eve knows that Fox will need his family. She wants him to get his strength from Kay and Maria. She gives Fox some information to read and leaves to check on the large-bore needles that she will be needing to administer his treatment. Fox wants to jump out of there. Things have gone quite far enough for him. Julian orders him back to bed, not allowing him to get out of there and wuss out. Kay arrives with Maria in the stroller. Miguel is behind them and watches as his family visits with another man.

Sheridan says that she couldn't ever hurt Fancy. She knows that she and Fancy haven't always seen eye to eye, but she can't really think that Fancy would believe that Sheridan could do the things that she is being accused of. Fancy knows that Sheridan is probably right, but a woman did this.

Theresa is relieved that the body isn't Ethan but she is not happy still that Jared has been hurt this way. Theresa looks up into the darkness. "Why did you do this to him? He just loved me! He was trying to help me!" The 'Mysterious Figure' who has been hiding behind a corner takes this time to stand and go running off…right in plain view for Theresa to see. Theresa does see the person running in those big red heels. "You are the killer, aren't you?" she shouts, pointing her finger while on her knees beside Jared. Too late, the 'Mysterious Figure' is gone.

Eve tells Fox that they are going to have to poison his whole body to kill the tumor. There is going to be nausea, sleeplessness, loss of hair, muscle aches, and then there will be impotence. Kay leaves the bedside with Maria in her arms. She sees that Miguel is looking at her through the glass to the room.

Sheridan will not believe that the attacker was a woman. Fancy isn't surprised. She knows that Sheridan doesn't believe anything that she says.

Tabitha tries her big blue pot again. She can't tell anything with this damn pot. She can't tell if the attacker is a man or a woman. "It's got to be one or the other, right?"

Jessica tries to talk to Simone, but Simone doesn't want to hear anything from Jessica. She tells Jessica to go to her father's house. Jessica says that she can't do that. "Suit yourself," Simone says. She is done with Jessica. She walks off, and Jessica calls for her, but Simone keeps walking. She phones Paloma to tell her that Jessica is on the wharf and needs help…Jessica is upset now. No one loves her. "I love you, Jessica," a voice says. A rough-feeling hand touches her face, and she turns to find the Peeping Tom Rapist stroking her face with a leather glove. "Ahhhh!" Jessica screams, as she jumps backwards away from the person. The Peeping Tom Rapist advances…

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