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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Chad tells his love at the Safari Motel that he isn't in love with him. He only loves Whitney. That is the only woman that he loves.

Rae has been prepared for viewing, and Simone goes to see her. She starts crying but then stops herself. "Hey…my beautiful loving Rae," she sobs. "How can you be here and gone at the same time? Damn Luis for taking you away from me! Damn him!"

Sheridan has just slapped Fancy in the face, and she slaps her again to make her see that she has to get out of Luis's life.

Luis comes to see Theresa, and finds Theresa in Jared's arms, kissing while Ethan and Whitney watch. Theresa feels that this is perfect timing. "We're engaged." Luis smiles. "Isn't it wonderful?" Theresa says, smiling. Whitney isn't happy at all.

Chad tells his lover that they aren't hooking up anymore. The man reacts by throwing something at the lamp. Chad doesn't want to deal with that anymore. He tells his love that he really feels that it is best if the man leaves Harmony.

Simone can't understand how this could happen. They were just out dancing, and now Rae is gone. Simone can't express her feelings because she can't believe this happened. All that blood…everywhere… "Don't blame yourself, Simone. There isn't anything that you could have done." Simone turns and finds Rae behind her. She thought that Rae was dead. "I am." Rae is there with Simone, but not for long. She isn't alive anymore. Not the way that Simone is. She loves Simone, and she will always be there for Simone in spirit. Simone wants Rae the way that she was, but Rae can't go back. Simone will have to go on alone.

Sheridan says that Luis is worse off than ever because of Fancy. She has shared lifetimes with Luis, and in all those lifetimes, Luis suffered because of Sheridan, and now that is over, and Sheridan wants Fancy to see that. Fancy didn't want to hurt Luis, but she did. Sheridan didn’t want to hurt Luis either, but she did as well. She orders Fancy to get out of Luis's life and give him a chance to be happy.

Luis congratulates his sister and her new beau. Theresa sees Ethan glaring at her, but she has no choice. Jared hopes that Ethan will respect Theresa's decision in this. Ethan won't join in the festivities and heads back to his office. Ethan leaves to go and talk to Ethan for a bit. Whitney comes over to the happy couple and congratulates them properly. Jared wants to get back to work on the blackmailer for a while. Theresa knows that she will be living a lie with Jared for now, but that is what she has to do. Jared knows that Whitney and Tess have a lot of girlie things to talk about, and so he leaves. Whitney closes the door behind him and asks Theresa why she has decided to marry Jared. Theresa hands Whitney her cellphone to show her the message that she just received. She was ordered to stay away from Ethan or her secret would have been revealed and her brothers would go to prison, or worse. "It must have killed you to have to choose Jared over Ethan," Whitney says. She knows that once the truth comes out, Ethan may forgive her for this choice that she has made. Theresa hopes so. Getting together is always 'later' with Ethan. "Why can't I just be with him?" Theresa questions. "Why does something always have to come between us?" Theresa wonders.

Jack is out, and he makes a call asking for someone to get in touch with his old friends. He has to help the woman that he loves, but he doesn't have a death wish.

Whitney wonders if Theresa shouldn't just tell Ethan the truth. Theresa can't do that. The blackmailer seems to know everything that Theresa is going to do before she does it. They have no idea how much the blackmailer knows. Whitney gets a message from Simone asking her to meet her at the funeral home. Whitney has to go now, and Theresa tells her to tell Simone that she is in her thoughts. Whitney leaves. Theresa sits at her desk and looks at her cellphone. She remembers telling everyone that she was marrying Jared. "Please forgive me, Ethan."

Ethan heads back to his office, and Luis is with him. Luis asks why Theresa isn't with him. Ethan hasn't any idea why things turned out the way that they did. Luis has come to see Ethan and explain that he is being set up as well as Miguel. Ethan heard some details and can't believe that Luis's sample ended up in Fancy. The Peeping Tom Rapist that was picked up wasn't free for the crimes. Ethan has also heard of Luis's medal ending up at the crime scene. Luis needs this solved so he can be with Fancy.

Sheridan orders Fancy to stay away from Luis, but Fancy knows that she can help him solve this case. Fancy knows that her attacking him in her cheerleading costume was ridiculous. Sheridan wants to know why. Fancy won't tell Sheridan that and asks Sheridan to please leave her and Luis alone. Sheridan knows that Fancy and Luis will never be anyway. Fancy wonders why she says that. She then turns to walk out of the room, but Sheridan grabs her from behind, locking her arms around Fancy and holding her tight. "You can't give Luis all the love that he needs…You can't stand to be touched, so no one needs to say anything. You can't give Luis all the love that he needs."

Chad asks his lover to leave town and to do it for him. Chad is ready to go. He wants no more threats or champagne sent to his table at the Blue Note. He wants a clean break. "Bye…It's been um…well you know," Chad says. He leaves. The lover goes to the side table and uncovers the camera that has been focused on the bed the whole time. He replays the last little bit where Chad is saying goodbye to his love and telling him that they can't ever see each other ever again.

Rae tells Simone that she is stronger than she thinks. Simone can't see that happening without Rae. Rae says that she can see Simone's life, and it will be wonderful. She will have joy and love and all that she can imagine. She had that with Rae, but she can have that again. Simone and Rae share a ghostly kiss with Rae promising to watch over her. Simone calls to Rae, but right before her eyes, Rae disappears like a glistening light.

Ethan has investigators that will try to find something to prove that Luis and Miguel are not guilty of their crimes. Ethan wants this to all get taken care of quickly. Luis goes back to the subject of Jared and Theresa, and Ethan hasn't got answers. Luis noticed that Whitney wasn't all that surprised. Ethan knows that Whitney has information about this. She knows whatever it was that Theresa was gong to tell him, and she never got around to doing that. Luis isn't liking what he is hearing. It is like both Ethan and Luis are being tested. If things work out, perhaps they can both end up with the woman that they each love.

Sheridan keeps holding Fancy, and Fancy struggles to get out of this embrace. Sheridan knows that Luis needs love more than the average man. Sheridan wants Fancy to leave Luis alone and go to Europe and hook up with her friend Esmé. Fancy doesn't want to do that. She doesn't want to end up with a soccer player or a prince! "I want Luis!" Fancy shouts. This proves Sheridan's point. "See? Stubborn and selfish. With you gone, there is no crime. Luis will not stand trial. Don't you see that? Leave Harmony! Leave Luis alone!" Fancy isn't struggling now. She has been listening to what Sheridan has been saying, and she seems to see her point.

Sheridan finally lets go of Fancy. She can see that she can't win with Fancy. She knows that Fancy is going to hold onto Luis. Fancy rubs her arms. She wonders when her aunt got so strong. It was like fighting a man. Sheridan doesn't understand that comment. Fancy tells her that the person who attacked her in her room could have been a woman.

Chad goes to Ethan's office and learns about the big engagement. Chad didn't think that those two would get back together again. They may be engaged, but Ethan feels that there is still plenty that he can do about this. He would shoot the man if he could get away with it. Whitney calls and asks Chad where he has been. Chad says that he was at the Blue Note and then returned to the office. Whitney sounded suspicious, but then stops that right away. Whitney would like Chad to come to the funeral home with her for a while. Chad will do that. He tells Ethan that he has to go, but he wants Ethan to chill out on the killing-Jared thing. Ethan will chill out, but he means what he says. If he finds out that Jared is going to hurt Theresa or those kids, he will kill the man first.

Jared gets the call back that he has been waiting for. He is told to go to a meeting place, and he heads off to save his Tess.

Theresa is in the office worrying when she gets a message from the 'Mysterious Figure'. "Keep quiet about Ethan being Little Ethan's father, or your brothers will pay." Theresa gets angry, not understanding why this is happening to her. She takes the cellphone and flings it against the wall. Luis is entering as she is composing herself but can tell that something is up and he offers to help her if he can.

Chad arrives at the funeral home, but he isn't as sympathetic to Simone's problem as Whitney is. Whitney knows that Simone loved Rae, but Chad feels that people of the same sex can't be in love. He feels that these types of people can love having sex, but they can't be in love with each other.

Jared goes to the meeting place, and a dark figure appears. He admits to being the person that Jared is to meet. "Okay, give me the memory stick," Jared says. He holds out his hand.

Luis tells Theresa that he was just with Ethan, and they need to talk. Luis asks if she really wants to be with Jared and not Ethan. Luis tells her that he could be with Sheridan, but he made mistakes in that relationship. He lucked out to find Fancy in spite of it all. Theresa says that she feels lucky to have Jared. Luis just doesn't want her to look back at her life and regret not being with Ethan. Theresa appreciates his advice, but she isn't in a position to second-guess her love life. She just feels that right now the Cranes are cursed. They can't be happy in love, and the people that love them are miserable. Luis will not believe that. If he does, there will be no hope, and he can't see a life without Fancy.

Fancy says that if the Peeping Tom Rapist was a woman, she could have still done terrible things to her. "…It would have to be a woman who could overpower me to do what she did to me…" Fancy stops talking and stares at Sheridan in a strange way. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Sheridan asks. "Oh, my god. It's so obvious. The woman was you, Aunt Sheridan. You were the one who attacked me here at the mansion."

Whitney tells Chad that he is wrong. Her sister just lost the love of her life. She can't understand how Chad can see things the way that he does…Chad stops talking. He knows that Whitney wouldn't understand…

Fancy understands it all now. No wonder the security wasn't breached. She was already at the mansion. Sheridan says that everything that Fancy says is crazy. "You have lost your mind." Fancy knows that Sheridan must have been hoping that she would leave Luis in the process of all of this. "It's the truth. You are the one who has been after me!"

Theresa can't say that she could be with Ethan in the future, She doesn't know yet. Luis leaves now. Theresa goes to the pictures that sit on the table by her desk. She takes one and stares at it. "I hate that I can't tell you that Little Ethan is your son. But I can't until I prove that my brothers are innocent…"

Jared has been waiting now for a while, and he is getting impatient, standing there with his hand sticking out. "Give it to me!" he orders. The dark figure raises his hand and a gun appears. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Jared says holding his hands up in the air. BANG! Jared is shot. He moves slowly to the side of the building…the dark figure waits. Jared goes to the side of the building and slowly falls to the ground in the snow. The figure holds his gun out still and goes to where Jared is…holding the gun over him…just in case…Jared's eyes are closed, and he doesn't move.

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