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Passions Update Friday 2/16/07 -- Canada; Monday 2/19/07 -- U.S.A.

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Written by Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Miguel and Kay are outside Fox's door at the hospital arguing. She can't stand the sight of him. He keeps fooling her into believing that he really didn't lie and cheat and try to kill Fox, but everything that he tries to show her only comes to dust. She doesn't want to hear it now anymore. She will believe nothing more that Miguel has to say to her. He stops her on her way to the cafeteria to get food for Fox. She wants to get going, but gets embroiled in another argument with Miguel instead.

Paloma has entered Fox's hospital room and catches Julian and Fox with their heads together whispering about something. They are surprised when they turn and find the flat foot behind them peering at them strangely. There is an awkward pause since no one really knows if Paloma heard anything or not. She hopes that she isn't interrupting. Julian tells her that she isn't. She is there to interview Fox now that he is awake, but she is suspicious of the way that the two whisper and peer at her out of the corner of their eyes.

Chris is angry with Sheridan. She was just about to get her jeans on to head out and find out what is going on with Luis now. Chris absolutely forbids it. He wants her to get back in the bed where he plans to make love to her. She doesn't like the tone of his voice. "Is that an order?" Chris assures her that it is. She has been too wrapped up in Luis and all that is going on around him. He wants her to see that Fancy is with Luis now and she will take care of him if he needs that.

Luis and Fancy think that they have done a good thing by taking the hypnotic appointment with Eve, but Sam shakes his head, surprised at how Luis has made a grave mistake. Luis doesn't even know it. The DA can pick that appointment apart easily and any good Luis and Fancy intended to do with it. Sam knows exactly how things are going to go when this gets to court. Luis will go straight to jail and never come out, even if Fancy defends him as her love.

All that Whitney will say to Ethan about Theresa is that she needs him and that he should go to her right away. Ethan doesn't understand that, but he gets no more revealing details about the secret. Theresa needs him more than ever and so he will go to her and see if he can help. He would rather have Whitney tell him what it is that Theresa has been trying to tell him for the past couple of days, but she doesn't feel right telling. It isn't her secret to reveal to anyone.

Theresa defends hiring Vincent to Jared. Jared says that whatever it is that Theresa needs Vincent for, he will do it instead. The Peeping Tom Rapist is watching from inside the wall and hopes that Theresa will not tell what she shouldn't. Theresa does the absolute wrong thing and confides in Jared, telling him that someone is trying to blackmail her. The Peeping Tom Rapist in the wall isn't happy that she has divulged this information, and now she will pay.

Paloma sets about interviewing Fox and getting his statement about the 'Hit and Run' accident that almost took his life. Fox tells Paloma that he is sorry to have to tell her this, but he has to tell her that Miguel was the one who was driving the car, and that he left him for dead in the street.

Miguel will even believe that his car hit Fox, but he maintains that he wasn't the one driving. Kay won't believe that. Miguel knows as well as Kay does that the Cranes are capable of making this happen. Miguel knows that when he is in prison, Dr. Gasparro will find a way to make sure that Fox is miraculously cured. Kay feels that she has sinned against her husband, and she feels horrible for that.

Sam finds that Luis and Fancy going to Eve and getting hypnotized has made things worse. It could be said that Luis planted ideas in Fancy's head to make her say things that will benefit him. Also, Eve's reputation in the town lately hasn't been that great. Fancy says that it was really strange, but it seems that both she and Luis remembered a woman being the Peeping Tom Rapist. Sam can't understand this. How could a woman be responsible for raping Fancy?

Chris gets angry that Sheridan feels that she has to be front and center every time that something happens to Luis. Chris knows that the only reason that Sheridan agreed to go out with him at the Blue Note was because Luis was going to be there. Chris had asked her earlier to go, out but she didn't want to go. She says that she finally agreed to go because she could see that Chris wanted to go. He will not be used so that Sheridan can be around her ex. "When are you going to forget about Luis and start remembering that I am your husband?"

Whitney tells Ethan that Theresa is in a bad situation now and needs to be around people that she can trust. Ethan agrees with that and knows that the last person that Theresa needs to be around is Jared.

In the office, Theresa tells Jared that she hasn't any idea what she is going to do about this blackmail. Jared tells Theresa that she needn't worry about this. He will take care of everything. Jared doesn't have all the details, but he gets that this has to do with secrets that have to be kept hidden. Jared loves Theresa, and he wants to make up for hurting her. He begs to have Theresa allow him to show how much she means to him. What he needs to know is the big secret that she needs hidden now…The Peeping Tom Rapist watches and hears all from the wall. He peeps thorough a secret panel that is hidden at the back of a bookcase in the office.

Fancy says that it sounds weird, but the hypnotic thing was straight up information. Sam has to figure out the transfer of Luis's DNA from this mystery woman to Fancy. He also needs to figure out how this person got into the mansion. Fancy knows that with the tunnels in the mansion, someone could roam around unknown for a long time. Sam can't see how Luis will get out from under this. This is going from bad to worse at warp speed. He knows that all that the DA has to do is get the two to testify. He makes Fancy sit to demonstrate his point. Sam will show Fancy what she is going to be in for…

Theresa tells Jared that her secret is really complicated and what she is about to say is going to make Jared wish that he had never met her. Jared says that there isn't anything that she could say to make him feel that way. She says that she can't marry him, not when Ethan is available after so many years. Jared knows that she doesn't deserve the man, but Theresa can see it after the divorce. She has always wanted this, and Jared knows that. It is funny to him how he cares more for her happiness than his. Even if that means she ends up with Ethan. Theresa can't be with Ethan, though…not yet. She can't say why she can't be with Ethan now but she knows one day they will be together. Ethan bursts into the office and gets angry at the text message that was just sent to him. It says that he is Little Ethan's father. Theresa and Jared's jaws drop. Ethan holds up the phone if they want to see it. It clearly says that he is Little Ethan's father.

Fox tells Paloma that the only thing that he can remember is seeing Miguel hit him. Julian has a message for the DA. He wants the book thrown at Miguel…

Miguel tries to stroke Kay's hair, but she moves away. That doesn't deter him. He loves her, and he knows that she loves him. He lied to her a little about Charity, but that was just a little white lie; Fox, on the other hand, has told whoppers. Miguel remembers how the Cranes almost broke up Luis and Sheridan. He finds his situation now no different…Kay thinks of the steamy kisses with Miguel. He begs her now to believe in him. He is telling the truth, and he wants her to believe it.

Sheridan tells Chris that she loves him, but Chris finds that her curiosity about Luis is always in the way of their relationship. Sheridan thinks that she is the only one who can save Luis, and he can't understand that. Chris wants Sheridan to understand that Luis is with Fancy now, and he doesn't needs Sheridan to hold his hand. Sheridan just knows that Luis needs her. Chris needs her too. Their marriage should be more important than her friendship with another man.

Sam starts his mock trial. "You were in a locked bedroom, surrounded by security when you were attack…You also said that you were with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald…are you in love with Lopez-Fitzgerald?" Fancy finds that makes no difference. Sam says that it does make a difference since evidence was found that ties Luis to the rape. Fancy shouts out that Luis couldn't have done this because she knows him and she loves him.

Whitney comes running in and says that there is trouble and everyone is running around acting crazy outside. Ethan is angry that Theresa didn't tell him the truth about Little Ethan. Theresa starts screaming to the air. "You are going to show yourself to me! Let me see who you are! Why are you doing this to my family?" Whitney, Ethan and Jared become concerned. "Honey there isn't anyone else in the room besides us," Whitney says. Theresa ignores her, somehow instinctively knowing that whoever is out there can hear her. She keeps shouting at the walls for someone to reveal himself.

Miguel knows that Kay has her doubts, and he doesn't blame her for having them. He swears on Maria that he hasn't done anything wrong…Kay thinks of Fox getting up and telling how Miguel was the one that hit him and how he is sure of that. He named Miguel, and he looked like he didn’t even want to name Miguel as the 'Hit and Run' driver. Kay can't believe Miguel after thinking about that. Miguel is a liar. She saw him kissing Charity, and he lied about that too. She orders him to leave her alone. Paloma comes into the hall and sees that Miguel is about to follow Kay again and upset her some more. she calls him back and he vents. Paloma hugs her brother. Julian is watching. He reenters the hospital room and tells Fox that things are going well.

Fancy continues with the mock trial and answers Sam's questions. He gets Fancy to admit that she made a porno tape and that she and Luis have broken the rules to have a relationship. Luis can't listen to this anymore. The jury will think that Luis has been manipulating Fancy all along and this will only hurt him. Luis and Fancy see now how Luis could be railroaded. Fancy says that everything that happens is her fall. She can't even say that she loves the man that she loves or he will end up in prison.

Theresa shouts at the wall that she should still be in a position to help her family!…Jared touches Theresa's shoulders and turns her around to get her back to reality. She seemed lost in a dream just now. Jared wants to work on her problem so that they can be together. They hug. The door opens and Ethan comes in. "Theresa! What are you doing with Jared?"

Chris is asleep and Sheridan goes to the TV. She hears that now Luis is the prime suspect in the killing of gay/lesbian activist Rae.

Fancy is home, and she has a drink alone downstairs in the sitting room. "Could this day have been any worse?" She looks at a picture of herself and Luis in her wallet. She never thought that things would come to this. Sheridan enters the room and calls to Fancy. She tells her that she saw the news on TV. She slaps Fancy in the face. "You stupid bitch! You ruined Luis's life. That is what I am talking about."

Theresa has seen the eyes in the hall, and she knows that she is being watched. She gets a message on her cellphone, and it warns her not to tell anyone the secrets. She tells everyone in the room that she has thought things over and she has made a decision to be with Jared. "What?" Ethan says.

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