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Passions Update Thursday 2/15/07--Canada; Friday 2/16/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel sees Paloma in her uniform and wonders what she is doing at the hospital. Paloma is sorry, but she is there to talk with her brother about Fox and how he has accused Miguel of driving the 'Hit and Run' car.

Fox tells Kay and his father now about how he saw the driver's face clearly before he got hit. Kay just can't believe this. She is sorry. She is so sorry.

Chris and Sheridan are in bed reading. Sheridan suddenly sees Luis on the TV. She takes the TV off mute. The announcer says there has been an arrest, and Luis has been cleared of charges against Fancy Crane. Chris never thought that Luis did that crime, but Sheridan is strangely silent.

Luis tells Fancy at the station that the guy is being booked and he will not be able to hurt anyone ever again. Luis knows that Fancy thought that he was the one who did this, and he isn't hurt that she thought that. There was just too much evidence against Luis. Luis knows that someone was still behind this, setting him up. Now, however, he can look forward to starting a life with Fancy. She isn't sure that she can promise that. It seems that every time that they get hopes for the future, things go wrong. Sam brings the perp out. The evidence they had against the Peeping Tom Rapist has fallen apart. The dirt bag is getting cut loose.

Ethan follows Jared to Theresa's office and still tries to convince him not to go near Theresa. He feels that Theresa taking her ring off is a clear sign that Theresa doesn’t want him.

Inside the office, Theresa and Whitney are still trying to get over how that rat ran off the monitor and through the office. Theresa goes back to the computer and the 'Mysterious Figure' talks to her again. "Little Ethan will not longer be a Crane, and you'll lose all your power. Without your help, your brothers, Luis and Miguel will both go to jail probably for the rest of their lives." Theresa looks up at her best friend now. "Oh my god! Who is doing this to me?"

Miguel tells his sister that he didn't do this. Paloma wants to believe him, but this is all very incriminating. Miguel feels like this has Crane plot all over it. He feels that Julian and Fox are trying to frame him.

Kay tells Fox that this is all her fault, even though Fox will not believe that. Kay admits that she let her old feelings for Miguel get the best of her and when she married Fox something in Miguel must have snapped. Fox says that Miguel did this on his own. Kay still says that she is sorry though, over and over. Julian tells Kay that the nurse said that he could have real food now. He asks Kay to go to the cafeteria and get Fox something to eat. Kay is gone, and in the hall, Miguel waits for her. She hasn't anything to say to him, but he still talks. She knows that Fox and his father did this to make her hate him. "Oh my God," Miguel says when he sees her face. "You do hate me."

Jared thinks that Ethan is in denial. He knows that Theresa loves him. Ethan can't help not trusting the man. He knows that Theresa may have been taken in by Jared's oily charm, but Ethan finds the man's act old. Jared knows that Ethan just wants to play the same game with Theresa that he always did. "You played Gwen for a fool for years, always putting your lust for Theresa in front and ahead of your actual marriage vows." Jared thinks that Ethan should be worried about his wife, but instead he is here trying to run Theresa's life.

Theresa tries to call the computer guy and get him to look at her system, but the emails are untraceable and she can't figure out how someone could do that. "Somebody's out to destroy me," Theresa says. The girls hears a noise and turn to find Vincent entering the room. "Who is out to destroy you Mrs. Crane?"

Sheridan says that she is glad that Luis can put this behind him. She knows that Luis couldn't do something so violent as rape a woman. Chris wonders if Sheridan ever talks about him the same way.

Sam says that he got the results of the tests back. The Peeping Tom Rapist's duct tape doesn't match the type that was used in the attacks. Also, the man's rap sheet shows that the guy was in jail both times that Fancy was attacked. They are right back where they started on this.

Ethan doesn't want Jared talking about his personal life, and Jared finds that funny since all Ethan does is talk about Jared's life. Ethan's phone rings and Jared peeks at the monitor. It is Gwen, but Ethan doesn't answer it. Jared finds that rich.

Theresa called Vincent to her office for a reason and Vincent is curious as to why he is there. Theresa says that she needs his help. Vincent finds that interesting. "Do you remember when JT Cornell brought that envelope to you?" Vincent remembers that. He brought the envelope to the wedding but nothing was in it. Vincent feels that something was taken out of the envelope. Theresa thinks that the memory stick was in that envelope. Vincent will help, but he wants to know what is on that stick. Theresa will only tell him what he needs to know. She hands Vincent some money and tells him that if he succeeds at this, he will get a substantial bonus on top of it. The door opens and Jared enters. "Tess, what's going on here? Why are you hiring this creep to help you?"

Julian and Fox have a moment to talk alone and Julian isn't happy that Fox asked Spike to really hit him good to make the accident look good. Julian says that Miguel looks guiltier than ever. "There is no way that she will think about leaving you for him." Fox loves that. Miguel will be out of Kay's life forever.

Kay gets so angry at the sight of Miguel that she slaps him hard. "You bastard! You lying bastard."

Chris wants to take a trip to Europe and be alone with Sheridan. He knows that James will be okay at the mansion and there are lots of people who can look after the child. Sheridan wonders if he thinks that their marriage is in trouble. Chris just says that marriage takes work and they need to pay attention to theirs. Sheridan wants to be there for her friends, but Chris thinks that their marriage deserves just as much attention.

Sam has to keep Luis suspended from the job still because of the screw up and the way that things turned out with the perp. Luis hopes that Fancy knows that he wouldn't hurt her under any circumstances. Fancy stays quiet.

Theresa tells Vincent that he can go now. Jared offers to walk the man to the elevator and he roughly drags him out. Whitney goes to Theresa about what she is going to do now. She doesn't know what she should do. The person who is blackmailing her has to see that she is staying away from Ethan in order for her plan to work. Jared returns and tells Theresa that this Vincent guy is bad news. Whitney grabs her coat and gets out of there. Jared asks Theresa what is going on.

Ethan sees Whitney in another office and he asks why Vincent was there and what is up with Theresa. She keeps trying to tell him something, but every time that she gets close to telling him what's up, something interrupts them. "Why don't you tell me? Is she in some kind of trouble?"

Sam verifies the information and it is true. This guy was incarcerated at the time that Fancy was attacked. The man didn't talk before now because he knows that he shouldn't talk without a lawyer. Luis asks the man who it is that he is working with. The man has no idea why he is being grilled like this. According to what he read in the paper, the bad guy is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ethan says that he came to see what it was that Theresa has been trying to tell him. Then he got a text message, but when he called the number, no one answered. Whitney wonders if Ethan is planning on getting back together with his wife. He doesn't have hope for that marriage. Gwen will not change his mind. He is free, and he plans to be with Theresa, but now Jared is in the office talking to Theresa, and he feels that she should just tell the guy to take a hike. Why doesn't she do that?

Jared has a lot of questions about Vincent being there, but she can't talk about it at the office. It is all very complicated. Jared wants her to trust him. She should know by now that he can be trusted. He wants to know what is going on with her.

Fox doesn't know whether to be angry or happy with Spike. Julian says that they have other things going for them. Dr. Gasparro has come up with someone's tumor and it is being passed off as Fox's. Fox feels that all this is worth it if he ends up with Kay. "Losing her was not an option." Julian will make sure that Fox gets to keep the girl that he loves. Julian has things set up so that the evidence from Miguel's car will put him away forever. "That's if no one finds out what we have done," Fox says. The door opens and Fox and Julian turn to find Paloma staring at them strangely.

Sheridan isn't sure that she can go for a holiday now with her family in turmoil. Gwen and Ethan are in trouble, and she wants to be here for them. Chris finds that a funny thing that Sheridan mentions Ethan and Gwen but not Fancy who is her niece. Chris wonders where Luis fits into all of this. Sheridan tells Chris that she loves him and would love to go on a romantic getaway with him, but that would only make her feel like she was abandoning the people who need her. Chris knows that group of people includes Luis…

The perp tells Luis that he probably faked this so that he could be a pervert and not get found out. He feels that Luis impersonated him to get him in all this trouble. Sam takes the perp to the back now. Luis goes to Fancy and tells her that she shouldn't let that man upset her. She can't help thinking of the man and what he did to her and how he terrorized her. Luis is going to make the rapist pay and then he never wants to see that look of fear in Fancy's eyes ever again.

Kay doesn't believe anything that Miguel says. Miguel feels that this is done by someone else. Kay thinks that is a stupid idea too.

Paloma says that she has come to take Fox and Julian's statement, but from what she has heard, that might not be necessary.

Sheridan feels that, because she chose Chris, he should just believe that she only loves him. Chris sees that he is probably being foolish by reading into why Sheridan isn't going on the trip with him. They see the news again, and they learn that Luis has been suspended from active duty at the station. "No!" Sheridan jumps out of bed to go to Luis. "You will go to Luis over my dead body," Chris says. Sheridan turns to him, shocked at what he has said to her.

Sam sees a real problem here. Luis brings up the hypnosis, and Sam says that Luis has given the DA real ammunition against him.

Ethan begs Whitney to tell him what it is that Theresa keeps trying to tell him…

Jared begs to help Theresa. She says that she hired Vincent to help and that is how she is going to handle things…The Peeping Tom Rapist behind the wall in Theresa's office wonders what Theresa is going to say to Jared. "One wrong word, and you and everything you love will be destroyed," Theresa's Peeping Tom Rapist whispers while looking through the hole in the wall in her office.

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