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Passions Update Wednesday 2/14/07--Canada; Thursday 2/15/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay gets to the hospital and finds out that Fox is flatlining. She isn't allowed to be with him at this time. Everyone has to wait outside while work is being done on him. Miguel shows up and Kay isn't pleased to see him. She knows that he shouldn’t be there. It just gets everyone else angry and it really doesn't help things since Fox's family thinks that he is the one who put Fox there. Still she needs a hug and Miguel gives her one…Julian and Eve arrive and not happy to see Kay in the arms of another man.

Paloma and Noah wait for Luis to get to them. They stand over the Peeping Tom Rapist who sits on the ground quietly now. He has cuffs on and his hands are tied behind his back to keep him from trying to take off. Noah finds it amazing that Paloma was able to help her brother this way. He is very impressed with her prowess as a lady cop. She hasn’t got time for his compliments. She has to keep a watchful eye on the perp and make sure that he doesn't get away.

Luis and Fancy walk to the crime scene to see Paloma and Noah. Luis doesn't want Fancy to see the man who raped her, but she insists on going.

The Peeping Tom Rapist is awake now, and he sits cuffed. Paloma holds her gun on the man, and Noah marvels at Paloma and what she has done. Luis and Fancy arrive and are glad that this is going to be over.

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the office, and Theresa talks of her plan to find the person who is trying to blackmail her. Theresa doesn't understand why Gwen would be interested in all this anyway. Theresa has to do what the blackmailer wants her to do until she can free her brothers. She will find a way out of this and stop the person doing this to her.

A Peeping Tom Rapist is in an office, and he attaches wires to a laptop. He types and then stares at a screen. The document that loads on the machine is called, 'SECRETS'. This particular Peeping Tom Rapist chuckles like the evil villain that he is.

Julian wants Kay to start acting like a wife and stop being seen with this lowlife. "What kind of trash are you?" Ivy demands. Fox is slipping away as they speak. Miguel will not have Julian and Ivy talking to the woman that he loves this way. Kay begs Miguel to just leave. He wants to take care of Kay, but Julian says that he will do that. Miguel finally goes. They hear a page calling Dr. Shelby to Fox's room. They see the woman coming, but she hasn't time to talk to them. She has to save Fox.

Luis tells the Peeping Tom Rapist that he will never get to attack another woman again. He pulls the Peeping Tom Rapist to his feet and asks Fancy is this is the guy who raped her. She thinks so, but she can't be sure. Luis takes the mask off the man and a strange looking man with a ponytail is revealed. Fancy thinks that this is the guy because of the way that he is dressed but she never did see the Peeping Tom Rapist without his mask. This guy's face is strange to her. Luis roughs the guy up badly and so Paloma takes over and starts processing the guy. She finds tape in the man's clothes. "What is this for?" Fancy looks away.

Theresa gets an email and has to check it. She is doing big business now with Hong Kong. "This is weird." Whitney comes to look at the screen. A man dressed in black is standing on the screen in some time of online video that has been sent to her email. "I know what you're doing, Theresa…You're hiring someone to try and find me, but you're wasting your time. You'll never track me down, and you'll never stop me either." The figure in the black trenchcoat and fedora keeps his head down so he can't be seen, and he laughs like the devil. Theresa and Whitney have no idea what to think about this.

Miguel comes home and finds his mother cleaning. He tells his mother that his theory of Fox hiring an impostor might be right. He tells how Jessica saw the girl who was impersonating Charity. Miguel tried to get the girl, but she took off. Jessica then denied everything to her sister. She is too damaged by drugs and drinking. Miguel sees that things are worse than ever with Kay. He also tells Pilar that Fox is flatlining right now, and he may even die this night. Pilar knows that her son wouldn't ever hurt Fox like this. Pilar feels that Kay is acting the way that she does because she is so worried about Fox.

Ivy wishes that she had told Fox how much she loved him. She tells Kay that if her son dies, Miguel will spend the rest of his life in prison. Kay doesn't believe Miguel did this. Ivy isn't surprised that Kay is defending Miguel like this. Ivy thought that Kay would just break Fox's heart, not kill him. Julian thinks about his meeting with Spike and how he was angry that Spike almost killed his son when he hit him with Miguel's car. Spike said that Fox told him to make the accident look as real as possible…Julian doesn't care what Fox told Spike. If Fox dies, so will Spike.

After the search, Luis is convinced that the man they have is the Peeping Tom Rapist. Luis looks at the man's cellphone and sees that there are pictures of women on the phone. The man will not talk until he gets a lawyer. Luis wants to rough the man up some more, but Paloma cautions him with the tone of her voice when she calls his name, so Luis lightens up. Fancy looks uncomfortable, and she repeatedly turns her head to the ground and away form everyone else.

Ivy is getting impatient. Her son could be dying. The nurse comes to see the Cranes and tell them that Fox is stable but the next couple of hours will be critical. Kay will be allowed in to see Fox. The nurse thinks that would help Fox recover. Ivy thinks that Kay is an insufferable little bit of baggage, but right now she is the only one who could help. Fox doesn't know that she is a slut and so Ivy tells Kay to tell Fox that she will never, ever leave him. Kay says that she does love Fox. Ivy is counting on Kay to keep her son alive.

Paloma calls the station and says that she will be bringing the suspect in for booking. Luis is grateful to Paloma for her good work. She offers to share with credit with Luis, but he will not take it from her. She deserves it all. Paloma is about to read the perp his rights, but then the man recognizes who Luis is and that he shouldn't be roughing him up this way.

The man in the video taunts Theresa and Whitney. "You can hire all the tabloid reporters in the world. You'll never be able to figure out who I am." Theresa and Whitney know that someone is privy to their conversations if they know about Theresa hiring Vincent to help her find out who is threatening her future and her brothers' lives. Theresa and Whitney are so wrapped up in the video onscreen that they don't realize that a sliding panel moves to the left and a pair of eyes are staring out at them from behind the wall. The is a Peeping Tom Rapist. The voice on the screen keeps chuckling at the two best friends and like watching a train wreck, they can't tear their eyes away. The Peeping Tom Rapist continues to watch the girls in silence. Theresa types to whoever sent the email that she will find out who this is. She hits 'send', and she gets a response almost immediately. The video reply plays. "You must be joking. There's nothing that you or your Crane money and power can do to stop me. Like it or not, you're at my mercy now." Theresa would get the IT person to come and figure this out, but it is late at night and the man probably isn't around. Theresa tells Whitney to go and call the man and have him come in.

At the station, Luis is thrilled that his sister was there to help him and get his charges dropped. Luis still has to figure out how his St Christopher medal and DNA got misplaced. Luis goes to Fancy now. He knows that this has been rough on Fancy, and he is sorry for that. Noah stands with Fancy now and says that she is fine. Luis wants to check over the evidence that they have brought in. Fancy suddenly needs to go and powder her nose. She walks off. Luis gets to work. Paloma looks a little stressed, but she is really fine. She was more worried about Luis not getting off his charges more than anything else. Noah says again that he is impressed with her. She reminds him that she isn't a kid. He has to admit it. She is an incredible, brave, strong woman and sexy as hell. She hopes that now he will treat her like a grown woman. He says that he will, and he would like to protect her. Paloma isn't pleased. She can see that Noah still thinks of her as a kid.

Pilar feels that her son's problem is her fault. She knows that she was the main reason that Miguel went after Kay. she knows that the Cranes will fight and get anything that they want. Miguel just wants to love Kay and he has cared for her ever since she was a little girl. He can't stand the idea of her being married to someone else. He has a real problem though. If Fox dies, Miguel goes to jail for murder. Pilar decides that now is the time to call the hospital and get news about Fox from a friend that she has there.

Kay sits with Fox and talks to him about how he makes her and Maria happy…"You were there, and you were patient with me, and you helped me to believe in myself and in love again, and …and I just need you to wake up so I can tell you that I will never take you for granted. Just give me a chance."…Ivy watches from the door, and she knows that if Kay had a thousand years, she couldn’t make it work with Fox. Kay is holding Fox's hand, and he moves his fingers…Julian and Ivy see that from the door, and they all pause to see if this is something that is proof that Fox is going to get better. Slowly, Fox's eyes open and he turns to Kay who is beside him. "Kay…" he says weakly. Fox talks about the accident and how the car that hit him swerved and was coming right at him. "It was," Julian says.

The figure continues laughing at Theresa. Soon the phone is ringing, but Theresa doesn't answer. It might be the computer guy, but she doesn't want to risk that. "Pick up the phone, Theresa!" She suddenly grabs it and answers. It is a Peeping Tom Rapist. "There is something you should know. Ethan's gonna hate you. He's never going to want to have anything to do with you once he finds out how long you've been lying to him about his son…Check your email. I sent you something." The Peeping Tom Rapist hangs up. Theresa calls for the man to stay on the line, but he hangs up. She tells Whitney what the mysterious person said. She turns to her email box now. She sees a rat. "EW!" Theresa shout. "YOU'VE GOT MAIL! YOU'VE GOT MAIL! YOU'VE GOT MAIL! YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" The 'Mysterious Figure's' voice calls out raspy to Theresa as she stares at the rat which soon has scrambled offscreen and out of her sight.

Pilar gives Miguel the word that Fox has pulled through. Now Miguel has to figure out what he should do about his charges. The reality is that he could go to jail and lose his love. Pilar hates to see her son defeated like this. Miguel will make sure that Julian and Fox don't get away with his.

Fox tells that he knows who hit him. "This isn't easy for me to say," Fox says. "It was Miguel." Kay closes her eyes. Ivy knew it. She leaves to call the DA. "There is no mistake about it," Fox says. "Miguel was driving the car that ran me down."

Paloma is angry that Noah will not give her credit for being mature. He is only 2 years older than her. He thinks that she is misunderstanding him. She thinks that he has it pretty clear, but Noah only tells her that what he meant was that he cares about her and that is why he would like to protect her. She likes that and they kiss.

Fancy feels so weird looking into the eyes of the man who attacked her. She knows now that the rape charges will be dropped against Luis. He will still have to deal with Rae's murder, but at least he doesn't have to worry about his relationship with Fancy anymore. "I will be there with you every step of the way." An officer comes to get Luis for a minute. He leaves Fancy now, but before he goes, he tells Fancy that the worst part is over. "I hope so Luis," Fancy says to herself. "I hope you are right."

Theresa types like a demon, but Whitney thinks that Theresa should leave this thing alone. It is starting to freak her out. Theresa can't stop. She has to find out all that she can. She gets another video and this time a picture of herself and Ethan and the kids are featured. "Thank god we finally got rid of Theresa!" The 'Mysterious Figure' is holding a rat in his hand and the red, polished nails show prominently. Suddenly, the 'Mysterious Figure' puts the rat down and it runs off. "Ahhh!" Whitney shouts. She sees a rat and soon, Theresa is seeing it as well. It scurries to the door and out. Theresa needs to know who is doing this? A Peeping Tom Rapist peeps at Theresa through the hole in the wall…

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