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Passions Update Tuesday 2/13/07--Canada; Wednesday 2/14/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel and Kay arrive at the restaurant to meet with Jessica and get this proof that Miguel keeps talking about having. But Jessica is in the bottle, and she is drunk as a skunk. She has been sitting there drinking herself silly, and she is all alone. Miguel was afraid of exactly this happening. Miguel knows that someone was with her after he left, and he wants to know who that was. When she looks at the backdoor and sees Julian motioning for her to keep quiet, she says nothing.

Paloma thinks of the magical night that she had. She is alone now, out in the night, dreaming of the time she had with Noah. She knows how she wishes it were with him. It could have been so much more romantic than it was. She wishes that he didn't end it. She turns and finds Noah behind her. Maybe her dream night doesn't have to end after all. He has something for her.

Whitney is frantic. She tells Theresa that Rae was murdered in the back room. Simone is truly wrecked. Whitney hopes that they find this criminal and make him pay. Simone knows what happened here. She knows that Luis had the opportunity, and Rae was clutching Luis's necklace in her hand as she was dying. Luis says that he was with Fancy the whole night. Simone knows that Fancy was alone in the main dining room. Both Luis and Rae were missing at the same time. Luis tells how Rae called and wanted Luis and Fancy to come and see her to talk about the murder. Simone knows that her love was killed for trying to expose Luis, and then she was murdered. "You murdered my Rae. You murdered the one good thing in my life."

Paloma waits expectantly for the thing that Noah has for her, but all it is is her cellphone. She left it at the bar. He has something else for her, for Valentine's Day. She likes the idea of that, but he told her already that she is too young for him. He thinks that maybe the problem is that he is too old. He did get her something, though, even though all the shops were closed. He pulls a teddy bear out of his jacket and she laughs. He wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day, and he thinks that she is sexy and they are about to kiss when she sees the Peeping Tom Rapist taking off. She is a police officer and feels that it is her duty to handle this. She runs off, and Noah runs after her.

Whitney tells Theresa how Jared showed up and she found him and Ethan fighting. Theresa has some news of her own. She shows Whitney the message that she received. Whitney sees that Gwen is playing tricks. Theresa isn't sure that this is from Gwen. She doesn't know what to think. Theresa can't figure this out. She has no idea how anyone found this out.

Simone calls Luis a murderer, but he denies that he did this. Simone heard about the rape charges too. Fancy knows that Simone is only saying what she says because of hurt. Simone has to believe this. Luis's medal was in Rae's hand. The last time that Luis remembers seeing that medal was in Fancy's room. He didn't even see Rae tonight. Sam goes to Luis who keeps saying that he hasn't any idea how any of this happened. "You know I would never do these awful things."

There are two glasses at the table, and that is why Miguel thinks that Jessica has been drinking. Jessica says that she didnít want people to think that she was alone on Valentine's Day so she had two glasses at the table. Julian is nearby and listens to the girl lie to her sister and Miguel. She remembers all that Julian had told her, and she continues to keep the secret that he was with her.

Spike is on the corner standing in the cold. Julian arrives and Spike is angry that Julian is mad at him for hitting Fox as hard as he did. He threatens to go to the cops about the old man. He knows that the cops would love to know that Julian paid him to hit Fox. Julian knows that Spike would go to jail as well, and he wouldn't risk that. He finds Spike incredibly stupid and assures that if Fox does, Spike will die too. Spike acts like he couldn't care less. Julian wonders what the world has come to if Spike is the best criminal that he can get to work with. Spike doesn't care what Julian thinks of him as long as he gets paid. Julian tells Spike that his wife is proving to be a problem, a problem that Spike might have to deal with. Spike understands now. Julian explains to Spike that Jessica has seen something that she shouldn't have and she keeps trying to talk about it, but luckily she is drunk most of the time. Spike heard about this. This is about the 'Fake Charity' and Miguel characters that Jessica was talking about. Julian wants Spike to handle Jessica and makes sure her mouth stays shut. CLICK. Spike's knife flies open, and he tells Julian that he hasn't anything to worry about. He knows how to keep his little wife's mouth shut.

Miguel tells the story again of the woman who was there and who was wearing the Charity mask. Kay listens but then isn't interested when Jessica tells both Kay and Miguel that she has no idea what they are talking about. Kay shakes her head in disgust at Miguel.

There is trouble when it is time to get Simone away from Rae's body. She has to be dragged off her as she cries. Luis wonders who did this. Whoever did knew that Rae was going to talk. Simone is on the stretcher over Rae, and she cries for her not to go.

The Peeping Tom Rapist runs and tumbles but manages to stay away from Paloma and one step ahead of her. Paloma comes into view now. Noah is behind her, and he almost gets shot when he walks up behind her. She warns him to get away from her and let her do her job. The Peeping Tom Rapist is hiding behind some wooden barrels, but he sees Paloma coming his way. She shouts for him to come out. She has him now. She holds her gun in a defensive manner as she inches forward.

Theresa tells Whitney again how she plans to tell Ethan the truth and how her dreams are going to be ripped away from her forever. Whitney is sorry that this happened. She really hopes that this isn't Gwen doing this. Theresa is sure that this is someone else. Someone else is threatening to let out the information about Little Ethan. Valerie walks by and says hello to Theresa and Whitney as she is walking. Theresa stops her and asks Valerie if she read the letter that she was given for the safe so long ago.

Jessica denies everything. Miguel begs her not to do this to her sister. She knows that this is important. Kay has no idea why she came down there that night. She saw Miguel, and she should just believe that. Miguel needs her to listen to him. He loves her, and he denies seeing Charity. Kay can't do that again. the truth isn't within him. Jessica smiles evilly. Kay gets a call on her cellphone. "I will be right there." She tells Miguel and Jessica that she has to go and see Fox. There has been a change in his condition. "Maybe he's dead," Jessica says. Kay thinks how Tabby said that someone was going to die that night. Miguel and Kay run off. "Now maybe Kay will know what it feels like," Jessica says.

Simone watches as the only woman that she has ever loved is taken out of the room. TC and Eve are there for her, to give her support. Fancy says that she was at the restaurant when Luis got the call, but she didn't hear the conversation that Luis had with Rae. Sam knows that Luis didn't do this, but the evidence is pointing to him. Luis knows that he is being set up.

Paloma figures out that the Peeping Tom Rapist is behind the barrel, and she suddenly charges it and knocks the barrel and the Peeping Tom Rapist over. He tries to run by her, and she puts her foot up to kick him in the crotch and send him flying over her head. She gets up in time to face him before he tosses a barrel at her. Noah turns the corner, but he isn't needed. Paloma has this under control. She uses her defensive techniques and gets the Peeping Tom Rapist knocked out cold. Noah finds that amazing. She tells him that she is a cop! This is her job, and she knows how to do it.

Valerie tells Theresa and Whitney that she didn't read the letter that Theresa is worried about. Theresa believes her and tells that she is glad that she has been having a great relationship with that editor Vincent. Valerie takes off. Theresa says that she really didnít think that Valerie did that to her. She is indebted to Theresa for getting her the really great job promotions that she has had over the years. Well, whoever is doing this is going to be caught because Theresa isn't letting her brothers suffer in prison for nothing.

Jessica feels terrible. She screwed her sister over big time. She keeps drinking, but soon her conscience gets the best of her, and she decides that she has to tell Kay the truth.

Vincent comes over to see Theresa and Whitney, saying that Valerie said that something seems to be bothering Theresa. Theresa tells Vincent that he should remind Valerie that anything that goes on with her boss is confidential. Theresa asks the tabloid editor if he has heard any rumors around town that are interesting. Vincent sits and decides to level with the ladies. "No, I haven't heard anyone whispering about you recently. And let me tell you, if there's something negative out there about you, I'll be the first to know." Vincent leaves. Theresa has an idea. She is going to put Vincent on the payroll. He knows everything before it happens. "I think that Vincent could be a very big help to me," Theresa says.

As far as Kay is concerned, Miguel hasnít proven anything. She sees a taxi and runs off. Miguel will not stop. He will find proof to get Kay back.

Jessica is running out of the restaurant when she bumps into that slug of a husband of hers. She tells him that she has to go see Kay and tell her the truth about the imposters in town. Jessica hasn't said anything yet to Kay. She wasn't going to talk because Julian convinced her that she shouldn't do that. She tries to rush out, but Spike grabs her. He wants to go for a walk with her. She leaves the restaurant ahead of him, and he holds back and takes out his knife. CLICK!

Theresa tells Whitney about the memory stick and how it is missing. That is where all the information that J.T. had was stored. Whoever has that stick probably is the one blackmailing her. Someone has that stick, and Theresa will use Vincent to find out who that is. Then she will put a stop to all this.

Sam wants to talk to Simone some more, but Eve begs that Simone just be allowed to go home. Simone tells Luis that she promises that she will make him pay for this. Her parents hurry her out of there. Luis has known Simone since she was born. He plans to find the guy who did this. His cellphone rings, and he answers to Paloma. She has her foot on the Peeping Tom Rapist. "I'm on 31st street, two blocks from the Blue Note. Hurry!" Luis turns to Fancy and Sam and passes on the good news. They hurry to meet Paloma who has captured the Peeping Tom Rapist!

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