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Passions Update Monday 2/12/07--Canada; Tuesday 2/13/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay sees Paloma all dressed up and loves it. She looks grown up. Paloma tells her that she has been spending time with Noah, and Kay loves that. Paloma is trying to convince Noah that she is over Roberto and that she is old enough for him. Kay knows that relationships are full of problems. Kay can relate. Fox is in a coma right now, and Miguel is all over the place. Kay is so confused. She was ready to end her relationship with Fox to be with Miguel, but she saw him with Charity in the shed. She knows now that Miguel is lying, though, because of the videotape at the hospital. It shows Miguel kissing Charity, and he can't deny it. Julian is hiding by a tree in the corner, and he hears everything that Kay is saying.

Miguel and Jessica are at the dive where they wait to be served. Jessica suddenly sees the girl who took off her Charity mask one night by the wharf. No one believed her and thought that she was making it up, hallucinating or just too drunk to know what she was seeing. Miguel knows that this is his one chance to prove that he hasn't been lying to Kay. This girl has to be the answer to all his problems. If he can prove that he has been set up with Charity, then it won't be a stretch to understand that he could have been set up by the Cranes.

Ethan finds Jared with flowers in his hands, on his way to see Theresa. That immediately angers Ethan. He met the man in the street and demanded to know where he was going with those flowers. Jared answers him but hasn't anything more to say on the subject. Especially to Ethan. He starts trying to get by Ethan and on his way, but that doesn't happen. Ethan gets in his way to stop the man from going to Theresa. He has other plans for Jared, and they don't include Theresa.

Theresa figures that JT must have told Gwen the truth about Little Ethan, and now she is using it. Theresa can't understand why Gwen would wait this long to use the truth. Theresa has to save her brothers, and she needs this money and power to do it. Julian is as evil as his father, and Theresa knows it. She has to save her brothers, and then she can let the truth come out. Pilar has an idea. She knows that Rebecca knows everything that is going on with Gwen.

Simone sits on the ground in the stockroom with Rae's head in her lap. "She is dead! Somebody killed her!" Simone cries. Luis will call an ambulance for Rae. He leaves Fancy and Simone in the stockroom. Simone cries as she asks who would want to hurt her. Fancy asks Simone if she said anything about a rapist. Simone knows nothing about that. "She said she knew something, but she didn't want to put me in danger by telling me." Fancy understands that. At the tiny window leading outside, the Peeping Tom Rapist watches and listens as the two girls talk. He chuckles. Now Rae can't say anything about what she knew.

Ethan tells Jared that he should just leave Theresa alone. Ethan sees that Jared hasn't done anything but cause trouble. Jared won't let Ethan tell him what to do. He tells Ethan to back off and stop jumping into Theresa's bed whenever he gets the chance. He knows that Ethan doesn't really love Theresa and only likes keeping her on a string. "You make me sick!" Jared says.

Theresa and Pilar go to Rebecca and confront her about the text message. Rebecca says that she knows nothing of a text message. She has no idea if Gwen sent a message to Theresa or not. Theresa will not be blackmailed by Gwen. Rebecca asks if the information will be damaging to Theresa if it gets out. Theresa says that Rebecca knows that this is dangerous, and she should stop pretending. Pilar smiles. Rebecca knows nothing. "Obviously Gwen doesn't trust her mother enough to tell her what she did."

Whitney comes to her sister and asks what happened. Simone tells her that she was dancing and they were having fun and then Simone found her lover dead like this. Simone begs her mother to bring Rae back to life. Luis and Fancy watch from the doorway and try to piece together why Rae would be in the stockroom of all places. Simone keeps crying and begging her mother to fix this and make it better again.

Kay and Paloma agree that Miguel wouldn't normally do the things that he is being accused of. Jessica thinks about that night when she saw 'Fake Charity' pull the mask off her face. She jumps out of her chair now and shouts at 'Fake Charity'. "Hey you! I know who you are!" She and Miguel get to their feet and hustle out of that restaurant, chasing the stranger, who instinctively runs. Miguel proves to be too fast for her and he catches her easily. He shouts to Jessica that he has her!

Miguel holds the fighting girl until Jessica runs up and tells Miguel that he is holding the wrong girl. He lets go of the woman, who threatens to call the police…'Fake Charity' is watching from behind a corner, and she realizes that she has screwed up and has to call Julian right away. Miguel and Jessica are really upset that they couldn't find the girl and hold her for Kay. Miguel says that they should go to the charity at the Blue Note and talk to Kay about this. Jessica doesn't want to go there. Spike will get angry with her. Miguel hasn't got time to argue with Jessica, and so he gives her money so she can eat in the restaurant and wait for him to return with Kay. He leaves, and Jessica decides that she really needs a drink. She can't live with herself without one.

Jared sees that Ethan plays a cruel game with Theresa. Ethan says that he isn't playing and that Theresa responds to him. He wonders why Theresa took off Jared's engagement ring if she wanted him that badly. "Where's the ring?"

Rebecca denies that she doesn't know what is really going on with Gwen. Theresa and Pilar challenge her to tell what she knows, but she can't do it. Once alone, Rebecca hits speed dial and calls Gwen. "Why didn't you tell me that you figured out Theresa's secret, huh, and why didn't you tell me that you were sending her a threatening text message?" Gwen denies sending anything to Theresa. Now they both wonder who did this.

Simone watches as her mother looks Rae over…Sam arrives, and Luis and Fancy tell him all that has happened. He goes deeper into the room and finds Eve having finished her examination of the body. "She's gone…" Simone cries for her loved one and falls to the floor beside her in grief. Out by the window to the room, the Peeping Tom Rapist listens as the group discusses the killing. He takes out his knife now and rubs the blade back and forth across his opened palm, which is covered by a leather glove.

Paloma says that her brother isn't a liar and so Kay should believe him. Miguel arrives and tells Kay that he has the proof that she needs.

Ethan tells Jared to get the hell out of Harmony and leave Theresa alone. Jared won't leave Theresa and let Ethan screw up her life. Ethan and Jared come to blows and start fighting in the street.

Gwen doesn't care anything about this. She is done. Rebecca doesn't want to hear this. This is her baby's chance to have Ethan back, but Gwen doesn't want Ethan. She wants a man who loves her and only her. Ethan will be served divorce papers the following day. It is too late. Pilar saw right through Rebecca, and she didn't know anything about what her daughter was up to. Theresa finds this very strange. Rebecca is usually her daughter's partner in crime. Theresa gets afraid when she realizes that someone else knows her secret. She needs to find out, unless…Theresa figures that someone has read her letter. She put that letter in the safe at Crane and no one should have access to those letters. "Who could it be?" …Behind a potted plant, the Peeping Tom Rapist is listening. He remembers going into the office that day and reading the letter that Valerie misplaced. "I know who it is, Theresa," the Peeping Tom Rapist whispers to himself.

Luis tells Sam that Eve hypnotized him and Fancy and there is a chance that the Peeping Tom Rapist is a woman. Sam can only going by the DNA and it points to Luis. At least this time, Luis knows that he won't be accused of this. He was with Fancy, and she's been with him. Simone doesn't remember things that way. She saw Fancy in the club at one point, and Luis wasn't around. Fancy was by herself. Luis was nowhere to be found.

Miguel explains that Jessica saw the people who took off their masks. They were pretending to be Miguel and Charity. Miguel says that he and Kay saw the woman who did this tonight. Kay isn't sure that she believes this but even if she did, why would the woman stay in town? Miguel hasn't got the answers, but Paloma really wants to check this out. Miguel and Kay run out to check things out.

Julian enters a restaurant and sees his target. Jessica sits with her back to him as he enters the dump. Julian goes to Jessica and sits at the booth. She is surprised to see him there. This isn't exactly his style. "Hmm -- Clams Casino. Delicious, if you haven't tried it," he tells Jessica. He talks about Grace and her mother dying. Jessica's life has taken such a tragic turn. "You must hate Kay so much." Jessica doesn't really feel that way. but then Julian goes into details about what Kay did and that gets Jessica thinking. "If your mother hadn't left, you'd be the one celebrating this big, beautiful wedding, not Kay." He knows that if she hated Kay, no one would hate her. Jessica denies that she hates her sister. That is what Julian says he would expect her to say. "It's a pity. My, my, your life would have been so different." Jessica 's brow is wrinkled now as she thinks over things a little more.

Julian orders some Clams Casino, but he doesn't eat them. He suggests that Jessica have some wine, and she timidly decides to have a glass. "I did hate Kay when I first found out she knew that Ivy lied about my mom having another husband before she met my dad." Jessica suddenly decides that Kay doesn't care about anyone else's feelings. Julian reminds her that Kay did get all the happiness and that Jessica got all the pain.

Miguel has Kay at the restaurant and is ready to have her talk to Jessica again about the 'Fake Charity' and Miguel. They enter the restaurant, and the smile leaves their faces immediately.

Whitney finds Jared and Ethan fighting and she gets between then to stop the fighting. Whitney shouts at the men that this really has to stop.

Gwen tells her mother how she plans to take Jane and get away from Ethan once and for all. It is done. It is over, and she doesn't want to talk about this anymore. She hangs up. Rebecca might not be able to stop Gwen from giving up, but she can do her best to handle Theresa. She will find out what this secret is and blow Theresa out of the water…Theresa can 't think who this other person is that knows her secret. Pilar has no idea. Theresa can't let this person win. She won't!

In the stockroom, Simone tells how Luis wasn't with Fancy. Simone saw Fancy alone at some point. Luis admits that he was away from Fancy, but only for a minute. Eve sees something in Rae's hand and pulls it out. "That's not Rae's," Simone says. Sam inspects the necklace closes and sees that it has Luis's name on it. "That's not mine," Luis says. He feels around his neck but the necklace is gone. Simone looks at Luis with a new look in her eye. She knows how this all happened. "You killed Rae!"

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