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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay goes to the charity event, and Simone knows that has to be hard for her to leave Fox to come there. She has to make a choice about what to do about her life, and she hates that.

Jessica arrives at a dive and falls down. The owner sees that Jessica is drunk and refuses to serve her. Jessica wants food, but the woman won't even give her that. Miguel comes in and tells the woman that Jessica is with him. The woman offers them a table then since Miguel is sober and of so cute. Miguel takes Jessica to a table and pours her into a chair. "Shouldn't you be off doing Charity?" Jessica asks.

'Fake Charity' is in bed watching TV, and she gets a call from Julian. He has wired money to her and expects her to carry out her job. She tells the man that she appreciates the money, but that she really hates what she is doing to Kay. She remembers kissing Miguel with the mask on. "God forgive me."

Chad can't help thinking of his 'Special Friend' and how he threatens. The last time that Chad tried to call the man, he wouldn't answer. Whitney pulls Chad now to get him back to the party. Theresa is alone, and she worries about recent developments. She tells her mother that the whole family is in trouble. Luis and Fancy arrive at the Blue Note to meet Rae, and they look around for her…

Rae finds the Peeping Tom Rapist in the back of the club, and she calls to him. He keeps running from Rae, but she follows. She sees the room where the Peeping Tom Rapist goes, and she enters. The room is dark. Rae turns on the light, and the Peeping Tom Rapist comes out of hiding. He doesn't says a word, and now he stands boldly before her and clenches his fist as she talks to him. "I know who your are. Luis is on his way to arrest you. I know what you have done!" He takes steps towards her now. First one, then another. Then he is clenching his fists again as he advances on her.

Whitney thinks that Chris was the one who sent her the champagne. He is sorry, but it isn't him. He only has eyes for Sheridan. Theresa tells her mother that Gwen text messaged her and she knows about Little Ethan. She said that if Theresa goes after Ethan, she will reveal Little Ethan's paternity. Pilar doesn't see the big deal. She feels that the money and power doesn't matter when compared to Little Ethan having a father of his very own, and Ethan having his real son.

Jessica asks why Miguel keeps having push-push with Charity. Miguel denies all that. Jessica doesn't believe that Kay and Simone were drunk and imagined that they saw that. Miguel knows what the truth is. He is more interested now in why it is that Jessica drinks so much. She shares that she drinks because it dulls the pain. Miguel can't believe that she and Kay are sisters sometimes. Jessica has to agree. She can't believe the things that Kay has done to their family. Miguel knows that the two sisters have both done things. Miguel says that Charity kissed him, and he lied to spare her pain and then he got caught. Now Kay is angry and hurt, and Miguel is at fault. He can't understand why love is so complicated. She tells him that it doesn't have to be. "Let her be Fox's beautiful wife and soon-to-be-widow. I will do the rest." Miguel doesn't understand. She holds Miguel's face and plants a wet one on him while he struggles to get free.

Simone and Kay have another debate about Miguel, and they still can't come to an agreement…Noah sees Fancy coming to the bar and he is at a loss for words because he heard what happened to her…Luis comes to Simone looking for Rae. Simone has no idea where Rae is right now. They were dancing and then she ran off. She said that she would be back soon. Luis shows where he will be sitting and asks that Rae be sent there when she returns. Luis goes to his table and Fancy meets him there. Luis can't help feeling that the bad things that are happening, are all happening for a reason.

Rae feels that she should have thought about this sooner. The first time that the Peeping Tom Rapist attacked Fancy, Rae should have known, but now she has figured it out, and she knows that the Peeping Tom Rapist will be put away for the rest of his life. Rae knows that she has the Peeping Tom Rapist rapist where she wants him. She backs up slowly as she talks to the man and spells out what is going to happen to him. "There's nothing that you can do to stop me from turning you into Luis!" CLICK! The Peeping Tom Rapist has his gun out, and in the blink of an eye, the blade stands at attention. The self-assured look that Rae once had is suddenly gone.

Whitney hopes that her husband isn't jealous over her secret admirer. Chad plays her little game and lets her think that he believes her story. "It is Valentine's Day"…He thinks of the evening they are going to have later in bed. Whitney thinks that something is wrong with Chris and Sheridan. She just had a feeling. Chris and Sheridan dance now on the dance floor…Chris thinks how he was lucky to be married to Sheridan or she might be with Luis right now…Chris tries to engage Sheridan in conversation but she doesn't pay a lot of attention to him and that concerns him…He knows that she is looking around, trying to see where Luis is. Chris tells her that Luis and Fancy will be fine. Sheridan gets angry that he thinks that. She can't see how he could think that Luis and Fancy could be fine when they have been through all that they have. She wants to go and see Luis and Fancy to se how their investigation is going. Chris had no idea bout the 'Sexual Assault' and thinks that is just terrible. Luis and Fancy are sitting and she suggests that he go and look for Rae. Luis touches her and she flinches. Chris and Sheridan are near the table and see the reaction that Fancy has to Luis. Luis promises Fancy that he will make the man pay. Sheridan looks down to the floor. She and Chris hear when Fancy tells Luis that even if they do find the Peeping Tom Rapist, it still might be impossible for her to be with him as his girl. Sheridan smiles.

In the back room, Rae sees the danger that is before her, and the Peeping Tom Rapist keeps coming. "Get away from me!" she shouts, but he ignores her and keeps coming. She is up against the wall now. There isn't anywhere else for her to back up to. She uses both hands and grabs the wrist of the Peeping Tom Rapist and swings him around so that he is slammed chest first into the brick wall that she was just up against. She holds his wrist with one hand and his mask with the other and she slams them into the wall to get the man to drop the knife. The career criminal grunts and groans with each slam into the wall. "Drop it!" Rae orders. "Drop it!"

Noah tells his sister that she has to listen to her heart and trust that. It was the same thing that happened with Fancy, but she didn’t choose to believe him. Kay knows that funny stuff could be going on since the Cranes own the hospital, but still Miguel admitted that he lied about kissing Charity. That means that he could have lied about the sex with Charity.

Miguel pushes Jessica off him and she offers herself to him. She doesn't want to be the woman that he loves, just the woman he makes love to. She tries to climb on him again, but he fights her off. The owner of the dive comes over and asks if there is any trouble. Miguel tells her that things are fine and so the lady goes on her break. Miguel can see that Jessica is really not happy with her life. He knows that she can fix things for herself. She talks now of when she saw Charity and Miguel taking off their masks.

Julian told 'Fake Charity' to stay hidden and out of sight but she has no idea why she needs to do that when no one knows who she is anyway.

Theresa tells her mother how she will not be able to help Luis and Miguel if she gives up the Crane power and money. Luis doesn't understand why Fancy feels they can't be together anymore. Sheridan smiles, but Chris feels they should leave and give Luis and Fancy the privacy they obviously need. Fancy tells Luis that she can't be with him. She thinks that he needs to be with someone else.

In the back room at the Blue Note, Rae has things under control, until the Peeping Tom Rapist uses all his strength and pushes backwards, sending her to the ground on her face. She is on her way to standing up when the Peeping Tom Rapist comes to her again. He grabs a clump of her hair in a fist and drags her to her feel. He holds the knife around her neck, from behind. "DIE BITCH!" he shouts. She takes her elbow and JAMS it into his ribs, and he has no choice but to let go. She gives him another hard on, but this one is to the face and it's lights out for the Peeping Tom Rapist. He crumples to the floor now unconscious. "I told you not to mess with me! When you get up, you will be in jail. Now I will get Luis."

Whitney can't stop thinking about Chris and Sheridan not getting along. "What if Chris is cheating on Sheridan?" Chad loses it and wonders why she came up with that idea. She can't understand his reaction until he tells that he really hated it when he was accused of cheating. The truth is that she is the only woman that he loves.

Chris is suspicious of Sheridan but she says that she only wants to see Luis cleared of these ridiculous charges. Chris settles down then. Sheridan stares at Luis and Fancy now, and Chris is not happy again…Theresa tells her mother of the pickle that her brothers are in and explains that the money that she has will be important to her brothers getting free. Luis tells Fancy that she is the most incredible woman in the world to him and he loves her and that will be the thing that gets them through this. She wonders if this will be enough for them to be together after all. Maybe there is a chance for them.

In the back room, Rae the victor makes her way to the door. She gets her hand on the knob when she feels something behind her. It is the Peeping Tom Rapist. He isn't unconscious after all and he is right up against her…behind her…There is something else. The knife is in her back and it stays there now on its own. She turns back into the room…speechless…She first falls to her knees. Then flat on her face… "You aren't gonna tell Luis nothin'," Peeping Tom Rapist promises. He stands over Rae now with the knife sticking up, out of her back!

Whitney goes to freshen up and Chad gets on the cellphone and argues with the 'Special Friend'. "What we had was great but it is over…Don't you threaten me…You wouldn't do that…Okay, I will meet you later…" Chad turns and Whitney is behind him. "Who are you talking to? Who are you going to meet later?" …Pilar understands Theresa's way of thinking, but it is so frustrating. Still, good will come from Theresa waiting to talk to Ethan about his son. She prays that some evidence will come to light to free Luis so he can be with Fancy.

'Fake Charity' is bored and starts looking for the Room Service menu. She finds it, but she is sick of eating there by herself all the time. No one will know who she is. "Without that mask, no one will know that she is really Charity."

Jessica is hungry and Miguel calls for the waitress. She will be with them in a minute. She has cash in her hand that she has to give to the health inspector out back. Miguel starts talking again of trying to figure out how to prove to Kay that she has been listening to lies, so that she will come back to him.

Kay feels terrible for cheating on her husband on their wedding night. Kay still doesn't believe that Miguel hit Fox. Yes, he said some things that sounded inflammatory, but that is all that it was. Kay is confused and hasn't any idea what to think about all this. Simone thinks that Noah is right about Kay following her heart. Maybe in time things will look clearer. Simone had issues like this with Rae, but now things are great. "I love her so much, and I don't know what I would do without her." Kay thinks that Rae has been gone for a long time. Luis and Fancy are there at the restaurant, but Rae isn't with them.

"Simone," Rae cries. "Simone…" The Peeping Tom Rapist stands over her body…SKLERP! He pulls his knife out of Rae's back and looks it over before concealing it. "Simone won't be able to help you. In a few minutes, you will be dead." The Peeping Tom Rapist turns on his heel and walks out of the back room. Rae continues moaning and moaning, but now she is alone. She moves less and less as the seconds roll by.

Jessica turns and is immediately sober. "It's her! It's her!" Miguel asks what Jessica is talking about. "That is the lady that I saw take off the Charity mask!"

Chad says that he has to go to work and sign some papers. Whitney will come with him, but first she will just go and finish freshening up. She runs off. Chad gets back on the phone and tells his significant brother that he almost got caught by Whitney talking just now…Theresa lays out how the plan will work to save her brothers and keep Gwen off her back…Luis and Fancy are getting impatient. They get up to go and go to look for her…

Meanwhile, Simone has come looking for Rae. She has been gone a long time. "Rae? Rae? Are you here?" She finds the open room and where the Peeping Tom Rapist has left Rae bleeding to death and she runs to her true love and calls to her crying and screaming/ Luis and Fancy hear the noise and think immediately that has to be Simone. They run to the back room and find Simone holding her lover's head up calling to her, and crying because Rae doesn't move. "She's dead! She's dead!" Simone cries. "She was murdered!"

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