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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Tabitha put Endora to bed and Kay comes in to find them. Tabitha goes into the hall with Kay and gets the news about what Miguel has been up to most recently. Tabitha is sorry about all this but the big Kahuna is walking the streets tonight. "Death is coming to harvest a mortal's life tonight!"

The Peeping Tom Rapist is in a room and he takes out some pictures of the citizens of Harmony. He finds one of Luis and Sheridan and puts it in his pocket. "Oh, the vermin is going to pay," the Peeping Tom Rapist says in a raspy voice.

Luis is under the influence and he sees himself in the Princess Room. Eve asks him who it is that he sees. "Stop that," Luis says. Who are you?" Eve and Fancy stare at each other concerned…

Sheridan looks at a picture of Fancy and Luis and she tells herself that things are never going to work out for these two. "And you don’t want it to, do you?" Sheridan turns to find Chris behind her entering the room.

At the Blue Note, Ivy slaps Julian hard in the face. She is angry that Julian is hosting this benefit at the Blue Note instead of being at the hospital with their son. Rae is upset with Simone. It seems that she is ashamed of their relationship and won't kiss in public. Noah sees a gorgeous brunette nearby and watches as she takes off her coat. He hopes that the front of her is as good as the back. He goes to offer his services as a bartender to the young lady, and when she turns around, Noah is shocked. "You?" Chad enters the Blue Note with Whitney and Theresa on each arm. He walks off and leaves the ladies once he has seen them in the club. Theresa and Whitney start whispering about Theresa's situation and what she is going to do about Ethan. Is she going to tell him? "Tell me what?" The girls turn to find Ethan walking up behind them.

Ivy is glad that she slapped Julian. He has been a rotten father. Julian has been teaching their son to plot and scheme so that Fox can end up with Kay Bennett. It is Paloma that Noah has been staring at all along, and he can't get over how grown up she looks. "Oh, so I don't look like a little girl?" she asks. TC has come to his daughter's table, and she and Rae are stunned that TC is not angry seeing them together. He and Rae hug, and Rae assures TC that she has been taking care of his daughter. Ethan wants to know what Theresa and Whitney were going to talk to him about. Rebecca shows up and needs to talk to her sister-in-law. She and Ethan walk off alone. Ethan turns to look at Theresa, though, and he thinks about this huge thing that Theresa has to tell him. He wishes that she would trust him. Theresa has decided to hold on to the Crane power until her brothers are free. "Family comes first."

Luis is really disturbed. He is still in his trance, uncovering his subconscious. "It's a woman! It's a woman!" Luis says. Fancy is so confused. She knows that the Peeping Tom Rapist has to be a man. "I am so confused." When the Peeping Tom Rapist gets his syringe out, Luis grabs his neck. Eve goes to look and finds a red mark on Luis's neck, as if it were made by a hypodermic needle…

Sheridan can't see how Luis and Fancy can be happy. She tells Chris that she just doesn't see how that can happen. Chris can see her point after all that has happened to the couple. Chris would like to take Sheridan out, but she wants to just stay home. He sees a paper on the table and moves it. "No!" Sheridan says. He finds a hypodermic needle under the paper. "What is that?" he asks.

Endora has been tucked in now, and so Tabitha leaves the room. Endora isn't sleeping. She dreams of the visit by the Scissor Sisters, and she wants to have that again. ZAP! The Scissor Sisters appear at the Blue Note, and Endora takes herself there as well with the zap of her hand. She ends up on the dance floor in a very fashionable toddler disco dress. Also, Scissor Sisters the group appears on a stage. Someone from the dance floor sees the group and starts shouting at them. "Hey, there is that kid again!" one of the band members shouts. The crowd is getting rowdy now and wants the group to play and so Scissor Sisters swings into action. Endora knew they would, and she gives a knowing smile Scissor Sisters sing while the crowd dances to the beat….Endora twirls on the dance floor to the music. Suddenly, ZAP! The two lead singers disappear in a flash of pink smoke! Then ZAP! The singers return to the stage and continue singing. They walk into the crowd and come out again as they sing…"Don't feel like dancin', dancin' rather be home with no one when I can't get down with you…" The song is over, and the singers want to get out of there, but they don't know where they are…ZAP! Scissor Sisters' CD plays now for the club. "What's with the little girl," some woman asks on the dance floor. "Must be a midget," her friend answers…

TC and the girls get back to their conversation, and Julian accidentally trips, spilling his drink on the table. TC gets up and slugs the man, sending him to the ground. "Some things never change," TC says. Chad tells his 'Special Friend' on the phone that it is over and that he loves his wife. Rebecca begs Ethan to call Gwen and make up with her…"That is if you really want her back. Ethan can't help looking over Rebecca's shoulder to the bar where Theresa stands talking to her best friend.

Luis is taken out of the trance, and they all try to figure this thing out. There seems to have been a woman involved, but the only medical woman they know is Eve…

Sheridan lies to Chris saying that she had allergies when she was a child and used the needles and that she just found one hanging around. She wanted to dispose of it before James found it. Chris buys her story and leaves the room. Sheridan takes the needle and jams it into the picture of Luis and Fancy.

Paloma flirts with Noah and asks him if he could imagine going out with her now, one adult to another. Julian hasn't gotten off the floor yet. Ivy goes to help him. While he is helping him up, Endora sees that her daddy has seen her dancing to the beat on the dance floor. ZAP! She gets herself out of there and over to an empty table. She looks at her image in a shiny tray and likes it. Julian thinks that he has seen Endora but now that he has looked again, he sees nothing before him. "I think that I am seeing things."…Chad is angry now. His 'Special Friend' threatens him and he hates that. "You wouldn't dare!" he shouts into his cellphone. He suddenly hangs up the cellphone and walks off…Whitney is sure that in the back of her mind somewhere her friend has to be terrified that Gwen will just show up and destroy all the dreams that seem to be coming true for her. Theresa couldn't care less, she says. She isn't worried about Gwen at all. Rebecca has gotten Gwen on the phone and she orders Ethan to talk to her. Ethan makes no move to take the phone. "Talk to her!" Ethan takes the phone from Rebecca now and speaks into it while Rebecca watches.

Tabitha is talking to Kay when she gets a vision of her daughter dancing. She runs to the stairs and Kay follows her.

Meanwhile, Endora is at the Blue Note talking to Scissor Sisters. She tells them that they met before at her house. Suddenly, Endora hears her mummy calling for her on her way up the stairs. Endora has to go. She spins out of there and disappears in a puff of smoke. Scissor Sisters finds these hallucinations to be stranger and stranger. ZAP! Then they are gone.

Julian and Ivy are in the storage room and they talk. They warm up to each other now as they talk about their children, and then they are kissing, tearing off their clothes…

Simone says that she doesn't like to be affectionate in public as people might use her as a target. Rae tells Simone that she just thought of something as Simone was talking about hiding who she is. "I think that I know who Fancy's attacker is. I have to make a call to be sure first." Rae rushes off.

Fancy wonders if she has had two attackers. One male and one female. That hardly seems possible. Eve takes Fancy to do some paperwork, and they leave Luis alone. Rae calls Luis and tells him that she has to talk to him about the attacker. She has come up with something about the attacker's identity, and she thinks that he will want to hear what she has to say. Luis looks hopeful. Luis wants Rae to just tell him the news now, but she can't do it over the phone. She tells him to come to the Blue Note to see her. He will do that. His phone rings as soon as he hangs it up. "Rae?" Sheridan is surprised that Luis answers his phone. She is upset when she hears that Rae has news about the attacker. Luis tells says he and Fancy are heading to the Blue Note to see Rae for information. Sheridan finds that very interesting.

At the Blue Note, someone sends, champagne over to Chad and Whitney's table. Whitney thinks that she has an admirer, buy Chad knows exactly who sent this to their table, and it isn't an admirer for Whitney. Ethan hands Rebecca the phone. Gwen hangs up on him. She didn't want to talk to him at all…Theresa is in the hall to the ladies room. She hears her phone ringing. It is a text message from Gwen.

Gwen can't understand why lately every time that she is alone with Julian they have sex. "You certainly…BLOW…hot and cold," he says to her. She assures him that this will not happen again.

Sheridan tells her husband that she has changed her mind. She wants to go out and show off her gorgeous husband. She runs to get dressed. Chris picks up the phone and dials. He wonders if Sheridan's change of mind to go out has to do with Luis. He puts the phone to his ear…

Luis and Fancy are together again and they are ready to head over to the Blue Note to meet Rae.

Simone and Rae are dancing on the dance floor when Rae sees people that she didn't think should be there. She leaves Simone and offers to meet her at the table later…Paloma flirts madly with Noah telling him there is more to her than he thinks. Simone goes to the table where her father is waiting. He tells Simone that he is happy with her relationship as long as she is happy with it. Chad is on the phone, angry that his 'Special Friend' won't answer the phone. He keeps leaving messages. Whitney comes over to tell Chad that she has figured out who her secret admirer is. Rebecca has an idea and wants Ethan to come with her. She knows that she can fix things with Ethan and his wife. Theresa contemplates reading Gwen's message or just deleting it. She decides to read it. 'I know your secret. Ethan is really Little Ethan's father. If you pursue Ethan, you will lose your power and your son. I will make sure that your brothers go to jail for life.'

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