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Passions Update Wednesday 2/7/07 -- Canada; Thursday 2/8/07 -- USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay can't take Miguel's lies anymore. Miguel plans to take Kay to Charity and get her to tell what he just said. He drags her out of the hospital.

"I gave up the Broadway show, WICKED to do this for you," 'Fake Charity' tells Julian in the halls of the hospital. He sets about paying her off for a job well done.

Miguel continues to drag Kay through the hospital to the exit so that he can find Charity and set Kay straight.

Tabitha makes Endora go upstairs for a bit. She turns back to the big blue pot and hears screaming. Fancy is being hypnotized and is reliving her attacks…Luis wants Eve to stop this, but Eve wants to continue. It is the only way to save Luis and get more information on the attacker. Eve turns to Fancy now and tells her that she is safe and only in the doctor's office…Fancy thinks about how the attacker first came to her at the stakeout and accosted her in the snow…Fancy has some real symptoms to the attack now, and Luis and Eve watch in horror as Fancy tries to scream with her own hand over her face.

Chad and Whitney stand by and wait for Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Chad thinks they should stop Theresa. She is going to lose all her money and power if the truth about Little Ethan comes out. Whitney thinks that they should let Theresa finally get this out…Theresa is with Ethan across the room, and she starts talking about the thing that she has to share with him that she has been wanting to tell him about for a very long time now.

Ethan is getting impatient now…Theresa thinks about what she really wants. She sees Ethan with her in her mind. They are in their bedroom. They are committed parents and lovers. She would thank him for forgiving her. He would know the truth and just be glad that they share a son. He takes control, but she stops him and tells him that she wants to be the one to take control for a bit. She would get the hot oil and make him roll over on his stomach, while she applies the liquid to his back. He would love it. "K-Y 2 in 1" The ointment would tingle, and Ethan would find this to be the best massage that he had ever had. Theresa smiles now as she thinks about that. Ethan calls to her and asks her what it is that she wanted to talk about. Chad tells Ethan and Theresa to hold on to their talk for a minute. He and Whitney will be right back. Chad takes Whitney out of the room, and they debate whether Theresa getting her dreams is worth Miguel and Luis going to prison. Whitney is sure that Miguel and Luis will get free somehow. Chad knows that in Harmony, with most of the people on the Crane payroll, the chances of Luis and Miguel getting out from under their charges without the help of Crane money is pretty much impossible. Whitney gives in. She will do things Chad's way. They return to the room and see Ethan and Theresa hugging. Whitney feels that they are too late. Looks like Theresa and Ethan have already talked about Little Ethan.

Luis and Eve watch as Fancy has anxiety over her memories. Eve tells Fancy to settle down. She reminds her that she is just in the doctor's office. Fancy is calm again. She goes back to her memories…The attacker gets her on the bed and climbs on top of her…Fancy has her eyes closed, and from her chair, she shouts, "Stop him! Stop him!"

'Fake Charity' tells Julian that she thought that she had seen all there was to see about the dark side through her agent, but Julian seems to have that guy beat by a mile. Now Julian has passed his lack of humanity to his son in the process. Julian's response to that critique is to have a swig from his metal booze can while she yammers on at him. 'Fake Charity' has her real face showing, and if one were to see her, the resemblance to Charity would only be minimal. The mask that transforms her is in her shoulder bag now, but it does stick out a little bit. As 'Fake Charity' and Julian are speaking, Miguel and Kay turn the corner and see Julian and what seems to be Charity from the back. "Hey! Charity!" Miguel shouts out. 'Fake Charity' recognizes that voice. She doesn't turn around. "What do we do now?" she asks Julian. The mask she wore continues to stick out of her shoulder bag.

Tabitha finds that Harmony is falling apart. Hes are turning into shes. Someone's holding out, and she want to know who. Loud music plays in the other room, and Tabitha calls to Endora that she is supposed to be in bed and not up playing music. Tabitha runs to the other room and finds Scissor Sisters singing in the living room…LIVE! Endora shows her mother that CD of the band and Tabitha suddenly understands.

'Fake Charity' turns and Miguel sees that it isn't Charity after all. "Have we met?" 'Fake Charity' says that she would have remembered him. He is such a hunk. "What is your name?" 'Fake Charity' says her name is Carla. She holds her shoulder bag behind her back. The face of the mask can be seen protruding from the bag behind her back.

Fancy stays under the influence of Eve's hypnotic powers, and she says that she went to do the stakeout against Sam's wishes. Turns out that he was right about her not being ready for this assignment. Eve knows that Luis couldn't have been the one to initially attack Fancy. He was at the station at the time. Eve now tries to get Fancy to talk about her attacks at the mansion…

Ethan tells Whitney that Theresa got upset and told him that if anything ever happened to her, he was to take care of Jane and Little Ethan as if they were his own. Chad is glad to hear this and whispers to Whitney to take Theresa out of the room and get her to continue to keep her mouth shut. Whitney gets Theresa out of the room and tells her that it is a good thing that Theresa didn’t say anything. Whitney points out that Little Ethan will not be a Crane anymore, and it will be all over the world. "He will lose his inheritance, and you will lose your position of power and influence as his mother. You won't be able to call in any favors or write a blank cheque to help your brothers." Theresa hadn't thought of that. "Oh no!" Theresa knew that she didn't think this thing through. Whitney feels that Theresa should tell Ethan the truth anyway. Still, Miguel and Luis are going to need Theresa's power to save themselves. Theresa knows that Julian is so full of hate that he will do anything right now.

Miguel is sure that he knows Carla from somewhere. Kay finds this nothing more than Miguel flirting, but this time, right in front of her face…

Eve asks Fancy to tell her exactly what she remembers. She reminds Fancy that she shouldn't be afraid as this is just a memory. Fancy will try. Her eyes are still closed. Luis was reading a book to Fancy. It was about being a Varsity cheerleader. Then Fancy fell asleep…That was when the Peeping Tom Rapist jumped on her…"She attacked me! She attacked Me!" Fancy shouts. Eve and Luis look at each other confused.

Scissor Sisters sing in the Lennox living room…Tabitha asks Endora if she thinks that this is Woodstock! Endora shows the CD again and Tabitha realizes that her daughter has to be crazy about this group and that is why she has conjured them up to play for her in her own room. Scissor Sisters continue their song. "This is the land of a thousand words…Tabitha snaps her fingers to the beat. "They are pretty good." Tabitha tells Endora that she can't bring home every band that she likes. If she keeps this up, people will discover they are witches and they will be roasting on the spit down on that village green…ZAP! The instruments and decorations are all gone. The Scissor Sisters realize that they are not playing before thousands as they were only moments ago. They turn to Tabitha and Endora now and demand an explanation. "See what you have done now?" Tabitha asks her troublesome tot!

Eve brings Fancy out of her trance and she demands to know what happened. Eve tells her that she said, 'she attacked me'. Fancy doesn't think that is possible. "That is not possible. I can't have been attacked by a woman. They found DNA on me." Luis goes to touch Fancy but she jumps away from him. Eve tells him not to take that personally. It is just posttraumatic stress.

"Your eyes…they look so familiar." Carla tells Miguel that he is making a big mistake and that they don't know each other. Kay is angry that Miguel is hitting on this girl right in front of her. Carla takes this moment to run off. Miguel calls for her, but she is gone.

Theresa asks Ethan just how bad her brothers' cases are. Ethan lays it all out for Theresa and Whitney while Chad listens. It sounds grim, but the only good thing is that Theresa is able to help her brothers. Ethan wants to get back to what Theresa wanted to tell him before. "It sounded really important."

Endora does nothing now. Tabitha tells Scissor Sisters that this probably has to do with what they had for dinner. They had fish for dinner, and Tabitha tells the band members that they are mass hallucinating from it. ZAP! Endora gives them the juice, and they disappear. Tabitha is thrilled. They were almost in hot water just now. Endora is hungry, but Tabitha won't be fixing Fish 'n Chips, she can promise that.

Miguel goes to touch Kay, but she pushes his hand from her face. Kay has to get back to Fox now. Miguel wants her to stay, but she has to go to her husband and leaves. "Have you seen Charity?" Miguel asks Julian. He really doesn't care to converse with someone who tried to kill his son. Miguel runs after Kay now. Julian looks around and finds 'Fake Charity' who has stayed near. Julian scribbles a note and gives it to 'Fake Charity'. He orders the girl to give the note to the nurse where Fox is. She runs off.

Luis and Eve leave the room to talk. Luis can't get over how a week ago, Fancy was the happiest woman he ever knew. Luis used to be happy too. Luis knows that Julian will be coming after him. Eve can help with that. She knows Julian, and he will do anything to win. Eve has an idea. She knows that Luis could have some things in his subconscious as well as Fancy. she warns Luis that if she finds anything incriminating, she could be subpoenaed to hand the file over. Luis doesn't care about that. He will turn himself in if he is found to be the Peeping Tom Rapist.

Theresa is stunned to silence now that Ethan has asked for her to talk to him. Chad and Whitney see that Theresa has to make the biggest decision of her life right now. Theresa tells Ethan that what she has to tell him can wait. The most important thing to her right now is keeping her brothers out of prison. She writes Ethan a cheque and tells him to go and save her brothers. Ethan will do that. He leaves the room. Chad tells Theresa that she did the right thing. She is crying now. She hopes she did the right thing because her heart is breaking.

A nurse comes to Miguel and gives him the note from Charity. Kay wonders what Charity has to say to Miguel. Miguel doesn't care what she has to say. Kay gets the note and reads it. She then throws it at Miguel and walks off. He reads. 'Darling Miguel. I was so surprised when you grabbed me and kissed me. I loved it. I can't wait to see you again. Love, Charity.' Miguel runs after Kay now. Julian comes from behind the corner. "Oh when I'm good, I'm very, very good. But when I'm bad…I'm better!"

Tabitha makes Endora something to eat, and then she heads to the big blue pot. She wants to find out who the mystery person is that has been horning in on her territory. "Oh Great Goblin's Garters, Endora. Someone is going to die tonight. Someone we know!"

Eve has Luis under now. She gets Luis to remember the night that he stayed at the mansion with Fancy. "I am in the room," he says. "I read to Fancy…tucked her in…then I went and sat down on the couch…Luis sees the Peeping Tom Rapist's ski mask before his face, but in his mind…He pulls his head back. "Who the hell are you?" he asks. Fancy and Eve turn to each other confused.

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