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Written By Glynis
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Tabitha and Endora enter the house after a broomstick ride. Tabitha can barely get Endora's attention because she is so focused on her witch-pod. She wonders what the tot is listening to, but she doesn't take the earphones off. "Endora, I am talking to you." Endora stands quietly with a goofy smile on her face. Tabby takes the earphones to listen to the music. Tabitha suddenly falls to her butt on the floor. "What on earth or in hell is that music?" Tabitha puts the earphones to her ear.

Miguel and Charity decide they are not going to be together, and they hug as friends in the waiting room at the hospital. She wanted to revive their relationship, and they kissed before, but Miguel is in love with Kay and doesn't want to revisit the relationship with Charity. She understands. Kay sees them hugging and walks away before they can see her. She can't stop looking though. Julian comes upon the scene and then Eve. They all stare at the sight of Miguel hugging Charity.

Fancy and Luis get to work at the station, but he is standoffish because he knows that somewhere in her mind, she thinks that he attacked her, and she can't let go of the idea, even though she tries. They go over every detail over and over to see if they have missed something important. They try to see what she remembers, but all that she can remember is that the attacker was wearing that ski mask. Luis is frustrated. No matter how he looks at it, this case begins and ends with him.

Whitney stops Chad who was about to possibly walk in on Ethan and Theresa talking. Whitney knows what they are probably talking about if they are in there. She can't wait until it is done. Whitney knows that the news of Little Ethan being Ethan's son will really bring them together, and that Theresa will finally have the relationship and happiness that she has always wanted. Then they can have the relationship that Whitney shares with Chad. They hug smiling.

Theresa is unraveling her news to Ethan, and she starts out gently reminding him of things they have experienced from the past, but the phone rings and Ethan has to take it when he sees who is calling. It is the PI who is working on Theresa's brothers' cases. He can't put that call off. Miguel and Luis's lives depend on it. Ethan walks to the other end of the room to talk in private while Theresa watches him go…Theresa can't wait to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son…their son…

Ethan tells the PI that they are going to need 24-hour surveillance. He knows that will be expensive, but he will be able to work it out…Theresa watches Ethan and thinks how he is really helping her because of their relationship. He is actually helping his son's uncles by taking this case…Theresa dares to dream. She and Ethan would be returning from a Hawaiian vacation and they would have a volcano kit for Little Ethan. Ethan would want to wait a little while before going to Pilar's place to pick up Little Ethan. He would tell Theresa to close the door so they could be alone for a while…"What are you smiling about?" Ethan says, getting off the phone. She says that she is smiling about him, her and the future. He smiles too.

Fancy knows that working this case will help them find out who really attacked her. That means a lot to him but he has no idea where they go from here. All the evidence leads to him. He has no way of explaining it to her. It is strange, he thinks that he and Miguel are being set up at the same time. "Who would do such a hideous thing?" Fancy wonders.

Eve wants to get Kay out of the area, but Miguel and Charity see the trio behind them and move apart. "I was just telling Miguel goodbye," Charity says. She is leaving once again. Eve, Kay and Julian move forward now. Charity rushes out of there. Miguel starts trying to explain to Kay how he came to be talking to Charity just now when…THWACK! She slaps him hard in the face, snapping his head to the right. No more words come out of Miguel's mouth, and he slowly turns his head back to face Kay now, surprised by her reaction.

Tabby likes the music that she hears coming out of the earphones, and she bobs her head to the music. "What is it?" she asks her toddler. Endora telepathically shows a pair of scissors. Endora has a magazine that has the Scissor Sisters featured. Tabitha wonders if this group is okay for her daughter to be listening to. 'Lighten up, Mom!' Endora thinks.

Eve worries that Miguel is hurt, but he is alright. Kay wants to rush at him again, but Eve tells her that this is a hospital and that this will not be tolerated. Eve rushes back to work now. Julian watches as Miguel swears that what Kay saw wasn't what she thought it was. Kay didn’t even think that Charity was in town over Thanksgiving and now this. "Did you kiss her right here?" …Miguel thinks back to that time when he rejected Charity's offer of having another go at a relationship together. She didn't want to hurt Kay and so when he rejected her, she asked him to forget that they kissed. She knows that if Kay knew they kissed, she would leave Miguel forever…Miguel says that he didn't kiss Charity. Kay tells him that he is a liar because Julian saw him kissing Charity the night before.

Luis feels that this is something that Alistair might do, but that can't be the answer because Alistair is dead. Everywhere else that Luis looks, the road points to him. Luis knows that he wouldn't hurt Fancy. Still, the question is why couldn't Luis remember anything from the time that he fell asleep to the time that he was found?

Ethan tells Theresa that Miguel and Luis are being set up, but Julian is playing hardball, and they will have to use every ounce of Crane power to win these two cases. Theresa will have to call in the government to get help with this. Chad and Whitney enter the office, and Theresa says that she and Ethan were talking about her brothers and their court cases. Whitney can't believe that Theresa hasn't told Ethan the truth yet. Theresa wanted to, but things kept interrupting. Whitney tells that Jared is in town, and if Theresa wants this thing to work with Ethan, she has to tell Ethan the news now. Theresa will do it. She turns to Ethan and Chad now…

Kay trusted this man, but here he stands lying to her face. Miguel can't believe that Kay is believing Julian over him. "He is trying to make me look bad in your eyes!" Julian asks Miguel why Kay picked Fox instead of him. Miguel says that this is all an elaborate trick. Julian finds this all balderdash. The man tried to kill his son, and now he lies to Kay about what he has been up to. "Perhaps it is Latino male ego, but he has never been a proper father to Maria…Fox has." Kay shouts for them all to stop. Julian offers to show Kay something that will finally put an end to any thought that Miguel is not lying through his teeth again. Julian leads Kay off and Miguel follows them.

Whitney whispers to Theresa that she has to do this. She knows that Ethan will be a little upset, but she is sure that he will get over this. This is Theresa's chance to make a dream come true, and she shouldn't throw it away. Theresa knows that Whitney is right, and so she turns and heads to Ethan. Chad has just left. "The thing that I wanted to tell you…I should have told you a long time ago. You know I had my reasons for not telling you, but…" …Chad thinks that he and Whitney should go, but Whitney thinks that they should stay. Theresa starts to talk to Ethan again, but his phone rings. "It is the PI. I should really talk to him." Ethan takes the call. Whitney rolls her eyes. Things do keep preventing her from telling Ethan the truth.

Luis tells Fancy to close her eyes and think about the attacker and see if she can remember anything else…She does as she is asked and then she is reliving it all over again. The attacker is on top of her in the bed, and he gets closer and closer and…"Ahhhh!" Fancy screams in a shrill voice. It was happening all over again. Luis rushes to her to hold her and calm her down but that only seems to frighten her even more and she pushes to get away from him.

Julian goes to security, and in front of Kay and Miguel, he asks for a security tape. He gives the date and time that he needs to see. The man walks off with the piece of the paper that has the information on it. Miguel knows that nothing that he can show Kay will show that Miguel did anything wrong. The man soon returns with the tape in question, and Julian gives Kay the front row seat so that she can see for herself that Miguel is lying. He was kissing Charity. Julian has the tape frozen, and it is clear that Charity and Miguel are kissing. No one can dispute it. Kay turns to Miguel, and he rubs his forehead.

Fancy realizes that Luis isn't trying to hurt her, and she calms down. Luis starts leaving, but Fancy begs him not to. She says that she just got confused for a second. She really didn't think that it was Luis. She believes that it couldn't have been him because Luis knows that this must be very hard for Fancy to handle, but she wants to handle it. She just isn't sure that there is more that she can tell him. Luis has an idea. He wants Fancy to try hypnosis. Fancy thinks about that and decides that they need to do this. There is just one thing though. "What if when I am under hypnosis, I remember something incriminating about you, and it doesn't clear you?" Luis isn't worried about that, as he knows that he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, but if anything like that comes out, then he does deserve to be put in jail for the rest of his life.

Tabitha gets her big blue pot and waves her hands before it. "From the depths of the dark side, show me the truth!"…Tabby see Chad at the motel getting undressed. Big deal! That has been going on for the longest. Suddenly, in the big blue pot, Tabitha sees the other person removing his coat. "Chad's other woman…is a man!

Theresa and Whitney talk while Ethan makes his call. Theresa assures Whitney that she is going to do it this time. She is going to tell Ethan the truth about his son. Whitney hopes that Theresa will find the guts to do this, but just in case, she will remain and make sure that it happens.

Ethan tells Theresa that Julian has everyone working on his side, but Theresa isn't worried. She will out-Crane Julian. She has learned the hard way how to be just as cold-blooded as Julian is. She will do whatever it takes to clear her brother's names. Ethan warns her that things are going to get very ugly, but Theresa is ready to wallow in the mud if she has to.

Miguel tells Kay that he wouldn't ever betray her as she thinks he has. Kay is now sure that she will be staying with Fox from now on. Miguel says that he didn't kiss Charity, and that she kissed him. "Rewind," Julian says. Kay has seen this with her own eyes, and that is good enough for her. Julian feels that Kay is a grown woman and would be making a mistake if she goes with Miguel now. Miguel orders Julian out. He leaves, taking the security man with him. Kay turns to Miguel now.

Luis and Fancy go to see Eve, who is ready to do the hypnotism if Fancy wants to do it. She tells her that hypnosis can bring up lots of memories that were thought to be lost. Fancy thinks that perhaps might she has something in her that she is repressing that could help with her case. She desperately wants to clear Luis's name. This technique was used on Sheridan, and it cleared her of years of thinking that she had killed her mother. Luis suddenly decides that this is too much for Fancy, and he wants to get her out of there. Fancy wants to do this and doesn't need Luis's permission to proceed. Luis sits again, and they turn to Eve. Eve tells Fancy to just relax, and they will start soon. Luis and Fancy look at each other, uncertain of what is going to come out of this.

Miguel finally admits to the kiss, and he says that the reason that he didn't tell Kay the truth is because Charity asked him not to tell. Kay finds that Miguel has one too many excuses. She is tired of doing this and tired of trying to deal with someone who is incapable of telling the truth.

Julian finds 'Fake Charity' and gives her the big payoff. 'Fake Charity' peels off her face, and Julian is angry. "Don’t you ever do that in public again!" Julian scolds. Charity sticks the mask in her purse, but it still sticks out of her bag.

Tabitha looks at Chad and his 'Special Friend' and can't get over it. "That is enough of that. Show me the face of Fancy Crane's attacker!" Tabitha orders. She squints into the pot. "That's no good! That's too fuzzy. CLEARER PICTURE PLEASE!" she shouts into the pot. "I can't see who it is at all. WHO RAPED FANCY CRANE?"

Eve has Fancy under…She tells Luis and Eve that she is in her room…"My special room…It is dark, and I feel nervous…Something bad is about to happen…"…Luis begs Eve to stop this. It sounds like the rape is about to start. Eve knows what she is doing and continues. Suddenly, Fancy is screaming and crying, "No! No!"

Chad and Whitney wait for Ethan and Theresa to talk about Little Ethan and how he really belongs to Ethan. Chad suddenly has a thought. Ethan can't be told the truth right now. "If this news comes out, then Theresa will be stripped of her power, and she won't have the money and power to fight and keep her brothers out of prison!" Whitney understands now.

Inside the office, Theresa has Ethan's full attention, and she is about to tell him that he has a son, and that the boy's name is Little Ethan!

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