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Kay talks to Fox as she sits by his bedside, and she begs him to get better and get up. There isn't any other sound in the room beside her voice and the machine that keeps Fox alive and monitors his vitals. Fox's bruised and battered face lays still and faces the ceiling. Kay has no idea if Fox can hear her or not, but she takes the chance that he can. Miguel listens from outside, and it is breaking his heart.

Luis tells Fancy that he didn't rape her, and he hopes that she will believe him. He has come to her room to see her. It was his first stop after being released from jail. He doesn't care that he was arrested. He is out now, and he will find out who did this to her. He gets close to her, and she thinks about the attacks in her room. She moves away from Luis now. Sheridan is at the door and listens in.

Chad is at the hotel. He is naked, and he grins like he just won the lottery. His 'Special Friend' is already waiting under the sheets for what is sure to come soon. Chad pulls the covers back and climbs in on his side.

Whitney tells Ethan that he has to go to Theresa and find out what she has to say. She wonders if he has something to tell Theresa too. She wonders if he wants to tell Theresa that he loves her and wants to be with her too. "Go to her before someone, or something ruins your relationship again."

Theresa moves back from Jared after he kisses her. She doesn't understand. He tells her that he is crazy in love with her. He sees that his ring is gone. She reminds him that he walked out on her and said that he didn't want anything to do with her. Jared did that because he thought that she couldn't ever get over Ethan. He thinks that he can make her give up on Ethan and be with him, but now the ring is gone. "Have you, Tess? Have you given up on us?"

Kay begs Fox to come back to her. "I love you." Miguel knows that Kay really wants to be with him and when Fox gets better, he knows that he and Kay will be together. Miguel leaves now. Kay keeps pleading with Fox to get better while he is in his coma. Eve comes to the door and asks Kay to come and talk to her. Kay goes to the hall, and Eve says that she only wanted to make sure that Kay was being encouraging to Fox. She thinks that this is the real key to Fox's recovery. Kay says that she loves Fox, but she loves Miguel too, and she thought that she had made up her mind correctly to be with Fox, but now she just doesn't know.

Miguel goes to his mother and tells her that Fox seems to be holding his own. He is disturbed because he heard Kay telling Fox that she loves him. He has no idea what to do. Pilar says that he should have taken Kay in his arms and told her that he loved her. "You fight for her!"

Luis can see that Fancy is afraid of him, and that upsets him. He hopes that she doesn't think that he is responsible for this. Luis will find out who did this, but most of all, he needs to know that she doesn't think that he did this. Sheridan listens to them talking from the hall. Fancy has her back to Luis, and when she turns to him, she sees a head with a ski mask over it. Her face becomes one of fear, and then it goes back to being Luis's face. He looks confused.

Ethan doesn't think that Gwen will be coming back to him anytime soon. He can't be with Theresa, though. She is going to be with Jared now. Whitney tells Ethan that Jared is a thing of the past. He told Theresa that it is over, and she took off her engagement ring. Ethan had no idea.

Theresa starts explaining about the ring and why she took it off, but Jared needs no explanation, he says. He tells her how Chad made him see that his pride was dictating his life. Now he realizes that he can't let her go. He can't play 2nd fiddle to Ethan, but he can stay and fight for her. He knows now that he was stupid, so stupid for leaving her. "Give me a chance. Allow me to put that ring back on your finger." Theresa tells Jared that she has been thrown for a loop and didn’t realize that he was still in town. She knows that he still thinks that Ethan is still first in her heart. He does but he knows that he can erase Ethan from her heart. He wants to put his ring back on her finger. She is confused. He begs her to tell him that they can be together. She thinks of breakfast that morning with Ethan and the kids and how Little Ethan was so happy to have that. Jared just wants to know what he has to do now to get her to take him back.

Ethan sees that he can have Theresa now if he wants her. He thinks of how they can finally be a family with the kids. They can get married, and this would be her dream come true. Ethan smiles now. Whitney asks him what he is going to do. He is going to find Theresa. He was thinking of Little Ethan and how he has always wanted to have Little Ethan as his son. That would be perfect. Whitney says that he can have a relationship like she has with Chad.

Chad's friend is in the bathroom, and he shouts for the person to come out. "We still have some time left!"

Fancy tells that just now when she looked at Luis she saw that ski mask instead of his face. Luis is hurting from hearing that. He has no idea what happened. She remembers the attack and the gloved hand over her face. Luis comes closer, and Fancy shouts at him to stay away from her. "Stay back." He stops moving. He can see that she is still afraid of him.

Kay tells Eve that she knows that Miguel didn't run Fox over with his car. She has known him all her life and he isn't a killer. Eve has to agree. Kay knows that someone did this though and she has no idea who that person is. Eve knows that Sam will find out who did this. he is only going after Miguel now because of the evidence that he has. Kay is stressed out from this situation. Kay can't tell Fox that she is leaving him until she knows that he is okay. Eve sees Kay's plan. She is going to be with Miguel when Fox is better. Kay isn't sure what she will do. She loves them both. She wond ers if you can be in love with two men. Eve knows that from experience, but she also knows that Kay will have to choose one or the other.

Miguel tells his mother that it was hard seeing Kay when she was talking to Fox and telling him that she loves her. Miguel doubts that he is going to be with Fox after all. Pilar wants him to be strong for Maria. She needs both her parents and so his mother tells Miguel to go and convince Kay to do the right thing.

Luis wishes that there were something that he could do to make Fancy believe that he isn't the killer…Sheridan listens at the door…Fancy has no idea what to think and she cries now. Luis can't go to her, and so he just leaves. Sheridan hears his footsteps near the door, and she moves away, pretending that she was just coming to the door. Luis sees her, and she sees that he is sad. "I'm sorry," Sheridan says. "I am really sorry." She hugs Luis, and that evil smile comes to her face.

Ethan knew that Jared was wrong for Theresa all along. He just knew it. Ethan admits that he loves Theresa, and no man would have been right in his eyes. "I love her! And now I can finally be with her."

Theresa tells Jared that she doesn't think that there is anything that he can do to get her to put his ring back on her finger. He knows that he was wrong for trying to force her to charge Ethan with 'Sexual Assault'. He thought that if she had Ethan arrested, it would show Theresa's love for him. She is sorry that things turned out this way. He shouldn't have given her an ultimatum, but he loves her, and he wants to be with her. She should be with him, and he knows that she knows that.

Eve has to go, but she hopes that Kay will keep talking to Fox and encouraging him. She will do that. Eve leaves, and Miguel appears. "Kay, wait. Kay, I love you. And you should be with me."

Chad is dressed and ready to go, but when he gets to the door, he stops. "What the hell? I can be late!" He turns back to his special friend and tosses his coat on the chair again.

Jared still works on convincing Theresa to be his. He is offering his heart on a plate to her. Theresa drifts off. Theresa looks up into Ethan's face, and he is the one talking to her now. He wants to be with her, and he promises never to leave her again. She tells him that she has news for him that is wonderful. It is about Little Ethan. She wanted to tell him this for a very long time. She tells Ethan the news, and he is quietly surprised. They can have a family now with their very own children. Ethan thinks that this is wonderful news. "What did you say?" Theresa looks up and realizes that she has been dreaming while Jared has been talking to her. She doesn't remember what it was that she just said. Jared isn't happy that he was just pouring his heart out to her and she wasn't listening to any of it. She is sorry for that and asks Jared what it was that he heard her say. "You said something about Little Ethan's father. What were you talking about, Tess?"

Kay can't talk to Miguel now and goes into Fox's bedroom. Miguel follows her in and needs to know if she is still going to be with him. Kay doesn't want to have this conversation now with Fox in the room. He just might be able to hear. Kay thinks about the car and Charity. Miguel can't explain any of this. He only knows that he loves Kay and she needs to choose. "Who is truly in you heart, Kay?"

Fancy sits alone in her room. She thinks about the attacks and how she was punched in the face. Fancy is so afraid. In the hall, Luis wants to go back to Fancy, but Sheridan talks her out of that. She is glad that Theresa bailed her brother out. Luis came right over to talk to Sheridan, but now she has a look in her eye that makes him think that she thinks that he did this terrible thing to her. "You should see her face. She was scared." Sheridan finds it funny that Fancy loves him and doesn't believe him. "She does love you, doesn't she?" Luis really doesn't know right now.

Jared wants to know what Theresa is thinking about when it comes to Little Ethan. Theresa lies, saying that she is in this terrible custody battle with Julian and she fears how that will turn out. Jared holds Theresa's hand and tells her that he will do whatever he can to make sure that she doesn't lose her son. He just wants her to think about getting that ring on her finger. "Don't make any decisions now. I will come back, and we will go out for dinner. Just think about what I said. You, me, and Little Ethan could be an excellent family." Theresa tries to say more, but he won't hear it. "I will see you soon!" he says. He kisses her, and then he leaves. "Is this some kind of sick joke, God? Jared loves me, and I love him, and he's right. We could be happy together, but Ethan…he could finally be free to be with me. And we have two children together. And I have always loved him. What am I going to do?" Someone knocks on the door. "I thought you said that you--" Theresa starts when she thinks that it is Jared knocking on the door. She is surprised to find that Ethan is at the door. He is smiling. She waits to see why he is there.

Chad comes home to find a beautiful dinner waiting for them. Whitney loves him, and he tells her that she is the only woman that he loves…

Miguel asks Kay to look into her heart and she will see that she loves him. She does look into her heart. She hears it beating, and she sees Miguel there, proclaiming his love. "It's you," Kay says. They kiss.

Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy could have had a bodyguard to protect her, and she shouldn't have made Luis feel responsible for her safety. Sheridan feels that Fancy needs time. In her head, Sheridan promises that she will be there for Luis…

Fancy paces in her room and think about her situation. Her Aunt Sheridan thinks that she is making this happen to make Luis feel sorry for her. Then there is Luis, who keeps telling her that he didn't do this… "Oh, I do love you." Fancy runs to the door shouting, "Luis!"

Ethan tells Theresa that Whitney told him that she had taken off her engagement ring. "So that would mean that you're free now, right? Cause I am free now too…to be with whomever I want." Theresa smiles.

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