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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay can't believe that Fox has survived surgery just to end up in a coma. She sits by Fox's bed and talks to him in case he can hear her. She wants him to know that she is there for him. She is so confused. So much has happened. Charity has returned and says that she never slept with Miguel, but Kay saw them, and now she wonders if this was just people who looked like Miguel and Charity. She hopes that Fox will just get up and get their lives on track. Eve is behind Kay and likes that she is talking positively to her husband.

Fancy sees the black leather-clad figure in her room, and she charges it by jumping off her bed towards the man to knock him off of his feet.

Pilar is disappointed to see that not one, but two of her sons are in jail. Miguel is sure that he will be found innocent, but Pilar doesn't know what to believe anymore.

Jared sleeps and dreams of making love to Theresa. In that dream, Ethan would interrupt, and the men would start fighting. In the end, Ethan would win out and end up kissing Theresa on the bed instead…Jared is being shaken now. It is Chad, who has come to wake him up. Jared thinks that it is Ethan standing over him, and he starts fighting the man. They fall to the floor.

Theresa has decided. After talking to Whitney about what to do about her life, she has come to the decision that losing the Crane fortune is worth getting a husband and good father for her son. It is settled then. Theresa will tell Ethan about Little Ethan and let the chips fall where they may. Someone knocks, and then Ethan quickly enters the room. Ethan has to talk to Theresa. It is very important. Whitney excuses herself. Ethan says that she can stay, but she leaves anyway. Theresa says that before Ethan tells her his news, she has some news herself.

Eve tells Kay that she should talk to Fox, even if it isn't for a long time. This accident has been a terrible twist of fate, but Eve knows that Fox having his wife with him is a good thing. Kay is sad about that because she loves Miguel as well. Eve knows, though, that Fox's condition could change with the right reinforcement.

Chad stops Jared from fighting by shouting out that he isn't Ethan, but Chad. Jared apologizes. He was dreaming about Ethan. Jared says that he passed out from drinking. He has his bags with him, ready for his exit from Harmony. Valerie seems to have convinced him that he should try again for Theresa, but he isn't sure that Theresa will ever be over Ethan.

Ethan tells Theresa that her brothers are in jail before she can say a word more. Ethan tells her that Miguel has been charged with a 'Hit and Run' and Luis has been charged with 'Sexual Assault'. Judge Riley is causing a problem for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, since the Cranes are pushing for something to be done. Ethan needs Theresa's help. They know that Judge Riley can be bought, and so Theresa will go to police headquarters and throw her weight around. She asks Ethan if he will see that the kids are taken care of, and he is glad to do that. That is why he moved into the mansion. They will meet up later.

At the jailhouse, Luis tells his mother to calm down, as Ethan is working on their case. Pilar can't see how this could happen. Her sons are not capable of such evil. Luis isn't sure that he isn't. He knows that something happened to Fancy, and his DNA is a perfect match to the semen found in Fancy. Miguel feels that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers look guilty. Pilar has to agree with this. "Who has it in for the Cranes?" Miguel wonders. After all, Fox and Fancy have been hurt in all this. Someone hates them too.

"You will never hurt me again!" Fancy says with her fist in the air, ready to strike. When she looks down she sees her Aunt Sheridan cowering with her hands in front of her face as she lies on her back. Fancy calms and puts her fist down. "Aunt Sheridan?"

Sheridan says that she understands Fancy's fears and she is sorry that this happened to her niece. Sheridan tells that she is there because of her concern about what Fancy has done to Luis. Fancy says that she didn't do anything to Luis. Sheridan finds that Fancy never takes responsibility for things that she does wrong. Fancy says that she didn't want to have Luis raped. That was her mother. Sheridan isn't talking about that. She thinks that Luis didn't force himself on Fancy, but she is sure that Fancy forced herself on him.

Pilar wonders if Fancy seduced Luis, and he attacked her. She still finds that it is too soon after being with Noah for Fancy to be with Luis. Luis can't see Fancy seducing him. Luis has the memories again of himself and Fancy getting intimate. She is dressed as a cheerleader, and she was on top of him. Luis thinks that maybe he did this. Maybe he did rape Fancy. "No, you didn't!" Theresa says, walking in confidently. "I know you both are innocent, and I'm not going to rest until I get you out of here so we can prove it."

Chad tries to tell Jared that he too tried his best to get Whitney and everything worked out. Jared knows that there isn't anything pure about Chad's relationship with Whitney since he has been cheating. "That is just sex," Chad says. "Nothing more." Jared sees that Chad thinks that he should stay and fight for Theresa…just like Valerie said he should do.

Whitney shows up with Miles and Chad is glad to see them. Whitney has been spending time with Theresa and she started thinking about her marriage. She is glad they are not a couple plus one. She is glad that they only love one another and no one else…

Little Ethan tells Ethan how he will be helping Jane draw a picture of a groundhog with or without a shadow. Vincent enters the room and starts talking about Gwen. Little Ethan becomes interested in the conversation and so Ethan quickly sends the boy upstairs. He then grabs Vincent by the lapels and warns him not to talk to him in front of the kids about private things again.

Pilar says that the only person who belongs behind bars is Judge Riley and not her sons. Theresa knows that Julian must have bribed the judge to keep her brothers in jail. She will turn the tables then and pay the man off to get her brothers out of jail. Theresa gets her phone out and demands to talk to Judge Riley. "Theresa Crane! Yes, I am calling about my brothers. I'd like you to set the bail so I can pay for it, so they can be released. I don't really give a damn what Julian Crane wants. I want you to set the bail, and if you would like to be reelected in 2008, you will do it!"

Theresa soon just has to write the cheque and her brothers will be freed. She makes a call to Toby and orders him to bring the car around. Pilar wonders why Theresa is leaving so soon. She says that she has something important to take care of, and she will tell her mother all about it when she is finished. She kisses her family goodbye and leaves. Pilar tells her sons to look up. Theresa has taken care of everything.

Sheridan tells Fancy that she has always been selfish and self-serving, and so seducing Luis wouldn't be a far reach. Sheridan brings up Noah and Fancy dumping him the second she found someone else. Fancy orders her aunt out of there but Sheridan will not go. She knows that Fancy either drugged Luis with wine or sleeping pills and then had her way with him. Fancy says that never happened. Sheridan remembers that Luis remembered that Fancy was on top of him in a cheerleader outfit. Fancy knows that wasn't her. Sheridan thinks that maybe Fancy had wine and sleeping pills and forgot what she did. Fancy orders her aunt to stop, but Sheridan will not do that until Fancy leaves Luis alone.

Luis and Miguel are freed, and the only thing they can be sure about is that Fox didn't set this one up. Miguel isn't sure that his case was set up. Pilar and Miguel don't want Luis to doubt himself like this. Miguel heads out to see Kay now. Pilar sees that her sons, both her sons are confused. Pilar tells Luis that Fancy doesn't even think that he raped her. She knows that Luis wouldn't do this. Luis really does love her. Pilar tells Luis to go to Fancy and reassure her. Luis leaves. "Oh, my God. Miguel is right; someone is out to hurt us. But who?" Pilar wonders.

Jared thinks about how Ethan thinks that he is such a terrible person, but he took the lie detector test and passed it. He wonders now if Valerie and Chad are right about what he should do. Jared thinks about making love to Theresa, playing with her son in the park, having romantic showers with her, proposing to her. Jared decides that he really does love Tess, and he wonders now if it is too late.

Chad has to go back to work, and so Whitney walks off with Miles and Little Ethan. Chad hears shouting and finds Ethan manhandling Vincent. He stops the fighting but it soon starts up again. Vincent wants tabloid dirt and if Ethan will not give it to him, he will just go and get it from someone else. Vincent leaves. Chad offers to get Vincent off their backs by offering him something bigger to chew on for his tabloid rag. Ethan thanks Chad for that and leaves. Chad has a call and tells the person that they are not to see each other again. He loves Whitney, and he can't risk her finding out about this. "Don't you talk like that," Chad says. "Okay, okay. I will meet you at the hotel one last time." Chad hangs up. "I know that I shouldn't do this." He gets up and walks to the door.

Sheridan will go now, but first she tells Fancy that she had better let go of Luis. Sheridan leaves, and Fancy is spitting mad. She starts walking to the door and Luis appears. She backs up and he can sense that she is afraid of him. She denies that. She says that she was just surprised to see him out of jail so soon. Ethan is working on the case but Luis isn't sure how he can be saved at this point. He asks if Fancy doubts him now.

Kay doesn't want to lose Fox and she begs him to pull through this and come back to her for as long as he has to live. Inside, Kay prays that Miguel will wait for her as long as it takes for Fox to be gone…At the doorway, Miguel stands and watches as Kay sits by Fox's bed, holding his hand.

Chad arrives at the hotel and sits on the bed. "This is our last time. It has to be," he tells himself. He starts disrobing, and the door opens. Chad looks over approvingly. "Better late than never."

A masculine form pulls off a winter coat. He or she has heavy gloves on and thick winter boots…

Ethan sees Whitney, who pushes Ethan to go and see Theresa right away. He can tell that she knows what this is all about. She says that it is something that is very important.

Theresa is at the office waiting for Ethan. She closes her eyes and prays. "Please, Lord. Don't let anything stop me from telling Ethan the truth." She opens her eyes, and there is yelling. "Tess! Tess!" Theresa sees Jared entering the room and proclaiming his love for her. He doesn't care about anything else. He just wants to marry Theresa just like they planned.

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