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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Noah has gone to work, but Paloma still reads the paper there at his house still even though he is gone. Jessica wants to go to a movie with Paloma, but the movie Jessica wants to see is one that Paloma wants to see with Noah. Jessica gets a call from Spike, who is angry that his wife is still at her family's house talking to Paloma. She wants him to come and spend time with her, but he will not go to her until he is ready. Jessica fakes that Spike is being sweet on the phone and hangs up. Paloma sees that Jessica has a bruise on her neck, and she knows that Spike was the one who did that.

Simone tells Miguel that he really should leave Kay alone for a bit and let her deal with Fox being ill. Kay made her choice and Fox seems to be telling the truth about his illness. Miguel will not believe that. Kay wants to believe that and that is what is important. Julian comes over to Miguel and asks him to get the hell out of the hospital and not show his face again. Julian knows that the boy is guilty as sin. He knows that Miguel ran his son over, and he will not let the boy get away with that.

Fancy tells her mother again that she wasn't attacked by Luis. She knows that man. Ivy wonders, then, how a sample of Luis's DNA could possibly have found its way inside her daughter. Fancy has no idea, but she just doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Ivy goes to hug her daughter, but Fancy doesn't want to be touched by anyone. She needs to be alone. Ivy turns and finds Pilar standing behind her. She tells Pilar that she hopes that Luis rots in hell for the rest of his life.

Luis is brought into the station wearing cuffs, and Ethan is there, disbelieving what he sees. He is stunned to hear that Luis has been picked up for the rape of Fancy Crane.

Pilar hates seeing Ivy so hateful against her son. Ivy feels that once again, mixing the classes has brought trouble. Ivy is offensive when she talks about Pilar's children, and so Pilar hauls back and slaps Ivy in the face.

Whitney tells Theresa that Ethan finding out that Little Ethan is his son will be a wonderful thing. She knows that Ethan and the boy will warm up to each other and be as one. Theresa can't risk that getting in the way of things right now, when things are going so well for her. Whitney tells Theresa that if she wants to play things that way, her relationship will be doomed.

Jessica lies and says that a book hit her in the back of the head and that is how she got her bruise. Paloma knows better, but can't get Jessica to see that. Sam calls Paloma at home and tells her that she is needed at the station since they are shorthanded. Paloma flies into action. Sam wanted to tell her that Luis was in big trouble before she came down there, but he doesn't get the chance to.

Miguel is still at the hospital, and Simone is starting to wonder if he really did this crime or not. Miguel understands Julian not believing him, but Simone is a different story.

Julian heads into the hospital room and finds Kay sitting with Fox. He is glad to hear that she has been talking to Fox to help him recover and get back to living again .

Pilar and Ivy are still arguing when Fancy comes out of the shower and finds them. Pilar goes to her, but Ivy wants Pilar to concentrate more on controlling that pig of a son of hers!

Ethan and Sheridan are with Luis in holding where he is questioned and has to tell the story again.

Paloma comes to the hospital and calls her out of Fox's room. Sam is in the hall, and he says that he has done the tests for the 'Hit and Run' of Fox Crane. Sam tells Fox that he has to arrest Miguel now for the 'Hit and Run'. "I didn't do it!" Miguel says.

Whitney doesn't think that Ethan will stay with Theresa when he finds out that Little Ethan is his son. Theresa remembers the hell and humiliation that she endured when the world first found out that she had a Crane son. If she tells the truth now, she will lose everything that her son has in store for him.

Miguel is cuffed, and all he cares about is Kay believing that he didn’t do this. Kay says nothing and can't even look at him. Sam and Paloma drag Miguel off, and Kay is upset. How is this going to be okay? One of the men that she loves could die, and the other could spend the rest of his life in prison for murder!

Whitney lays out how it really is for her. Whitney knows that Theresa will lose the empire and Ethan if she doesn't play her cards right about Little Ethan's parentage.

Ivy tells Pilar that she has overstayed her welcome. Pilar reminds Ivy that this house is her daughter's now, but Ivy reminds her that this is her daughter's room. Pilar tries to talk to Fancy, but Ivy won't allow it, and so Pilar leaves. Ivy gets Fancy's sleeping pills, and Fancy starts sobbing over Luis and what happened. She can't believe that Luis did this to her. Ivy tells Fancy that she has to get over this and face the facts. "You have to get over what you are feeling."

Ethan finds that Luis says a lot of inflammatory things while he goes over what happened. He can't help it. He knows what he says to be the truth. Sheridan doesn't care what the story that Luis has sounds like. She knows that he isn't capable of this and that he didn't do it. Luis knows that doesn't matter. She knows him. But what about the jury? They don't know him, and if they hear his story, they are sure to put him away for rape.

Jessica is alone, and she dreams of the way that it could be for her and Spike if he were different. He would come home late and apologize for being with the boys. They would tell each other how they love each other, and they would be living a fairytale. Jessica knows that if she is just patient, she and Spike can have a loving, caring relationship.

Spike is at the meeting place. Julian arrives and is angry at Spike for taking things too far. He almost killed Fox when he was only supposed to tap him with Miguel's car. He warns that if Fox dies, then Spike will die too. Spike tells Julian to watch it, or everyone will know what he did. Julian will not be threatened by this mongrel, and so he grabs the man by the lapels and pushes him hard into some garbage cans.

Miguel and Luis are surprised to find the other in lockup. Luis tells how he has been accused of rape. Miguel tells of his troubles. He really needs a lawyer and Luis offers to be there for Miguel. Luis goes to Sheridan to ask her a favor. Sheridan smiles up into his face hoping to do something personal for him but what he really wants is someone to go and check on Fancy. The smile leaves Sheridan's face but she gathers her things and leaves to do as Luis wishes…Ethan and Sam are off in a corner looking at the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers and marveling at the coincidence of them both being in jail and charged with crimes at the same time. Problem is that Ethan isn't sure that he can get both or even either of them off.

Kay knows that Miguel was angry with Fox but she can't see Miguel trying to kill the man. Simone reminds her that she saw Miguel cheating on her with Charity. Kay knows that and she can't explain it but she knows that there has to be an explanation for this. Simone knows that even if it could be proven that Miguel were lying, she would still love Miguel. Love is blind. Look at Jessica with Spike! Kay doesn't think that she is in the same type of denial as her sister is.

Miguel and Luis talk about their plights. They have no idea how evidence was collected to make both of them get busted like this. Both brothers know that the other didn't do this. Miguel finds this weird. What are the odds of the both of them ending up in jail like this at the same time? Miguel almost thinks that someone set this up to happen., Who though? Who would do this to them?

Somewhere else, the Peeping Tom Rapist has pictures of Miguel and Luis on the wall. He has a knife which he uses to mar and destroy the pictures, cutting and scratching at the faces… "Two down, and oh so many to go…"

Fancy dreams, and again, she is being attacked in her dreams by the Peeping Tom Rapist. Fancy suddenly gets up, and she screams! A black leather jacket moves closer to her…

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