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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Spike says goodbye to Jessica for a while so that she can visit with Paloma who has just arrived. Paloma hates that man, and she tells her friend so as soon as he is gone from the house. Jessica wishes that Paloma wouldn't say that about her husband. Spike scares her sometimes, but then he turns around and gives her nice things at times and treats her nicely. Paloma knows that those things are probably stolen goods and shouldn't be thought of as love tokens. Paloma isn't fooled by Jessica's words of love for Spike. Paloma has come to the house to return something of Noah's that he left in her room the night before when he stayed over. "What? You and my brother are sleeping together?"

Ivy loses her temper and slaps Luis in the face due to his repeatedly saying that he has no idea what happened the night before. Fancy and Sam come to Luis's defense and stop Ivy's assault on the confused cop. Fancy tells her mother that Luis didn’t do anything to her and that this is all a mistake somehow. "What is going on here?" Pilar asks as she walks up to the crowd in the hospital hallway. Ivy tells Pilar that her son brutally raped Ivy's daughter.

Ethan and Theresa are at the mansion with the kids, and Little Ethan is thrilled to be operating as a family. This is what he always wanted. "Me too," Theresa says to Little Ethan as she holds Jane, who sits contentedly in her lap. Ethan and Theresa smile at one another.

Jessica is stunned to hear that Noah and Paloma didn't sleep together when they spent the night together in her room. Jessica can't imagine what that must be like, to have someone care about her like that, and not try to get in her pants. That must be what love is really like. Paloma isn't in love, but she feels like she may be falling in love. Jessica thinks about how Spike hasn't fallen in love with her and never treats her like Paloma got treated.

Ivy tells Pilar that semen was found, and it was from Luis. She says that her son has raped Fancy. Sam confirms Pilar's worst fears. She turns to her son for an explanation but he hasn't got one. Pilar doesn't understand. Ivy knows that he has to know something about what went on with Fancy. Luis starts talking, and Sheridan tells Luis to be quiet. She really feels that he needs a lawyer. Fancy is sure that Luis didn't do this. Ivy can't see how Luis can't be the guilty one. "He was found in the pantry with your attacker's ski clothes and ski mask. If Luis isn't your attacker, then why didn't he stop the real criminal? Why didn't he protect you?" Fancy can't answer that. Ivy can. She knows that Luis did this. "Sam, you arrest him!" Ivy shouts. "You take him to the jail house, and you throw away the key!"

Theresa has to call the office and let them know that she is coming in late this morning because she will be spending time with her new family. She hands Jane over to Ethan and leaves the room. She is about to call the office when Whitney appears. Whitney wants an update on what happened the night before. "They moved in," Theresa says. She tells her friend that she just had the best family breakfast, and it was perfect. Whitney questions Theresa then, because if breakfast was so perfect, then why is Theresa still wearing Jared's engagement ring?

Paloma doesn't want to jinx what she has with Noah by calling it love. Jessica has no idea if Noah is there or not. She just came over to get some pictures of her mother. Paloma wishes that she knew the woman. Jessica can't believe that her mother is really gone. She had hope for the first time when she heard that her mother was returning. She stopped doing drugs and drinking and was good. Paloma tells Jessica that she can still be good again. Jessica takes out a flask and drinks from it. Jessica feels like she has been tarnished forever. She will never be the same girl that she was. Paloma disagrees. Noah has come in, and he hears the girls talking. "Paloma is right, Jessica. We will all help you."

Theresa explains how she came to her decision. Jared said that he was leaving, and Theresa had to let him. She couldn't press charges against Ethan. Theresa feels that things working out the way that they did proves that this is the way that things should be. Whitney knows that Gwen could be returning to town this very moment. Theresa knows that Gwen is gone. She thought that her life with Ethan was dead, but she was wrong. Whitney hates this. Every time that Theresa talks like this, something bad happens. Theresa tells Whitney to go and look in the kitchen. Whitney peeks in and sees Ethan teaching Little Ethan to cook over the stove. "Now that is what every woman really wants," Theresa says.

Fancy will not press charges against Luis. She never saw the man's face. Ivy cares more about the DNA evidence. Sam would prefer to wait a bit and give this a little time. "Fine pair of sons you raised!" Ivy shouts at Pilar. Sam finds that Ivy is making this worse for Fancy. Ivy can't see how this can happen. She want Luis to go to jail, and if Sam will not do anything about this, then she will. Pilar will get the best lawyer possible for her son. She knows that he isn't capable of this. "What is going on here?" she asks. Luis wishes that he knew.

Noah tells his sister that she has friends and family who are all rooting for her to get her life back on track. That is what Grace would have wanted for her daughter. "She is up there, and she is looking down on us, and she would tell you that she still loves you and that you are still her baby." Jessica doesn't feel like her mother's baby and her mother will never be there again. Noah has flowers with him and Jessica tells him that they are beautiful. Noah turns coyly to Paloma and smiles. Jessica decides to leave the kids alone. Noah stops her. "I love you, Jessica. You are my baby sister, and when you believe that you are truly loved, you have the power to do anything." Jessica rushes out after hearing that from her brother. Noah looks at the flask that Jessica left behind. He and Paloma know that Jessica probably has more booze in her room. Noah finds Paloma to be a great friend to him and his family. "I wanted to say thank you very much for helping me out last night." He offers Paloma the flowers, and they kiss. On the stairs, Jessica is watching the couple, and she knows that she will never have anything like that.

Whitney does think that Gwen may be gone for good this time, and Jared didn't leave the door open to work things out with Theresa. That only leaves Gwen to divorce Ethan now. Theresa knows that this time she has a real good chance at having a life with Ethan. Whitney smiles. She tells her friend to go ahead and take a shot at having the life that she wants.

Luis tells his mother how he fell asleep on Fancy's couch, and then he woke with memory missing, dressed in the rapist's clothes. Luis does have memories of making love to Fancy, but he can't piece it all together. He might have been drunk. He did feel strange for a long time after he got up. Ivy returns and tells Luis that he is going to get his now. Fancy can tell that her mother has done something…That is when the group overhears Sam on the phone. He is talking to the mayor and the man is demanding that Luis be arrested. "You bitch!" Sheridan spits at Ivy. Ivy is smug. She has done what she felt she had to do.

Sam is sorry, but if the mayor orders him to make this happen, he has to do it. Ivy tells her daughter that she went to Julian and had him call in a few favors. Ivy knows that if it were anyone else, Sam would have made an arrest by now. Chris and Sheridan talk about Luis's case and how the family will not be able to afford to get good counsel. "Luis needs my help," Sheridan says walking off. Sam walks to Luis and Pilar, and Pilar is surprised that Sam is going to do this. Sam has to. Luis doesn't mind. He doesn't want to cause the department anymore trouble than they will already get for this. "Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, you are charged with the attack on Fancy Crane. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

Theresa is dressed now, and she and Whitney talk about how this time things are really going to work out for Theresa and Ethan. The girls have been talking about this for years, but now that Gwen has left Ethan, Theresa seems to finally have a chance at happiness. Whitney just doesn't want to see Theresa get hurt again. Theresa knows that they will just start up again right where they left off. Ethan comes to the door and has to get going. He is dressed for work and will see Theresa later. Theresa thinks that it would be good to have Sloppy Joes for dinner that night. They are Little Ethan's favorite. Ethan tells Theresa that it is actually his favorite too. They both express how this arrangement means the world to them. Ethan kisses Theresa goodbye and leaves. "I really want this to work," Theresa says. Whitney tells Theresa that if she really wants this to work, then there are two very important things that she has to do.

Jessica thinks about how it could be. Spike would return from work and bring her flowers. He would be sweet and doting, and he would tell her that he loved her. He wouldn't know what that word meant before meeting her. He would have a surprise for her and arrange for her to have a real wedding, just like Kay's. She would have a reception and flowers, and he would tell her that she deserves that and should have it. "I love you," he would tell Jessica. She would be his angel. Jessica looks at Paloma and Noah again and realizes that she will never have a love like that. Noah and Paloma stop kissing, and she tells him that she loved that. He suddenly feels strange, like he is giving Paloma mixed signals. "We're wrong," he says. She thinks that this is because she is too young, and in a way, she is right, but the main reason is that Luis is like a big brother to Noah, and he might not like Noah dating his little sister. Noah says that he has had a lot of baggage, and he doesn't have much of a future right now. He is a part-time bartender, and Noah knows that Luis wouldn’t like this. "I think that you would be happier to have someone more your age, like that Roberto fellow," Noah says. Paloma says that she is a grown woman and can make decisions for herself. She is about to graduate from the police academy, and Noah is older, but not that much. He still looks at her as a baby. "Ay si!" Paloma exclaims. "Can babies do this?" She grabs Noah by the collar and yanks his head roughly over to her so that she can kiss it hard. When the two separate, Noah can't handle it and he leaves the house immediately. Paloma knows that she gave the man the kiss of a hot-blooded woman… Outside the house, Noah is on the doorstep, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Whoa!" he says.

Sam is ready to take Luis to the station. Fancy wants to go with Luis, but Ivy forbids it. Fancy sees this is a terrible thing and has to stop herself from smiling at the idea of Luis and Fancy breaking forever over this thing. "I am going to go down to the station to meet with Ethan and Luis over this," Sheridan says.

Whitney tells Theresa that she has to commit her whole heart and soul to make this thing with Ethan happen. Whitney tells Theresa that she has to take that ring off. "It is just a ring," Theresa says. Whitney tells her friend that she needs to go the whole way with this. She has to end things on her end. She has to take off that ring. "You know that I am right about this." Theresa smiles at her friend. "Why do you have to be right about everything?" Theresa asks. Whitney just wants Theresa to have true happiness…like she and Chad have. Theresa knows that Whitney is right, but she loved Jared. That is the question though. Did Theresa love him? Or does she love him now? Theresa hates endings, but she has to admit that Jared finished with her, and so Whitney is right. It is time that she just let him go.

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