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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Noah wakes in a strange room and groans due to his hangover. He looks up and around the room. "Where the heck am I?" Paloma enters with a breakfast tray for Noah. "Dios mio," Noah says before falling back on the bed.

Valerie enters the office and finds Jared sleeping on the couch. She wakes him and he is confused at first, but then he remembers that he didn't go home the night before. The liquor bottle gives Valerie the clue that Jared didn't go home the night before. Valerie knows that Jared still wants to leave after talking to him a bit but she thinks that he needs to stay. "Theresa doesn't know it yet, but she needs you now more than ever," Valerie says.

Ethan and Theresa have been kissing and stayed together all night sitting and talking. She thinks of the future that she will have with Ethan, but then she looks down at the ring on her finger. She remembers the things that she and Jared shared, and she can't do this. She can't be with Ethan.

Eve confirms that Fox doesn't have a fatal disease, and Miguel isn't surprised. Julian doesn't care what Eve says. It still doesn't change the fact that Miguel tried to kill him. He doesn't believe Eve either. He knows that his son is dying.

Luis and the others are stunned to learn that Luis is the one who raped Fancy according to the tests that a doctor has run. Sam comes into the area and can't believe his ears. Fancy doesn't even believe this. Ivy is stunned and turns to Sam, waving her hands at Sam's top cop and how he has turned out. Ivy isn't surprised. She finds that all the Lopez-Fitzgerald men are pigs anyway. Now her daughter has been perverted by him. Sam knows that something is wrong here. Ivy doesn't have any idea who would tamper with a sample to make it seem like Luis did this. She knows that Luis likes to dominate the women that he loves and that this is just Luis branding Fancy with his essence. Fancy finds this ridiculous and Sheridan has to agree. She feels that the lab must have made a mistake here. The doctor tells that this test is always done twice. Fancy doesn't care; she wants the test run again. She knows that Luis wouldn't hurt her this way. Ivy finds Luis just like his brother Miguel who ran down her son, Fox.

Miguel is still defending himself against Julian's allegations. Dr. Gasparro disagrees with Eve on her diagnosis of the fatal disease. He shows a plastic bottle to the group, saying that he removed part of a tumor from Fox. Dr. Gasparro was left to close up the patient, and that was when Dr. Gasparro poked and prodded and found the tissue. It was in a difficult area to get to…even for him. Dr. Gasparro will do the test and prove what he already knows to be true…"Damn the luck," Julian says under his breath…Dr. Gasparro says that unless Fox gets a radical new drug real soon, he will die. Kay walks off upset. Miguel follows her. Eve stares at Dr. Gasparro and ponders what he has said…

Noah is so sorry for what he has done. He realizes that he really did drink a lot. He likes Paloma a lot and hoped to get to know Paloma a lot better. He asked if they…kissed. It turns out that they did. "And it was muy caliente," she says. Noah asks her to please forgive him for what he did.

Jared still plans to leave town. He knows that Theresa loves Ethan and always will. Valerie knows that Theresa really cares for Jared. Jared thought so too, but then the night before he realized that Theresa wouldn't ever be over Ethan. He tells how Theresa was in bed with Ethan and he and Gwen found them. "It's time for me to move on!"

Theresa asks Ethan what he thinks would happen if she split up with Jared the night before. Would he want to be with her? Ethan still can't just explain away his marriage. Theresa gets upset immediately. He saw Gwen smash her wedding ring to mangled metal. "You have to get on your knees and thank god that she is gone. It is what's best for everyone, especially Gwen. Now she's been miserable since the day we first fell in love…" Theresa just needs him to tell her that he will divorce Gwen so that they can be a family with Little Ethan and Jane.

Dr. Gasparro is offended by Miguel's doubt of Fox's diagnosis. He offers to get the sample he has tested to prove what he knows. He walks off, and Eve reprimands Miguel for how he has treated this man who is a specialist and highly acclaimed.

Fancy will not buy that Luis has been her rapist all along. Sam starts from the beginning. Luis slept on the sofa of Fancy's special bedroom. Luis tells how he and Fancy went to the Princess room, and he read to her. He was in Fancy's room with her, but he can't remember hearing Fancy screaming. By the time that he awoke, Fancy had been attacked already. Luis knows that this sounds weird and suspicious, but he really doesn't remember anything after falling asleep on the sofa. He thinks now of the blurry pictures in his mind of him kissing Fancy and not exactly remembering it. Sheridan and the others can see that Luis remembers something. Luis has some memories of making love to Fancy. She was in her cheerleader outfit…"Oh, my God," Ivy exclaims. "You did it! You raped my daughter!"

Noah hopes that the night they spent together won't spoil their chance at having anything to do with each other still. She tells him that nothing happened. They kissed goodnight, and he passed out. She was going to take him home, but she didn't want Sam to see his son like that. Pilar has no idea about Noah staying over yet…Paloma remembers the night before when she tried to get Noah to sleep. He was flirting and eventually she gave him a kiss, but then he held her tightly, and it went on much longer than anticipated. Then he just feel asleep. 'Sweet dreams', was all she said to him after that…Noah hasn't got his clothes on, and Paloma admits that is because she took off his pants. It wasn't any trouble, she says. "In fact, it was my pleasure." They smile at each other.

Jared tells Valerie how Theresa refused to press charges against Ethan, and that has him crazy. Valerie tells Jared that he has to cut Theresa some slack on this. Jared will not. Ethan committed a crime. Valerie knows the crime. Ethan is guilty of loving Theresa, just like Jared is. "Give her the benefit of the doubt. Don't leave Harmony. Don’t leave Theresa…"

Ethan can't just give up on Gwen. Theresa reminds him that Gwen has given up on him. "Why would you want her?" Ethan feels that he owes it to Gwen to live up to his vows. Theresa finds his loyalty to Gwen to be unfair to her. "She left, Ethan, because she's tired of being second best." Theresa tells Ethan that he just needs to let Gwen go and find the happiness that she deserves. Ethan leaves the room to check on Jane. Theresa stares after the door. "She's my daughter, too," Theresa says quietly. "And when I leave here, I'm taking her with me…With or without you."

Eve can't believe Miguel about Dr. Gasparro, but Miguel will not let up…Julian thanks Dr. Gasparro for his miracle to save the day and Fox's marriage. Dr. Gasparro will want to be handsomely paid for his services. He guarantees that the pathology report on that specimen will turn out as desired. Now all that Julian and the good doctor have to do is figure out his fee.

Luis wonders if what he was thinking about the night before was just a dream. She hasn't made love to Luis yet… Sheridan internally thanks her lucky stars for that…Fancy does have a cheerleading outfit from high school…Yet he can clearly remember Fancy being on top of him…Sheridan tells Luis not to be so graphic. Sam tells Luis that he had better get a lawyer. Luis can't believe his ears. Sheridan tells Luis to be quiet and not say another word. She will get him the best lawyer possible.

Noah tells Paloma that he has to get out of there. It is clear that the both of them are attracted to each other, and he wouldn't want to ruin his chances with her. He wants his time with her to be memorable and special. He promises that when they finally get together, it will be. He is dressed now and happy to be. "If I was doing what I wanted to right now, I would be holding that beautiful face of yours in my hands, and I would be kissing those beautiful, luscious lips, right before I..." He asks her out to dinner real soon. He thanks her again for the wonderful night, and she assures him that it was her pleasure. He kisses her and then leaves.

Jared can't try any harder to get Theresa than he already has. "Go up against him!" Valerie orders of Jared about Theresa.

When Ethan returns, he finds Theresa packing Jane's things. Theresa figures that since Gwen is gone, the custody conditions won't stand. He works long hard evenings, he goes out with clients and that will mean that Jane will be stuck with sitters all the time. Theresa has a great idea how the both of them can share in Jane's life and take care of her. She orders Ethan to get packed and come to the mansion with them. That will be the best thing for Jane. Ethan thinks about that and decides that this is a good idea. He goes to pack. "What just happened?" Theresa asks herself.

Eve say that Dr. Gasparro lives for his work and moves wherever he is needed. He can't see what Julian could dangle before the man to make him want to lie about a patient's condition...Dr. Gasparro tells Julian that he has a health clinic in Africa that is desperate for supplies. Julian offers to fund the clinic for years to come. Dr. Gasparro is thankful and will still go and do the testing on the tissue that he has removed. Julian is impressed with the good doctor. He hasn't conceived though of the role that Julian has played in Fox's near-death experience.

Ivy sits quietly by and listens. It isn't until she hears of the reason that Luis and Fancy haven't made love yet that she snaps. She feels that she has figured it out. Luis apparently couldn't wait for her dear daughter to graduate before putting his greasy paws all over her. THWACK! She slaps Luis hard in the face, and Fancy runs up to hold her off the man. Sheridan watches from the sidelines and holds her face in her hands.

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