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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Tabitha is on the kitchen floor, and she gets up abruptly. She wakes to find Endora downstairs when she should be asleep. She looks at the pot, and something floats above it. This is bad news, Tabby says. Very, very bad news.

Miguel tells Kay that this thing with Fox isn't her fault, but she is too confused to think about that right now. "If anyone is at fault, it is me." Sam overhears what Miguel says and joins the conversation to see if Miguel will confess… Ivy watches from nearby and turns to Julian, who also is distraught over their son's condition. Dr. Gasparro arrives and Julian tells Eve that Dr. Gasparro is there to oversee the surgery and assist if necessary.

There is semen to be tested, but Sheridan is suspicious that the semen might not be from the man that raped Fancy, as she says, but from someone else. Fancy is offended by the implication of what her aunt is saying. Sheridan is surprised to discover that Fancy and Luis haven't made love yet, so it can't be his semen. Now they truly have a mystery.

Ethan still waits to hear what it is that Theresa has to tell him that is so important. Whitney listens from behind a door to the room and prays that Theresa will have the courage to stand tall and not think that Ethan's marriage breaking up is now a chance for her to be with Ethan.

Tabitha knows that death and destruction is coming to Harmony, and someone is going to cause it. Endora is very interested and has telepathic questions, but Tabitha can't even tell if this is a man or woman who will cause the evil. She doesn't know if this person will be a witch or mortal. "What I do know is that great pain is coming the Lopez-Fitzgeralds…the Russells…to the Bennetts…and even to the Cranes. But who is it?" Tabby suddenly has an idea on how she can find out who this evildoer is.

Miguel will not confess to something that he hasn't done. Miguel still thinks that everyone should remember that Fox had been scheming before all this happened. Sam would like to believe Miguel, but he can't avoid the evidence of the damage done to his car. He also told Kay that he had 'taken care' of Fox. Miguel did say this to Kay, but he didn't mean that he had tried to kill Fox.

Eve says that it is going to take a while to get Fox worked on. Julian feels better now that Dr. Gasparro is there to help. Miguel thinks that Dr. Gasparro is a setup and shouldn't be allowed to be involved in this. Kay wants as much help as she can get to get Fox back to normal. Miguel is sure that this guy is a part of the scam and thinks that Kay really should think about what she is doing here.

The doctor explains that she has many databases to look at in order to check the semen. If she doesn't get a match, then they will deal with that when the time comes. Luis swears that if it is the last thing that he does, he will find out who this guy is that did this to his girl. Chris and Sheridan watch as the two hug. Sheridan turns away from them, and Chris goes to her, remarking that she should be relieved that Fancy wasn't making all this stuff up. He tells her that she should reconsider what she thinks about Fancy. Sheridan can't help it. She still thinks that Fancy's mental state is in question… Fancy glares at Sheridan over Luis's shoulder as they hug.

Theresa says that she believes Ethan when he says that he didn't assault her, and has no idea how he got into her room. Whitney isn't happy as she listens to Theresa. She should have told Ethan the news that she is sending Ethan to India by now, but she hasn't. Theresa is really sorry that Gwen has left Ethan, but he doesn't want her to feel bad. She isn't at fault here. Whitney enters the room and tells Ethan that Jane really wants her daddy. Ethan goes to her. Whitney goes to her friend and reminds her that this is the perfect opportunity to make things right for everyone. Theresa didn't tell Ethan what she had to tell him, and Whitney finds that strange. Everyone could be happy, but yet, Theresa will be making everyone stay in a state of misery by not coming clean with Ethan.

Miguel is all over Kay not to let Dr. Gasparro in the room to help with the surgery, but Kay can't think about Miguel's suspicions right now. Ivy finds it so obvious that Miguel tried to kill Fox and still wants him dead. Eve comes over to tell Julian and Ivy that Fancy was attacked again and is downstairs. Ivy runs to her. Julian gets back to the business at hand. He insists that Dr. Gasparro be a part of the surgery, and Eve agrees to have him there…Miguel talks to Eve quietly about proving Julian a liar. She tells him that he needn't worry. If Fox has a terminal illness, it will be apparent, she assures.

Ivy arrives downstairs in the hospital where Fancy, and the others are waiting. Ivy tells how Miguel hit Fox with his car, but the others don't believe her. "He told Kay that Fox was taken car of, and the headlight on Miguel's car was smashed." Ivy wonders what is wrong with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Miguel, Theresa and even Luis is a screw up. She blames him for Fancy being hurt in her room. "Why can't you keep her safe?"

Whitney knows that Jared loves Theresa and only Theresa but Ethan can't say that. Still, Theresa loves Ethan and can't help the way he makes her feel. Yes, she could have the life that she deserves if she would only let Ethan go. "I can't," is all that Theresa says. Whitney understands them. "If you aren't going to do it, I'll do it. I'll tell Ethan right now," Whitney promises. She turns around, and Ethan is in the room. "You'll tell me what?"

Tabitha gets her magic truth sand. "Watch and learn," she instructs Endora. She pours the sand on the table, and Endora smiles as she watches. When all the sand is on the table, Tabby smoothes it all out. She just has to ask the magic question and she will soon have an answer. "Tell this witch the horrible name!" The sand starts slowly moving. Soon, Tabby will know who is wreaking havoc in Harmony. "Who is to blame? Give me a name?"

Fancy tells her mother that Luis would do anything to protect her. Ivy thinks that Fancy is only saying that because she is sleeping with Luis. Fancy says that it is against the rules to sleep with Luis until she is a cop. Ivy thinks then that perhaps Fancy should have slept with the man so that he might have protected her…Sheridan goes to Luis and hears him continue to blame himself for the attacks on his girlfriend. Luis was there to protect Fancy, and then the next minute she is attacked, and he is gone. Fancy tells her mother how she came to have an exam, and they are testing the semen now. Ivy is so sorry that it has come to this. She wants the vermin found who hurt her daughter. Ivy hugs her child now.

The doctor is in the lab, and her computer beeps. "that is weird to find a match so quickly. It must be someone in one of the hospital databases." The doctor types a few words and pauses. "Oh my God!" she exclaims.

Whitney says that all that she was going to say was that she is sorry about Gwen leaving, and that Jane is really a beautiful baby. "I gotta go," Whitney says. She gets her coat, and Theresa walks her to the door. She tells her friend again to tell Ethan what she needs to say. she hopes that Theresa will change her mind. Theresa closes the door and turns to Ethan. He looks at the picture on the table of himself, Gwen and Jane. He realizes that he has destroyed his family. Theresa walks to him. Your marriage to Gwen might be over, but that just means that you and I can finally be the family that we always wanted to be…" She moves into his arms, and they kiss.

The sand isn't working. Tabitha ZAPS it! Nothing happens. No name appears for she and Endora. The only thing that Tabitha knows is that this isn't Alistair. She and Endora look at the window, and they see some giant eyes staring in the window. "This is worse than I thought, Endora," Tabitha says walking to the window.

Kay and Miguel sit together to wait for news. Eve comes to the family and friends, and her face is grim.

…Theresa has just been dreaming that she and Ethan decide to get together…Now she gets back to reality and listens as Ethan blames himself for his marriage breaking up. Theresa won't let him do that. She knows that her hovering did a lot to break up Ethan's marriage. He knows better. "I was the one who couldn’t let go. If Gwen really knew how many times that I had dreamed of being with you, she would have left me a long, long time ago." He never thought that this would be the way that things would turn out for him. Jane cries…"Mama…mama…" Theresa goes to Jane's room. "Mommy is here," Ethan can hear Theresa saying to Jane. "Mommy is here…" Theresa returns to the room alone and sad. "She doesn't want me."

Fox has survived the surgery and is in recovery now. All are happy, and Julian comments that now Miguel will only be charged with Attempted Murder. Miguel says that will not happen, as he didn't do this. Miguel asks Eve now if Fox is really sick and dying of a terminal illness…

Fancy apologizes to Luis for what her mother said about him and his family. He happens to agree with Ivy that he was at fault for what happened to Fancy. The doctor is coming now. She has the results that everyone has been waiting to hear about.

Ethan returns to Theresa after putting Jane back to sleep. He is sorry that Jane didn't want her mother. Ethan knows that Jane is just tired, and she is used to seeing Gwen, so that makes her think of Gwen as her mommy. Ethan has no idea how he is going to tell Gwen that her mommy isn't coming home. Theresa offers to help Ethan with Jane now, but he won't let her since she has Crane to run and other responsibilities. She needs to do this. She really feels that she and he should be raising Jane together. "Are you saying that you want us to be together?" Ethan asks…

Tabitha sees that things are even worse than she expected. The citizens have no idea of the pain and chaos that is to come. Harmony will never be the same. Destruction will be absolute…

Miguel waits for the answer from Eve about Fox's true condition. He remembers that Fox said that he had nothing to hide before. Kay is interested in the details of Fox's condition. Eve says that she found no evidence of Fox having a terminal disease. No evidence at all… Miguel knew it!

The doctor knows that rapist's name, and she stalls giving the information… "The DNA in the semen we collected from Fancy Crane belongs to you, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald." No one believes it…at first. "You bastard!" Ivy spits. Luis knows that he didn't do this. The doctor even double-checked the sample and there isn't any mistake. The sample matches that belonging to Luis…

Ethan thought that Theresa was going to move on. Theresa tried, but Ethan wouldn't let that happen. She considers their history together and how he told her that his subconscious led him to her. She believes that even though no one else does. "I'm in your heart and your mind, just like you're in mine. But I do want to help you with Jane…I want you to know that you can count on me." Ethan smiles. "Thank you. I am grateful to you. I know that I'm going to need help with her." Theresa also wants to be there for him as well. They kiss.

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