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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

All jump on Eve when they see her, but she has no news for Fox's family or friends yet. She gets back to work now. Miguel tells Kay that he didn't do this. He wouldn't try to kill Fox like this. Ivy hears him and shouts that he is a liar. She knows that he did this. He tried to kill her son!

Luis is at the hospital with Fancy, Luis and Chris. Luis and Chris walk off to get Fancy admitted. Fancy figures that her aunt must be happy now that she looks crazy to Luis. She vows to show Luis how evil her aunt is. Sheridan knows that if this test doesn't prove what Fancy wants, she will be exposed, and no one will believe anything that she says ever again.

Chad sees that Jared really is going to leave town. He is at the office packing his things to leave town. He refuses to play second to Ethan!

Ethan tells Theresa and Whitney that his marriage is over. Gwen is gone. Theresa tells Ethan that she saw Gwen on the way over, and she tried to talk to her but Gwen wouldn't listen. Whitney whispers to Theresa that she has to tell Ethan now that things between herself and Ethan are over so that Ethan can save their marriage.

Julian is on the phone making arrangements. "Get this done! I need it today!"

Ivy lays into Miguel and blames him for everything. Sam has to butt in and stop Ivy from blaming Miguel. Eve returns with the paper for Kay to sign for the surgery. She hopes that she is doing the right thing here. Eve tells how they will be doing the surgery in stages to take things as safely as possible. Miguel goes to her again, but she only wants to be alone and think. Charity would like to talk to Miguel now, but Sam trumps that. He wants to talk to Miguel to find out why all the evidence points to him.

Luis and Chris return with a doctor, who is ready to do the testing on Fancy. Luis hugs Fancy before she goes in to get checked. Luis finds her brave to go through all that she has. Sheridan asks Chris for a cup of coffee, and he leaves to get it. Sheridan tells Luis that this really isn't his fault. He can't see how it can't be. He thinks about Fancy. it was like he was kissing her, and she was kissing him… The images in his head were all blurry…The Peeping Tom Rapist is nearby in a room, and he overhears Sheridan talking to Luis. "It wasn't Fancy you were kissing last night, Luis," the Peeping Tom Rapist whispers evilly…"

Chad tells Jared that he thinks that Ethan is telling the truth about not knowing how he got in Theresa's bed. Jared tells Chad that Ethan will always have a place in her heart, and to Jared, that is like saying there is no room in her heart for him.

Ethan didn’t believe that Gwen really meant she was going to leave. She was different this time, though. She couldn't take it anymore, and it was sad for him to say goodbye to Gwen and watch her say goodbye to Jane. Theresa is surprised that Gwen didn't take Jane. Ethan says that Gwen couldn't take Jane now, but Gwen plans to fight for her later. Theresa really would like to see Jane now. Ethan goes to get her. Whitney wonders what Theresa is thinking now. Theresa says that she sees that Ethan is accepting what Gwen has done. He really is letting her go. Whitney doesn't want to hear this. She doesn't want to hear that Theresa is changing her mind about Jared and now wants Ethan. Theresa says that isn't what she is going to do.

Sam offers to try to make things easier for Miguel if he will only tell the truth. Miguel thinks that he is being set up. He thinks about the pranks that Fox has put in place all along…Julian is nearby and hears Miguel badmouthing his son. "You have a lot of nerve, you punk bastard!"

Jared's real issue is Theresa not being willing or able to give up on her dreams, which involve another man. He has a question for Chad. "If Tess didn't realize that she was sleeping with another man? Why doesn't she press charges?" Chad says that Ethan is the father of Theresa's children and so it would make things difficult. Chad knows that Jared doesn't want to really leave town. Jared still loves Theresa but he will not share Theresa with Ethan.

Whitney tells Theresa to just go ahead and do as she originally planned so she can get back with Jared. Ethan returns without Jane and says that she is sleeping. Theresa tries to talk to Ethan, but he interrupts her to apologize for being in her bed earlier that night. Jane starts crying, and Theresa offers to go and see her, but Whitney wants to do it, and she leaves the room to take care of the child. Ethan turns to Theresa now. "You wanted to see me?"

Miguel tells Julian that Fox wasn't ever sick. Miguel can't prove that Fox is lying yet, but he knows that even Eve will see that Fox wasn't fatally ill. Sam wants both Julian and Miguel to stop fighting. Eve returns and says that the first part of the operation has been ended, and Fox is holding his own. The next part of the operation is going to be dicey, though. Miguel goes to Eve and asks her something. Julian and Ivy wonder what Miguel is talking to Eve about. Miguel is asking Eve to check if there is any evidence that Fox is fatally ill.

Luis thinks it is strange that Sheridan still thinks that Fancy is faking her illness. Sheridan touches Luis's face, telling him that he is the bravest, most caring man that she has ever known. Fancy pulls the curtain open and sees the tender touch that Sheridan gives her boyfriend. Chris has returned with the coffee and sees the two as well.

Jared is still determined to go out of town. Whitney calls and tells Chad to keep Jared there at the office, at any costs. She tells him that Theresa has come up with a way to get Ethan out of town so Jared and Theresa can be together.

Ethan is still apologizing for ending up in Theresa's bed. He knows that what happened was completely his fault, but his consciousness pulled him to her again. Whitney is listening in from the other room and hopes that Theresa isn't getting sucked into wanting to be with Ethan again. Ethan feels that Theresa is there to press charges against him, and if that is the case, let it be. He is willing to face whatever for what he has done. Theresa tells him quickly that that wasn't the reason for her coming over there. She has something else that she needs to tell him. Whitney waits from behind the scenes.

Jared pours himself one last drink. "Here's to Jared Casey!" He thinks that he was fooling himself about Theresa the whole time. Chad says that Whitney just called, and they are over at Ethan's. There is still a chance that Jared can win her back. Chad gets a call, but it isn't from Whitney. It is from his friend. Jared thinks that Chad is addicted to sex and has some problems. Chad really needs to go and tells Jared that if Whitney calls to say that he is on his way home. At least Jared knows that he wouldn't ever do what Chad is doing to Whitney…

Ethan has a confession. He knows why he was at Theresa's room and in her bed. She tries to stop him from saying what he is about to say, but he won't let her. "I love you," Ethan says. "God bless Gwen's heart, Theresa. She has tried to live with it, and I couldn't leave her. I was in a fog tonight, but I ended up right where I want to be." Whitney enters the room and says that Jane is napping just fine now. Ethan goes into the other room to get a drink. Theresa can't believe that Ethan loves her. He just told her that. Whitney tells Theresa that she just spoke to Chad and Jared is still in town. She tells Theresa to end this thing with Ethan so they can go to Jared. Theresa nods her head. Ethan returns to the room, and Whitney goes out again. Theresa starts talking, but Ethan interrupts her again. "Gwen and I are through now…" Theresa stops him, telling him that he can get Gwen back. Ethan knows that it is over. He shows Theresa the wedding ring. It is mangled and distorted. "That is what she thinks of our marriage now," Ethan says. Whitney hears everything and hopes that her friend will be strong…

Fancy has finished her tests, and she goes back to Sheridan and the others. A rush has been put on the tests. Chris drags Sheridan off to the side and tells her that she is too concerned with Fancy. Sheridan agrees. Fancy is her niece, and that is why, she explains. Chris says that he saw how close Sheridan and Luis were when he returned with the coffee. "You can't keep your eyes off Luis…not for a minute. Now are you sure that you are able to deal with Fancy and Luis being a couple?" She says he is impertinent to ask her such a question. He says that he is asking her the question because the way that she behaves leads him to believe that she would trade places with Fancy in a minute!

Kay talks to Charity about how she let her family down and how Sam can't forgive her totally yet. Charity knows that the only person to blame for what happened is Ivy. Kay finds that things are just so terrible right now. If she had been with Fox like she should have been, all this wouldn't have happened. Miguel wants Eve to look for clues of a fatal illness while working on Fox. Julian and Ivy see the intense conversation and wonder what is going on. Eve has known Miguel for most of his life and doesn't think that he ran over Fox as he has been accused of doing. She thinks about Dr. Gasparro and his diagnosis of Fox's condition. Miguel knows what Dr. Gasparro said, but he would just like Eve to have a peek while working on Fox. Finally Eve gives in and agrees to see if Fox is really sick like he said he was.

Sheridan says that she is just concerned about her niece, and that is why she is so fixated on what is going on with her. Chris is sure that Luis can take care of Fancy just fine. Luis and Fancy talk while they wait. The doctor arrives now to see Luis and Fancy. Fancy asks if her results are ready.

Valerie arrives at the office and sees Jared, who tells her that he is leaving Harmony. She tells him that he can't walk out on Theresa. "You just can't!"

Ethan can't even bring himself to properly apologize for what he did to Theresa. He only ever really wanted Theresa to be happy. He wanted all Theresa's dreams to come true and all he did was hurt Theresa. He apologizes now. He looks Theresa in the face and tells her that he is sincerely sorry. Whitney knows that this has got to be hard for Theresa. She listens from outside the door. Theresa and Ethan are crying now. She finds there isn't anything to forgive. They have both done horrible things, but they got through it. That makes him smile. He wonders if they can start again. Whitney doesn't like the way that this is going. "Please set him free," she whispers…"For both your sakes…"

Kay wants to talk to her father for a bit, but Sam just wants to concentrate on Fox right now. Miguel thinks about Fox and how he might die, but it won't be from a fatal illness. Charity takes this time to talk to Miguel privately. She tells him that she knew that Kay had chosen Fox and that she came back because she wanted to be with Miguel. She kisses him. Julian turns and sees them…

Turns out that Fancy was sexually assaulted. There is a semen sample, and they will be able to get DNA evidence from it… "See?" Fancy says to Sheridan…

Theresa has Ethan's full attention now. She has something important to say to him, and she is ready to let it out. Whitney is behind the door, waiting and praying that this will be the moment when Theresa tells Ethan that she is over him forever…

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