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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Luis tells Chris and Sheridan the story as Fancy sits nearby with her back to Luis. He has no idea what happened while he was out of it. Sheridan thinks that Fancy might have made this up. Chris isn't sure that he believes that. He thinks that this might be posttraumatic shock…Fancy is at the table and she thinks about the attack. It makes her drops her beverage on her robe it startles her so. Luis comes to help her but she doesn't want him touching her.

Julian has to be pulled off Miguel. He learns that Miguel is a suspect in his son's 'Hit and Run' and wants to kill him.

Whitney knows that even though Theresa doesn't want to press charges against Ethan but Whitney knows that there has to be something else that they can do to keep Jared in Theresa's life…

Gwen is telling Ethan that things are over. THUD! Rebecca just heard something outside the room and she goes to check it out. Ethan takes this time to tell Gwen that he really does want to make their marriage work. He really does.

Gwen goes into the hall and senses that someone is nearby, even though she doesn't see anyone about. "Hello? Is anyone out here?" No one answers. The Peeping Tom Rapist hides behind a corner. CLICK! His blade flies to attention and is ready for action as Rebecca gets closer to his location…

Julian thinks that if Miguel isn't going to be arrested for Attempted Murder, then he needs to be arrested for 'Hit and Run'. Sam hasn't decided what the charge will be, or even if there is going to be a charge. Eve hasn't got off the information on Fox yet, but Kay will be told about it when the time comes…Ivy goes to Kay now and asks where she was when Kay was almost killed…Kay thinks if laying on the cold ground by the fire with Miguel. They were making love under the stars.

Rebecca still ventures into dangerous territory looking for whoever made the noise in the hall. The Peeping Tom Rapist waits to see if she will discover him.

The perp hears Rebecca calling out to him thinking that she heard a sound in the hall of the B&B. No one answers but Rebecca goes to check outside Ethan and Gwen's room anyway. The Peeping Tom Rapist is around the corner with his knife drawn…waiting.

Gwen knows that Ethan will never ever get over Theresa ever. Ethan still wants her to listen to reason but she won't do it.

Rebecca is near the Peeping Tom Rapist now without knowing it. The Peeping Tom Rapist holds up his knife and…BANG! Rebecca jumps. She hears the noise from Ethan and Gwen's room and runs back…Ethan and Gwen are arguing and Gwen is so angry that this is going on, she can't stand to stay any longer and is even willing to leave Jane behind to get away from Ethan! She just can't stand this any longer.

Whitney tells Theresa that there is a way that she can have Jared if she really wants him back in her life. "You have to give up Ethan once and for all," Whitney tells her friend.

Luis tries to go to Fancy but Fancy won't have him near her. Sheridan offers to take Fancy upstairs to rest. She knows that Fancy has been through a lot. She allows her aunt to lead her away, but she stops and looks back at Luis for a minute before she leaves the room. Chris finds this to be awful. He wonders what went on in this house…Luis remembers dreaming of Fancy and seeing a face that was before him that kept changing…"Oh my god!" Luis says. Chris asks him what the matter is.

Ivy demands to know where Kay was while her son was getting hit by a car. Miguel wants to defend Kay but Ivy doesn't want to talk to him. "what he the reason you weren't with Fox?" Eve comes out and tells that there are some decisions that have to be made about Fox. She has no idea how the bruises ended up on Fox. They are not consistent with the car accident. Miguel steps forward and admits that he and Fox had a fight. Julian wants the man arrested and Sam has to actually hold him back.

Whitney can see that Theresa still wants to keep Ethan in her life but that won't get Jared back. He needs to see that he is the only man in Theresa's life and that calls for action. There can't be any 'buts' about it. Theresa decides to take her friend's advice. Whitney knows that Jared wants Theresa to make a clear choice. Whitney's plan is to send Ethan off to India for that job that he was going to get before. Theresa doesn't want to send Jane away but Whitney knows that Theresa can see her any time that she wants to go over there. Theresa thinks this over. Whitney knows that this is the very best thing for everyone. Theresa is one of the most powerful women in the world. Whitney manages to convince Theresa that this is the way to go. She decides to get dressed, have the car drawn around and she will tell Ethan and Gwen that this nightmare is over. After that she will find Jared and tell him that Ethan is out of her life forever. Theresa isn't sure that’s he is okay with this…She just knows that she has to be okay with this.

Miguel says that he wouldn't be admitting that he had been fighting with Fox if he killed the man with his car. That would just be stupid! Miguel has no bruises but Miguel says that is just because he is a better fighter. Eve says that Fox has extensive injuries. He has flatlined twice and each time with was more difficult to revive him. Fox needs surgery and Eve has to do it. Julian wants a specialist but there is no time. Fox could die or at least get brain damage. Whatever it is, they have to act now!

Luis tells that he has been getting weird images in his head about the night and what happened. Chris offers to get Luis a brandy but Luis doesn't want that. It is pretty late now. Luis remembers that he put Fancy to bed at a certain time and then woke up exactly one hour later. He has no idea what happened during that time…Outside the house, the Peeping Tom Rapist hears the men talking as he lurks about the window.

Sheridan has Fancy back in her room now and she tries to be sympathetic with Fancy but the girl won't let her. Fancy thinks that Sheridan is just looking for a way to prove that she is making this up. Sheridan won't let her take a shower. She tells Fancy that if this 'thing' really happened to her, she will get to the police station and get checked out.

Gwen says goodbye to tiny Jane until it hurts too much. She begs her mother to take the child out of there. Gwen is crying now. Ethan begs her not to do this, but she tells him that he is the one that did this. "Mother! Take me to the airport!" She doesn't know where she will be going but she knows that it will be away from there. Rebecca and Gwen leave the house now. Ethan looks down at the wedding ring that Gwen returned to him. It is all bent and damaged now…like his marriage.

Whitney and Theresa are in the limo and Theresa cries as she stares out the window. Whitney tells her that she is doing the right thing by leaving Ethan behind and going after Jared who is her future now. Theresa sees something out the window, and sits at attention. "Stop the car!" she shouts at the driver. "Stop the car!"

Julian doesn't want Eve operating on her son. He wants the very best! He wants a specialist. Eve tells Julian that he can't make this decision anyway. Kay is Fox's wife and is the only one who can allow or deny this surgery. All eyes turn to Kay now.

Sheridan tells Fancy that she needs to go to a hospital and get checked out. Fancy doesn't want those tests again. Sheridan says that this will prove that Fancy is telling the truth. Fancy feels that this is just Sheridan's way to prove her niece a liar. Sheridan says that lying isn't foreign to Fancy. She remembers when Fancy's sister Pretty brought a boy on the yacht at the country club…Fancy stole her sister's beau and the second she got the man she dumped him. Sheridan feels that Fancy is just making this up to keep Luis's attention so that he will forget about the love he had for her. Fancy hates this attack and ends up slapping her aunt for being so mean to her…The Peeping Tom Rapist peeps at the women from the window to the room.

The car comes to a screeching halt and Gwen and Theresa are if face to face when they roll their windows down in the street. They roll down their windows. Theresa wants to talk to Gwen but Gwen has nothing to say to her. She shouts how she is leaving Ethan and filing for divorce the next day. She speeds off… Whitney and Theresa can't believe what they have just heard hear. A whole new strange look comes over Theresa's face. She and Whitney never thought that Gwen would ever leave Ethan but it is true. Gwen is gone. Whitney suggests that they get over to the Bed & Breakfast to let Ethan know what Theresa's plans are so that he can get Gwen back. Theresa wholeheartedly agrees. "Driver! To the B&B!"

Kay doesn't see how they can save Fox's life, or even what the point of doing that will be. He is going to die anyway. She needs to think about this…Ivy whispers to Julian that they have to tell Kay that Fox isn't dying. Julian can't do that. Ivy doesn't want Fox's death on her conscience. She walks off to tell Kay the truth.

Sheridan feels that Fancy's slap just proves the theory that Sheridan has of her. She is getting desperate now and lashing out and the slap proves it. Fancy feels that her aunt isn't supportive at all. Sheridan wants proof and tells Fancy to go to the hospital and get examined. Fancy doesn't want to do that. She wishes that Luis were up there to see how truly evil her aunt is. The worse thing that could happen to a woman has happened to Sheridan's niece and Sheridan can't wait to have Luis see what a coldhearted bitch Sheridan really is. "Hey! What's going on?" Luis asks walking in the room with Chris.

Kay makes her decision. She tells Eve to go ahead and do the surgery. That will be the best thing for Fox.

Sheridan explains to her husband and Luis that she was just telling Fancy to go and get checked out at the hospital so they can see if there is any evidence. Luis thinks that is a great idea. Fancy decides to go then. Sheridan says that she and Chris will come with them for support. Fancy thinks that is a great idea so that Fancy can see the look on Sheridan's face when the tests come back positive. They leave the room… Peeping Tom Rapist is outside the window and has heard everything that has gone on in the room.

Gwen is pissed. She is driving and screaming about how Theresa is already on her way to get her husband and the marriage isn't even over yet. Rebecca wants them to return and talk to Ethan, but Gwen just can't stop being mad. "Watch it honey!" Rebecca says. "Keep your eyes on the road!" Rebecca has to actually grab the steering wheel to keep the car on the road.

Theresa and Whitney are at the Bed & Breakfast now and Theresa is ready to offer Ethan the thing that will make his marriage stay together. She will get him that job in India and he, Gwen and Jane can move there to start a new life. It will hurt Theresa but she will do it to save Ethan's marriage. Theresa and Whitney open the door and they see Ethan sitting in the room at a table. He looks up at Theresa and Whitney and holds up Gwen's wedding ring. "It's over. My marriage is over!"

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