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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan walks in as Gwen is telling her mother that she is filing for divorce in the morning. "Gwen don't do it."

Theresa thinks about her last conversation with Jared…He basically ordered her to press charges against Ethan or they are finished. She couldn’t do as he asked. "I do love you," he said before walking out…Theresa realizes that she has lost Jared now once and for all.

Chad and Chris hear a thud at the pantry door in the kitchen. Fox, Whitney and Sheridan run after the men to see what the noise is. They open the door and the Peeping Tom Rapist falls out. He isn't moving. The friends remove the mask of the rapist to see who has been pestering Fancy. "Oh no!" Fancy says when she sees the face of the rapist. It is Luis!

Gwen knows that they can never work this out. The marriage with Ethan is dead. Rebecca wants Gwen to hold on to her marriage, but Gwen finds that she doesn't have one. She is packing. She wants of there. Ethan says again that he doesn't remember how he got to Theresa's place where he was found having sex with Theresa. Gwen just can't compete with this anymore. Her husband woke up in another woman's bed. "Our marriage is over!"

Theresa has tears streaming down her face as she thinks about Jared and the way he loved her. She can't help thinking though about Ethan. "Jared is right. No matter how much I love him… I can't get Ethan out of my heart."

Fancy can't believe this. Luis is waking up now. He is confused when he comes too. "What's going on?" He gets to his feet. He is dressed in all black…just like the Peeping Tom Rapist always appeared to Fancy. Luis remembers that he was last in the Princess room. Jared appears, telling Chad and Whitney that he is leaving town again. Chad and Whitney leave the room with Jared to talk to him. Luis has no idea how he got down there in the kitchen. "Something happened," Sheridan tells Luis. It was something bad. Chris tells that Fancy was assaulted by the man wearing a ski mask. "This ski mask," Chris says holding it up for Luis to see. Luis demands to know where Chris got that. "You were wearing it Luis," Chris says.

Jared tells Chad and Whitney that he just can't take it with Ethan and Theresa anymore. Whitney knows that the man loves Theresa, and he knows that too but he will never be number one in her life. He plans to move on now. Whitney begs him to think this through. Jared knows that Theresa loves him but she also loves Ethan. "There isn't room for three people in a marriage." Jared thinks to himself that he has already had that already. Whitney leaves and Chad turns to Jared now. "There's no room for compromise?"

Miguel and the girls go out with Sam to see the car and Miguel's car is damaged. He denies that he hit Fox with his car. Kay is confused all over again. She just needs to get to the hospital to see Fox now. Miguel starts walking off with the girls but Sam calls him and holds him by the arm. "You are not going anywhere."

At the hospital, Eve tries to apply the paddles while Julian and Ivy argue. She orders them out and gets to work. Julian and Ivy go into the hall and Ivy immediately starts crying. She worries about her soon and what is going to happen to him. Julian holds her as she cries.

Ivy thinks that they should pray for Fox even though they are terrible sinners. Eve comes out and says that she has done everything that she could for Fox and that right now he has been stabilized. She will run a battery of tests so that they know that Fox will be fine. It was a car accident, Eve tells. Julian wants to find the bastard that did this to his son. Eve only wants to focus on keeping Fox alive. Ivy begs Eve to keep her son alive. Eve says that she always does her best. She leaves. Julian is furious and wants the bastard who did this. Ivy too can't understand how someone could do this and leave their son in the street to die. "When I find the driver," Julian says. "The driver will die."

Miguel wants to get in his car, but Sam can't allow that. The car has to be looked over. Sam tells Miguel to go and get a good lawyer. Kay is getting worried and so Simone and Charity decide that they need to get her to the hospital. Sam feels that Miguel has done enough. He doesn't understand why he can't be there for Kay. "I haven't done anything here! Come On!"

Luis doesn't remember hitting his head but he feels so strange. Sheridan tells how Fancy said that she was attacked and violated, and that whoever got into her room was wearing that mask…or 'a' mask. Fancy still feels that people don't believe that she was attacked. Luis goes to Fancy and hugs her as she sobs. They sit at the kitchen table and he faces her. "Sorry…Sorry…I -- I don't know what happened." Fancy called for him and needed him but he was gone. He has no idea why he left her.

Chad remembers that Jared said that he was leaving town before and he never seems to be able to do it. Jared wants to believe Theresa about this but it is so hard. He asked Theresa to press charges and she wouldn't do it. She wouldn't press charges…not even to save their relationship. Chad knows that in spite of all that he still loves her. Jared does love Theresa but he can't live that life with her.

Gwen says that their marriage has three people in it and it has no committed. She keeps finding him running after Theresa. He just wants her to stay but she feels that if he really loved her and really respected her, she wouldn't be asking her to stay. She just wants to take Jane and leave. Ethan tells Gwen that she can't go with Jane. The custody arrangement doesn't allow it. He tells her that if she leaves, Theresa will come after her for Jane. "Oh great! She takes my husband and now she takes my daughter?"

Whitney is confused. Theresa has this wonderful man in her life and she is willing to risk it all over Ethan. That is confusing to her. Theresa turns to face Whitney now with confusion on her face as well.

Theresa tells how everything was perfect when she accepted Jared's proposal. Theresa wants to fix things with Jared but she hasn't got Ethan out of her life. Yet, she loves Jared and doesn't want him out of her life. She can't go after Jared anyway as Jared insists that she charge Ethan with sexual assault. Jared is making this impossible for her. Whitney kind of understands what Jared feels. He just wants to be put first in Theresa's life. Theresa still can't call the police on Ethan. She did the same thing to Ethan once. She drugged him and he didn't do that to her. Jared should see that Ethan isn't a criminal. She hates that Jared is giving her an ultimatum like this. Whitney knows that Jared isn't a fool, and he knows that Theresa will always choose Ethan. He probably just doesn't want to live that way.

Chad tells Jared that giving someone an ultimatum is cold. Jared needs to see that just because Theresa doesn't want to put Ethan in jail, that doesn't mean that she still wants him. Jared just doesn't want to be in a relationship that has three people in it. Jared hopes that Chad is paying attention to him. Chad knows that Jared is saying but this thing that he is involved in isn't about sex. Jared has heard it all before but whatever it is, it isn't fair to Whitney. Chad doesn't want to talk about him right now. Jared turns back to his issue then. He doesn't think that Theresa is the person who he should be married to. "that is that! Adios, Harmony!"

Gwen thinks that she can leave town with her daughter but Ethan tells Gwen that this is Harmony and she will never beat Alistair's widow here. Ethan tells Gwen that she could try to get a court order and then she will be able to do what she wishes with Jane. Ethan says that he could help with the court order and when they get it, they can all move together. Rebecca thinks that is a splendid idea. Gwen won't allow it. She keeps telling herself that this time it is going to be better but the truth is that Ethan went to Theresa…even in his sleep…The Peeping Tom Rapist is outside the door and hears Ethan try to defend himself to his wife. He remembers the magic fog that he put under Ethan's nose. After that…Ethan was willing to do anything that he had been told. That is how the Peeping Tom Rapist got Ethan to go to the mansion. The Peeping Tom Rapist laughs now…quietly, but heartily…

Simone and Kay whisper as they drive to the hospital. Kay doesn't know who is believing. Simone feels that the evidence points to Miguel. Kay just wants to concentrate on Fox now.

Ivy wants Julian to do something but there isn't anything that he can do about this. They hear Sam's voice as he talks in the distance on his phone. They hear that the only suspect at the moment is Miguel…Julian and Ivy look at each other.

Fancy tells how she kept calling for Luis over and over and he never came to her. He has no idea where he was. The last thing that he remembered was trying to get to sleep on her couch and then waking up on the kitchen floor. He should have stopped this from happening. Sheridan knows that Luis has to feel terrible. She tells how Chad and Whitney rushed in when they heard Fancy screaming. They all searched for someone who could have done this but Crane Security said that no one came in or out of the house. Fancy cries as she relives the attack. He had the same ski mask and raspy voice. "It was him." Luis tries to take Fancy's hand now but she pulls it away from him.

Julian comes over to Sam and asks for confirmation of Miguel being a suspect in this 'Hit and Run'. Sam doesn't have all the details yet. Julian wants Miguel arrested but Sam isn't ready to do that yet. Julian tells Eve about the 'Hit and Run' and how Sam will not arrest Miguel for what he did. The kids come running to the hospital room now. Julian gets his hands around Miguel's neck. "You bastard! How dare you show your face?"

Fancy has a flashback of the attack and moves away when Luis comes near her. Sheridan thinks that Fancy might be in shock. She has seen Fancy on other occasions besides this and knows that Fancy could be in big trouble. Sheridan believes her to an extent. She reminds Luis that he said that he wanted evidence about the attack. They have to find out if Fancy is making this up or not.

Jared knows that Theresa won't let Ethan go and she can't imagine life without Ethan. Jared has had as much of Ethan that he can take. Unless Theresa can prove to him that Ethan is out of her life once and for all, he can't be with Theresa.

Whitney finds Jared wanting to have Ethan in jail is just his way of putting Ethan out of their lives. Theresa can't put Ethan in jail. The thing is that Theresa really does love Jared, but she has already lost him.

Rebecca tells Gwen that what happened is just a little adultery and that happens in a marriage. Gwen disagrees. She deserves a man who loves her and only her. She deserves a real marriage to a real husband. She takes off her wedding ring. "Here! You are through. Give that to Theresa. Spend the rest of your life with her. That is what you want. For the first time that Theresa entered our lives, I know exactly what I am doing." Gwen gets a hammer and smashes the wedding ring to nothing more than a warped piece of metal on the table. Rebecca and Ethan watch horrified. "You don't mean that!" Rebecca cries. Gwen smiles like a wild woman. She believes that she does!

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