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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel hugs Charity and Simone and Kay stand by and listen as the two talk and catch up. Their story is believable. Kay worries about Fox now. Miguel assures her that he has taken care of Fox and that he will not be a problem for them in future.

Fox lays unmoving in the street… He has been there since he was hit by the car. He doesn't move and it seems as if no one has seen him yet. ***

Chad checks under the bed and the closet. He finds no one. Chris and Sheridan enter the bedroom. They heard her screams and have come to see what is wrong. Sheridan asks if things have been happening again. Fancy is immediately angry that Sheridan asks the question as if Fancy is making this up again. "I am sure that there is an explanation," Sheridan says. "Isn't there?"

Jared plans on teaching Ethan a lesson. He has now become the criminal that Ethan has been accusing him of being. Jared hits him. Gwen doesn't care when Theresa pleads with her to help with this. Gwen doesn't care about Ethan. She wishes that she had her mother's brass knuckles with her. Jared hits Ethan again. Gwen tells Jared that Theresa and Ethan don't want to be with anyone else. "They want to be with each other, and I think that it is time that we give them what they want."

Charity is starting to understand things more and more as she listens to everyone talk. Miguel says that he got into it with Fox and things are settled now. Sam arrives and greets Charity with a hug. He is sorry that she had to come home under sad circumstances to do with Grace. But that isn't the reason why Sam has come there. He has come to talk to Kay. "It's about Fox."

Fox continues to lay in the street unconscious. The EMTs arrive and suspect that Fox is bleeding internally. They have to get him to the hospital.

In the Princess room, Fancy tells Chris, Chad and Whitney that Sheridan has been deceitful with her and she doesn't trust her. Chris doesn't like the things that Fancy had been saying of his wife. Sheridan takes Chris aside to explain that Fancy has been under a lot of pressure…Whitney sees a huge bruise on Fancy's face…Fancy suddenly remembers the fighting she did with the Peeping Tom Rapist, and how he slugged her in the jaw. She tells everyone about it. She taunts her aunt with being able to finally prove that she hasn’t been lying all along. "Did you hear that?" Fancy says. She thinks that she hears a noise in the closet. She thinks that the Peeping Tom Rapist is in the closet again, but no one else hears anything.

Gwen has had enough and she leaves the house. Ethan runs after her. Jared is upset that Ethan is getting away scot-free, but there isn't anything he can do about making Ethan pay for forcing Theresa to have sex. Theresa tells Jared that she wasn't forced to have sex with Ethan. She really did think that Ethan was Jared. Jared will not believe that. He gets the phone and dials 9-1-1. "You are going to tell the police that Ethan Winthrop has to be arrested for sexual assault." Jared holds the phone out for Theresa to take it.

Fancy grabs a knick-knack and opens the door to the closet while the two couples watch. She goes into the closet with the wooden object in her hand ready to strike. Whitney suggests that Fancy be taken to the doctor but she knows that what she really needs is to have this guy found so that she can prove that she was attacked. Sheridan knows that there isn't evidence, so they have to get other reasons for this happening. Fancy reminds her that she has a bruise. Sheridan knows that there are many ways to get a bruise. Fancy can see that they think that she might have hit herself somehow. "Where is Luis?" Fancy suddenly asks. he fell asleep in her room and he would be here now. Fancy feels that Luis must be out there tracking her attacker. She asks Chad to check with Crane Security to see if anyone has been seen on the estate who shouldn't be there. There has been no report. Fancy doesn't care about that. All kinds of things happen in this house that the security know nothing about. Fancy decides to go and find Luis herself. The others follow, knowing that Fancy is in no state to be running on a wild goose chase.

After the five have left the room…the Peeping Tom Rapist comes out of hiding. He remains in the closet, but he is now could be viewed if the closet door were opened… click! He takes out his knife and holds it high as he listens through the door.

Ethan catches up to Gwen downstairs and he tells her that he loves her and that he really has no idea how he got into Theresa's bed. Gwen tells Ethan that she is setting him free now. "You are free to be with Theresa!"

Theresa doesn't want to do this to her baby's father. Ethan wouldn't hurt her or Jane. Theresa knows that she was drunk when this all happened. Jared doesn't care. "Press charges against him Tess. Do it now!" Theresa takes the phone and starts talking to an officer. "You are doing the right thing here…Ethan deserves to pay," Jared says smiling.

Eve gets the information on Fox from the emergency workers and given Fox's condition, it seems that Fox might die…

Sam wants to know what Kay is doing with Miguel when this is her wedding night. Miguel tells that things have changed now. He tells how he tried to get Fox to come to the house and admit that he lied to Kay. The last time that Miguel saw him he was crawling off after their fight. "I hope he dies!" Miguel says. Kay tells Miguel that he shouldn't say things like that. "Where is your car?" Sam asks Miguel. "Fox has been the victim of a 'Hit and Run' tonight…"

Whitney tells Fancy that she should go back to bed, but she won't. she can't rest until she finds Luis. Chad calls Crane security and they have no idea where Luis is but they do report some strange activity with the motion detectors in the kitchen.

Gwen tells Ethan that their marriage used to be a dream come true for her but not anymore. "You always put Theresa first and I don't know why. I just know that I have to stop this and I am going to stop this right now." Gwen tries to walk off but Ethan won't let Gwen go. She knows that he wants to fix their marriage but his heart isn't in it. He offers to move but she has had that carrot dangled in her face before. He offers to move right now, but she knows that he loves Theresa. She has been pathetic to put up with all this for so long. "I can 't make you love me, but I certainly deserves a man who does." Gwen walks off.

Theresa tells the officer on the phone that she has made a mistake and she hangs up. Jared can't believe this. Theresa says that Ethan wouldn't ever hurt her. Jared wonders now if she knew that she was making love to Ethan and not he. He really has to have her think deep down about whether or not she was with Ethan. "Yeah," Theresa says. "I am sorry but somewhere deep down I did know it was Ethan I was making love to…"

Fancy wants to go running through the house looking for Luis but Chad and Chris make her stay in the kitchen while they check. Whitney and Sheridan tell Fancy to go back to bed but she won't do it. Chad and Chris return to tell that they have found nothing. Chad offers to have security sweep the whole estate looking for Luis. Fancy is on her way to her room with everyone following. Boom… Everyone turns. They all say that they heard something but Sheridan. She denies hearing something. It is a noise that came from the pantry. Everyone goes to see who or what is in there. Sheridan and Fancy stay back and glare at each other.

"You love Theresa. You love her! The longer you deny it, the longer we are all going to be miserable. I lost you the moment that you found Theresa!" Gwen shouts at Ethan.

Jared is finally glad to have the truth come out of Theresa's mouth. She consciously thought that she was making love to Jared though. This thing with Ethan has been going on for years. Theresa feels that if she and Ethan were meant to be together, it would have happened. She tried to move on with Jared but… He knows… She can't stop thinking about Ethan. "If you still love Ethan, then our engagement's off," Jared promises.

Sam tells Miguel that all they have to do is check out his car and they will be able to tell if he ran down Fox or not.

Eve is working on Fox when he starts flatlining…

Gwen won't be sucked in again. She knows that no matter what Ethan will never love her like he loves Theresa… She walks off crying.

Theresa will not press charges against Ethan. Still she maintains that she loves Jared. Jared tells her that since she can't give up Ethan, the engagement is off.

Kay has to go to the hospital but Sam wants to see Miguel's car first. Miguel and Sam go to see Miguel's car.

The car sits outside and the headlight has been busted out, and there are dents in the car.

At the hospital, Eve steps things up. Fox continues to flatline…

Fancy and the others are in the kitchen and they have found someone unmoving in the clothing of the Peeping Tom Rapist… He lays on his back and seems to have been in the pantry. He is in full dress with his ski mask on. Chris and Chad remove the man's mask to see who this really is and all jump back in horror at the sight of who is underneath the mask…

Gwen tells Ethan finally that she is finished. She can't be with him…At least not until he knows for sure what it is that he wants.

Jared asks Theresa again if she is going to press charges against Ethan. She can't do that. He has no choice then. He turns and leaves the room. In the hall, he whispers to the door. "I'm sorry Tess. This time things have just gone too far."

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