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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

TC tells Sam that Eve really didn't mean to make trouble for Sam's family. 

Spike tries to make a guy pay for dancing with Jessica while they are out, but he interested.  Jessica is warned to get money first before letting the guys grope her. She can't stop thinking of her dead mother. Spike assures her that she has him…Noah is at the bar drinking alone. The bartender gets him a refill and that is when Paloma arrives. She comes to offer him a ride home. He can tell that she heard that he was drunk. She wants to go but he wants to continue drinking. His mother died…Paloma knows that. Noah raises his glass in a toast to her. Noah knows that it is a good thing that Grace died or she would have come home to see who her daughter ended up with… He looks over at Spike and Jessica… 

Miguel and Fox are still fighting at the mansion. Miguel holds his arm on Fox's throat and tells how he is going to get Kay away from the man.  They continue fighting. 

Simone can't believe that Charity would have the nerve to come to Kay's house after what she did. Kay asks Charity if she slept with Miguel and she looks at Kay like she is crazy. 

"You bastard!" Gwen shouts as she throws a vase at Ethan's head as he makes love to Theresa. Ethan and Theresa stops moving and sit up to see who is in the room with them. Theresa sees that Jared is at the door and not in her bed and she panics. "I thought that he was you!" Theresa shouts. Ethan says that he has no idea how he ended up there. Gwen isn't buying. THWACK! She slaps him hard across the face. Ethan is suddenly quiet. 

Fancy is on the bed unable to scream. The Peeping Tom Rapist is straddling her body on the bed and he holds one hand over her mouth and uses the other to hold her down. He loses hold of her for a moment and Fancy screams with all her might for help but no one comes. 

Fox sends his fist crashing into Miguel's face. Soon the two tire and stand facing each other. "It's lights out for you!" Miguel says. He hits Fox over the head with a vase and then pulls the man to his feet. He plans to take Fox to Kay and make him tell her the truth. 

Charity doesn't understand why it matters whether she made love to Miguel or not but she tells that she hasn't. She is shocked that Simone and Kay think that she was in town recently for the bridal shower.  It seems that is the time when Kay thinks that Miguel and Charity made love. Charity demands an explanation for the questions. 

Chad and Whitney arrive at Theresa's bedroom and they want to know what is going on.  Jared orders Ethan to get his clothes on and get the hell out of the bed.  Ethan has no idea where his clothes are. Jared plans to beat the hell out of Ethan in the hall and he orders Ethan there now.  Ethan and Theresa have no idea how this happened. Chad will not let Jared beat up anyone here.  

Fancy knows that no one will hear her if she doesn't get the monster off her. She fakes fainting and the Peeping Tom Rapist falls for it. Fancy suddenly jumps up to her feet and ski-daddles as fast as she can to the door. Before she can pull it to her to get out of there, the Peeping Tom Rapist who has fallen to the floor, is on his feet again and he has her. He drags her back to the middle of the room as she continues to struggle. He holds her up and pulls back a fist, smashing her in the face. She is terribly weakened by that and falls limp to the couch were Luis was sleeping earlier. The Peeping Tom Rapist pulls out his duct tape and puts a piece over Fancy's mouth. She can't scream anymore. The Peeping Tom Rapist now picks Fancy up and tosses her over his shoulder like a cave man. He then tosses her on the bed and climbs on as well. 

TC wonders what someone would gain by hurting Grace. Sam thinks about that…Grace told Sam when she was at the airport that she had something to tell him. She wasn't worried about the kids.  She had to tell him whatever it was she had to say over the phone. The message was something awful. She said that she found out that someone was out to destroy everyone in Harmony…Sam thinks about that now and thinks that Grace was deliberately killed because of something that she knew. 

Spike tells Jessica that she better be ready to have sex with him later that night. Jessica doesn't really feel like it.  Noah and Paloma come over to say that they are leaving now. "Don't you have some beans to refry or something?" Spike says rudely to Paloma. Noah orders him not to talk like that. Jessica doesn't want Noah picking on her husband. He cares about her. Noah tells her that she has a lot of people who care about her. Jessica doesn't think that Kay does. Paloma sees that Jessica is getting worked up and she doesn't think that can help. "Hey! Why don't you stick a taco--" Noah tells Spike to shut up when he starts insulting Paloma again. Noah asks Jessica is she really thinks that their mother coming home and finding Spike married to her daughter wouldn't have made her happy. He wants Jessica to just come home with he and Paloma. That is what Grace would have wanted. 

Ethan grabs a towel to cover himself and he walks over to Gwen. He tells her that he swears to god that he has no idea how he got there. She will not listen to his lies. Jared tells Ethan to shut up and get ready to settle this thing once and for all. Theresa tells Jared that she has no idea how this happened but she would never cheat on him.  Jared is angry and will talk to her later. He goes to Ethan and tells him that he keeps making accusations that he is a murder. "I am going to make those accusations true cause I am going to kill you!" Jared punches Ethan…knocking him over. 

Fancy comes too after the blow to the face that she has taken. She has the tape over her mouth still and when she looks up, she sees the Peeping Tom Rapist looming over her like a black, evil cloud. She starts getting nervous again and she groans…louder, then louder when he comes closer to her. He holds his knife over her and moves in. She can't defend herself at all because now her wrists are taped together. 

Simone doesn't believe Charity, but Kay sees that Charity's story has a ring of truth.  Simone pulls Kay aside and they both wonder if Charity's story could be true. Charity sees the wedding announcements on that table and is stunned to learn that Kay has married Fox instead of Miguel.

Fox wins out in the end and tells Miguel that he will be damned if he will be beaten by the likes of him. He leaves the house. Miguel sits up and tells himself over and over that Fox has already lost Kay. He has already lost her. 

Chad tells Jared to settle down. Jared wonders what Chad would do if he caught Whitney cheating with someone else. Gwen doesn't care what Jared does to her husband. She shakes her head at Ethan who keeps moaning about not understanding what happened here…Suddenly, a scream rings out through the house. Everyone in Theresa's room stops talking and listens… 

Fancy is in the bed with the Peeping Tom Rapist. The duct tape is off her mouth now and she is able to scream so that someone can hear. The Peeping Tom Rapist is straddling her again and he tries to move quickly to prevent Fancy from calling out again. "Please! Somebody help me!"  

Sam remembers Grace and what she said…She said that anyone who was 'involved' was going to get in trouble. She never knew how much evil there was in the world. She says that what she has to say is horrible…so horrible.  She felt a shadow looming up on her but when she looked behind her… nothing was there…Sam looks at a picture of he and his wife now… 

Noah and Spike are about to get into a fight but Paloma stops it. She begs Jessica to come home with her family but Spike insists that he is Jessica's family now. Noah tells that Grace left because she was doing the right thing in her mind. Jessica doesn't want to hear this. she has heard this all about. She wants to know where she figured in all this. she was Grace's daughter and Grace didn't care. She just upped and left. She was there and Noah wasn't, so she will not listen to him. Spike knows that Sam is heartbroken now that his kids are bums, gold-diggers and whores. Noah tries again to get Jessica to go with him but Jessica will not leave Spike's side. She thinks of how Grace put herself ahead of the family and she decides that she will do the same. 

Theresa and Whitney have a moment alone in the bedroom and Whitney asks  Theresa if she really thought that Ethan was Jared. She says that she 'thinks' that she knew that the man in bed with her really wasn't Jared.  Whitney knows that Theresa is going to have a time trying to get Jared to believe this…Ethan doesn't want too fight Jared. He says that he really doesn't understand any of this.  Theresa says again that she had no idea that Ethan was the man making love to her. Jared smiles. "Then this is worse than I thought," Jared says. "You, Ethan are a sexual predator." 

In Fancy's room, the Peeping Tom Rapist is tired of fighting the feisty blonde and so he punches her hard…Tyson style. "Ohhhh?" Fancy says falling limp again. "I can't! I can't let him do it again," she mumbles while he takes control. He wants her hands loose now, so he uses his knife to cut the tape that holds them together…The door flies open.  Chad and Whitney enter the room but stop near the doorway. "Oh no!" they say as they look over to the bed… 

Chad and Whitney find Fancy sleeping on her bed, but the sheets are all rumpled. They figured that she must have been having a bad dream due to the rape. They decide to just leave her alone, but she suddenly jumps up out of her sleep, shouting that he was just here.  Chad and Whitney run to her and try to calm her. 

Gwen remembers the time that Theresa disguised herself and pretended to be Gwen.  Theresa doesn't want to talk about that.  Jared wants to know if Ethan said his name. Theresa doesn't understand what difference that makes. Jared says that it makes all the difference. 

Charity wants to know what is going on here.  Simone suggests that they get some cocoa first. Charity runs off to the kitchen. Kay thinks that this Charity is more like the Charity she remembers from the past than the other slutty one. Kay says that Charity's story matches Miguel's and they haven't seen each  other. Still, Kay can't get the image of Miguel and Charity making love out of her head. Kay thinks that if this was done by Fox then is must have been a very complicated ruse. "Could Fox really be that evil?"  

Fox is outside alone wondering what his grandfather would do if he were in this situation. He has to convince Kay not to believe Miguel. A car can be heard in the distance. Fox ignores the sound and keep thinking. The sound of the car gets louder and louder.  Suddenly Fox realizes that he is in the path of the vehicle but when he realizes that, it is too late… 

TC knows that this theory that Sam has come up with for Grace's death could be true. There have been strange things that have gone on in Harmony. Sam tells that Grace believed that what we believed isn't real…that the impossible is possible. "If we can think like that, then we can figure out what the threat is." 

Noah and Paloma leave Jessica alone as she has requested.  Paloma finds Jessica confused. She had a bad upbringing but she never thought like Jessica. Noah can see that Paloma is different from his sister. Noah seeing Jessica likes this reminds him of what he wants. Right now, that is Paloma. He pulls her to sit on his lap and they kiss. 

Kay has no idea what she is going to say to Charity when she reenters the room. Miguel arrives and says that he has taken care of Fox and he will not be bothering them again.  Kay doesn't know what that means.  "Hi Miguel…"  Miguel turns to find that Charity has entered the room. 

Fancy tells how the Peeping Tom Rapist attacked her again.  She tells how the man ran off when he heard the couple coming. She knows that the man couldn't have gotten out. "He must still be here," Fancy says…In the closet of the room, the Peeping Tom Rapist stands by the door listening and holding up his knife. 

Ethan says that he didn't take advantage of Theresa and he never insinuated himself in Theresa's life like Jared has. Jared is going to teach Ethan a lesson now for taking advantage of his Tess.

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